IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2016-01-04

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ceeneif close() return value is not going to be checked00:05
ceenedoes it make much sense the test for fd!=-1?00:05
ceeneand also, wouldn't fd be anyway checked when open is called?00:06
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ceenenot important anyway00:06
freemangordonceene: I am not sure it is a good idea to call close(-1)00:07
ceenei guess -1 would be returned by close00:07
ceenewith errno set to EBADF00:07
freemangordonalso, see who and how calls register_io_monitor_chunk00:07
freemangordonre open()00:08
ceeneon that same patch it's only called is the previous call to open wasn't -100:08
ceeneso it should be safe anyhow00:09
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ceene22:29 < Wizzup> line 382 has an underindented } though I think?00:10
ceenei also see that on github00:10
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freemangordonceene: correct, but it is on line 381 :)00:11
ceenewell, that's all i could find :)00:11
ceenegotta go now00:11
freemangordonjonwil: please pull mce, as I just fixed a nasty bug I introduced earlier :)00:16
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jonwilrebuilding MCE now :)00:18
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* DocScrutinizer05 spanks freemangordon with a trout02:16
freemangordonyou went fishing?02:18
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WizzupSo let's pretend I'm a total newbie to maemo devel, but not to programming/devel in general02:25
WizzupWhere do I start so I can deploy/develop on/for a spare n900 that I have02:25
freemangordonWizzup: SB02:26
jonwilDo you have a Linux system?02:26
jonwilIf not, the Maemo Dev VM is the easiest way to get started02:26
merlin1991even if you have a linux system the dev vm is better02:27
merlin1991since a lot of automagic sb does doesn't work so well anymore with new kernels :/02:27
Wizzupjonwil: I many linux systems02:27
freemangordonwell, depends on how much RAM you can spend on it.02:27
WizzupI have an arm laptop in fact02:28
Wizzup(not sure if that makes things easier or harder - I also have intel laptop(s))02:28
freemangordonnot sure there is SB for ARM02:28
WizzupI thought that there was something with qemu on intel that emulates arm to get a SB, but I ... am not into this yet02:29
Wizzupso basically: set up SB on an intel machine, in a vm02:29
Wizzup(the dev vm)02:29
merlin1991you grab the vm02:29
Wizzups/set up SB/set up a/the dev VM/02:29
merlin1991and it has evertyhing set up02:29
WizzupYeah, that's what I mean.02:29
jonwilyeah you grab the dev VM, run it n vmware and its good to go02:29
Wizzup(optional step convert to vbox or qemu :))02:30
WizzupI will do that tomorrow then. Time to hit the sack now. Thanks for the quick responses02:31
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infoboti heard scratchbox is a cross-compiling system that uses binfmt_misc, rpc calls, and an nfs mount to make a cross-build appear to be 100% native, and is found at, hosted by maemo now. Also at
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brolin_empeyWizzup: Which model of ARM notebook computer do you have?09:33
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WizzupDocScrutinizer05: thx10:55
Wizzupbrolin_empey: chromebook 1 and 2: snow and peach-pi10:55
Wizzup and
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Sicelo009Nso it seems i'm not behind NAT on my mobile network11:49
KotCzarnydo you pay for incoming traffic too?11:49
Sicelo009Ni don't know. i didn't even know there was no NAT11:50
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KotCzarnywell, external ip is usually a sign of it11:54
Sicelo009Ni've had others with external ip, but firewalled. this one is open11:55
Maxdamantusno NAT as in you have your own IP address, or no NAT as in only PAT (which I think is actually usually considered NAT anyway)?11:56
Sicelo009Nit's a routable internet address11:57
Maxdamantusroutable as in all packets go to you?11:58
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Sicelo009Nyes. i could ssh into my N900 using the address on gprs0 iface11:58
zGrrmoin :)11:59
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Sicelo009Nmixed feelings12:07
KotCzarnysicelo: portscanner ahoy!12:08
Sicelo009Ni'm happy i have iptables properly configured since years ago, but now i need to examine this more closely before i get in big problems (if not already)12:10
KotCzarnyyeah, external ip is a mixed blessing12:10
KotCzarnybut as long you pay for incoming traffic, it can be costly12:11
KotCzarnybecause even with fw you still pay for data sent your way (think udp)12:11
