IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2016-01-05

freemangordonok, rebooting00:01
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freemangordonPali: [  260.860717] g_nokia gadget: using musb-hdrc, OUT ep1out, IN ep1in00:07
freemangordonstill lsusb prints nothing00:07
freemangordonsame when usb_f_mass_storage is loaded00:08
freemangordonPali: there is no /proc/bus/usb00:09
Pali/proc/bus/usb does not exists00:09
Paliuse /sys/bus/usb or /dev/bus/usb00:10
freemangordonPali: there is /sys/devices/platform/68000000.ocp/480ab000.usb_otg_hs/
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Palils -l -a /sys/devices/platform/68000000.ocp/480ab000.usb_otg_hs/
Paliit exists!00:14
Pali(in qemu)00:14
Wizzupwant me to boot a mainline kernel I had a bit ago? had basic gadgets working.00:14
Palihm... that HAL code first check for usb device00:15
Wizzuphang on - will take a few minutes (I think the battery ran out)00:15
Paliand then check for that ../mode00:15
* Oksanaa : moving bookmarks around + low battery shutdown -> loss of bookmarks being moved around?00:15
freemangordonit exists here too00:15
xesfreemangordon: do you stil need the backup? Or have you already solved?00:15
PaliWizzup: do you have working mainline kernel?00:15
xesfreemangordon: ok00:15
PaliWizzup: which version?00:15
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WizzupPali: it is from a month or two ago. hang on. I made lots of notes00:17
Paliolder version is perfect00:18
Wizzup4.1.0-rc4 is what I have00:18
Wizzup(your branch)00:18
Wizzup(it is not running maemo - though - but I had gadgets working in gentoo I think)00:19
Wizzupwhat do you want me to do - it is booted00:20
Palioutput from lsusb00:20
Pali(when gadget is active)00:20
Wizzupgentoo900 ~ # lsusb00:20
Wizzupunable to initialize libusb: -9900:20
Wizzupno -as root00:21
Wizzupit is probed00:21
freemangordonthe same here00:21
Wizzupinterestingly enough00:22
Wizzupthe gadget does work00:22
WizzupI have /sys/bus/usb00:23
WizzupI'm confused - do I still need to do something - or not really00:25
freemangordonWizzup: I guess no00:26
WizzupIt is weird that libusb doesn't want to initialise, though. but one problem at the time :)00:26
freemangordonwhat is error -99?00:26
WizzupI tried to get host mode to work some time ago - but gave up at some point, I think because it wasn't possible to set the mode using the debugfs anymore or something - something was removed/changed00:26
Wizzupgood question.00:26
Wizzupdo you not get that error?00:27
Wizzupas I said - this is an older version that what you are using, I think00:27
freemangordonwell, lsusb just outputs nothing here00:27
PaliWizzup: usb host mode should be possible to set via upstream kernel too! but interface is chnages since kernel-power00:27
freemangordondidn't check $?00:27
WizzupPali: could noy find it last time00:27
Palifirst you need to read kernel source code00:27
Paliand then do magic via debugfs (not procfs)00:28
WizzupPali: I see00:28
freemangordonWizzup: same here, without the error message00:28
Paliyou need to manually write something to registers00:28
Pali(same what kernel-power is doing...)00:28
Paliit is really tricky00:28
WizzupPali: ok, I did look at the source some time ago, didn't find it. will have another look again at some point00:29
PaliI remember that I traced coude and find that it should be possible (if code is correct bug-free)00:29
Paliyou need to mount something into /dev/bus/usb ?00:30
WizzupI will retry it with a newer kernel version soon then - I will first continue finishing this home raid setup before I get too tired00:30
Wizzupthere is nothing in /dev/bus/usb00:30
Palior check strace00:30
Wizzupthere is something in /sys/bus/usb00:30
Wizzupfair point.00:30
Wizzupthat will take a bit longer - no portage tree on the n900 (I compile using chroot on my arm laptop)00:30
Palistrace lsusb on my laptop:00:31
Paliopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/dev/bus/usb", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = 300:31
Pali-99 is -EADDRNOTAVAIL00:32
PaliWizzup: lsusb --version00:33
freemangordonneither /proc/bus/usb nor /dev/bus/usb exists here00:34
Wizzupilsusb (usbutils) 00800:34
Wizzupwithout the 'i' in front of it :)00:34
PaliI have 005 on laptop00:34
Paliand 0.72 on Maemo00:34
PaliWizzup: aaaa I remember 007+ lsusb does not work without systemd!00:36
PaliWizzup: is your systemd running?00:37
WizzupPali: no, I do not use systemd00:41
