IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2015-12-13

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Palinow I found out that Maemo support Wifi WPA EAP-TTLS/PAP connection03:50
Palijust it is perfectly hidden03:50
Palifirst via gconf is needed to set key /system/osso/connectivity/ui/pap_enabled to enabled03:50
Palithere is application for it:
povbot_Bug 1635: Eduroam (EAP-TTLS+PAP) WiFi auth03:51
Palithis is perfect candicate for CSSU! just enable that one gconf key03:51
Palimerline1991, freemangordon: ^^^03:51
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bencohSicelo: weren't you the one fiddling with eap-tls? ^10:42
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jonwilWhat I dont get is why Nokia would go to the trouble to backport this stuff then not enable it unless you set a hidden gconf key...11:00
jonwilAlthough now that I think about it, what probably happened is that they didn't want to turn it on by default because it hadn't been fully QA tested (e.g. tested across a range of networks etc)11:02
jonwildefinatly something CSSU can turn on though11:04
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Sicelobencoh: eap-peap. my `problem` was not addressed by that bug11:16
Siceloso i use wpa_supplicant.11:16
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Sicelomy problem is that eapd refuses to connect to peap network based on Windows NPS (which we have at work). connects fine with FreeRadius for example. this problem is not exclusing to N900 though .. even all Symbian phones suffered from it, including N911:48
SiceloNokia blamed Microsoft for bad implementation, and Microsoft blamed Nokia for bad support since all other PEAP-capable devices were connecting fine on Windows NPS11:50
jonwilIts a pitty osso-wlan-security isn't FOSS (and that no-one has come forward to write a proper replacement for that whole system) otherwise all the problems would go away11:54
jonwilThere are wpa_supplicant based alternatives but those don'11:55
jonwildon't fit into the rest of the system as well as they could11:55
Siceloyes. i have the DUMMY connection thing which works .. but some problems11:57
Sicelo1) for example osso-feed-reader can be set to update automatically on wifi .. doesn't work with wpa_supplicant. 2) pidgin doesn't see the connection at all .. keeps saying 'waiting for connection'11:58
jonwilit should be possible to rip the entire subsystem out and replace it (I have even documented various gconf keys, dbus calls and other interfaces you would need to deal with in doing such a replacement)12:07
jonwilIts just a matter of finding someone who knows all the relavent software (wpa_supplicant, connman etc) and who can do the work to replace the piece of crap that is icd2 :)12:07
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brolin_empeySicelo: Nokia N9 != Symbian.12:39
KotCzarnybrolin: nokia n9 and symbian => nokia12:43
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Sicelobrolin_empey: yes ;)13:09
Sicelothat's not what i said .. i just wanted to point out this problem spanned many years13:09
Sicelonot sure who's more to blame .. MS or Nokia .. but it wouldn't have taken too much for Nokia engineers to workaround the problem and still keep compatibility with other Radius servers13:11
brolin_empeySicelo: You wrote “even all Symbian phones suffered from it, including N9”.13:11
Siceloyes .. i did :)13:13
Sicelocall it bad English. fwiw, i have N9 sitting in front of me13:13
Sicelothose interested in the 'solution' from Nokia,
brolin_empeySicelo: OK.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Geeksphone Revolution sitting to my left.13:16
Sicelowhich is basically useless for the average user .. how many network administrators will accept registry changes from your average Joe.13:16
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KotCzarnysicelo, depends how many 6packs is it worth to you13:54
Siceloif only it was that easy.13:56
Sicelothe AD network spans close to 100 locations worldwide. consider it the same as Eduroam.13:57
KotCzarnymany 6packs then13:58
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Palilooks like Maemo has bug with certificates, it cannot connect to EAP-TLS network if *user* certificate which is imported into device does not have password15:28
Palimaemo certificate manager can import such pkcs12 (pfx) file, can read, parse and use it15:29
Paliproblem is just with wifi module (osso-wlan-security) or wifi GUI15:29
Paliif I encrypt pkcs12 file with some password and then import it into certificate manager, it ask me password and can import and use it15:30
Palibut every time when opening that certificate I must enter that password15:30
Paliand I can also connect to EAP-TLS wifi AP15:31
Palibut every time I must ever password :-(15:31
Palithis is stupid15:31
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Paliprivate RSA keys for certificates are extracted by someboody from pfx file and stored in: ~/.maemosec-keys/15:33
Paliand are encrypted by some passphrase! (even from certificates without password)15:33
Palilooks like some another Nokia (c) security by obscurity!15:34
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PaliI remember that Nokia reopened certman libs, tools and control panel applet15:34
Paliso this could be possible fixed15:35
Palino idea what with Wifi GUI which ask for password also if certificate does not have password15:35
PaliDocScrutinizer05: any idea?15:35
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Siceloi would blame osso-wlan-security .. there's all sorts of broken secure wifi things going on it it.15:39
Siceloand the 'crazy' design for not allowing auto-connect15:39
SiceloPali: test the situation with some of the enterprise symbian devices .. you might find it's the same :(15:40
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Palithis looks like problem with WIFI GUI16:04
Paliit ask me password even if there is no password needed16:04
PaliSicelo: and there is another problem wifi select dialog crash if I close (tap behind) window for setting password16:05
Palijonwil could RE that GUI stuff16:05
