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* DocScrutinizer05 just closed the "pending maintainer requests <ack> <reject>" page00:26
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Ras_OlderAnyone interested of testing out wpspixie and Reaver v1.5.2 from N900? A.k.a WPS Pixie Dust attack :) I tried harder and now I have them compiled on my phone. They seem to work but I do not currently have opporturnity to test them out to actual target. I'll be doing a forum post briefly with more details but since I haven't tested them...01:36
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erlehmannRas_Older what is it?01:39
Ras_OlderActually I'll do the forum post later tomorrow. I want to be sure that this can be executed succesfully and right now I'm just plain out loud too tired :D01:42
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Vajbis there a way to list things in top menu? I mean the menu which is accessed by clicking clock icon.05:27
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Vajbi think they are located in /usr/share/applications/hildon-status-menu, but that didn't help. I have 4empty gray boxes and no idea how they got there. I noticed them after i installed and uninstalled dropn900, but dunno if they are related or not.07:42
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MaxdamantusVajb: they're in /etc somewhere in some XML file.08:24
MaxdamantusActually, I'm thinking of the menu when you press the power button, which is in /etc/systemui/systemui.xml08:26
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KotCzarnysome sysbar addons put icons and functions there08:30
KotCzarnycheck screen rotation applet for example08:30
KotCzarnyor 2g/3g setter08:30
Vajbso it is different menu then.08:32
Vajbi don't have eitherä08:32
KotCzarnyi mean in the clock-click-menu08:32
KotCzarnynot the power button menu08:32
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Vajbyes me too. I was answering to maxdamantus comment. Clock click menu is where i have now 4 small gray boxes. They r empty, but clickable and give no feedback08:46
KotCzarnyunclean applets removal?08:47
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MaxdamantusHeh, interesting comment in that code linked by Wizzup, relates to something I mentioned the other day:
Maxdamantuser, wrong link (not specific):
Maxdamantus“Assumes only one card on the bus”12:10
Maxdamantusthus implying that you can have more.12:10
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KotCzarnymaxd: i guess most companies dont bother with that sd chaining because of no way to wire additional card without another slot12:50
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KotCzarnyarm chipset usually supports 2-4 sd cards at once without daisychaining and daisychan wont get you speed improvement12:51
KotCzarnyand even then they usually provide only 1 slot12:51
kerioi didn't know you could daisy chain SD cards12:54
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zGrrmoin :)12:59
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StyXman[N9] is there a way to change the mapp app from ovi-maps to something else?14:48
StyXmanah, #harmattan, sorry14:48
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Sicelohe meant map source i guess?14:53
bencohI think he meant the map application14:53
bencohbut I dunno how thing are going with meego14:53
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Siceloit seems to be kicking :)15:08
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DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: kicking users off the lawn?15:51
* DocScrutinizer05 guesses Nokia sold 10 times as many N9 as they sold N900, but now probably there are 10 times more N900 in active use than N915:52
zGrrI bought N9. I never really liked N9. Came back to N900 and I still use it as my primary phone.15:56
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Sicelotbh, looks to me like their community is as vibrant as this one :)16:29
DocScrutinizer05is it?16:30
Sicelothey just don't have Pali, FMG16:30
DocScrutinizer05tbh pali and fmg are the few devels that stayed with us and not moved on to harmattan16:31
Siceloyeah. mag left :(16:31
DocScrutinizer05unless those guys left again, this time for android or sailfish or tizen, Harmattan should have way more devels than maemo16:31
DocScrutinizer05mag and a lot of other gifted devels :´(16:32
DocScrutinizer05the damn meego schism16:34
DocScrutinizer05I *never* thought meego was the right move ahead, and the way some people encouraged devels to leave maemo behind and just move over to meego was pretty bad16:35
DocScrutinizer05the "new device new OS" badwaggon of fools16:35
DocScrutinizer05bandwaggon, but actually badwaggon also fits16:36
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DocScrutinizer05I guess now largest community of ex-maemo-devels are at jolla, and I heard jolla isn't really any better than maemo5 was, regarding FOSS16:37
DocScrutinizer05maybe it's a tad better than harmattan was16:38
DocScrutinizer05well, we got one benefit from all this: unlike with debian nobody will try to forcefeed systemd down our throats, in maemo5 ;-)16:40
