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DocScrutinizer05strings /usr/lib/mce/modules/|grep vibra  --> /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-1/1-0048/twl4030_vibra/pulse00:31
DocScrutinizer05(teach how to fish)  strings /sbin/mce | grep vibra;  lsof | grep vibra00:34
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xesPali: freemangordon: if i'm not wrong, kernel-power does not includes BFS and BFQ patches. I can remember the tests with an old bfs was pretty fast. Have you ever tried to test BFQ and CK patches into the kp53?01:04
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Palixes: me not01:06
xesi'm using kernels patched in that way in a few very low perf laptop and they make a big difference01:18
keriobig difference for what01:20
xeskerio: system response during high load01:21
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xesoften those patches are applied adding also the uksm dedup patch.. but i still can't observe any positive effect from that01:28
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MaxdamantusDocScrutinizer05: yes, but does mce also listen for the touch events from Xorg?06:34
MaxdamantusI was asking what program actually connect to the X server, asks it to send it all touchscreen events, then somehow cause vibration.06:35
MaxdamantusI don't think that's mce.06:36
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DocScrutinizer05kill -sigstop `pidof mce`06:39
DocScrutinizer05-->no more vibra feedback from touchscreen06:39
DocScrutinizer05kill -sigcont `pidof mce`06:39
DocScrutinizer05--> all cued vibra events come out06:40
DocScrutinizer05queued even06:40
DocScrutinizer05so the answer is: yes it's mce that finally causes the touchscreen vibra06:40
MaxdamantusOf course, because they go through mce.06:40
MaxdamantusI'm not asking that.06:41
MaxdamantusIf you stop/continue Xorg you'll probably get the same thing.e06:41
MaxdamantusSo Xorg == mce?06:41
DocScrutinizer05you're interested in more answers?06:41
DocScrutinizer05I guess not, like you always been06:42
* DocScrutinizer05 fixes his ignore list. wonders what happened to it06:42
Maxdamantusmce doesn't initiate the chain of events. Neither does twl*vibra06:47
MaxdamantusThey're both parts of the chain I'm probably not asking about.06:47
MaxdamantusIiirc, the events go through Xorg, and I'm asking where they go from there. I don't think it's directly to mce. I think another program sends messages to mce.06:47
Maxdamantusalso, input lag, messages will probably appear all at once.06:47
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DocScrutinizer05lsof |egrep "mce|Xorg" |grep unix|sort -k607:04
MaxdamantusI think mce does that for screen locking.07:06
MaxdamantusI'll look into it in an hour or so.07:07
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* Maxdamantus wonders if "PatternTouchscreen" in mce.ini is used.07:47
Maxdamantuslooks like it's not.07:47
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MaxdamantusOkay, got it.07:48
MaxdamantusIt's maemo-xinput-sounds07:48
MaxdamantusJust did a grep for PatternTouchscreen across a backup of the root filesystem.07:49
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* Maxdamantus wonders why they didn't just put it in mce.07:49
MaxdamantusDocScrutinizer05: am I still ignored btw?07:51
* Maxdamantus suspects that's a yes and doc will be searching through mce for eternity looking for the bit where it triggers a vibration in response to the touchscreen.07:55
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Maxdamantus~touchscreen vibration08:01
infobotmethinks touchscreen vibration is maemo-xinput-sounds08:01
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: jonwil: any clue who and how uses "sleep_ind" gpio?09:54
DocScrutinizer05err, gpio? hmm09:55
DocScrutinizer05wait, is this in our out?09:55
freemangordonyep, 16209:55
DocScrutinizer05sleep_ind is an output from SoC to enable blinking kbd backlight09:57
freemangordonI know, my question is who uses it09:58
DocScrutinizer05related to a /sys/*/??? I always forget the name of09:58
freemangordonhowever, it is referenced in an .qwk script in getbootstate09:58
DocScrutinizer05in a what?09:58
DocScrutinizer05it's used in preinit(?) via `echo 0 >/sys/bla/foo/bar`09:59
DocScrutinizer05echo active > /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/sleep_ind/state10:01
DocScrutinizer05line 33110:02
DocScrutinizer05then a nifty >>   awk '/sleep_ind/{ if ($2 == 1) { VALUE="active"; } else { VALUE="inactive"; } print VALUE > "/sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/sleep_ind/state"  }' < /etc/pmconfig  <<10:02
freemangordongetbootstate does similar stuff10:04
freemangordongot it10:04
* DocScrutinizer05 frowns at using awk in #1 preinit10:07
DocScrutinizer05I know it's per default just another shade of messybox, but hey..10:08
DocScrutinizer05feels sort of wrong10:09
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DocScrutinizer05pretty funny read: /sbin/fiasco-do-update10:19
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DocScrutinizer05and /usr/sbin/cmt-factory-reset10:24
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bencohMaxdamantus, DocScrutinizer05: looks like I was referring to "tactile", which is only in extras10:44
bencohtouchscreen feedback / vibration10:46
DocScrutinizer05ohh [2016-01-12 Tue 11:14:12] <bencoh> Maxdamantus: regarding touchscreen vibrating feedback, there is a daemon in a separate package10:46
bencohbut I'm not sure it's what you're looking for since it's in extras-devel10:47
DocScrutinizer05I'm not really looking for anything :-)10:48
bencohyou or Maxdamantus :)10:48
DocScrutinizer05no idea, never heard of tactile10:48