PaliSicelo: ask jonwil (if you see it) if it is possible to RE dialog for setting WIFI EAP-TLS certificate password16:06
PaliI could find out which library is that part doing16:06
PaliSicelo: are you sure that autoconnect stuff is not in osso-wlan (open source wlancond), but in osso-wlan-security?16:06
Siceloi don't know .. you guys know these better than i do. i'm just an average user ... but the big problems are likely in eapd-->osso-wlan-security16:19
Siceloi don't have an EAP-TLS network ... when i find time i could reconfigure my Freeradius to EAP-TLS16:20
Palihostapd has integrated EAP server16:21
Palino need to use freeradius :-)16:21
Sicelo:) for some weird reason i use both. i saw that hostapd has it built-in16:21
SiceloPali: btw, when you run `strings` on eapd, a lot of other interesting strings show up .. i tried setting some of thoese in gconf .. maybe one of them would cover the issue you face16:37
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Palithere is gconf key for setting GTG password :-) missing in UI17:00
Paligeneric token card17:01
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PaliSicelo: now I know how to enable autoconnect for WPA-EAP on maemo!17:46
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Sicelo magician :)17:48
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Palifreemangordon: are you there?17:51
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SiceloPali: a matter of gconf? or some other conf? or needs recompilation of somethign?18:04
Palihexedit of binary :-)18:05
Sicelohaha, ok18:05
freemangordonPali: yep, what's up?18:11
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Paliabout EAP-TLS and asking for password for certificate19:06
Palilooks like it is implemented in file ./usr/lib/conndlgs/libiap_dialog_private_key_pw.so19:06
Palisize 6704 bytes19:06
Palibut I'm not sure19:06
Palifreemangordon: how hard is to RE that file?19:06
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freemangordonPali: need to check, how urgent is that?19:11
freemangordonbut 6k should be easy19:11
Paliurgent? as any other maemo stuff...19:11
freemangordonI meant - how critical is the bugfix?19:11
Palinot very critical19:12
Palibut something which I would like to have fixed :-)19:13
freemangordonok, feeding IDA with it19:13
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Palimaemo-security-certman-applet$ git grep DEFAULT_PASSWORD19:56
Palisrc/cm_dialogs.c:#define DEFAULT_PASSWORD "AeHi5ied"19:56
PaliNothing it HIDDEN!19:56
Sicelopassword for what?19:58
Palievery one RSA private key in maemo certman is encrypted with above passprhase19:58
Sicelooh gosh19:58
Pali(if you do not specify your own passphrase)19:58
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SiceloPali: that .so is the one you hex-patch?19:59
Palino, different19:59
freemangordonPali: where is that code?19:59
Paliit was on gitorious20:00
freemangordonis there a function called "certmanui_get_privatekey" somewhere there?20:00
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Paliyes in maemo-security-certman-applet :-)20:01
freemangordonok :)20:01
Palireason why I'm grepping it20:01
Palialready looking at objdump of that binary20:01
Paliaaa, we have github backup :-)
freemangordonjust found it :D20:02
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freemangordonPali: I can give you the C code of libiap_dialog_private_key_pw, but you'll have to do the packagin etc, ok?20:46
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Palifreemangordon: when you have C code, let me know21:09
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Palicurrently I found bug in certmanui_get_privatekey() function21:49
freemangordonPali: not even compile tested, but I doubt there are many errors :)21:49
Paliif dialog is closed, then it returns pointer to stack garbage21:49
Palithis is probably reason why that WIFI GUI selector crash21:50
PaliI will fix this and then push cssu repo21:50
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Palifreemangordon: return value from certmanui_get_privatekey is not checked?22:09
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Palifreemangordon: /* FIXME - why not freeing it if data is NULL? */ because it points to static global structure22:24
Palinot dynamically allocated22:24
Palianyway thanks! Now I found why that library freeze WIFI selector!22:25
Palicertmanui_get_privatekey does not call callback function if wrong password is specified22:25
Paliso wifi selector still waits for signal true/false22:26
Paliand thinks that modal UI is still open22:26
Paliwill fix it22:26
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freemangordonPali: re FIXME - it is "key" that is getting freed, not userdata23:06
Paliyes, "key" comes from certman and is dynamically allocated23:08
Palionece it is not needed, we need to free it23:08
Palicertman does not free it23:08
Paliso we need to free key, but not userdata23:08
freemangordonbut -  g_return_if_fail(data != NULL); will prevent key to be freed23:09
freemangordonso I guess we should reverse the order - first g_free(key), then check if data is NULL23:09
Paliah, right23:12
Palinow I know what you mean with that comment23:12
Palifreemangordon: anyway, I have 3 referenced symbols:23:12
Paliconnui_dbus_send_system_msg, iap_dialog_register_service, iap_dialog_unregister_service23:13
Paliany idea where they are?23:13
freemangordon/usr/include/connui/libconnui.h:dbus_bool_t connui_dbus_send_system_msg(DBusMessage *message);23:13
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freemangordonPali: I guess the others are in libiap or somesuch23:15
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Palifreemangordon: that two iap symbols are exported from binary /usr/bin/osso-connectivity-ui-conndlgs.launch23:39
Paliand not by library23:40
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freemangordonPali: yeah, makes sense23:44
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Siceloum .. on N900 we have exactly same GPU as N9?23:58
bencohboth use sgx53023:59
Sicelomakes sense .. explains how freemangordon was able to get us 720p playback. nice23:59

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