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Sicelo009Ni'll investigate. though i've had this net for about 6 months now, and have not really had mysterious data depletion12:14
KotCzarnylucky for you freenode has cloaking12:14
WizzupKotCzarny: I thought sometimes udp/icmp doesn't even count towards traffic 'costs'12:16
KotCzarnywizzup, nope, all data is counted, otherwise people would abuse it12:16
Wizzuppretty sure my ICMP is not :)12:16
KotCzarnybut i cant speak for every provider12:17
Wizzupit's also not rate limited12:17
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KotCzarnywizzup, setup icmp proxy at home and have free data? :>12:17
WizzupI already have free data12:17
Wizzupbut they still list how much I have used12:17
WizzupKotCzarny: I have 8KB/s internet12:17
WizzupThrough EU, too :)12:18
KotCzarnynot bad12:18
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Sicelo009Ni blocked icmp long ago (even via wifi). and, re:cloaking, yes, it's nice. i adjusted my irssi to wait before joining channels, although once in a while it "leaks" my IP, lol. then again, i'm not often logged in via N900 directly12:21
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KotCzarnysicelo, for 100% safeness you can use bouncer at home12:22
Wizzupor just ssh+irssi :)12:22
Siceloyes, i use Wizzup's solution .. remote server ;)12:22
SiceloSicelo009N logs in once in a while (that's N900).12:23
WizzupHe meant use ssh from the n90012:23
WizzupI think12:23
Wizzupor, that is what I meant12:23
Wizzuphe meant using your bnc at home12:23
Siceloand that's what i do most of the time (ssh & irssi). i don't find bouncers as user friendly (tried znc, psy)12:24
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Siceloalso, i don't have "IP" at "home" .. i'm living in company residence .. free internet via ethernet. it is filtered12:26
Wizzupthat's ... bad12:26
Siceloi don't mind it too much. unlimited fast internet would cost an arm and a leg in these parts. filtering is a much smaller price to pay12:28
Wizzupfiltering is philosophical problem12:28
WizzupI guess you can just use Tor.12:28
Siceloi do ;)12:28
Siceloor ssh proxy12:28
bencohcompany residece :/12:29
Siceloactually i proxy tor through ssh .. i can more easily explain ssh traffic than tor traffic if someone was to ask :p12:29
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KotCzarnyyeah, as if MB/s via ssh is easily explainable13:01
Wizzupproxy :)13:01
KotCzarny'but you are supposed to use our *filtering* proxy'13:04
Sicelo009NKotCzarny: didn't get your MB/s statement..13:07
Wizzupfreemangordon_: is there a point to defining SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER and others in event-switches.h ? Do the normal maemo headers lack them?13:07
WizzupMy gentoo system has all the four that are being defined there13:07
KotCzarnysicelo: ssh is very low bandwidth, so its easy to distinguish normal ssh work from bulk transfers13:13
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Siceloi am aware, can say sftp :p13:17
Sicelopoint is .. there's a bit more 'latitude'13:18
jonwilWhat exactly are they filtering anyhway?13:18
jonwilprobably anything that would get the company in trouble13:20
Sicelonot a lot actually .. pr0n, known malicious websites,proxies, gambling, and few other categories .. don't remember all of them13:21
KotCzarnypr0n is 'not a lot'? :>13:22
KotCzarnyinternet data is mostly pr0n and spam13:22
WizzupSicelo: wikileaks? ;)13:22
jonwilSurprised they aren't blocking pirated content13:23
jonwilAlso I do wonder what they are doing about encrypted web content (i.e. SSL)13:24
SiceloKotCzarny: i meant .. not a lot.. not many categories .. just the obvious ones13:24
Sicelojonwil: they do block known pirate stuff. sometimes even gets blocked .. not sure why (and this is the most common reason i enabled ssh proxy)13:25
jonwilyeah I suspected they would block pirated content13:26
KotCzarnymaybe keyword matching13:26
Sicelodon't seem they touch ssl @ home, but in the work network, they have ssl inspection.13:26
jonwilCorporate networks will usually have SSL proxying for work PCs13:26
jonwilwith a special local root certificate installed for the SSL proxy13:27
Siceloyep. exactly that13:27
jonwilgood that they aren't doing anything for SSL for the filtered home network13:27
jonwilAlthough I suspect they probably still filter by DNS or IP somewhere13:27
Sicelobut all this doesn't trouble me as generally my browsing habits are "safe" haha. but the one day i got link from jonwil .. had to proxy that as i was unsure13:28
Siceloyep, the do dns filtering .. i made sure my dns queries go via the ssh proxy too (and tested it) :p13:28
Sicelothat's why i know opera mobile on N900 is not very "safe"13:28
