IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2015-09-12

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KotCzarnynot a talkative one, that was00:36
Sicelohey KotCzarny00:50
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ceeneSicelo: cool, tell me how it goes when you can00:57
ceenei was also banned once but reregistered a few months later and the ban had been removed00:57
ceeneit seems automatic00:57
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Siceloyes. this is 2nd time it happens to me. so far so good with Yappari :)00:59
Siceloi am apprehensive about trying a group though, but regular chat seems good till now01:00
ceenei understand01:00
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MaxdamantusYeah, this non-genuine battery seems to have something like 730 mAh02:26
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MaxdamantusActually, that figure might be wrong, depending on how the bq272 thing works.03:15
MaxdamantusIf it says it's charged, is it actually charged?03:18
* Maxdamantus suspects so, since it's meant to determine capacity from that state.03:19
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MaxdamantusOkay, after charging one battery and swapping that with an almost-empty one (no reboot) and letting it discharge for a minute, it indicates that it's still charging (but says 100%) a few minutes after plugging it back in.05:23
Maxdamantusso the (binary) charged status is probably accurate.05:24
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* Maxdamantus wonders what'll happen when he does it the other way round.05:57
* Maxdamantus suspects it'll jump to 100% at some point.05:58
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MaxdamantusIndeed, just jumped from 76% to 100%.06:40
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KotCzarnyim addicted09:34
KotCzarnyjust got another n90009:34
KotCzarnyfor 15$09:34
KotCzarnya bit beaten but seems working09:34
infobotmaemo-flashing is, like,, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh09:35
infobotrumour has it, combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
infoboti guess flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
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* Maxdamantus will probably buy a second one when/if one appears on his country's local site for that sort of thing.10:14
Maxdamantusit looks like one might appear every month or two, but I haven't been actively looking.10:14
KotCzarnymaxd: i'm getting ones just from such site10:22
MaxdamantusI just added an email alert thing for them earlier today.10:23
Maxdamantusthe expired listings showed one sold in apparently fairly good condition about a month ago.10:23
KotCzarnysomehow in poland there are more n900s for sale than on ebay10:24
MaxdamantusI also happen to have saved the webpage for the previous sale of that device.10:25
Maxdamantusin December or January .. so the guy who bought it there was the one that sold it a month ago.10:25
Maxdamantusbut in December and January I was unemployed, so ..10:26
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KotCzarnyput some cash in a sealed envelope just for such occasion?10:27
Maxdamantuswhich one? unemployment, or N900 availability?10:28
KotCzarnynow that you mentioned, both10:29
KotCzarnytwo envelopes then10:29
MaxdamantusWell, I don't think I usually spend a lot anyway, so leaving it in the bank would be about as effective.10:30
KotCzarnywow, john decoded pass in less than 0.1s10:35
KotCzarnymodem seems to be f*cked up. still, for a 15usd it will make great dev device10:38
KotCzarnyalso, this one also has 'device on' notification enabled10:44
KotCzarnywonder if its default?10:44
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ceenei don't think that's the default11:24
ceenelet's see what people talk about on the yapari thread today...11:24
ceenehow many more banned people are there going to be?11:24
KotCzarnyit was on on 2 devices, so might be, gonna flash it and i'll check the checbox11:25
ceeneat least i don't have to pay one cent to each banned person...11:25
ceenethat's strange, but it may be11:25
ceenei don't want a permanentely on light11:25
ceenebut to each its own11:25
KotCzarnyits not permanent11:26