DocScrutinizer05touchscreen vibra feedback is maemo core10:49
DocScrutinizer05maybe tactile is made to tweak that stuff10:49
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DocScrutinizer05there been an idea a few years(=) ago to not only give vibra feedback for pen-down but also when pen hits borders of widgets like buttons or icons or whatever10:51
DocScrutinizer05a tad useless since you usually don't try to hit buttons with pen-down10:52
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: a tad useless since you usually don't try to hit buttons while pen-down10:52
DocScrutinizer05hmm >> tactile provides improved tactile feedback with different  patterns to improve the user experience on the N900.<<10:53
bencohxes: aren't bfs/bfq useful in case of high cpu load?10:54
DocScrutinizer05brainfuck scheduler?10:54
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xesbencoh: yes high cpu load, high I/O and slow storage devices producing high I/O wait13:02
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bencohah, cool13:03
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jonwilSounds like it would be useful on a N900 then14:04
jonwilwhich has slow I/O speeds14:04
jonwiland slow storage devices14:04
jonwiland in some cases high CPU load14:04
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xesi'm using a kernel with BFS/BFQ patches into a (slooow) Sony VGN-P11Z and it gives a nice kick to overall system usability14:56
xes^^ "Conclusion: The results indicate that CFS outperformed BFS with minimizing turnaround time but that BFS outperformed CFS for minimizing latency. This indicates that BFS is better for interactive tasks that block on I/O or user input and that CFS is better for batch processing that is CPU bound."14:57
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bencohnow to find cfs patches for 2.6.2815:04
bencohkolivas's website only has 3.x and 4.x15:05
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xesbencoh: those patches are included also into kernel-pwck
bencohah, nice15:14
xesold CK's patches:
xesand BFQ:
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xesmaybe that with a kernel 2.6.28 these patches were in a early development stage..15:25
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bencohis there a git repo for kernel-power?15:57
bencoh*** Can't find default configuration "arch/arm/configs/rx51_defconfig"!16:04
bencohwhen building kernel-power (kp53) from source package (apt-get source) in sb... interesting.16:04
bencohah, tx16:05
xeswhile kernel-cssu is
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ebzzryIs there an equivalent of xdg-open in Fremantle?16:07
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SiceloDocScrutinizer05: did that amixer thing for my 'silent earpiece' problem. basically no difference with yours :(19:55
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Sicelofreemangordon: pulseaudio log for same situation .. don't know if it's giving something useful:
Siceloi added --log-level info in the startup script for pulseaudio20:07
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SiceloDocScrutinizer05: restarted pulseaudio (after which earpiece works). did amixer -c0 exactly as you did it. no difference in output between the working and non-working states20:13
Sicelofreemangordon: in 'working' state:
SiceloJan 13 19:50:20 fremantle pulseaudio[5719]: voice-hw-sink-input.c: 149: 3 frames found from queue (dl buf size 640)20:18
SiceloJan 13 19:50:20 fremantle pulseaudio[5719]: voice-cmtspeech.c: cmtspeech_dl_buffer_release(0xa2c70) failed return value -3220:19
Sicelothis is what i have in non-working state :/20:19
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Sicelobencoh: KotCzarny : and other interested parties:
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Sicelothat's in connection with voice calls on upstream kernel :)20:30
bencohyeah, we saw that already :)20:33
Siceloah, ok :)20:34
bencohthat's still cool tough20:34
Siceloi'm happy. guess now my 2nd N900 will finally have good use ;)20:34
Sicelodoesn't help me with my silent earpiece thing though.20:35
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Luke-JrSicelo: vanilla kernel?20:37
bencoharticle says mainline/4.4-rc8, so.... apparently20:39
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Sicelofreemangordon: this is everything relating to pulseaudio in my syslog for 2 days:
Sicelothe shutdown on the 12th must have been due to empty battery.21:17
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Siceloanyway, looks too me i either have fsckd up pulseaudio (which a reinstall didn't fix?) or something's up with some of the modules (voice-cmtspeech and maybe others?)21:19
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capitanocrunchdoes anybody knows what is the /home/user/.ash_history file ?21:57
capitanocrunchonly bash has history or even ash?21:58
Sicelojust `cat` yours for the answer :)22:03
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capitanocrunchit has few lines of commands but from 201122:14
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bencohhave you moved to bash since then? ;)22:15
capitanocrunchmaybe some script created that file time ago :)22:19
Sicelo009Nyou don't use terminal?22:23
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capitanocrunchif you type set in xterm22:25
capitanocrunchyou can see HISTFILE='/home/user/.ash_history'22:25
capitanocrunchi rm the file, now has been created again without old commands but with latest commands22:29
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chem|stSicelo: updated maemo fb page with 8days no response msg...23:13
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