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jonwilSicello: In regards to wl1251-cal, I too observed the problem with the MAC address and I dont know why it isn't working. It should be a drop-in replacement for the stock widget.00:02
Siceloworks fine when you run it manually though00:02
jonwilyeah its weird00:02
bencohSicelo: 720p playback isn't related to gpu afaict (but to DSP)00:02
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bencoh(a TI C64+ on both chips)00:03
freemangordonbut on N9 it runs on higher freqs00:03
bencohwhich explains why n9 can play higher res/profile00:04
SiceloN9 is really nice device.00:04
bencohwith no keyboard and a capacitive screen, but yeah00:05
bencoh(I feel like we've already discussed that quite a few times :D)00:05
Siceloanyone here with N9? what pdf reader you use?00:06
Siceloor epubs00:06
jonwilSicelo: the script for wl1251-cal is the same as the one that comes with the stock widget00:06
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Sicelojonwil: ok. i guess for time being one has to remember to run wl1251-cal after every reboot00:08
jonwilor (like I did) downgrade it back to stock00:09
jonwilfreemangordon: ping00:10
freemangordonjonwil: pong00:10
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Siceloah .. there is pdf reader in N9, just called Documents.00:11
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jonwilwhats this you were talking to merlin1991 about earlier? pap_enabled gconf key?00:12
freemangordonPali: ^^^00:13
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Palifreemangordon: that cloned library has problem in function iap_dialog_private_key_pw_send_reply()00:35
Paliin that function it crashes00:35
freemangordonlemme check00:35
freemangordonwhat crash?00:35
Paliyes, from syslog looks like segfault00:35
freemangordonPali: maybe  dbus_message_append_args is called with wrong parameters, lemme check00:39
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freemangordonPali: can't see anything wrong, could you debug it?00:42
Paliwill try00:42
Palifreemangordon: quick debug: looks like dbus_message_append_args crashing00:45
freemangordonthought so, but can't see why00:45
PaliI added syslog() call before and after dbus_message_append_args()00:45
Palibefore I got output, after not00:46
SiceloPali: before you disappear .. mind to share details of the WPA-EAP auto-connect method? which file to hex-patch, and change which bytes to what?00:49
PaliSicelo: looks like it is not so easy, as I thought00:49
freemangordonPali: could you share the code you work with?00:49
PaliI will push code to github00:51
Sicelook. goodnight.00:51
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freemangordonPali: try to use DBUS_TYPE_INVALID instead of NULL for the last parameter00:59
Palialready tried :-(00:59
freemangordonI wonder if those string parameters should be send by address, but all of the examples I look at do it01:00
Paligoing to start whole process under gdb01:02
Pali/usr/bin/maemo-summoner is launcher for .launch applications right?01:02
freemangordonwhy not just attach to it?01:03
Paligdb --args /usr/bin/maemo-summoner  /usr/bin/osso-connectivity-ui-conndlgs.launch01:03
freemangordonPali: simply attach gdb to already running process01:03
Palibecause that maemo-launcher doing some special relocation01:03
Paliand debugging is not possible01:03
freemangordonit is here01:03
Paliaddresses in gdb  are not correct01:03
freemangordonI've never had any problems01:03
Palimaemo-summoner is needed01:03
freemangordonI always attach to the needed process01:04
freemangordonthe bigger PID of both01:04
freemangordonnever had any problems01:04
Pali#0  0x400e94d4 in strlen () from /lib/; warning: Unable to fetch general register.; Cannot access memory at address 0x400e94d001:06
Palino more backtrace output01:06
freemangordonhmm, maybe that buffer should be 42, not 41 bytes long01:07
freemangordonI don't know that maemosec_certman_key_id_to_str function01:07
freemangordonhmm, no, it is ok
Paliok, that strlen comes from /usr/lib/
PaliI already looked into certman source and it check len against MAEMOSEC_KEY_ID_STR_LEN01:10
Pali41 is OK01:10
freemangordonwell, it is either that password is not initialized or those string parameters should e passed as char*, not char**01:11