KotCzarny1/10 of the time11:26
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infobotmethinks vanilla is just plain old up & down & up & down & up & down & up & down & ooooh!, or the finest of the flavors11:26
KotCzarnydoes combined contain vanilla?11:27
ceenei should think so11:27
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KotCzarnyn900 in idle without gsm/wifi takes about 5.4mA11:36
KotCzarnyale przy odeslaniu od razu nie trzeba11:36
Sicelothat's about right .. i think i did get a bit lower though11:37
KotCzarnyhow low?11:37
Siceloi've seen 4 a couple of times11:37
KotCzarnyErasing CMT:  98%CMT flashing failed11:45
KotCzarnysorry, flashing RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin (NOLO, rootfs, modem-fw) failed with errorcode 011:45
ceenejust try again11:46
KotCzarnywill do, gotta run now11:47
MaxdamantusDamn it. Can't get my USB hub to work again after trying to remove the LED :(12:10
* Maxdamantus should've stayed with the put-lots-of-tape-over-it method.12:10
* Maxdamantus wonders why someone would put such a bright LED on a USB device anyway.12:12
Maxdamantusunless it were a USB torch.12:12
Humpelstilzchenmaybe the led was cheaper?12:13
* Maxdamantus just made a longer cable for it too12:14
MaxdamantusWill have to go back to using the USB ports on the ethernet cable going into my case.12:15
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ceenedoes anybody know about QSharedPointer?12:36
ceeneQT5's QSharedPointer has a method named reset(), which QT4 has not12:36
ceeneI don't know if I can replace that with something that would make the same12:36
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ender|Maxdamantus: next time put the tape on the inside13:04
MaxdamantusI did put the tape on the outside.13:06
MaxdamantusI just wanted a better solution.13:06
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MaxdamantusI had to use about eight layers of electrical tape before it became sufficiently dim.13:06
Maxdamantusoh, on the inside.13:07
ender|or mount the hub on the underside of your desk (if you don't need to move it around):
MaxdamantusThat probably wouldn't work. The LED was sticking through a hole.13:07
MaxdamantusI suspect I should've just bent the LED off.13:07
MaxdamantusI probably overheated something by soldering it off.13:08
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ceeneI think I've been able to compile libaxolotl to run on maemo13:20
ceeneI'm confindent on everything except in one change13:20
Sicelowonky name for a library. what does it do?13:23
ceeneit implements textsecure :)13:24
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* Maxdamantus has now bought a Polarcell battery.13:28
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* Maxdamantus didn't realise it'd probably have free international shipping.13:29
ceeneto be honest13:29
ceenemaybe the best thing we could do with yappari13:29
ceeneis to port it to use yowsup13:29
ceeneit's very well maintained, already supports textsecure13:29
MaxdamantusDoes Debian not distribute a whatsapp client?13:30
Maxdamantusif it did, presumably you could just use that.13:30
ceenedebian distributes yowsup itself13:31
ceenebut it's only a python library with a simple CLI13:31
Sicelodebian does yowsup?13:31
* Sicelo checks13:31
MaxdamantusI'd just run that then, probably in a chroot.13:31
Maxdamantusthough I've never used whatsapp.13:31
ceeneas a last resort it's useful13:31
ceenebut it's pretty arcane13:32
Wizzupyappari does a lot of nice things, like media, audio, etc13:32
ceenethat's right13:32
MaxdamantusApparently I have a voicemale from it.13:32
ceenepeople like to share lots of photos and videos and all that13:32
Maxdamantus8960 N + Sep 12 WhatsAppService   New voicemessage: 9:57AM13:32
ceenesince there are qt bindings for python13:32
ceenemaybe it's possible to implement a brand new gui for yowsup13:33
ceenebut that's a lot of work13:33
ceenei don't know if i'm willing to do that13:33
ceenethere's no need to rewrite the UI itself, as it is pretty much contained on .ui files13:34
Vajbdid you sneeze?13:34
ceenedunno, that's the name of the nonexistant maemo GUI for yowsup :P13:34
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MaxdamantusHeh, the order confirmation is all in German.13:48
