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OksanaWhere did these pictures go? Whole server is not here:
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DocScrutinizer05łówka_transmitter  >>Radio VOX FM Kraków107.9 MHz0.1 kWvertical<<04:17
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infobotsomebody said usbfix was - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt04:22
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* Oksana was reading the first post of the thread (bookmarked long ago), thank you, and looking for way to solder back the (new, from DigiKey) microUSB port (already broken off, long ago). While wire-soldering looks promising for the case of no-pads-left (did I understand it correctly?), it has only one photograph?04:26
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DocScrutinizer05yes, wire soldering works04:28
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DocScrutinizer05also see - and some post in this thread has pictures attached as tarball, those are good iirc04:31
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DocScrutinizer05also what we learned today from >><Oksana> Where did these pictures go? Whole server is not here:<< -> never embed pictures, always *attach* them, like in
OksanaHaving step-by-step high-resolution microUSB soldering photos would be nice. It's not urgent, because: 1) Nokia N900 repair tools (hopefully, TorxPlus screwdrivers, to be on the safe side) haven't arrived yet; 2) local makerspace seems to experience a break (holidays and such). | HiRes pictures can be attached as tarball, yes. Nice photo! :-)04:34
DocScrutinizer05a known problem of this BB software04:34
OksanaI understand +5V, Data1 and Data2. Why are there three pads for Ground? And I assume they are not to be shorted into one pad04:36
DocScrutinizer05Oksana: for the wire fix, you need to cut out a segment of the can wall04:36
DocScrutinizer05you need to very carefully cut the walls down on 2 vertical cuts (ideally use some file or saw or something, or a *very sharp* and fine side cutter, e.g Knippex), then heat the wall segment up with a huge soldering iron until it desolders from PCB04:38
DocScrutinizer05  (re three pads DND)04:39
DocScrutinizer05pin4 is ID and should better stay NC than shorted to GND. Pin5 is actual GND04:42
OksanaSo pin 4 is host-or-gadget, and ideally user would somehow be able to change it, depending on what he is using the microUSB for?04:43
DocScrutinizer05so the rightmost huge PAD is GND mechanical post. The short "red wire" to pin5 is correct. The short red wire from pin5 to pin4 is incorrect04:44
OksanaAnd if I want mass-storage-and-such to work, it's better Not Connected?04:44
DocScrutinizer05N900 doesn't really care about ID pin, since N900 is not made for USB-OTG04:44
DocScrutinizer05but yes, better leave it not connected than short to GND04:45
* Oksana should get some small thin red, white, green and black wires04:45
DocScrutinizer05the color is irrelevant ;-)04:46
OksanaBut helpful for future. It is specified, for some reason...04:46
DocScrutinizer05well, in cables, yes. For rework you really don't care about color :-)04:47
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ebzzryThe flash player pointed in is not accessible. Does anybody have a copy?05:07
DocScrutinizer05incorrect since it shorts ID (pin4) to GND (pin5), but otherwise very good picture of wire fix05:09
ebzzryfound it05:11
DocScrutinizer05ebzzry: please be skeptic about, it's not any 'official' recommendation, also has some incorrect facts or assumptions in it05:14
DocScrutinizer05>>It provided important features like stable Smartreflex which will significantly increase battery life.<< for eample is yet to get proven by a test with hard numbers. Odds are that SmartReflex still might be buggy as it was when Nokia developed the device, possibly on a chip level, thus has negative impact on stability of device (unsolicited reboots or segfaults in apps), and that the energy savings are not really noticeable05:22
DocScrutinizer05>> Additional Unnecessary Software   The following is deemed safe:<< Safe maybe, but whether or not it's wise and what's the intended benefit stays unclear05:25
DocScrutinizer05>>Get flashplayer 10 binaries for maemo.<< it's highly arguable if that flashplayer-10 binary is of higher quality or better functionality than the genuine flashplayer-9+version10-backports binary05:28
DocScrutinizer05but actually this wiki page is better than it was last time I checked it, seems the really bad things got fixed05:31
OksanaYes, already have the picture, white piece of plastic (?) under the microUSB pins looks interesting. And, when soldering, do I need to protect camera somehow, to avoid blinding the sensor with infrared radiation from hot soldering iron?05:35
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DocScrutinizer05you should cover the camera with carton or thick sticky tape anyway, ro avoid damaging it with e.g. drops of hot solder05:52
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DocScrutinizer05the white piece is nice, dunno if it's plastic (Kapton then) or just some paper05:53
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ebzzryWho uses texlive here?06:28
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Maxdamantusebzzry: you mean on the N900?07:35
MaxdamantusI'm pretty sure I have, but not seriously.07:35
ebzzryMaxdamantus: yes07:35
ebzzryI can't install `texlive` using -devel07:36
ebzzryit borks somewhere07:36
MaxdamantusI just have it in a Debian root.07:36
ebzzryMaxdamantus: ok07:37
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ebzzryWhy can I use FCamera, but not the built-in camera. When I do use the latter, I get: Internal error. Application 'Camera' closed.08:21
ds3is apkenv still maintained for the N900 anymore?08:33
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keriowas it ever maintained?08:38
ds3at one point there was N900 binaries... I am happy to consider it "maintained"08:40
Vajbebzzry: they use different drivers which are not compatible with each other08:50
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ebzzryVajb: OK. Should I uninstall FCamera, for the built-in Camera to work?08:51