Wizzup <-- laptop, also not systemd00:42
WizzupPali: I think the only difference seems to be that lsusb doesn't search in /sys/bus/usb00:42
WizzupPali: it only tries /proc/bus/usb and /dev/bus/usb00:42
Wizzupopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/dev/bus/usb", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_LARGEFILE|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)00:42
PaliWizzup: then downgrade to 006 version00:42
Wizzupopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/proc/bus/usb", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_LARGEFILE|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)00:42
WizzupPali: ack, I can do that (later) :-)00:42
Wizzupfreemangordon: what is your libusb version?00:43
Pali007 version needs udev from systemd00:43
WizzupPali: I use eudev00:43
Wizzupudev fork without systemd00:43
PaliI already faced that problem00:43
Wizzuplet's try something ugly.00:44
Pali/dev/bus/usb is generated by udev00:45
Paliclearly you have wrong version of udev00:45
Wizzupbind mount from /sys/bus to /dev/bus does get it a bit further00:45
WizzupPali: weird. let me double check that then :)00:46
Pali/sys/bus and /dev/bus had different structure!00:46
Pali/proc/bus and /dev/bus should have similar/compatible00:46
PaliI have udev 17500:46
Wizzupactually -- this system still uses systemd-udevd it seems00:46
Wizzup# /lib/systemd/systemd-udevd --version00:46
Wizzupwell - I need to work on this other thing atm - happy to upgrade/downgrade in a bit00:47
PaliWizzup: downgrade lsusb00:47
Palior at least compile older version (no need to downgrade)00:48
WizzupI will try that in a bit00:48
freemangordonPali: besides g_nokia, what else I can check?00:50
freemangordonhmm, ifconfig usb0 up seems to work00:51
KotCzarnyyou can get udev from devuan maybe00:52
Palifreemangordon: checking kernel source code00:56
freemangordonPali: ok, wish you luck, I am going to have some sleep as I have to wake-up in about 6 hours :)00:57
Palifreemangordon: check dmesg | grep -i usb00:58
WizzupKotCzarny: I think eudev will do fine too00:59
Paliin qemu I have this: [    0.633819] HS USB OTG: no transceiver configured [    0.634246] musb-hdrc musb_init_controller failed with status -51700:59
WizzupKotCzarny: with eudev on my system I have /dev/bus/usb00:59
WizzupPali: I get this on the n900: [    2.171417] musb-hdrc musb_init_controller failed with status -51700:59
Wizzupagain - 4.1.0-rc401:00
Paliok, then problem is in kernel :-(01:00
Wizzupdoes fmg get that?01:00
Palilooks like DTS related01:01
Palihow is IS_ERR defined?01:02
Paliis if (IS_ERR(NULL)) true?01:02
WizzupPali: is it defined in a few places I think01:05
Wizzupgrepping now01:05
Wizzup./include/linux/err.h:#define IS_ERR_VALUE(x) unlikely((x) >= (unsigned long)-MAX_ERRNO)01:05
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Wizzuplet me know if you want me to test things tomorrow evening or so01:16
WizzupI also need to hit the sack soon01:16
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Palilooks like probe defer01:17
Paliat next time it is loaded...01:17
WizzupPali: yeah, it does seem to work01:20
PaliI hate those EPROBEDEFER...01:21
Paliit contains false-positive errors01:21
Wizzuphang on...01:22
Wizzupthat is the wrong dmesg.01:22
Wizzupwrong device...01:22
Pali[    7.936096] ALSA device list:01:24
Pali[    7.942260]   No soundcards found.01:24
Pali[    7.142364] tpa6130a2 2-0060: Write failed01:24
Pali[    7.142456] tpa6130a2 2-0060: Failed to initialize chip01:24
Pali[    7.142639] tpa6130a2: probe of 2-0060 failed with error -12101:24
Pali[    7.777282] rx51-audio n900-audio: Failed to add TPA6130A2 controls01:24
Pali[    7.784912] rx51-audio n900-audio: ASoC: failed to init TLV320AIC34: -1901:24
Pali[    7.792633] rx51-audio n900-audio: ASoC: failed to instantiate card -1901:24
WizzupPali: weird, I know that alsa worked before01:26
Wizzupmaybe it's a race01:26
Wizzuplet me reboot it01:27
Palihm... that remind me that there is some bug in that tpa6130a2 chip and it does not load always :-(01:28
Palilooks like this is problem just in upstream kernel01:28
Palireported ^^^^01:29
Wizzupafter reboot^01:29
WizzupPali: ah, I see01:29
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brolin_empeybencoh: I no longer use a Nokia Internet Tablet but I am still in this channel because of the (smart and funny) community.01:51
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KotCzarnyfunny? lol01:56