* Maxdamantus hopes they really did intend to indicate that the free shipping option was international.13:49
keriovoicemale huh13:52
MaxdamantusI deleted that email.13:52
* Maxdamantus has never used whatsapp or registered for an account.13:52
ceenelucky you14:00
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keriowill the current yappari ban me from whatsapp?14:00
kerioi might decide to reinstall it14:00
ceeneif you don't create a new group it's improbable14:02
ceeneand if you create a new group we still don't know14:02
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ceenei'm waiting for someone brave enough to try it :)14:03
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ceeneReply: {"status":"fail","reason":"blocked"}14:04
ceenethat means i'm banned, doesn't it?14:04
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MaxdamantusInteresting statement on the main yappari post on TMO: “Yappari is event based so if your client is idle then it does absolutely nothing (no threads, no while(1) loops, etc). This is to maximize battery.”14:04
ceenethat's true14:05
Maxdamantusevent-based systems have a while loop somewhere.14:05
ceenenot necessarily14:05
ceenethe process may be completely sleeping14:06
ceeneand the kernel receive data from the network14:06
Maxdamantuswhile(epoll(.., next_timer - current_time)) do_event(..)14:06
ceeneor a keyboard interrupt14:06
ceenethe key there is that it's a non cpu consuming block14:06
MaxdamantusIt's sleeping in exactly the same way that a thread waiting on IO is sleeping.14:06
Maxdamantusie, it's in the "S" state.14:06
ceenei mean, well, there's a while of course14:06
Maxdamantusas opposed to the "R" state.14:06
ceenei guess the wording is not exactly right14:06
ceenethat's not my wording anyhow :P14:07
MaxdamantusI do think event-based systems are more efficient, but that's only because scheduling tasks in the kernel is fairly expensive.14:08
ceeneif the process is basically not assigned any run time slot14:08
Maxdamantusin Python at least (well, CPython) .. where I think "threads" correspond to LWTs.14:08
ceenethat process doesn't use cpu14:08
MaxdamantusOf course, the process isn't in the "R" state.14:09
Maxdamantus(threading in Python (again, possibly CPython) is a bit silly anyway, because of the GIL)14:10
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Sicelo06:04 < ceene> Reply: {"status":"fail","reason":"blocked"}14:20
Siceloyes, ban14:20
ceeneso do i write them and cry a little?14:20
Siceloi guess :)14:20
Siceloi've always just moved to another number :p14:21
ceeneand do you write to each of your contacts to tell them that?14:24
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Siceloyeah. there aren't too many i use whatsapp with. that's why even when i'm totally without ... doesn't give me too much of a problem14:26
Siceloeveryone knows me as the "14:27
Sicelo"new-whatsapp-every-week" guy :D14:27
ceeneto be honest i also don't use it with too many people14:27
ceenebut last week though, a long lost friend of mine decided to write me through whatsapp14:28
ceenei hadn't known anything of him since 10 years ago14:28
ceenei guess he wouldn't have written me if not that convenient14:28
Sicelowritee to whatsapp for an unban :)14:28
ceeneyep, i'm charging an old android phone to fake that i'm using that14:30
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ender| it turns out i couldn't register on because the nickname "ender" apparently stands for "spammer"15:24
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KotCzarnyso, is: Erasing CMT:  98%CMT flashing failed18:49
KotCzarnya sign of bad solder on modem chip?18:49
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ceeneit sounds more like bad flash chip18:52
KotCzarnythis threads gives some hope that it might be just modem chip (rootfs flashed fine)18:53
ceeneyou can always try booting18:53
ceeneif it boots... it was flashed18:53
KotCzarnygotta check18:54
KotCzarnyyeah, booted19:01
KotCzarnythough cell functions dont work as before19:01
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KotCzarnyalso, by default 'device on' led notification is off19:03