ebzzryVajb: I'll experiment with it.08:53
ebzzryI just restored from a backup. I can use all Camera, FCamera, and BlessN900 well.09:00
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ebzzryds3: do you have the .deb for N900?09:05
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Oksanaebzzry: Try ?09:33
* Oksana hasn't used it, so no guarantees09:34
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ds3ebzzry: nope09:42
ebzzryds3: ok09:42
ebzzryOksana: let me check that09:42
ds3doesn't that still require a manual extraction of bionic?09:43
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princefakhanI had a working apkenv. sadly, I lost the hard disk.10:09
princefakhanmaybe it's on my drive10:09
princefakhangoogle drive.10:09
princefakhanI actually do. I missed he folder. lol10:13
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bencohebzzry: you dont need to remove fcamera to use stock camera-ui10:25
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ebzzryIs it safe to optify /usr/lib/microb-engine?10:37
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MaxdamantusPrevious LMD 1572, now 158812:09
KotCzarnynow you see why it was recommended12:09
MaxdamantusAre they usually that much over specification?12:10
KotCzarnyi wonder how well will they hold after 3-5 years12:10
KotCzarnymaxd: yes12:10
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MaxdamantusAnd it's not likely that the Germans that made it put in software that produces false efficiency results?12:13
KotCzarnynope, its data from charging chip, not battery12:14
MaxdamantusI know. I was kidding.12:14
Maxdamantus(because of the Volkswagen thing)12:14
KotCzarnyi have one fake thinkpad battery with fake firmware12:14
KotCzarnyalways set to ~60mWh12:14
KotCzarnybut i see it getting old because laptop turns off forcibly even with charge still reported12:15
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zGrrmoin :)13:55
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Hangover-n-SorroGood day. Could somebody remove "" from blacklist? Can't get to talk.maemo :(18:30
sixwheeledbeastHangover-n-Sorro: email tachstaff <at> with your request. That IP must be on a forum spam list.18:31
Hangover-n-Sorrosixwheeledbeast, thx!18:31
sixwheeledbeast*techstaff, obviously :S18:31
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infobotmethinks fixribbon is
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KotCzarnycould be that my fourth spare-parts n900 has broken ribbon in addition to broken lcd18:55
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merlin1991~seen javispedro20:50
infobotjavispedro <~javier@Maemo/community/contributor/javispedro> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 311d 50m ago, saying: 'they don't, but you will have poor signal in stock n900'.20:50
KotCzarnyLast Activity: Today 12:2320:51
KotCzarnyif its the same person20:51
KotCzarnypm him there20:52
merlin1991it's him but irc so much easier :D20:54
KotCzarnypm him to join irc20:57
* merlin1991 atm is reviving his metawatch trying to remember which firmware git commit still worked20:58
merlin1991so far I flashed 3 times into a reboot loop :D20:58
KotCzarnyum, firmware git?20:58
KotCzarnywhat's that?20:59
merlin1991don't ask20:59
merlin1991it's better not to know :D20:59
keriogit bisect20:59
kerioalso check the reflog?20:59
merlin1991kerio: you need a "good" start point for that :D20:59
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merlin1991heh found another bad one21:01
KotCzarnyis it some secret super project to make n900 the best mobile device?21:01
merlin1991no it's my pet project of having the smartwatch I like un my jolla again :D21:02
bencohaww, didnt know you went jolla21:03
bencohI thought you stayed on n900 :)21:04
KotCzarnyn9 has 1G of mem21:04
kerioyea if i wanted a dead platform with no users and no apps i'd stay on the n90021:04
KotCzarnywhich means it has a chance of having normal browsing experience21:04
KotCzarnykerio: you just need few apps you like than bazillion of ad infested crap21:05
KotCzarnyunless you are into such thing21:05
merlin1991bencoh: I went n9, then jolla, but still have my several trusty n90021:05
merlin1991and will contribute to neo900 stuff when it comes around21:05
merlin1991actually want to invest some time into cssu again coming months21:05
bencohyay <321:05
merlin1991hm if i don't find the proper fw version soon I'll find a way to dump the flash from one of the watches onto the new one21:09
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merlin1991oldschool :D21:14
merlin1991from 201121:14
KotCzarnyn900 is from 200821:14
bencoh2009* but :)21:15
merlin1991I did find the right version but i'm not sure anymore if I flashed from git21:15
merlin1991or found the 1.5.1 fw somewhere else21:15
merlin1991if this rebootloops again I can try some age old fw I had lying around ...21:15
bencohoh, it doesnt look uglier than apple watch :*21:15
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bencohis it just me or they're all out of stock ?21:16
merlin1991they are21:16
merlin1991since like forever21:16
merlin1991no idea what the company is doing nowadays21:17
merlin1991they also closed the platform more and more with each generation21:17
bencohsounds sad21:18
merlin1991they had a developer sdk page and a forum, that did go away too some time ago21:19
merlin1991hm the known good version didn't break the watch21:23
merlin1991but it's not the one I want21:24
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KotCzarnywow, sim tray for n9 is for 5usd on ebay22:26
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KotCzarnyand usb door another 522:31
KotCzarnyi know there is supply and demand, but 5usd for tiny piece of rubber o.o22:31
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KotCzarnyanyone knows if those parts are compatible with lumia 800?22:52
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totalizatorthis is business, not a charity! :323:17
Sicelothey aren't rubber btw :)23:36
totalizatorpure gold :E23:39
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