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DocScrutinizer05pali: duh! never seen that. Sounds like I2C unresponsive02:42
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I meant that the persons in this channel seem to be both intelligent and to have a good sense of humour.10:22
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zGrrmoin :)12:53
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Luke-Jrcan Maemo emulate a USB CD drive?15:58
OksanaaWould be nice16:06
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WizzupLuke-Jr: emulate how? usb gadget?19:20
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PaliLuke-Jr: Linux kernel does not have support for emulating CD drivers19:38
Paliso there is no way to create CD rom device in /dev/19:39
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brolin_empeyLuke-Jr: You can use a physical/real USB device that emulates a USB ODD, such as the Startech S2510BU3ISO .20:39
freemangordonchem|st: it is not your account only to be suspended :). And I bet it is not because you've pissed of enough people. Mine was suspended too, incl developer account. Maybe it is time to close my account on FB. Anyway I am prepering for this for the last 2 or 3 years20:57
bencohI thought you already dropped that20:57
bencohthe only downside of not having a fb plugin (and no active fb plugin dev) is that I suspect a lot of people might move away from n900 because of that20:58
bencohsame goes for whatsapp if maemo didn't have yappari20:59
freemangordonwell, I am really pissed off, FB closed my account for no particular reason and with no explanation. I really can't continue to support such a behaviour.21:00
freemangordon"You're restricted from creating apps indefinitely."21:01
KotCzarnymaybe some app went frenzy21:01
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bencohfreemangordon: oh, so you're only prevented from developing but you can still access fb?21:02
bencohthey're just plain stupid ...21:02
freemangordonthe only app I am developer of in n900 app21:02
KotCzarnymaybe you did something wrong (ie. not using some testing account)21:02
freemangordonsee, I guess they just screwed it, but this is not an excuse for removing my access to all my applications21:02
freemangordonall == 121:03
KotCzarnymaybe you were accidentally creating it as a new one21:03
KotCzarnyand thought that you were just updating21:03
*** sparetire_ has joined #maemo21:03
freemangordonI dodn;t touch it for months21:03
KotCzarnythen as i said, maybe your app was misbehaving somehow?21:04
freemangordonalso, I *can* log to developers.facebook.com21:04
freemangordonadnc *can* create a new application21:04
freemangordonbut n900 application is not listed under "my apps"21:04
bencohmaybe they just disabled/"banned" the app (because they dont like it, or think maemo is a dead platform)21:05
bencoh(it's still stupid and silly, but ...)21:05
brolin_empeyFacebook = Faecesbook.21:06
freemangordondoesn;t make sense, as my account was blocked as well21:06
freemangordonalso, it seems they upgraded something, as ahs a new face, compared to last time I visited it21:06
freemangordonupgraded == broke21:07
KotCzarnyas i said, something changed in the api, app/developer missed it, chaos ensued21:09
*** mp__ has joined #maemo21:09
KotCzarnys/api/app development process/21:10
infobotKotCzarny meant: as i said, something changed in the app development process, app/developer missed it, chaos ensued21:10
freemangordonusually, it is supposed to send a warning or something, before blocking/suspending accounts21:12
freemangordonif the change that will result in a block is on your side21:12
bencohfreemangordon: account is suspended but you can access their dev site?21:13
freemangordonyes :)21:15
freemangordonwell, I can log in, but can;t create application and can't access already created applications :)21:16
KotCzarnyemulating cd:
*** florian has joined #maemo21:18
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chem|stfreemangordon: that is what I thought, I guess they killed all Maemo related accounts21:28
*** Vajb has joined #maemo21:29
KotCzarnyor just deprecated api?21:29
freemangordonchem|st: but why they should do that?21:29
KotCzarny(conspiracy intensifies)21:29
freemangordonKotCzarny: no, API is not deprecated, it was migrated to newer version21:29
KotCzarnyhave you tried asking THEM?21:30
freemangordonask them WHERE?21:30