KotCzarnyso it must be at least 2 users that chose to enable it manually19:04
infoboti guess cssu-thumb is <Doc_Scrutinizer05> [thumb2 microb] indeed seems to render like mad, subjectively, or, or
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KotCzarnywhere is i2cget?19:46
KotCzarnywhich ones?19:59
Sicelolet me check on my deviced19:59
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Sicelothe standard ones :)20:00
Siceloi2c-tools is the package name20:01
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KotCzarnyi was trying to find i2cget not i2c20:01
ceenewell, so my car's battery is dead20:15
ceenejust one more thing dead this weekend20:15
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ceenei've bricked my car lol20:16
KotCzarnyluckily its just battery20:16
ceenei think so, it tries to do its thing and the headlights look pretty dim20:16
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KotCzarnydont try to start it when accu is too low20:17
ceeneit's been one month in which it has run for 30 km or so, and the battery is like 5 years old or so20:17
KotCzarnyyou can destroy lead plates inside20:17
ceenei think my car is indestructible20:17
KotCzarnycould be too sulfury anyway20:17
ceeneit's 22 years old itself20:18
KotCzarnymine is 16yo20:18
KotCzarnyalmost an adult ;)20:18
KotCzarnygot some skin condition tho (rust)20:18
ceenemine is completely bent all over the doors20:20
ceenetoo many unrepaired hits20:20
ceeneotherwise it semms to be fine20:20
KotCzarnylearning to drive or unsafe road conditions?20:20
ceeneno, just an idiot20:21
ceeneand the accumulation of 10 years worth of small hits20:21
ceenesome while parking20:21
ceenesome while i was parked, i still don't know who was20:22
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Sicelowhat cars are we talking about here? :)20:23
KotCzarnyhonda civic20:24
* Sicelo had a 20 year-old one .. then accident, now has a 16 year-old20:24
KotCzarnythose old cars can run long times, and its usually user's fault when they can't run no more20:24
KotCzarnynowadays cars are made to last only for guarantee period20:25
Siceloindeed. i like that i don't need to hook up a computer just to tell the car that i've changed brake pads .. wtf!20:25
ceenemine is a 1993 ford mondeo20:26
KotCzarnytrunk light goes off 'service required'20:26
Sicelobut you guys in europe have MOT tests, and so on. do these cars still pass those? especially the 1993?20:27
KotCzarnywhat is a mot test?20:27
ceenesure it does20:27
Sicelowe don't have them this side :)20:27
SiceloMOT test .. something to do with emissions, etc.20:27
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KotCzarnyin poland all cars are required to pass some fitness tests, exhaust norms etc20:28
ceenein spain it's called ITV inspeccion tecnica de vehiculos - technical inspection of vehicles20:28
KotCzarnyprzeglad okresowy20:28
bencohI think there are taxes in france20:28
ceeneit must pass exhaus norms as well and minimal security tests20:28
ceenelights, seatbelts, brakes, etc20:28
Sicelomechanical fitness and safety is also tested here, but not exhaust stuff20:28
KotCzarnyyeah, breaks, suspension20:28
bencoh(unless they didnt pass the law, but iirc they did)20:29
ceenei think it's more or less the same everywhere?20:29
ceeneat least in europe20:29
ceenefor cars the age of mine it's required yearly20:30
KotCzarnysame here20:30
ceeneif it's new the first ITV is after 5 years20:30
Siceloin south africa it is only needed when ownership changes. in swaziland doesn't exist at all. no tests :p20:30
ceenethen after 2 years until it's 10yo20:30
KotCzarnybut new cars are obliged for vendor tests20:30
KotCzarnywhich results in quite the same20:30
ceenewell, xfiles time! :P20:33
KotCzarnyinvestigating car issue? :P20:33
ceenei must watch all the series before january, when they broadcast the new series!20:34
jabisin Finland a yearly test + you cannot tune up your car if it exceeds a certain amount of (a) parts changed [percentage] (b) excess of power compared to the stock model of most powerful vehicle of it's series, or (c) if it is a low emission engine you're tuning, you must make your vehicle go thru an expensive testing by the finnish government authorized inspection lab, for emissions :D20:36
