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OksanaThe weirdest: when I opened lasagne (cl-launcher is neat, by the way), and kept it in light-on mode for a long time, the entire OS froze to the extent that camera-lights would not switch off (not even when camera lens is closed), keyboard backlight would not switch on (entirely untypical), GUI would not move (quite common), and power button cannot shutdown (haven't seen this one in a long time)04:03
OksanaOh, and side-slider would not switch off the display to blackness (also entirely untypical). Had to take out the battery, in the end, to shut down.04:04
OksanaBy the way, camera light switched itself off before I took out the battery, probably a built-in defence against burning out04:04
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Wizzup_freemangordon: Yes, I do05:32
Wizzup_(I shifted timezone for the next two weeks)05:32
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MaxdamantusHm. What part of the system does the vibration feedback thing?08:28
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KotCzarnytwl something i think08:32
MaxdamantusI mean in response to presses in Xorg.08:38
MaxdamantusSome userspace thing.08:39
KotCzarnyseems its i2c08:41
KotCzarnydbus-send --system --print-reply /com/nokia/mce/request int32:255 int32:100008:43
MaxdamantusNo. There's something in userspace that responds to touchscreen presses in Xorg.08:43
KotCzarnyno activities08:45
MaxdamantusYeah, I think it might talk to mce, but I don't think mce itself handles it.08:45
KotCzarnyapparently n900 is water resistant08:46
KotCzarnyeven salt water08:47
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ceenewhen nokia was nokia and their phones were ruggerized and waterproof when the others broke just with a breath of wind10:41
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jonwilThe N900 is a surprisingly rugged phone10:57
jonwilMy N900 has survived things other devices wouldn't have10:57
ceenei had a 5110 that also swam with the fishes11:02
ceeneit continued working as if nothing11:02
ceenefor years11:02
bencohsame for a 3310, it somehow was attracted by water, be it in a bathroom or in the sea :]11:08
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zGrrmoin :)12:11
bencohMaxdamantus: regarding touchscreen vibrating feedback, there is a daemon in a separate package12:14
bencohforgot the name12:14
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jonwilbencoh: It could be handled by hildon-plugins-notify-sv...12:38
bencohunless I'm mixing it with something else12:39
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freemangordonI am surprised, what a polite and nice people :)
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freemangordonPali: ^^^. now we only need to find out why we cannot reboot/poweroff and we will get close to 3.19 :D20:41
freemangordonPali: please add the above patch along with Tony's GPMC init patch to github20:44
freemangordonwhile at it, you could also do CONFIG_KERNEL_MODE_NEON=y20:44
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freemangordonoh, that one too20:45
freemangordonPali: ^^^20:45
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freemangordonPali: unfortunately, it seems we'll have to keep "ARM: omapfb: Add early framebuffer memory allocator" out of the tree, Tomi seems reluctant to push it upstream. And he has solid reasoning, from his POV20:48
freemangordonPali: and please, join /#armlinux and #linux-omap, unless you have reasons to not do it. I had discussions here with tmlind and aaro, it'd been better you you were there as well20:50
Paliwhich Tony's GPMC patch? do you have a link?20:50
freemangordonby talking there we may gain some PR points :)20:50
bencohfreemangordon: hmm, btw, courmisch (Cc-ed in edumazet's mail about phonet) used to work for nokia on maemo/n90020:53
Palifreemangordon: pushed20:53
freemangordonPali: thanks20:54
bencoh(on the phonet stack ;)20:54
freemangordonbencoh: I guess he is listed as maintainer20:54
bencohprobably yeah20:54
bencohoh and, 4.4 is out :)20:56
freemangordonhmm, lets see which pathces made it in rc120:57
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