jonwilSecurity is something I care a lot about13:29
Sicelo009Nas far as proxying .. KotCzarny (re:opera)13:29
jonwilWhich is why I am doing whatever I can to update the N900 and make it more secure13:29
Sicelo009Njonwil: \m/13:30
KotCzarnyhaving updated kernel/iptables/libs(libc,ssl)/servers is usually enough13:31
jonwilUpdating OpenSSL and the things that use it is high on the wishlist13:33
jonwilAs is updating the set of root certificates on Maemo13:34
jonwilinside maemo-security-certman13:34
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jonwiland also update nss inside microb13:47
jonwilThose 3 are the most important things to do for security13:47
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jonwilcurrently waiting to see if Juhani Mäkelä can provide more info about how to update the certificates13:50
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MaxdamantusIn the long run, everything should really be ported to Debian.14:07
Maxdamantusor abandoned.14:07
jonwilIdeally yeah14:10
jonwilbut for now we are stuck with maemo-security-certman14:10
jonwiland all the closed things that link to it like activesync for exchange, browser UI, wifi security daemon and various bits of the connectivity UI layer14:13
MaxdamantusI don't care about Maemo enough to do most of it. Maemo is just more hackable (easy to swap components around—works relatively similar to other unix-like OSes) than others, so it's preferable to me.14:15
WizzupLuckily, others in here (#maemo), do14:16
jonwilMy goal is to make Maemo more secure without sacrificing useful functionality14:16
MaxdamantusI'd be happier running some custom xmonad configuration as a WM and some simple UI/database system for SMS/telephony.14:17
Maxdamantus(on top of ofono or something)14:17
jonwilIf it was up to me, I would say "screw ActiveSync" but aparently there are people on this earth who own a N900 and need to talk to an ActiveSync server14:17
Wizzupwell, do it14:17
* Maxdamantus hasn't figured out what there is of the last part yet.14:17
WizzupI find the maemo UI much more pleasant for mobile than any WM I have tried14:18
Wizzupjonwil: there are? (re: activesync)14:18
jonwilaparently there are14:18
WizzupI would say screw activesync -atm- and worry about it later :)14:18
Siceloyes, i'm one of them.14:19
jonwilanyhow, zzz time :), later guys14:19
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* Maxdamantus just sshes into his main computer to do email/IRC/etc14:19
SiceloEAS is currently the only well-integrated sync method still working on N90014:20
Sicelodiscounting syncml via usb (pc suite)14:20
Siceloor bluetooth .. all of which are of course not so convenient14:21
SiceloMaxdamantus: EAS is not only email .. it can sync calendar & contacts. works very well on N900, trust me14:22
freemangordon_Wizzup: there are defined in linux/input.h, and are missing in 2.4.2614:24
Wizzupfreemangordon_: 2.6.26 I presume14:24
freemangordon_2.6.28 :)14:24
Wizzupeh, yeah14:24
Sicelo(re:my network... torrents aren't blocked, but you'l! definitely be asked what's up)14:27
Siceloanyway, i don't generally torrent anything.14:28
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brolin_empeyWizzup: OK, thank you.18:13
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bencohMaxdamantus: to be honest, the best part about maemo is probably the community/ecosystem around it :)18:16
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freemangordonPali: russell applied the patches, just don;t ask me to which tree :). also, see, going to cherrypick to see if it fixes the net oops19:17
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Palifreemangordon: ok, do not forget and just check that patches will be in 4.5-rc119:38
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freemangordonPali: ke-recv still spits "ke_recv[2434]: get_usb_cable_udi:1725: coudn't find USB cable indicator"20:41
Palithere is something broken in hal or ke-recv..20:41
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SiceloN900 doesn't have a selfie-stick .. if one was to make one, what's the best way to capture at that distance? :)21:35
KotCzarnydoes it have a timer?21:36
Sicelocamera2-ui .. up to 20s21:37
Sicelobut it would be nice to have some remote button/control21:38
bencohdo we really want a selfie-stick? :(21:40
Sicelohaha, i don't (because i hate taking pics)21:41
freemangordonPali: yeah, hal21:42
freemangordonmerlin1991: : do we have maemo hal in gitorious backup?21:42
WizzupSicelo: create a network input device with a 'camera button' ? :P21:46
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Siceloi'll look to see how the others work21:48
Siceloi've seen people connect to earphone jack .. but i don't understand how that relates to camera21:50
