IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2016-02-25

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MaxdamantusIt'd be nice to have camera-ui record in something other than the MPEG4 container.00:58
MaxdamantusThat stores some metadata at the end of the file, so if something crashes you lose everything unless you can be bothered hacking the information back into the file.00:59
Luke-Jrhow do I remove the microSD board thing?01:04
Luke-Jrthese USB pins look impossibly small01:16
Luke-Jris it reasonable to just line them up and glue the thing down? :/01:16
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Luke-Jrhelp :<01:26
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OksanaBroken microUSB charging port?01:31
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Luke-JrOksana: yes01:33
OksanaHopefully, somebody helps. I haven't ever tried to repair it, I am going to, but I am wary and procrastinating01:37
Luke-Jrit looks hopeless01:42
Luke-Jrtiny pins and no way to access thm01:42
infobothmm... usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt01:53
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HurrianLuke-Jr: IMO, if you can get a hot air station, or a heatgun with a small-tip adapter and kapton tape, go with that!01:54
Luke-JrI have a hot air thing01:54
HurrianApply kapton tape to mask off the board around the port, drown it in rework/no-clean flux, and heat it up01:54
Luke-JrI have no clue what that means ._.01:55
HurrianLuke-Jr: Kapton tape's basically heatproof, you want to use it to protect the passives and traces to avoid damage to them01:57
Luke-Jroh well, I probably don't have any and wouldn't know where to put it even if I did02:01
Luke-Jrand I have to travel in ~2 days02:01
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Luke-JrDocScrutinizer51: how to fix USB? :x02:25
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infoboti heard usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt02:32
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Luke-JrDocScrutinizer51: read all that, nobody says how to actually do it02:44
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DocScrutinizer51Luke-Jr: make photos02:51
DocScrutinizer51but actually there are howtos to fix USB02:57
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Luke-JrDocScrutinizer51: my camera is in pieces ;)03:15
* Luke-Jr wonders if hot glue would work03:15
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ecc3gthe problem is if the pads on the pcb got ripped off, which likely they will be... can you tell?03:59
Luke-Jrecc3g: it doesn't look like they did, does it? :/04:06
Luke-Jrmy problem is it seems impossible to get to the pads if the port is placed, and even trying to solder the sides down fails because the solder globs to the top of the port away from the PCB04:06
Luke-Jrand even when I get it on the pcb, it breaks off immediately again04:07
Luke-Jrannoyingly, spare N900 won't charge the battery apparently either04:08
Luke-Jrunplug and it dies immediately04:08
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ecc3gif it breaks off immediately, the pads aren't there... got lots of flux?04:13
ecc3gand yes you need a very thin solder iron tip...04:14
Luke-Jrthere never were pads where I am trying to solder it down on the sides04:14
Luke-Jrif my solder iron tip was any thinner, it'd break04:14
Luke-Jrthere is no place to put a solder iron near the pads04:15
Luke-Jrso I figure I just need to line them up and hope for the best there04:15
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ecc3gprobably need a hot air rework or make a really thin "tip" with a paperclip...but I doubt this will conduct heat fast enough to solder.04:18
Luke-JrI have nowhere to fit a paperclip04:18
Luke-Jrthere's a big metal shield immediately behind the USB port04:19
Luke-JrI can do hot air, but no clue how to handle that around the rest of the PCB04:19
Luke-Jrwould probably melt the microSD cable04:19
DocScrutinizer51Luke-Jr: to solder  down the USB pinds tou usually need to remove some of the USB jack steek 'roof'04:23
Luke-JrDocScrutinizer51: how? :|04:23
DocScrutinizer51or you use solderpaste, flux, and hot air04:24
DocScrutinizer51how? Dremel04:24
Luke-Jrwhat temp hot air won't destroy crap?04:25
Luke-Jrnot that I have or know what solderpaste is :x04:25
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DocScrutinizer51google for solderpaste04:26
Luke-Jrhm, retired SparkFun product04:27
Luke-Jrsame as wire glue?04:27
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Luke-JrI should have that somewhere although I couldn't find it when I looked earlier04:27
DocScrutinizer51it's solder balls in flux gel04:27
Luke-Jris there a chance I'll get anywhere if I just place the port and heatgun it?04:29
DocScrutinizer51solderpase is usd to build *every* reflow-soldered device04:29
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DocScrutinizer51yes _ use good solderwire and lots of excellent flux04:30
DocScrutinizer51no-clean SMT flux04:31
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Luke-Jram I likely to find that local anywhere?04:31
