IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2015-09-17

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antranigvanyone here? :)))03:13
antranigvok I'll keep it short: can't install liblzo2-203:13
antranigvI need it for OpenVPN03:13
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Maxdamantusantranigv: fwiw, I just do things like that in a plain debian chroot.04:51
MaxdamantusDon't have to worry about old version requirements holding you back from things, etc04:52
Maxdamantusat least, not until stable upgrades its glibc.04:52
Maxdamantus(at which point the Maemo kernel will become unsupprted)04:53
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antranigvdone! now, it shows as connected06:41
antranigvone thing I still don't get, how to tunel all the traffic? from web browsing etc to chat06:41
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Maxdamantusantranigv: maybe add a default route through the interface created by OpenVPN.08:14
Maxdamantus(assuming whatever is on the other side actually handles that)08:16
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bencohantranigv: what do you mean by "can't install"?10:01
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ceenei found yet another thing that was wrong with yappari11:37
ceenei don't know if it will solve anything specific but it should now be more similar to whatsapp11:38
ceenei believe it could force other clients to send us non encrypted messages11:38
ceenethat's a first step before i can implement textsecure11:38
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zGrrmoin :)12:31
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buZzis there a working method to use CalDAV with gpe-calendar?14:08
buZzwanna sync my n800's calendar with my google thingy14:09
buZzand erminig doesnt work ;(14:09
ceenei use z-push on a server of mine to act as a bridge between n900 exchange -> z-push -> caldav14:11
buZzoh hmm :)14:13
buZzwuuu activesync? :/14:13
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buZzgpe-calendar supports activesync?14:15
buZzoh hmmm, gpe-calendar does support webdav14:16
buZzand this is from 2011
buZzmaybe that could still work14:17
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WizzupbuZz: erminig used to work :(16:16
erlehmannsome of you thinked about what should be in a distribution for n90016:20
erlehmanni think unifont should be16:20
Wizzupa free ... bitmap font?16:21
erlehmanni have it installed on my n900 so i can have emoji16:21
erlehmannfun fact: works even in osso-xterm, even though normal xterm won't do shit16:21
erlehmannGNU unifont16:21
erlehmannconflict of interest disclaimer: i drew lots of glyphs for it16:21
WizzupI mean16:21
Wizzupright now I am working on getting calling to work on my gentoo n90016:22
Wizzupfonts can be afterthoughts16:22
erlehmannWizzup i can see πŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒπŸšƒ on my n900!16:22
erlehmannand 😁 πŸ’© πŸ‘ πŸŽ‰ 🎊 🎈16:22
erlehmanngentoo n900 o.016:22
WizzupI'm not compiling on the phone, don't worry16:23
buZzWizzup: ~someone that uuuused to woooork16:25
WizzupbuZz: I work more than full time yeah :(16:25
Wizzupgentoo gives me more time to work ;)16:25
Wizzupsaves time*16:25
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buZzWizzup: never work more than 9 hours a day plz16:49
buZzit shortens your lifespan and we need you to live longer16:49
WizzupbuZz: Is that true? Darn16:53
buZzyeah :/16:54
WizzupI ... need to rethink life ;-)16:54
buZzsorry for dutch link16:55
buZz@ channel16:55
WizzupI guess it's time to take a break soon then16:56
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bencohfreemangordon: have you looked further into gTranslate and the captcha issue?18:40
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buZznobody here has google calendar synced to gpe-calendar? :)19:20
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WizzupbuZz: I had that working years ago, with the tool you mentioned19:34
WizzupI stopped using google calendar19:34
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Wizzupactually, I managed to integrate with my own calendar at point as well19:34
Wizzupusing radicale19:35
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KotCzarnyone great aspect of n900 is that you can share your photo dir via nfs/samba and have it instantly available for email/upload21:14
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ceenei've done that a few times too :)22:44
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* Maxdamantus always just rsyncs it after running some small organisation script.22:57
Maxdamantus(the organisation script was actually a workaround for having too many photosβ€”the camera application seems to go crazy if there are too many files in the DCIM directory)22:58
ceeneuhm, i like that too22:58
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MaxdamantusI wrote it on the N900.22:59
Maxdamantusbecause camera-ui was getting too laggy one day.23:00
ceenewhat does it do?23:02
MaxdamantusMoves the files from `DCIM` to `cam` under a directory with the year and month prefixed.23:04
ds3based on EXIF or fs info?23:04
MaxdamantusJust filenames.23:05
ds3<-- was hoping to "borrow" an exif sorter :D23:05
Maxdamantuseg, mv -n 20150916_004.jpg ../cam/201509/23:05
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freemangordonbencoh: no, I have no spare time :(23:09
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