DocScrutinizer05go imagine they hadn't forked meego and then sailfish and just moved on perverting maemo5 to match the latest leetest crap and not keep backward compatibility :-S16:41
DocScrutinizer05we had to do a devuan-alike fork of maemo5 long ago16:42
DocScrutinizer05actually I seem to remember that for a very short period in time they actually planned to backport Harmattan (incl Aegis crap) to N900. I'm quite happy that this never happened16:43
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DocScrutinizer05(meego schism) actually collabora guys suggested to me "why do you want to fix telepathy on maemo5? why not develop that least-cost-router for meego right away?"16:48
DocScrutinizer05WONTFIX--OBSOLETE-OS  my ass16:48
DocScrutinizer05this was ~2 years after N900 rolled out16:49
auenfx4you sure n9 outsolled n900?16:50
auenfx4n9 was released only in selective markets16:51
DocScrutinizer05nevertheless I'm pretty sure they sold more N9 than N90016:51
DocScrutinizer05well, I'm convinced they did, I have no solid info16:51
DocScrutinizer05N9 was available via regular channels, unlike N90016:52
DocScrutinizer05afaik N900 never got sold by carriers16:52
DocScrutinizer05duh, in GB I think some carrier actually offered it16:53
DocScrutinizer05even with SIMlock ;-P16:53
DocScrutinizer05IOW subsidized16:53
kerioit was available with contracts in italy as well16:53
auenfx4iirc, optus here sold the n90016:54
DocScrutinizer05wow! never heard of that16:54
DocScrutinizer05>>finding N9 sales to be between the level of 1.5 million and 2.0 million units in Q4.<<16:58
auenfx4n9 sales made the 'competing' lumia sales look bad16:59
DocScrutinizer05>>Wow! Nokia specifically excluded all of its richest and biggest traditional markets where it tried to sell the Lumia, and these countries achieved - lets call it the average, 1.75 million unit sales of the N9 in Q4. So the one N9 outsold both Lumia handsets by almost exactly 3 to 1. And the average price of the two Lumia handsets is far less than the price of the N9. <<17:00
auenfx4"I was at an Optus store in North Sydney on Thursday. The were willing to give me post-paid $29 for the N900 but with a$20 handset repayment."17:00
zGrrIt seems that Jolla is working i top secrecy. bit unusual for "open" project.17:01
zGrrI wish them well, but it looks like their project is sinking.17:02
DocScrutinizer05Jolla is an epic fail, perfectionating Nokia's mistakes faithfully17:02
zGrryes. they don't bother to listen. always know better attitude.17:02
DocScrutinizer05"you can get the guys out of Nokia, but you can't get Nokia out of the guys"17:03
zGrrI even doubt, I will ever get my Jolla Tablet...17:04
DocScrutinizer05they lack some FOSS evangelist17:04
DocScrutinizer05instead of focusing to build great open hardware, they focus on buuilding weird closed software17:05
DocScrutinizer05FOSS idea never really touched their minds17:06
zGrrdo you think it is possible to build open hardware these days?17:06
DocScrutinizer05I'm trying to do, yes17:06
DocScrutinizer05it's damn hard, but possible17:06
zGrrdo you mean Neo900 project?17:06
zGrrit will be around a 100 €, right?17:08
zGrri mean 1000€17:09
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DocScrutinizer05maybe, when a little bit of 'advertisiement' is ok, lemme suggest to you the great talk of Werner Almesberger, a recognized FOSS warrior:
DocScrutinizer05yes, alas it's very expensive, mostly due to low number of devices we are building, and the odds with sourcing17:10
zGrrof course17:11
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DocScrutinizer05if we could sell just a 100k+ like Nokia did for N900, we could beat Nokia's N900 sales tag hands down :-)17:11
DocScrutinizer05but then, we actually now compete to e.g. cryptophone. We're way better and half the price, though they sell theirs with own hardened OS and a quite vulnerable off-the-shelf hardware underneath17:13
keriozGrr: your encoding is weird17:14
zGrrkerio:  what do you mean?17:14
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keriotype the euro symbol17:14
DocScrutinizer05renders perfectly here17:15
zGrroh, right. unicode?17:15
kerioDocScrutinizer05: i'm pretty sure i have everything in strict utf8 mode, and i get a FFFD17:15
kerioyou're likely hitting the latin-1 fallback17:15
DocScrutinizer05nfc what encoding this client supports. It's pretty good at all weird encodings though17:16
kerioor -9, whatever17:16
zGrrhmm... i don't think, i involuntarily switched to EBCDIC :)17:16
DocScrutinizer05xchat on maemo otoh... ;-P17:16
kerioi have to keep xchat on maemo with latin917:16
kerioit crashes a lot with utf8 :\17:17
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DocScrutinizer05there's still this friggin bug in gtk(?)17:17
zGrrmy xchat never crashed on maemo.17:17
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DocScrutinizer05funny detail: it failed / segfaulted on startup during scrollback loading17:19
DocScrutinizer05related to some gtk-font-rendering (pango?, pogo? poopsy?)17:19
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DocScrutinizer05alas I lack a bookmark to the relevant bug ticket17:23