DocScrutinizer51sorry I'm roaming so no good bookmarked links04:32
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DocScrutinizer51conrad, some blabla58? flus pen04:47
DocScrutinizer51SMT flussmittrl stift04:48
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OksanaKhe, we have libc6 2.5.1, and yet our libuuid1 is only 1.42.5 ? Just thinking about installing debian-armel package
OksanaCan somebody please beta-test how much breaks after installation of ? Somebody who has an easily re-flashable to pristine state device?07:02
OksanaBecause way too many packages depend on it, including libsms0 and telepathy-something07:03
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Luke-Jrblah, got the USB port in place, but it isn't working07:21
Luke-Jr[  283.550323] twl4030_usb twl4030_usb: HW_CONDITIONS 0xd0/208; link 207:21
OksanaI'm just hoping that it's fault of desktop PC, not N900 port07:29
Luke-Jrdefinitely N900 port in my case07:29
OksanaOkay, then it's probably bad connection, too high resistance, somewhere? I am /not/ an expert in soldering07:30
Luke-JrI don't even know what resistance means :D07:31
MaxdamantusVive la resistance!07:32
Oksanaair gap, thin long wire, or whatever. When it's difficult for electrical current to go07:32
OksanaMultimeter could theoretically help to figure out what goes wrong07:33
Luke-Jrtwo of the 5 pins are connected. is that bad?07:43
Luke-Jrthe middle and the one to the left of it looking in07:44
Luke-Jrguess that's D- and D+? :/07:45
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OksanaA photo could help... Read about pins07:46
freddceene: you should be able to push Yappari through to extras now.07:47
fredd"Promotion unlocked, waiting for maintainter to promote"07:47
Luke-JrOksana: a photo of what? XD07:47
Luke-Jrat this point, I think it's on there too strongly to get off :/07:50
Luke-Jrgot it07:56
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ceenefredd: thanks a lot, i've just promoted it!10:59
ceenei think it still takes a few hours to reach repos10:59
freddWill try to grab it from the repositories soon.11:10
freddBut it is a nice milestone to reach.11:12
freddAfter 1 year of you taking over.11:13
freddFinally it is in testing.11:13
freddWith a bit of community effort started only a few days ago.11:13
keriowhat's the banning situation as of now?11:13
freddI will be certain to ask people to vote for the next version.11:13
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freddceene: at the next version release, just post the armel / i386 links and say x amount of votes are required to push it through, like I did. I will pick it up via email notice and vote each time. Others will probably too.11:21
freddIn a new reply.11:22
freddAnd also thank you for your continued interest and development. It is much appreciated!11:23
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ceeneyour welcome! ):11:45
ceeneyou know, i don't usually make those mistakes :(11:45
ceeneon the other side11:45
ceenei also wrote a strange smiley11:45
ceenewhich i don't know what means11:45
ceenethat was intended to be a happy face :)11:46
ceeneand ended up being a reverse sad face11:46
ceeneif i'm not being able to properly converse today on IRC i don't think i will be able to do any work today11:46
ceenei should just tell that to my boss and go home before i break something11:47
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ceene"you see, i was wasting my time on IRC and I just realized I'm not competent today. Can I go home?"11:47
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freddceene: package is marked as stable (armel).11:51
freddTesting it on Maemo.11:51
freddPurged the test version and installed the 1.x version.11:51
freddOk, it is offered as an update, so it seems to be all good!11:51
freddi386 is pushed through as well. It seems only one package needs to go through for all of them to go through.11:52
freddSo only armel really requires votes.11:52
ceenewell, that's good then11:52
ceeneI will try to remove that dependency, though11:52
freddThat would be nice. ^^11:53
ceeneso it can be easily installed on scratchbox11:53
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ceenemaybe it attracts some developers11:53
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fredd2.0.26 installed from 1.1.51 as update.11:53
freddRunning fine!11:53
ceenecool :)11:53
ceeneit's been quite a while11:53
ceenethat release stopped working months ago11:53
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freddWho thought I would grow old enough to live this day! (I am 26 > . <)11:54
freddThat release stopped working more than a year ago I think.11:54
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ceeneit's before my time for certain11:54
freddI have been manually installing Yappari for quite a while now.11:54
fredd(only running stable CSSU no intention of running my N900 as testing)11:54
ceenemaybe you could11:55
ceeneit's not like many packages are getting to stable nowadays11:55
freddThe ones I use are.11:55