chem|stusing some other persons words: some Hi-Potential smartass is trying to get attention by hurting his own company! Time to announce this on the Maemo Pages21:30
chem|stfreemangordon: would you mind to post this to the thread on TMO21:30
WizzupWasn't facebook going to deprecate some of their APIs a long time ago?21:30
Wizzupe.g. XMPP/Jabber?21:30
freemangordonWizzup: were deprecated about an year ago21:31
freemangordonxmpp stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I can;t believe my n900 lasts almost 2 full days without a charge with fb xmpp account removed :)21:31
KotCzarnymaybe there?21:32
freemangordonKotCzarny: I reported a problem to FB support on 4th of April 2015, all I got was "Thanks for reporting"21:32
KotCzarnytreat them as chinese, ask until someone responds what you want to hear21:33
freemangordonchem|st: post what? that my account was suspended and I am restricted from created applications?21:33
freemangordonKotCzarny: no, I won;t, I can live happily without FB, just downloaded all of my info there, will close my account in a couple of days21:34
KotCzarnywrite a saucy goodbye and dont close it so it will be in the google too21:34
*** FlameReaper-PC has quit IRC21:35
KotCzarnywhat happens to closed accounts? are they reachable?21:35
freemangordonwho cares, /me not21:35
freemangordonno idea21:35
*** robink has quit IRC21:38
*** robink_ has joined #maemo21:39
chem|stfreemangordon: wrote something to the Maemo FB site21:43
chem|stfreemangordon: I cannot get into the app center for good atm21:44
freemangordonapp center? in the private account?21:45
freemangordonchem|st: because I can access app center in my private account, but cannot access n900 application with my dev account and cannot create a new application21:46
bencohmaemo fb site? wow, didn't know we had that (and had control over it)21:47
freemangordonI guess "fb page" is the correct term21:47
bencohoh, and ... fmg: toldya (about xmpp eating all your battery ;)21:48
freemangordonyeah, you were right21:48
bencohn900's just great when you remove polling stuff21:49
bencohnot sure the abrasive post is what we want, but maybe we just no longer care about fb anymore21:50
bencoh(I for myself dont, but maybe some people still do)21:50
KotCzarnyi never used fb21:50
bencohme neither21:51
KotCzarnymy personal fb page is only made for spam/freebies purposes21:51
* Wizzup has no fb either21:51
chem|stfreemangordon: yeah I can open app center but my apps is empty22:07
Siceloxmpp doesn't trouble me as far as batteyr :/22:08
Sicelochem|st: which N900 apps were you managing?22:12
chem|stSicelo: ALL of them :)22:14
KotCzarnyall 1?22:14
chem|stSicelo: I was the only one from board available with a FB account22:14
chem|stI do nothing, know nothing22:15
*** ced117 has joined #maemo22:16
Sicelothe sharing plugin .. we shouldn't have API change on there, should we?22:18
KotCzarnycan we assume that anything fb related stops working on n900?22:19
Siceloi know it needed to be passed via review proces (which i had promised to do) ... is t still worth it? freemangordon?22:20
*** BCMM has quit IRC22:23
freemangordonSicelo: without admin access we can't add you as a dev to do the review22:23
Siceloyeah. hm.22:27
*** mavhc has quit IRC22:30
chem|stSicelo: you see the crux?22:32
chem|stSicelo: befriend me on fb and I'll add you as soon as we get there again22:33
*** mavhc has joined #maemo22:33
freemangordonchem|st: you think your dev access will be restored?22:34
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: Not if you include Facebook Web sites accessed in a Web browser.  Strictly speaking, the Nokia N900 is a model of computer that can run multiple operating systems in addition to Maemo.  You can say that an “N900 proper” runs Maemo but not all N900 run Maemo.  Maemo and Nokia Internet Tablet is analogous to Mac OS proper or Mac OS X and Apple Macintosh or Apple’s pre-iOS iPod OS and pre-iPod-Touch iPod.  I had an Apple iPod 4G (only because I22:34
brolin_empey received it as a gift) but it ran Rockbox instead of Apple’s OS;  I had an iPod (hardware) but not an iPod proper.22:34
Sicelochem|st: who are you on FB?22:35
chem|stfreemangordon: I have friends that can write in proper newspapers small articles about how facebook restricts foss communities from accessing22:36
chem|stSicelo: Ruediger22:36
Sicelolooking for you right away22:36
KotCzarnybrolin: thing is that we still dont have many alternatives (that retain phone part), and without phone part there are superior linux devices available22:36
