IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2015-10-01

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ebzzryIs 'Settings > General > Device lock' and 'Power menu > Secure device' different?01:03
Siceloyes, and no01:05
Siceloyes, because in Settings, you can define the behaviour you want. Power Menu enables the lock01:06
ebzzrySicelo: Do they share code?01:15
Siceloyou mean the lock code? yes, there's only one code01:19
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sixwheeledbeastebzzry: "lock device" is like a key/screen lock, "secure device" is a PIN code lock. Do not use secure if you don't know your pin.01:22
ebzzryWhat is the character limit of the code?01:23
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ebzzryI didn't mean 'Power menu > Lock screen and keys'01:26
ebzzryBy the way, is there still a way to use the device, when 'Secure device' was used?01:28
bencohyou can still try and retrieve the code from the cal partition and bruteforce it (with john iirc)01:30
ebzzrybencoh: Is it documented somewhere?01:30
bencohmaybe in some TMO post01:31
ebzzrybencoh: ok01:31
bencohiirc you can also override CAL with some default known (encrypted/hashed) value01:32
Sicelo17:22 < sixwheeledbeast> ebzzry: "lock device" is like a key/screen lock << this isn't exactly correct, if we're talking about 'Settings > General > Device lock'01:34
ebzzryWhat is the limit of the lock code? How many characters?01:39
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OksanaFunny >> I assume my keyboard removed/connected messages and repeating key presses are caused by 2G radio interference. <<
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ebzzryOh, it's 1002:22
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ebzzryWhy does Maemo 5 asks me to input a code, for Secure Device, when I have already changed the code in Settings > Device lock08:30
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ebzzryIt is asking for the same code, or a new code?08:33
KotCzarnyduring changing or after screen lock/boot ?08:34
OksanaYou click Secure Device. Hence, you will need to input the code to get back in. Hence, it's asking you to input the code.08:38
OksanaDevice is already 'secured'. It's asking for the code to 'unsecure' the device08:39
OksanaSame code, yes, afaik08:39
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ebzzryIf it is the same code, why does it asks me to input a code to lock the device?09:22
ebzzryShouldn't it just lock the device, since I have already configured the lock code?09:22
KotCzarnyin settings you are creating new code09:23
KotCzarnyuse powermenu to lock, or set to lock everytime when you 'lock the screen and keys'09:23
OksanaIt just locks _and_ asks you if you want to input a code and unlock. Theoretically, it should offer you an option to call 911-000-emergency-numbers without inputting the code09:26
Sicelo< ebzzry> If it is the same code, why does it asks me to input a code to lock the device?09:29
Siceloto prevent you from locking it and then being unable to unlock09:29
DocScrutinizer05hihi. do you need a key to lock the door, or only to unlock it09:32
KotCzarnydepends on the door09:33
KotCzarnysome lock automatically09:33
KotCzarnyespecially popular in usa09:34
Siceloand we all know they are are pain those doors ..09:34
KotCzarnysome cars also have such 'feature'09:34
Sicelolocked m car key in the boot last night09:34
Siceloluckily, spare key was within 10 minutes walk09:34
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MaxdamantusSo a thief would only have had to walk ten minutes to steal your car.10:16
Maxdamantusor twenty, maybe.10:17
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OksanaWell, it was probably inside a house, or something10:20
Vajbmaybe it was more like geocaching thing10:21
MaxdamantusSo you're relying on a master key? That's insecure.10:21
Maxdamantusor are you getting into the house using a key hidden somewhere on the property? That's security through obscurity, which is also insecure.10:22
Vajbso for ultimate security change different locks for all locks in one car10:22
KotCzarnyor add secret tap module10:22
Vajbor numpad10:22
KotCzarnyretina scanner10:23
Vajb+ fingerprint10:23
KotCzarnyfingerprint will be problematic in winter10:23
Vajbone can always take the gloves off =)10:24
KotCzarnysuuuuure, ever experienced -20C ?10:24
MaxdamantusThe gloves are off.10:24
* Vajb is from finland10:24
Vajbask another question maybe?10:24
MaxdamantusMiksi saa haluat suomesta?10:25
Vajbwhy i want from finland? Hmm that's though one.10:25
Vajbor actually saa is short from saada which is to get10:26
KotCzarnygtranslated conversation? :)10:26
KotCzarnyWhy do you want in from Finland ?10:26
Maxdamantuser, sä10:27
KotCzarnyfree promo for converter10:28
Maxdamantusmaybe it should be something more like "miksi sä haluat olla suomesta?"10:28
* Maxdamantus should try to learn it better.10:28
Vajbthen it asks "why do you want to be from finland"10:28
MaxdamantusYes, that's what I meant.10:29
Vajbwell they didn't let me choose10:29
Maxdamantusactually, I think I meant haluaisit10:29
Vajbah yes. Well it wasn't wish, but actual fact.10:30
Vajband sä is more like slang word of sinä10:30
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zGrrmoin :)12:12
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drawkulawho manages the blacklist?16:55
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drawkulaok... need to go rl...17:03
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bencohdrawkula: techstaff at maemo.org17:55
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drawkulabencoh: thanks!18:53
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Siceloso how does Maxdamantus' car lock work? :/ sounds like he's got some elaborate vehicle22:52
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KotCzarnysicelo, many cars you can open via button press, ie. you need something from trunk, then they relock automatically (if driver or passenger door wasnt opened in the meantime)22:57
KotCzarnymy gf's skoda fabia from 2004 has such logic22:59
KotCzarnydont know if it changed for better or worse with newer cars22:59
Siceloand if your key is in the trunk when said timer elapses?23:01
KotCzarnythen you have to find spare keys23:03
KotCzarnyif you are lucky you have few minutes of walk23:03
Siceloit was sounding like someone has better lock system23:03
KotCzarnybut if you open the door in the meantime timer is disabled23:04
KotCzarnyso i guess it was meant for such 'i just need something from the trunk'23:05
KotCzarnyor for accidental unlocks23:05
KotCzarnyie. if you unlock but dont open anything then it will relock in few minutes23:05
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* Sicelo is tired .. & takes himself to bed.23:07
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Siceloapt-get remove --purge bnf. :-[23:35
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