ceenei mean, you can run cssu stable, but extras-testing11:55
freddArray theme, Awoken icon theme and Yappari. :311:56
freddI use my N900 as calendar / contacts / IM device.11:56
freddno phone11:56
freddI had to switch my synchronisation from Google to Outlook however when Google decided to cease compatibility.11:57
freddBut besides that I use all native except for Yappari and the theme.11:57
freddWhat is it that you direly require from extras-testing11:57
KotCzarnyoscp :>11:57
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freddWhat is that?11:57
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freddKotCzarny, why not vote to have it pushed to extras stable?11:58
ceenei'd rather he released it on github or wherever at once :)11:59
KotCzarnytried once, didnt go well enough (not enough people clicking, even if using)11:59
freddHeh KotCzarny, Yappari suffered the same until recent effort only two - three days ago.11:59
freddI asked people to vote and clearly stated how much votes were needed.11:59
freddceene said he might even delay updates until it gets through to stable.12:00
freddAnd that made people vote rather quickly.12:00
KotCzarnymind you, yappari has a lot more users, yet, you were hardly able to gather 6 votes12:00
freddWiki says >10 votes but the package page said x out of 6 votes.12:00
KotCzarnyi think not everyone can vote, some minimal karma required12:00
freddDo more than 6 unique people reply to your thread?12:00
freddI would give it a try!12:00
freddIf I were you.12:00
KotCzarnyi was releasing new versions quite often, so it might be a good idea to check in what i have on disk and get voted again12:01
KotCzarnyand releasing code on github as ceene says12:01
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freddtbh I would not mind voting even if I am not a user. Maemo is in a rather unique and deserted (deserted from a perspective compared to other mobile phone OS's). If others deem it not fit they should counter downvote.12:04
ceenenow that I remember12:05
ceenei wanted to run oscp on my box12:05
ceeneand control it with the n90012:05
ceeneis it still usable outside n900, on a x86?12:05
KotCzarnyceene: sure, that's my primary use case12:05
KotCzarnycore running on a box connected to hifi12:06
freddKotCzarny, could you link me to a version you would like to have pushed through to stable? I will vote.12:06
KotCzarnyand controlling via either ssh or gui12:06
KotCzarnyfredd: it's not in repos yet (didnt packaged most recent version)12:06
freddFeel free to poke me.12:06
freddFor a vote.12:06
ceeneKotCzarny: just push it to github already! :P12:06
freddEven though the wiki says to only vote if using and deemed stable, the package eco system is in very bad shape for packages to get voted through legitimately.12:07
KotCzarnyceene: teaser, i run core on 1.2W banana pi, which also has integrated audio amplifier, which means no additional devices, just speakers connected directly to it12:08
ceenei got a wireless headset12:08
ceeneand i bought from another vendor a usb compatible transmitter12:08
ceeneit's all digital until the headphones, but it's a propietary system12:09
ceeneno bluetooth12:09
KotCzarnyalso, it has remote receiver (ir)12:09
ceenebluetooth is shitty for audio12:09
KotCzarnyso i can pause/switch/change volume even with n900/pc away from me12:09
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freddceene are you going to have a stable promotion party at your place tomorrow?12:10
freddPop some champagne bottles?12:10
ceenei'd have to drink it all by myself12:10
freddWhere are you located?12:10
ceeneMadrid, Spain12:10
freddOh dear.12:10
ceenebut I don't think there are lots of n900 users around here12:10
freddThat would be quite a travel distance from Belgium.12:10
freddPerhaps just do a N900 Skype group call? :~)12:11
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ceenealthough I just bought one from someone who lived pretty near me12:11
freddThey still sell on Amazon as new (and incredibly expensive, pretty much retail price).12:11
* Luke-Jr notes N900 Skype no longer works12:11
ceenemy first one, bought two years ago, was from amazon, 100$12:11
ceeneLuke-Jr: since when?12:11
freddI still remember cam skyping my girlfriend in 1.2 when it came out.12:11
ceenei used it last year i think12:11
Luke-Jrceene: years ago12:11
ceenethat's not true then... i've used it last year12:12
freddN900 used to be displayed and advertised on the Skype website as the first phone to have Skype video calling.12:12
ceenei even registered a new account on the n900 to do that12:12
Luke-Jrmust have been with someone else using a N90012:12
ceenealthough i didn't test video calling, but voice was working12:12
freddThe good old days.12:12
ceeneabsolutely not12:12
Luke-Jroh, voice maybe works12:12
freddBefore the business suits at Nokia decided to fuck it up.12:13
ceeneit was an android or whatever12:13
Luke-JrSkype changed video codecs12:13
ceeneor maybe an iphone, i don't know what this guy has12:13
Luke-Jrso there's no way that will work now12:13
ceenevideo don't know12:13
ceeneand maybe audio has stopped working too12:13
