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OksanaLuke-Jr: The phone that I have orecchiette on, is not boot-able right now (most likely, because of 0 space on rootfs), but last time I heard a phone call recording on it, it was well-audible. Should check as soon as I get it to boot again. What settings do you use? I am recording in AAC format.02:03
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parovayaтеперь язык планеты земля это русский это сказал вз03:28
parovayaтеперь язык планеты земля это русский это сказал вз03:28
parovayaпонятно не?03:28
DocScrutinizer05parovaya: this is an english channel03:28
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parovayaда меня не особо ебет03:29
parovayaи че03:29
parovayaопять бана03:29
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DocScrutinizer05byebye spammer03:30
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WizzupHe said "haj" though03:32
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Luke-JrOksana: yes, AAC05:38
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KotCzarnythat n9 seems to be needlessly complicated08:07
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KotCzarnyhmm, cleanly flashed device with cssu-thumb, yet it shows ~24mA average usage08:24
Sicelopowertop/zzztop will tell you what's eating power08:27
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KotCzarny59% in C2 state08:30
KotCzarnynothing suspisious, hum08:30
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Sicelowhat did you find KotCzarny?10:56
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MaxdamantusI think removing that HIM module has fixed something else I was having problems with.11:19
Maxdamantusin vim in osso-xterm, repeating something like `b` wouldn't work.11:19
Maxdamantusit would stop and insert some other random characters.11:20
MaxdamantusThough I'm now trying to figure out why it doesn't always insert the correct compose characters .. `…`, `°`, `→`, and a bunch of other things don't work.11:21
MaxdamantusI can see the correct characters being produced in xev, but in osso-xterm, fn+sym, '.', '.' comes out as '˙' instead of '…'11:22
Maxdamantusand fn+sym, 'o', 'o' comes out as something like alt+0 instead of '°'11:23
Maxdamantusand fn+sym, '-', '>' appears to do nothing instead of produce '→'11:23
MaxdamantusSome random attempts that work: æÆþðµáéíóəž–—‹«›»ªãª11:25
MaxdamantusHm, those 'ª's were meant to be 'ā's.11:26
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MaxdamantusMeh, I'll probably switch to urxvt sometime anyway.11:38
MaxdamantusOnce I have a convenient way to open links from it and copy text.11:39
Maxdamantusand scroll.11:40
* Maxdamantus will probably just make a fork of urxvt.11:40
Siceloyou're good at this ;-)11:45
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Wizzupand easily change font size11:51
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Maxdamantusosso-xterm already doesn't have an easy way to change it.11:53
MaxdamantusHave to use gconftool because the UI skips the sizes I want.11:54
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Sicelowhich sizes you need/want?12:06
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WizzupMaxdamantus: it has an easy way to change it, you're just picky about them :)12:13
WizzupHow about submitting a patch to cssu to fix the behaviour?12:13
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MaxdamantusDunno, seems like a lot of effort for something trivial.12:17
MaxdamantusPersonally, I don't really need to change the size that often, so I can just do it once with gconftool and leave it.12:17
* Wizzup changes size a lot12:17
Wizzupbut yeah :)12:17
Maxdamantusand if I did need to change it often, I'd probably just make a script that remembered the gconftool setting for me.12:18
WizzupI'm just saying, you could probably fix it in the source by changing a few lines (adding more sizes), and have someone build that12:20
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MaxdamantusI suspect that'd do it.12:29
MaxdamantusThat's in hildon itself.12:29
KotCzarnysicelo: it was glitching egl driver12:38
KotCzarnyit was working fine previously, somehow this reboot it didnt12:38
KotCzarnyso back to soft updates (was nice when it was working)12:39
Siceloah :)12:51
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* drathir wonder how fix tries of backpanel...13:44
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KotCzarnyyou mean:16:57
infobot[battery] made by Danionics, or at
KotCzarnyor not16:57
infoboti guess polarcell is BL-5J Replacement16:57
shapeshifterwell almost. forgot the brand recommended16:58
shapeshifterah yes.16:58
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DocScrutinizer05~#maemo battery is <reply>see polarcell20:55
infobotDocScrutinizer05: okay20:55
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infobotrumour has it, polarcell is BL-5J Replacement20:59
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KotCzarnyhum, if fam is not recommended then i think it should be took out from frontpage, or at least note added21:16
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KotCzarnyalso, this one:
Sicelo i want to install that :p21:40
stryngsRas_Older: Looks like reaver breaks packet injection =/21:43
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* Wizzup is compiling enlightenment now, to try out illume221:58
WizzupMay be a good fit for mainline kernel on n90021:58
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Ras_Olderstryngs: Oh, I haven't noticed anything like that myself.22:21
Ras_Olderstryngs: I just tested against my lab wifi and its working normally. Was there something more specific you found out?22:25
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stryngsRas_Older: Hmm22:32
stryngsRas_Older: I'll compare notes with you later; kinda busy, but good to know it does work for you.22:33
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Ras_Olderstryngs: yep ofc - its UTC+03:00 here but I'll answer back when I'm online ^^22:47
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