jabisie. the same test they require of factories - and you pay even if they decline and get no data what was wrong20:37
jabis(though I know live in Thailand, and my last car was a 1.4 toyota powered by an audi TT supercharged engine, so I'm not affected anymore x)20:38
Sicelosupercharger ;)20:39
jabismegasquirt controlled deathmachine - so turbocharger wouldda been an understatement20:40
Sicelohaha, who died?20:40
jabisclutch, and a piston20:41
* Sicelo drives a 1999 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor/supercharger20:41
jabisnah - that's a turbocharger x)20:41
Siceloi don't "play" so much though, because then it gets thirsty, haha20:41
Sicelono. kompressor is a supercharger ;)20:42
Siceloonly recently is mercedes doing turbos20:42
Sicelokompressor is german word for supercharger. don't know what germans call turbocharger20:43
jabiskompressor macht für ein turbocharger, but yankees call their turbos supercharger (usually belt driven) while europeans call them turbos :)20:44
jabiswith an em20:44
keriofix your encoding20:44
kerio<jabis> kompressor macht f�r ein [...]20:44
kerioutf-8 is what you should be using20:45
kerioidk what you sent20:45
*** L29Ah__ has joined #maemo20:45
*** L29Ah__ is now known as L29Ah20:45
Siceloum .. jabis .. what did you say? i'm not german haha .. only drive a german car :P20:45
Sicelokompressor macht für ein turbocharger20:45
Sicelokerio: umlaut. i saw it fine. problem is likely your side20:46
kerioyou saw it fine because your client is handling non-utf8 gracefully20:46
jabiskerio: well it is, as well is my putty, so check your own client encoding :)20:46
keriojabis: resend it20:47
jabisü as in ?+u as in uber20:47
jabis(without umlauts the last one)20:48
kerioeyup, non-utf820:48
jabisSicelo: that means that kompressor means by definition a turbocharger20:49
Siceloof course .. but, tell me the difference between the two :)20:49
jabiskerio: you're the one that has recode issues :>20:49
keriojabis: you're the one not sending utf8, seriously20:49
Siceloa turbocharger typically works off the exhaust gases20:49
Siceloa supercharger is belt-driven, typically.20:50
Sicelowhich one was yours?20:50
kerioi thought the point of a turbocharger was to use part of the wasted energy in the exhaust20:50
keriowouldn't it be counterproductive if it's still fed by the engine20:51
Siceloit is to compress the air so more fuel can go in20:51
kerioyea but20:51
Siceloa turbocharger gets the power from the exhaust gases20:51
Sicelowhile a supercharger is turned by the engine20:51
jabiskerio: bullshitsticks
kerioand it's mostly not related to what your irssi is doing20:52
Siceloboth implementations have their advantages and disadvantages, but both just try to add more air into the combustion chamber20:52
SiceloWINDOWS 10!!20:52
Sicelotraitor :p20:52
kerioSicelo: the supercharger reducing the torque and the turbocharger working less reliably?20:53
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Siceloalong those lines kerio, yes :)20:53
*** _rd has quit IRC20:54
jabisSicelo: work pc, sorry :P20:55
keriojabis: try to send an Ḁ (U+1E00 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING BELOW)20:55
*** arcean has joined #maemo20:55
jabishere you go A20:55
Sicelotalk about funny characters .. how do i send these from linux? and more importanly, from Maemo?20:55
kerioi see a plain A, not sure about the others20:56
Sicelomy language doesn't use them, so i've never needed to use them20:56
Siceloalso saw plain A20:56
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*** L29Ah has joined #maemo20:56
jabiswait a sec - I'll pic one thru character map from windows20:56
kerioone above 25620:57
kerioscroll deep down20:58
keriolike idk20:58
keriosupplementary arrows B20:58
*** arcean_ has joined #maemo20:58
SiceloN900 displays the previous umlaut fine, but not kerio's character right now .. although pc displays it fine21:00
jabismeh - would be so much easier if you have the alt+numpad combo x)21:00
keriojabis: alt+99921:00
kerioor something21:00
jabisthat's alt+99921:01
kerioyeah but what should it be?21:01
keriolike, what do you see?21:01
*** arcean has quit IRC21:01
jabiswindows character map doesn't let you filter x)21:01
jabisA this is U+0104 (Latin Capital Letter A with Ogonek)21:03