Paliiap_conndlg 2.88+0m5[10259]: iap_dialog_private_key_pw_send_reply: buf='<correct_hash>' password='' ok=001:14
Palipassworrd is emtpy (which I set empty)01:14
Paliand hash is also correct01:14
freemangordonPali: maybe add another const char *tmp = buf; and use &tmp instead of &buf for the firs string argument01:15
freemangordonPali: did you try ^^^?01:23
Palinow going01:23
freemangordonsearch for "@warning in C, given"01:24
Palino crash01:25
freemangordonthe fuck, never knew that for gcc "&array == array" :(01:27
Palinow I remind that there is such problem01:28
freemangordonPali: BTW, why did you push .so files?01:29
Palibecause we need to package all files01:30
Palicannot replace one in deb package easily01:30
freemangordonah, I see01:30
freemangordonI guess I'll have to RE the others as well :)01:30
freemangordonPali: and how did you get those 3 nokia commits?01:31
PaliI have script deb2dsc01:32
Paliit convert binary deb package to debian source package01:32
freemangordonok :)01:32
Paliand next I have script which import dsc packages into git history01:32
freemangordongood to know, will ask for it the next time I am REing some package :)01:33
PaliI think I told you this year(s) ago :-)01:33
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freemangordonCan't remember01:34
freemangordonanyway, time to have some rest, night01:34
Palinow I fixed that freezing bug :-)01:35
Paligoing to push commits to github01:35
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PaliSicelo: now when user close password input dialog for EAP-TLS certificate password, then Maemo show error message connection failed01:51
Paliand does not freeze and crash whole Maemo system!01:51
Palifreemangordon: thanks for clonning that binary!01:51
freemangordonPali: you're welcome01:51
freemangordonI'll try to find time to clone the other plugins as well01:52
Palinow second part, support for EAP-TLS certificates without password... but later01:52
Palinow going sleeping...01:52
freemangordonyeah, me too :)01:52
povbot_Bug 1574: Certificate Manager and WLAN EAP-TLS01:54
povbot_Bug 3399: Will not auto connect to WPA-Enterprise01:55
povbot_Bug 1635: Eduroam (EAP-TTLS+PAP) WiFi auth01:55
Palithese 3 another bugs (reported in 2007!) we could fix in CSSU01:56
Palilast is just setting one gconf key (this can be done in cssu metapackage)01:56
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I finally built minicom for Cygwin by myself.  Most of the work was in preparing the build environment, specifically determining which packages are needed and installing the missing packages.09:14
KotCzarnyas a bonus you have cygwin buildenv ready too09:15
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: Yes, even though I have used the same Cygwin installations for years.  I had to use the Cygwin installation on my desktop computer at ${WORK} because my Cygwin installation on my desktop computer at ${HOME} is borked:  basically, I can still mostly/somewhat use it with the packages already installed but I cannot install additional packages.  IIRC, I cannot update the currently-installed packages either because the package installation/upgrade09:31
brolin_empeyprocess hangs.09:31
KotCzarnyi think there is apt-cyg or cygapt that eases the package manipulation09:32
KotCzarnyunsupported by cygwin devs, but does its job well09:33
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Sicelofennec - how would i stop it creating many tabs?11:32
*** freemangordon_ has joined #maemo11:33
Siceloasking again.. as freemangordon_ just joined :)11:34
Sicelofennec - how would i stop it creating many tabs?11:34
freemangordon_no idea :)11:34
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KotCzarny  maybe this one?11:35
*** freemangordon_ has joined #maemo11:35
freemangordon_never used it for anything but some experiments11:36
SiceloKotCzarny: looking ... it's not that i don't want tabs to work, but fennec seems to prefer to create news tabs. i would like to 'tell' it when to create a new tab11:37
KotCzarnyyou can try some old 'tab mix plus' extension then11:37
KotCzarnybut dont know how many of the firefox settings are in fennec11:37 seems to be what i'm looking for .. it's 3 in fennec. changing it to 1 to see if problem solved11:43