ceenebut at least year i could use it just for voice12:13
* fredd looks up Neo900 to check on its status.12:14
freddIf the Neo900 gets pulled off properly I think I could easily replace my N900 with it.12:14
ceenei don't think i'm willing to spend so much money on any phone :/12:15
freddIs there a price ETA?12:15
ceenethink around 800$12:16
ceeneeven if it's 500$ i won't pay them12:16
ceenei mean... i enjoy a lot my n900, and i'd like a neo90012:16
ceenebut it's just a phone12:16
ceenesomething i don't really need that much12:17
ceeneit's cool? of course12:17
ceenebut i'd rather spend those 800$ on a nice resort...12:17
bencoha short one then12:18
freddI have only lost my N900 stylus. :(12:19
freddBesides that it is in good condition.12:19
KotCzarnyit's easily fixable12:19
KotCzarnythere are spares available12:19
freddO: !12:19
Luke-JrI have only lost my N900 USB port :/12:19
freddI still do not know how people pull that off without being rough or pulling out the cable roughly!!12:19
fredd6 - 7 years of use and mine is not even moving a tiny bit.12:20
freddStable into place.12:20
KotCzarnywtf, 22usd for 2x n900 stylus?12:20
fredd"easily fixable"12:20
freddwtf you dirty liar12:20
bencohLuke-Jr: have you tried fixing it?12:20
fredd4 pounds on Amazon for 3 stylus's (retail price 15 pounds).12:21
KotCzarnyfredd, i have 4 n900s, all with stylus, if you want i can send one to you if you conver the shipping12:21
Luke-Jrbencoh: all day12:21
bencohoh :/12:21
Luke-Jrfredd: cable snagged getting off airplane; cable ripped and port fell off a few days later12:21
bencohdon't remove the traces on board :/12:21
Luke-Jrbencoh: traces seem to be in top shape12:22
Luke-Jrbut soldering to them is impractical12:22
bencohuse some soldering flux12:22
Luke-Jrover my head12:22
freddKotCzarny it would be cheaper to buy it for 2 pounds on Amazon.12:22
freddBut thank you for the offer.12:22
Luke-JrI think I almost got it at one point, but D+ and D- were shorted12:22
bencohwell, good flux really does wonder, you should give it a try12:23
Luke-JrI don't know how12:23
Luke-JrI can only barely see the pads12:23
Luke-Jrcertainly can't do anything precision with them12:23
bencohyou don't really need to12:23
freddI wonder if I should get a new battery. My Nokia needs daily recharging12:23
freddNever replaced battery after 6 years.12:24
bencohfredd: buy a polarcell12:24
Luke-Jrfredd: sounds typical12:24
freddI always figured it was some software just bloated or leaking.12:24
freddIn CSSU stable.12:24
infobot[polarcell] BL-5J Replacement12:24
KotCzarnyfredd: ^^^12:24
Luke-JrI got a new battery a few months ago and it only lasted about a day new12:24
bencohreally ?12:24
freddWhat is so special about those KotCzarny? Over genuine original?12:25
ceenethey are quality batts12:26
ceenei got myself one a couple months ago12:26
fredd+ there are like a billion versions. x . x12:26
freddWhich one do I pick?12:26
freddPolymer? Ion? Lithium?12:26
ceenei got this myself12:26
ceeneit works two days12:26
ceenewith wifi always on12:26
ceeneand if not on wifi, on 3g12:26
ceenealthough during the night i shut it off12:27
ceeneso it's more like 24 hours or so12:27
ceeneinstead of shutting it down i sometimes leave it on but in airplane mode12:27
ceenei haven't noticed very difference between one thing and the other12:27
KotCzarnyyes, with radios off, it eats almost nothing (assuming you dont have any app waking it up)12:28
ceenefor a short time it's better to just disable radios instead of power off/on12:29
ceenefor a night's time ~8 hours it's more or less the same12:29
ceeneand for longer than that, power off is better12:29
ceeneat least on my experience12:29
freddMy Nokia N900 is running in power saving.12:29
freddIn WiFi.12:29
*** eijk has quit IRC12:30
freddI think you also select the amp.12:30
freddMaybe I should lower it. I think the values are 100 and 10.12:30
freddIs there a way to disable 3G / Edge?12:31
freddPhone entirely.12:31
* fredd switched WLAN transmission power from 100 mW to 10mW and anticipates the results12:32
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KotCzarnyexpect lagging :P12:33
freddLagging? I only really use WhatsApp which is just messaging.12:33
KotCzarnythen it doesnt matter12:33
freddWith no real priority in delivery.12:33
KotCzarnyfor ssh it matters a bit tho12:33
freddI do not really use my device for console management.12:33
freddI never really found a comfortable setup.12:34
freddFor it.12:34
* fredd is on a quest to find a Maemo phone disabling app12:35
KotCzarnyi think there was such thing12:35
bencohI'm comfortable with (real)xterm + heavy remapping12:35
freddThere is a switching app.12:35
freddBetween modes.12:35
freddBut so far I have not found one that actually disables phone.12:36
KotCzarnyfredd, i thinks its named tablet mode or something12:36
KotCzarnyadds a button in powermenu12:36
freddCellular Modem Control Buttons? ;o12:36
freddDescribes what you just said.12:36
freddGoing to download it. Thank you for the heads up.12:37
freddOh my.12:37
freddThank you KotCzarny!12:37
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