jabiswhat do you see21:03
jabiswhat client are you using?21:03
keriono, what do you see21:04
Sicelooh. A .. normal21:04
Sicelolet me see on pc21:04
Sicelosame on pc21:04
kerio this agrees21:05
kerioA with cedilla or whatever21:06
Sicelopossible to enter this stuff in Maemo?21:07
keriosure, copypaste it from somewhere else21:07
jabisboth look fine here - nice so putty fucks up my encoding then21:07
keriojabis: IRSSI21:08
jabiskerio: yup running irssi since >10 years on this same server with utf-8 encoding21:09
*** iamtheoneiam has joined #maemo21:09
jabisäöå bork as well?21:09
kerioand yet your putty is displaying the characters fine21:09
kerioand your irssi is missending characters21:09
jabisyup insists on utf-821:09
kerio3 spurious bytes here21:10
Sicelocheck you /set21:10
kerioyou're still sending iso 8859 1 or 1521:10
jabischecked - UTF-8 auto, recode fallbacking  1521:10
Siceloso .. those of you who need to live with thse things .. you got to remember codes? :O21:10
kerioi configured my n900's keyboard to have the accented letters that i need21:11
jabisrecode out default is UTF-821:11
keriojabis: what about the per-window settings?21:11
kerioSicelo: and my keyboard layout on the laptop has the letters i need already21:12
jabisno channel specific shit, nor window settings - only thing I need to run putty in windows 7 compat mode21:12
*** jabis has quit IRC21:15
*** jabis has joined #maemo21:15
jabisäöå better now? updated irssi and redownloaded putty21:17
iamtheoneiamso we don't have equivalent of linux ctrl+shift+u or window's alt?21:17
keriojabis: yep21:17
kerioa with dieresis, o with dieresis, a with tiny circle21:17
kerioidk about ctrl+shift+u21:18
jabiswouldda had to do it one by one to see which was culprit - too quick on my fingers x)21:18
Sicelokerio: that's how i send the cedilla+a before21:19
Siceloctrl-shift-u 0104 i think21:19
kerioSicelo: did you do that on n900?21:20
Sicelono, pc. debian.21:20
Sicelowould like to know how to do it from N90021:20
Sicelowithout remapping keyboard .. once-off21:21
*** _rd has joined #maemo21:26
jabisascii art kinda loses meaning when you have the art in ascii x)21:26
Sicelothere isn't much of it in ASCII .. too few charactesr21:27
*** auenf has joined #maemo21:30
*** auenfx4 has quit IRC21:30
jabisstill miss the time when I ran a BBS with modem connections - best customers used dual ISDN lines to download ski jump records files and be done with it in a minute x)21:31
iamtheoneiamso looks like remapping is the only way, :(21:31
*** iamtheoneiam is now known as sicelo90021:32
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*** sicelo900 has quit IRC21:44
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*** arossdotme has joined #maemo21:51
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*** Roth has joined #maemo22:06
*** L29Ah has joined #maemo22:15
DocScrutinizer05would mean there's a packet injection function in wl1271 already?22:16
*** L29Ah has left #maemo22:19
*** L29Ah__ has joined #maemo22:19
DocScrutinizer05(kompressor) the german quote doesn't make real sense. Anyway there are several compressor concepts, depending on whether the compressor is driven by exhaust fumes (usually that's called turbo) or by belt from main engine, or even by a dedicated electromotor (the latter two usually called Kompressor)22:21
Siceloit was more of a marketing term possibly22:24
Sicelomercedes Kompresssors are belt-driven. they were not using turbos until few years ago.22:24
*** _rd has quit IRC22:25
SiceloDocScrutinizer05: any way on N900/Maemo to enter extended characters without remapping keyboard?22:26
*** L29Ah__ has left #maemo22:29
*** L29Ah has joined #maemo22:29
*** ddark has joined #maemo22:31
DocScrutinizer05err, use the special keys vkbd? (blue-ctrl)22:32
DocScrutinizer05I'm not aware of any app to add arbitrary UTF-8 or whatever22:33
DocScrutinizer05you however easily could c&p from e.g. terminal or from a browser window22:34
Sicelook. sucks.22:35
DocScrutinizer05in xterm you also can define a few soft keys, dunno how far that goes.22:35
DocScrutinizer05ctrl-shift-u doesn't work on my linux PC either, in this irc client22:37
DocScrutinizer05neither in Konsole22:38
