IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2015-11-10

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OksanaDid anybody ever create a libre osso-icons-theme , to replace osso-icons-default ?
OksanaTo be fair, 1000+ files is a lot, even if each file is just a tiny icon00:31
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klopsi-u3i designed icons for a game, it took a lot of time00:31
OksanaThere are like 20 different sizes, so having SVG icons would make process easier (unless you want to manually fight against resize-blur)00:33
OksanaThough if I take just 48x48 size, there are almost 500 files00:34
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* Oksana wonders if anybody would like something this archaic for Notes icon...
klopsi-u3 Oksana is it important to get replacement icons?00:38
OksanaNot urgent, but it would be great to reduce the list of closed packages by creating a free alternative00:40
OksanaLike, there are lots of free hildon-themes to choose from...00:41
klopsi-u3i have distrust of themes, they seem to break things00:41
OksanaHmm, I am going to try out some of them, and maybe, wake up the maintainers?00:44
OksanaThey cannot fix it if they don't know what's broken00:44
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klopsi-u3the only problem i have with the n900 is browsing the web00:45
jonwilThere are closed packages that would be far more useful to replace with open packages than osso-icons-default00:45
OksanaYes, just a thought. If there is somebody good with icons and design, but not programming, they could take up something like icons theme, and it would introduce them to debian packaging and the like...00:47
jonwilbut that's a lot of icons :)00:48
OksanaYes. They include mimetypes icons, too, in this package...00:48
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klopsi-u3 Oksana i appreciate wanting things open sourced, but i can't personally help with that one, my art skills aren't good enough01:26
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* jonwil wishes there were more people in this community with reverse engineering skills02:31
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hawaiiWe've all left.05:04
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hawaiiDefeating Aegis was our parting gift.05:08
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KotCzarnyjolla probably08:46
KotCzarnyand the parting nokia event08:47
KotCzarnyoksana: designing icons/themes requires someone with the talent, otherwise you end up with ugliness and inconsistences08:48
KotCzarnymapping kde/gnome icon names into maemo ones could be nice tho08:49
Wizzupjonwil: I do have some RE skills, and I'm also going to work on the PA stuff hopefully, it's just that I'm already slightly overloaded with work08:49
KotCzarnyand would reduce number of icons needing to be made08:49
jonwilWizzup: Great, that would be good to see08:50
Wizzupfmg said he cannot do it alone (which makes sense), I just need to figure out a (few) time(s) in the week that I would usually work on it08:51
jonwilPulseAudio is definatly high on the list when it comes to things that need to be reverse engineered (rather than just replaced as is the case with ICD)08:51
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KotCzarnymoving (even part of) xprot to dsp would be great08:52
WizzupI'm in it mostly for being able to make voice calls using recent kernels and ofono :)08:52
jonwilthat and the cellular modem are the biggest missing pieces for fremantle-on-N90008:52
jonwilI mean fremantle-on-Neo90008:52
WizzupThat too08:54
KotCzarnystill, having more cpu available isnt bad in itself08:54
jonwilPulseaudio-module-nokia-*, alsa-policy-enforcement & policy-settings-rx51 are the biggest missing pieces of the jigsaw when it comes to the Neo900. The cellular services daemon is important too but a little less so (mostly that needs reverse engineering of dbus interfaces rather than reverse engineering of actual code so in theory its easier)08:58
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KotCzarnyli-ion at its finest09:25
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Vajblooks like things got rather hot there10:30
KotCzarnyremember kids, dont poke your batteries, they dont like it10:35
HumpelstilzchenI only do that when inside a plane10:37
Wizzupdon't tell the TSA10:39
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krnlynghi, i have installed gcc-4.6 but "as" is not installed, what do i need to do?11:20
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KotCzarny4.6 is b0rken, at least it miscompiled things for me11:26
KotCzarnyeither use 4.7.2 or 4.211:26
krnlyngKotCzarny: which repos are they in?11:32
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KotCzarny4.2 is in sdk repo11:37
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KotCzarnyand another (if you have cssu-thumb installed: )11:40
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ceenei have a set of applications which share several configuration files and i want to manage them... somehow17:39
ceeneshould i just place all of the options in a key=value file, should i create a sqlite with a table per configuration file...17:39
ceenei don't know how to solve this, whatever replacement i can think of is uglier and uglier17:40
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klopsi-u3ceene: what's ugly about a simple key=value file?17:55
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KotCzarnyceene, maybe gconf?18:18
KotCzarnyalso remember if they are going to be run at the same time, lock the config file when reading/writing18:18
KotCzarny(if you decide to share same db or .conf file18:19
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ceeneit's ugly because it's a dozen or so of files21:33
ceenesome subset is used in some apps, some other subset in other apps21:33
ceeneand they must also be accesible through an xmlrpc interface21:34
ceeneand i'm struggling to find something that just feels not wrong21:34
ceeneright now i'm using textfiles managed by libconfuse and a custom library on top of it21:36
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