bencohSicelo: listening to a hal/mce/whatever event and sending a dbus command, I guess21:51
bencohor something close21:51
Sicelonice idea21:54
Siceloe.g. listen for headset button (which we already have in Maemo)21:55
merlin1991freemangordon: no idea22:01
Defiantpitty that the n900 doesn't have an ir receiver22:02
KotCzarnyit has bt22:02
KotCzarnyshould be enough22:02
Defiantir is way simpler22:02
KotCzarnybt passes through obstacles22:02
KotCzarnyso you can have it in your pocket etc22:03
DefiantI never did make selfies, so no idea if obstacles involved22:03
Defiantbut ir could be set up in no time22:03
Defiantno paring..22:03
Siceloalthough our N900 is quite a brick. i'm sure the weight would be felt22:04
KotCzarnysicelo, bt mini keyboard22:04
KotCzarny== instant button22:04
KotCzarnycouldnt be simpler i think22:05
Sicelothat's also neat idea. camera-ui2 actually captures when you press C on keyboard22:05
KotCzarnyonly thing you need to set up is pairing devices22:05
KotCzarnyno need to tweak/hack anything22:05
WizzupFinally, a use for bluetooth!22:06
KotCzarnybt mouse could work too22:06
KotCzarnyassuming you block the laser and only rely on buttons22:06
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Sicelothat may start needing hacks .. how do you capture?22:07
KotCzarnypress the button?22:07
Siceloi don't think that would work without some sort of mapping?22:08
KotCzarny(you need to position mouse pointer over the clicky area first, then put a piece of tape over the laser22:08
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Sicelohaha, nah.. that would be difficult22:08
KotCzarnycamera-ui2 doesnt have a make-a-photo-on-click ?22:08
Siceloit does22:08
KotCzarnybut bt keyboard is way easier22:08
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Siceloyes, your idea is bed22:08
*** SamyIsMyHero is now known as stryngs22:09
KotCzarnyare there bt headsets with more buttons that can be mapped?22:10
bencohwhat's wrong with the wired headset button ? :p22:10
freemangordonmerlin1991: who should I ask, xes?22:10
KotCzarnyalso you dont want cable in the photo, do you?22:10
bencohit's on the stick ...22:11
Siceloit can be long enough .. but you need some dbus-foo as well to make it trigger22:11
KotCzarnysicelo, that dbus-foo is trivial22:11
KotCzarnyyou can even use from oscp to just map the event to something22:11
KotCzarnyfor example faking 'c' key22:12
Siceloyes, of course. i did like the headset idea. i'm just saying that bt keyboard definitely is quickest/painless way (even for someone that knows zilch about dbus, etc.)22:13
Palimy git repo from Jun 11  201422:14
freemangordonPali: thanks22:19
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freemangordonPali: how do you think, where should we get usb cable status? bme or isp?23:22
freemangordonisp1707 that is23:22
freemangordonPali: or we should add button.type = usb.cable to hald bme addon?23:24
bencohhow does it work thus far?23:24
*** krnlyng has joined #maemo23:25
freemangordonbencoh: which one?23:25
Palifrom hal bme23:25
freemangordonPali: hal bme addon?23:25
freemangordonI was thinking the same :)23:25
freemangordonPali: where is the code?23:26
freemangordonin cssu?23:26
Palihald-addon-bme source code is on github cssu23:26
freemangordonfound it23:26
freemangordonPali: is that supposed to work with stock kernel?23:27
Palibme replacement hald-addon-bme has same API as nokia bme23:28
Paliso if you use hald-addon-bme API it should work on both stock Maemo and bme-replacment Maemo23:28
freemangordonPali: I know, but is that addon supposed to work with KP and stock kernels? as we'll duplicate usb.cable23:29
freemangordonke-recv takes 1st found, but I wonder is someone else uses that23:29
Palino, bme replacment version work *only* with bme replacment (kp or upstream kernel)23:29
freemangordonok, bu KP exports /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_1d6b_2_musb_hdrc23:30
freemangordonwith  button.type = 'usb.cable'  (string)23:30
Palifreemangordon: but I did not catch up where is problem...23:30
Paliin ke-recv?23:30
freemangordonI will add the same in bme23:30
freemangordonso we'll have 2  udis with button.type = 'usb.cable'  (string)23:31
Palike-recv needs musb device!23:31
Palinot bme!23:31
freemangordonthis is not musb device23:31
freemangordonthis is usb cable detection23:31
Paliok, so what is problem?23:31
freemangordon(23,30,59) freemangordon: so we'll have 2  udis with button.type = 'usb.cable'  (string)23:31
Paliin which kernel?23:32
Palistock too?23:32
freemangordonif used with bme-replacement, yes23:32
freemangordonbut I guess this is not possible23:32
freemangordonPali: I don't know it this will bring problems, just making a note23:33