Wizzupset a compose key and define a .XCompose?22:38
DocScrutinizer05yep, that's how it's done. And that's what Sicelo asked to not have to use22:38
DocScrutinizer05I don't know of another solution22:38
SiceloN900 has that XCompse functionality Wizzup?22:39
DocScrutinizer05fails on my desktop linux. sorry22:40
Siceloworks on mine22:40
DocScrutinizer05yeah, maybe your distro has stuff configured in that way. that's no reason to assume it's working on every distro like that22:41
WizzupSicelo: should be able to set it up?22:41
WizzupI don't see why it would not be possible22:41
DocScrutinizer05irssi, of course22:42
DocScrutinizer05so that ctrl-shift-u thing is prolly a special feature of the xterm you use22:43
*** Neutron118 has quit IRC22:43
DocScrutinizer05I wonder if it would also work on your console (ctrl-alt-F1)22:43
Siceloseems to be a debian thing .. even ubuntu appears to have it. even outside terminal. tested in gedit just now22:45
DocScrutinizer05but is it X11 or actually a kbd driver thing?22:45
DocScrutinizer05I.E does it work in plain console (alt-ctrl-F1) too?22:46
Sicelonope. didn't work there22:46
DocScrutinizer05then it's most likely already .XCompose as suggested by Wizzup22:46
DocScrutinizer05my distro has means to assign arbitrary .Xcompose any time, iirc22:47
DocScrutinizer05somewhere in "Desktop Settings"22:47
DocScrutinizer05under "compose key"22:47
DocScrutinizer05(KDE that is)22:48
Siceloon further checking .. it's gnome thing22:48
*** ddark has quit IRC22:49
KotCzarnyhmm, sicelo, feature you want would need either input driver rewrite or app rewrite (which could be easier)22:52
Siceloon N900, you mean?22:52
KotCzarnyor maybe teaching irssi to rewrite some strings on the fly22:52
Wizzupuse setxkbmap to set the compose key22:53
Wizzup(I have no suggestions on the key)22:53
Sicelothis is not about irssi btw guys :)22:53
KotCzarnyie $U01234 into actual unicode char22:53
Wizzupsomething like this: setxkbmap -option compose:ralt22:53
KotCzarnywizzup, i think he asked about the windowsish feature of entering char by codes22:53
KotCzarnyusing numpad and alt i think22:54
Wizzupuhh, okay22:54
Wizzupuse python + x buffers? :)22:54
KotCzarnysystem wide22:54
Wizzupx paste buffer not system wide enough? :)22:54
KotCzarnyfirefox/terminal etc probably22:54
KotCzarnyhow would you put things from input into x paste buffer?22:55
Sicelothanks for the pointers. will look at the compose key further, and the setxkbmap suggestion22:55
Wizzup(compose and setxkbmap go together)22:55
Wizzupbut yeah :)22:55
Wizzupalternative is probably using Xtest or something.22:55
Wizzupbut you'd still need to bind it to some action or key22:55
KotCzarnyor starting special vkb on fn-space etc22:56
KotCzarnythat would read 4 numbers then pasted it into active window22:56
WizzupYou can send any input with xtest22:56
KotCzarnyyes, using xtest22:56
KotCzarnybut im thinking about that any-utf-char concept22:57
KotCzarnyactually such thing could be ported to any desktop env easily once written22:57
*** L29Ah has left #maemo22:58
WizzupKotCzarny: read from /dev/input/eventX where X is keyboard, translate keypresses to numbers, use numbers to translate to unicode number, send unicode with xtest22:58
*** L29Ah has joined #maemo22:58
Wizzupor if you want to avoid x: create a temporary fake keyboard input device22:59
KotCzarnyi think you dont even have to use eventX22:59
KotCzarnysimply starting/activating little app that would simply wait for 4 digits and send char via xtest to active window22:59
KotCzarnythere was standard x app to react on keys22:59
Wizzupeither way, I probably don't need this ... :)23:00
KotCzarnyxbindkeys or something23:00
Wizzupkeybinder perhaps23:00
KotCzarnycheck xbindkeys23:01
KotCzarnyit can be handy for those multimedia keys on laptops too23:01
KotCzarnyand for sending keys one could use xdotool23:05
*** L29Ah has left #maemo23:08
*** L29Ah__ has joined #maemo23:09
*** L29Ah__ is now known as L29Ah23:09
*** xorly has joined #maemo23:17
KotCzarnyor just snatch code and mangle it together23:17
*** beford has quit IRC23:17
*** L29Ah has left #maemo23:22
*** beford has joined #maemo23:23
*** utanapischti is now known as drawkula23:23

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