freemangordonchem|st: ah, yeah :)22:36
bencohKotCzarny: not many with this form-factor though22:37
bencoh(cant' think of any actually)22:37
freemangordonme is gonna be on the tv, yeah :D:D:D22:37
stryngsAnyone from Denmark here?22:37
chem|stJolla should bundle with PSION and release a MX6 with SFOS and cell-modem^^22:38
KotCzarnybencoh, grab allwinner board, add battery and screen, poof! done.22:38
Sicelohmmp my gmail .. keeps saying messages not available on server .. in modest. :/22:38
bencohKotCzarny: what about battery life? :p22:38
freemangordonSicelo: install cssu22:38
Siceloi'm on thumb :)22:38
bencohad keyboard, ergonomy... nah, seriously now :p22:38
chem|stKotCzarny: on seeedstudio have gsm developerboards popped up before xmas22:38
KotCzarnybencoh: you can use any battery you like. 8x 18650? ;)22:39
bencohKotCzarny: *meh* :)22:39
chem|styou can actually build your own (limited) phone22:39
Sicelojust started this evening ... will check tomorrow.. am not home22:39
freemangordonSicelo: login from desktop and see what has google to say about it22:39
bencohKotCzarny: yo know what I meant22:39
chem|ststryngs: what does it matter?22:39
freemangordonSicelo: aah, they restrict access from unknown ips22:39
KotCzarnybencoh, yeah, it eats plenty in idle (~600-700mA @ 4V)22:40
stryngschem|st: Trying to find someone, from there, so they can make a phone call22:40
freemangordonSicelo: try to open gmail from microb22:40
chem|ststryngs: to do what?22:40
stryngschem|st: Report to a NS provider, they're all jacked up, and to fix it22:40
stryngs13k+ ddomains22:40
stryngsEasier to do via phone, than an email that will get ignored.22:41
bencohKotCzarny: I know, those chip aren't meant for mobile use22:41
chem|ststryngs: send an email, much faster on the serveradmins22:41
bencohat least not for daily phones22:41
Sicelofreemangordon: mutt on N900 works.. anyway, will investigate tomorrow and rant here .)22:41
KotCzarnybencoh, with big enough battery you can (which is simple to do because its just 2 pins)22:41
*** futpib_ has joined #maemo22:41
bencohKotCzarny: ....22:42
KotCzarnyfor a whole day one would need ~30Wh i guess22:43
KotCzarnywhich translates to 4-6 cells22:43
KotCzarnyso not that much22:43
bencohthat's pretty sick22:44
KotCzarnyform factor would be something ~nintento 3DS22:45
Sicelochem|st: too many with your name. can i pm you my username?22:45
bencohKotCzarny: I'd rather go for pyra+headphones then, mind you? :p22:45
KotCzarnybencoh, sure, though i'm planning to add mini amp and have a portable boombox :P22:46
Sicelobuy the upcoming iphone with no 3.5mm headphone jack :p22:46
chem|stSicelo: you find me from the maemo page22:46
chem|stor here
*** krnlyng has quit IRC22:46
Sicelogotcha. thanks22:47
*** krnlyng has joined #maemo22:53
chem|stwe will see waht happens, turned my language to english and tried another ticket22:54
chem|stmaybe english support staff is not that insane22:54
chem|styear starts as expected... second day and I had called 3 hotlines wrote several emails to support staff incl but not limited to phone company and facebook.22:55
freemangordon...and it's only just begun :)22:57
bencoherr ... :]22:57
bencohI wonder if fb is worse than paypal regarding that kind of stuff22:58
chem|stbencoh: same lvl23:02
*** ced117 has quit IRC23:12
*** mp__ has quit IRC23:14
brolin_empeystryngs: If you are asking because of the cost of making a long-distance telephone call, you can probably use or a similar/competing service for a VoIP-to-PSTN call.23:16
stryngsbrolin_empey: does that work for country to country?23:19
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo23:21
brolin_empeystryngs: What do you mean?  You can call a different country than the country you are in.  I live in Canada but I can still use the service to call Denmark or any other supported country.  See .23:24
*** eijk has quit IRC23:37
brolin_empeystryngs: You can call a landline/wired line in Denmark for less than 2 cents per minute.  Calling a mobile/wireless number in Denmark apparently costs at least 19 cents per minute in most cases.23:38
brolin_empeyNo grammar nazi correction that I should say “fewer than” instead of “less than” is necessary (sp?) because I mean “less than” as in the mathematical operator. :-P23:40
brolin_empeyCents as in of USD, IIRC.23:43
*** Oksanaa has quit IRC23:46
*** Roth has joined #maemo23:56

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