Paliok, I'm lost... problem is in which combinations? stock+nokiabme; kp+nokiabme; kp+replacbme; upstream+replacbme23:34
Paliand which hal UDIs have that?23:34
freemangordonnow only /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_1d6b_2_musb_hdrc23:35
freemangordonif I add it to bme, both bme and ^^^ will have it23:35
freemangordonwhen the combination is kp+replacbme23:35
Paliwhat if you add to bme?23:35
freemangordonbutton.type = 'usb.cable'23:35
Paliand why you want to add it?23:36
freemangordonbecause ke-recv needs it23:36
Palinokia bme does not add it23:36
freemangordonlibhal_manager_find_device_string_match(hal_ctx,                  "button.type", "usb.cable", &num_devices, &error);23:36
Paliso ke-recv does not need it23:36
freemangordonit is added by   p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  hald-addon-usb-cable23:36
*** louisdk has joined #maemo23:37
Palinow I'm lost... can you explain me again what is problem?23:37
freemangordonke-recv needs to detect when usb cable is connected23:38
freemangordonto show you the "mass storage" dialog23:38
Palithis is done by gadget driver23:38
Palimusb kernel code23:38
freemangordonnot in upstream kernal23:38
Palihm? this should be there23:38
freemangordonbut it is not23:39
Palihm... maybe I removed something important from .config?23:39
freemangordonno idea23:39
freemangordonbut it was the same before you cleaned it up23:39
Paliso problem is that in ke-recv "usb_cable_udi" variable is empty?23:40
freemangordonwhich udi you think should export that?23:40
Palithat UDI which export musb state23:40
Palib_idle b_peripheral ...23:40
freemangordonPali: the problem is that ke-recv cannot find udi which exports "button.type"="usb.cable"23:41
Palican you share me again lshal?23:41
freemangordon~ # lshal | grep idle23:41
freemangordon~ #23:41
infobotit has been said that # is pound, or hash, or sometimes the number sign. a tic-tac-toe board, or octothorpe23:41
Pali$ cat /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode23:42
Paliis in stock kernel23:42
Palisimilar sysfs entry must be also on upstream kernel23:42
Paliand if exists it should be exported to HAL (if not, bug is in HAL)23:43
freemangordonudi = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/platform_musb_hdrc_0_auto'23:43
Palifreemangordon: see HAL hald/linux/addons/addon-usb-cable.c23:44
*** louisdk has quit IRC23:45
freemangordonwhat to look for there?23:45
freemangordonsysfs paths?23:45
Palithis is usb-cable module23:45
freemangordonsee 10-usb-cable.fdi23:46
Paliso this module is responsible for exporting usb.cable right?23:46
freemangordonI know23:46
freemangordonsee ^^^ fdi23:46
PaliHAL hald/linux/device.c23:46
freemangordon<match key="button.type" string="usb.cable">23:46
Palisearch for "usb.cable"23:47
Palithis code set button.type to usb.cable23:47
Paliif exists hal_util_get_string_from_file (sysfs_path, "../mode");23:47
Paliit should match in our case udi = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/platform_musb_hdrc_0_auto' which has linux.sysfs_path = '/sys/devices/platform/68000000.ocp/480ab000.usb_otg_hs/'23:49
Paliso check which sysfs node has entry "mode"23:49
freemangordonit has, just checked23:49
Palifind /sys -name mode23:49
Paliwhat is result?23:49
freemangordon/sys/devices/platform/68000000.ocp/480ab000.usb_otg_hs/ # ls23:49
freemangordondriver            driver_override   gadget            modalias          mode      power             srp               subsystem         uevent            vbus23:49
freemangordonit looks for "../mode"23:50
Paliwill look at stock Maemo23:51
freemangordonI have KP booted, will check23:51
Paliah right23:52
freemangordonusb_device.linux.sysfs_path = '/sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/usb1'23:52
Palisee for info.product23:52
Palihost driver23:52
Palibinded to usb123:52
Paliyou should see it in lsusb23:53
*** raandoom has joined #maemo23:53
Paliwhat do you see on upstream kernel in lsusb?23:53
freemangordonnothing :)23:53
Palithis looks like broken gadget support23:53
Palican you compile g_nokia as external module?23:53
Pali(not linked into zImage)23:54
freemangordonok, gimme 5 minutes23:54
freemangordonPali: only g_nokia?23:55
*** florian has joined #maemo23:55
Palior you can also g_mass_storage23:55
freemangordonhmm, why is    # CONFIG_USB_MUSB_GADGET is not set23:55
freemangordonah,   p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  CONFIG_USB_MUSB_DUAL_ROLE=y23:56
PaliI know why23:58
Paliisp1704 disconnect gadget at load23:58
Paliso if gadget is not loaded *after* isp704 we loose it23:58
*** jonwil has quit IRC23:58
Paliand when gadget is compiled into zImage it cannot be initialized after isp1704 easily23:58

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