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MaxdamantusHm. I'm pretty sure now that that osso-xterm closing thing can happen when I press esc, 'a'00:02
Maxdamantuswhere esc is fn+enter00:02
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DocScrutinizer05bot resetted00:18
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bencohMaxdamantus: I'd use plai xterm if I were you :)00:38
bencoh(actually that's what I do)00:38
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infobot:), sixwheeledbeast02:28
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drathirinfobot: botsnack02:43
infobotdrathir: thanks02:43
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Maxdamantusbencoh: I'd probably need to figure out a new way to open links, and scroll.03:25
* Maxdamantus has room for pgup/pgdown on his keyboard layout, though xterm usually expects you to use shift+..03:26
Maxdamantusand irssi/tmux use the other03:26
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bencohMaxdamantus: xterm allows you to remap pretty much every key sequence03:51
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ceenei may have found, once again, one possible reason for bans on group creation12:29
ceenenow, would that be true?12:30
ceenecould there be someone brave enough to test it?12:30
ceenei'm tired of releasing things that gets people banned :(12:30
ceeneand i can't test it myself or i'd get my second number banned, and i don't think anybody would benefit from me not having access to whatsapp...12:31
ceenemaybe there's some cheap way to buy a dozen or so of sims?12:32
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Siceloceene: i might make a plan12:48
* Sicelo wishes he was still in Swaziland .. easier to get sim. no fancy registrations/paperwork12:49
bencohis the ban permanent?12:50
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Siceloyes (qualified). they auto-unban you after like 3 months or so12:51
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KotCzarnyin .pl you can get no-contract sim for ~1.5usd12:53
bencohhhmm shit I completely forgot the council election12:54
Sicelome too :p12:55
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MaxdamantusAhah. I think I figured out why my boot has been taking so long for a while .. bootmenu -_-12:59
* Maxdamantus wonders how long that was there.13:02
Maxdamantusjust turns into messy stuff moved around in the framebuffer, since fbcon is loaded so is printing the commands to wait for keys.13:02
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Siceloso, isn't the problem fbcon then? instead of bootmenu?13:06
Siceloi guess many of us have bootmenu, and observe no bootup delays13:07
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MaxdamantusIt's probably because I always had the slide out which probably triggered the menu to appear, but I wasn't aware of it.13:12
Maxdamantusso just saw some random commands involving `evkey` and some apparent countdown.13:12
Siceloand you didn't even see the bootmenu screen? :p13:12
MaxdamantusNot really, because fbcon was outputting the commands over it.13:13
MaxdamantusI only saw moving fragments, like the number from the countdown, and I could see it saying something like "booting from NAND" for a split second.13:14
Maxdamantusnot that it was booting from NAND anyway.13:14
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ceenei wouldn't mind paying 10~15 euros for a dozen of sims13:32
ceeneor whatever13:32
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ceenebut here in spain you pay ~10EUR for a SIM, and although you usually get the same amount to spend on phone calls13:32
ceenei don't even spend 4 euros monthly13:32
ceeneso i'd have 100 euros that I wouldn't know what to use them for13:33
KotCzarnyno pay-by-sim services there?13:33
L29Ah$0.9 in UA13:33
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ceeneKotCzarny: yes, but they come preloaded with 10EUR, so you pay that13:33
ceenepay with your sim's money13:34
ceenemaybe there's some strange virtual mobile operator that has cheaper sims13:35
KotCzarny10eur, right, but if you just need some disposable ones..13:36
L29Ahtho if i were you, i'd just drop the damned service that shits on its customers13:36
ceeneL29Ah: well, i'm not one of his customers, am i?13:36
ceenei don't pay them anything and I don't even use their software, just their servers13:37
ceenei'm more an abuser than an user, to be honest13:37
ceenewe are all :)13:37
L29Ahthen you should understand that your hack will work for some months until another update will come by and require more investment from your side and so on13:38
ceenei know that13:39
ceenei'll continue until i get tired13:39
L29Ahit's cheaper to just use email (:13:39
ceeneit's not as convenient13:39
ceenei like irc much more13:39
ceenereal time conversations with one or several people categorized in groups/channels13:39
ceenei don't know what jabber was invented for13:40
ceeneirc does the same13:40
L29Ahdecompiling stuff and reverse engineering protocols isn't convenient either13:40
SiceloIRC \m/13:40
ceenewell, but it can be fun sometimes13:40
ceenesome people enjoy running, some people enjoy resolving differential equations13:40
ceenei sometimes enjoy coding and reverse engineering protocols13:40
* L29Ah uses irc over jabber because jabber features transports to other protocols and all the IM features one can imagine13:41
ceeneone can do that?13:41
ceenethen maybe I undervalued jabber :)13:41
L29Ahyep, and there are implementations of transports to icq and vk; i also heard about ones to msn, sms, email, facebook, aim, twitter and skype13:44
L29Ah wazzup13:45
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WizzupDoes't bitlbee do similar things for ir14:15
Wizzupfor irc14:15
bencohit does14:15
sixwheeledbeastplus jabber can do SIP14:16
sixwheeledbeastworks OTB on N90014:16
ceeneanother option14:20
ceenethe java class that seems to manage wa protocol14:20
ceenedoesn't depend on anything14:20
ceeneimport java.util.Enumeration;14:20
ceeneimport java.util.Hashtable;14:20
ceeneimport java.util.Vector;14:20
ceenejust that14:21
ceenei could use it as binary blob14:21
ceeneno protocol mismatch ever14:21
bencohbut it's java14:24
bencohand a blob14:24
ceenenot cool14:24
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KotCzarnyceene: in the last release add warning before connect so people wont get banned15:00
ceenei should release a new one with latest change15:02
ceeneand explain that in the changelog15:03
ceeneor won't people read the changelog?15:03
L29Ahsure they won't15:03
ceenei could block that functionality15:03
KotCzarnyyeah, and get banned15:03
ceenebut i need someone that is willing to test that15:03
ceeneor we'll never have that again15:03
KotCzarnysicelo agreed15:03
KotCzarnytell him what he needs to do15:04
ceenei'll be releasing that now, then15:04
ceenein the end every little change makes it better than before15:04
ceeneso it can't be worse15:04
KotCzarnywell, it always can be worse15:11
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Sicelosome of us do read changelogs :18:04
Siceloin fact, i hope ceene will also explain what he's found18:04
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Siceloceene: my sisters have worked something out. perhaps give me a link to a deb, in case autobuilder takes time19:08
DocScrutinizer05whatsapp, ohmy. Some official entity checked whatsapp on android and found the *complete* contacts list gets instantly transferred to some US server19:20
KotCzarnyhe, he, 'security'19:20
Sicelothat includes KotCzarny & DocScrutinizer05's numbers too, hehe19:23
DocScrutinizer05either you're the customer or you are the product19:24
DocScrutinizer05depends on whether you pay or not19:24
Siceloactually it's this very thing that i hate about whatsapp19:24
DocScrutinizer05sometimes even then you're still the product rather than a customer19:24
kerioyou could also be a reseller19:24
KotCzarnywhat a bout being a developer?19:26
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ceeneSicelo: thanks, but i'm not quite sure yet21:28
ceenefirst i thought i had found something because there was a couple lines of code that didn't belong in the place they were21:28
ceenebut in the end they were doing the right thing, although not exactly in the place it should21:28
ceenebut the data sent to the servers was what it had to be21:29
ceeneso... nothing new for the moment21:29
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ceeneif you want, you can take a look at last commit on develop branch21:32
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Sicelook. will hear from you22:48
Siceloi had looked at the code (with my limited understanding)22:48
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