Sicelogreat. seems to work11:46
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Siceloworking much nicer now .. no heavy lag like before11:50
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jonwilfreemangordon: ping12:10
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freemangordon_jonwil: pong12:28
* jonwil has done some work on connui-conndlgs-wlan12:30
freemangordon_I saw your commits from this morning, is it something new?12:31
freemangordon_BTW I will RE some more plugins, they are too easy to distribute them in binary12:32
bencohSicelo: is fennec really usable?12:32
* freemangordon_ is going to have something to eat, bbl12:32
jonwilI am about to have a go at some of the connui-conndlgs-wlan plugins12:33
Sicelofor my needs, i guess .. i don't use it too much also, but at times i need a page which it opens better12:33
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jonwilor maybe not, they aren't as simple as I thought :)12:44
jonwilWill let freemagnrdon deal with them :)12:44
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freemangordon_jonwil: which ones? (to not work on the same plugins)13:30
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freemangordonjonwil: I started work on iap_dialog_gtc_challenge13:51
jonwilNot planning to work on any of them, I decided not to13:54
freemangordonjonwil: any clue what is libcomapp-dev?13:55
jonwilI did add some functions needed by connui-conndlgs-wlan to libconnui-dev13:55
freemangordoncertman applet needs it13:56
jonwilOnly function I wasn't able to figure out is iap_scan_start_for_network_types in lobconnui.so13:56
jonwillibcomap code is in the Fremantle SDK13:56
jonwilso you can get libcomap-dev from there13:56
jonwilthe package isn't there but the code in there will build it13:57
freemangordonoh, I see13:57
jonwilbut yeah other than iap_scan_start_for_network_types I figured out all the functions called by connui-conndlgs-wlan13:58
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freemangordonmaybe we should RE it as well13:59
freemangordonlibconnui that is13:59
jonwilbe my guest, its a big chunk of code14:01
jonwilalthough IMO we should be working on things that are actually necessary (like pulseaudio-nokia) rather than connectivity UI that is being cloned for the sake of cloning it :)14:02
jonwilconnui-conndlgs-wlan at least has some bugs we want to fix14:04
freemangordonI need some rest from PA, (and some free time to work on it)14:04
jonwilok :)14:04
jonwilconnui-conndlgs-wlan seems like a good way to go then :)14:04
freemangordonyeah :)14:06
jonwilreverse engineering libconnui on the other hand seems like wasted effort to me14:06
jonwilcloning it that is14:06
jonwilreverse engineering the missing functions on the other hand is useful14:06
jonwilbut yeah at this point I am going to stop fiddling with the connectivity UI stuff14:11
* jonwil has run out of things to do again14:31
jonwilwell things for N900 that is14:31
bencohwhat about libcodelock/devlock?14:31
bencohdid you manage to RE it?14:32
jonwil is as far as I got with codelockui14:32
jonwiland there is no real point cloning libdevlock, its just a lib for dealing with the device lock in CAL and not worth REing (nothing in it we need to change)14:33
jonwil is the dev package I made for libdevlock though14:34
jonwilall the "interesting" stuff is also the hard stuff14:35
jonwillike hildon-plugins-notify-sv14:35
jonwilI did just figure out why my wl1251-cal clone is broken though :)14:38
jonwilgoing to fix it now :)14:39
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jonwilfixed :)15:07
jonwilso now I am running new wl1251-cal on my phone again :)15:08
jonwilno more problems with bogus mac address15:08
jonwiland with that I have done everything I can think of that I am able to do15:08
jonwilso I am back to having nothing to do :P15:08
jonwilactually no, I will go zzz since its late :)15:08
jonwilcya later15:08
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freemangordonPali: could you pull the latest connui-conndlgs-wlan to see if I didn't break anything21:07
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jonwilpali: ping22:51
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