DocScrutinizer05the ticket however should contain my name iirc ;-)17:23
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DocScrutinizer05*maybe* you actually could fix it just by installing the right font17:25
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* Wizzup just compiled mainline kernel for maemo17:58
Wizzupgoing to try it soon with a gentoo stage3 \o17:58
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infobot[tabletsdev] , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or
DocScrutinizer05slaerick: see18:51
infobothmm... maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh18:51
infobotit has been said that combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
infobotflasher is, like, at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
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slaerickNice :), thanks. Im so excited because ill be receiving a n900 today, after 1.5 years of not playing with one18:53
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Ras_OlderHello everyone! For WPS Pixie Dust attack & Reaver v1.5.2 to N900 go see I spent this day testing them out and they seem to work quite nicely19:26
stryngsHi Ras_Older19:28
Ras_OlderWhy hey thar19:28
Sicelostryngs will like that19:29
Siceloah .. he's here ;)19:29
stryngsIt caught my eye quite nicely =)19:29
Ras_OlderI was just wondering if stryngs would be around for this :D19:29
* stryngs reads19:29
stryngsI'm always around for pentest stuff19:29
stryngsHeh, got denied on PwnPhone name from PwnieExpress =/  I guess they truly murdered the n900 from their memories19:29
stryngsGotta come up with a new system name19:29
stryngsAnd it shall be .deb'd19:30
stryngsGood read Ras_Older, thank you =)19:30
Ras_Older^^ long time lurker giving back to community19:31
stryngsWhen I .deb it up, i'll shoot you a link19:31
stryngsRas_Older: Nice write up, clean.19:31
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KotCzarnyhow about pentesting metapackage?20:25
Ras_OlderThat would be awesome :D20:39
*** erlehmann has quit IRC20:39
KotCzarnygood, you've just volunteered! ;)20:39
Ras_OlderOi oi oi I ain't got that kind of skills :'D20:40
KotCzarnyyou will get them on the go20:40
KotCzarnyno worries20:40
KotCzarnyas everything, grab some package and just copyreplace20:41
Ras_OlderBut seriously talking the pentesting metapackage would be really handy. Something like cleven, reaver, wash, pixiewps, aircrack-ng set and the many ones that I cannot remember right now.20:43
Ras_OlderI could look into it but as it is I'm on sickleave from my job and don't think I would have the time on my hands for learning it all.20:44
Ras_OlderYep definitely20:44
KotCzarnyyou can start by preparing the list20:44
KotCzarnyand by creating manuals/howtos20:45
KotCzarnymaybe a script or two20:45
Ras_OlderI'll think about it for sure but I just don't dare to make empty promises :)20:45
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DocScrutinizer05Ras_Older: many thanks!20:57
DocScrutinizer05maemo5 alive and kicking :-D20:57
stryngsYou guys are welcome to use my work21:22
stryngsIt's not optified though21:22
stryngsSo a lot of retooling would be required21:22
SiceloRE: HWR on N900 .. I can confirm21:23
SiceloRE: HWR on N900 .. I can confirm "him_cellwriter" works,
Sicelojust not for QT applications21:23
Vajbok. I think i found place of status menu. It's /etc/hildon-desktop/status-menu.plugins21:31
Vajbnow i just need to figure what are those gray boxes, but i have no idea. So maybe somebody wants to look at their file too see what's in it?21:32
SiceloVajb: it's a long file .. what you're looking for? or rather paste yours :)21:34
Vajbyes im just working on paste21:37
joga...maybe rather use pastebin21:40
VajbSicelo: im trying to find out why there are four empty squares in my status menu21:40
Vajbjoga: sorry for that, wont paste anything more now21:40
Vajbbtw they lasted reboot. So it's something more than just temporary error21:42
Sicelonext time pastebin :)21:44
WizzupPali: poke, where on the sd card should I put the kernel to boot? (trying mainline now, looking at
bencohwith uboot?21:45
bencohanywhere in fat iirc21:45
Wizzupbut it needs a name I presume21:45
Wizzupso partition one must be fat?21:45
*** APic has quit IRC21:45
Wizzupah, have it open just now21:45
Vajbhint taken, but does anybody have a clue?21:46
Palifat16, (fat32 sometimes has problems!!) ext2, ext3 or ext421:46
Wizzupso ext2/ext4 then :)21:46
Palisearch for "Boot from SD or eMMC in this order:"21:48
Palithis is for command "run sdboot"21:48
Palior you can create boot menu entry (see post)21:48
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Vajbsolved. I have somehow got program quicklaunch21:49
WizzupPali: ack21:49
*** Raimu has joined #maemo21:49
Vajbbut i can't recall installing it21:49
WizzupI was already using printenv to explore how the booting worked21:49
KotCzarnyisnt thre dpkg log somewhere?21:54
*** norly has joined #maemo21:56
sunweaver/var/log/dpkg.log on Debian systems.22:01
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KotCzarnyinterestingly, i wasnt able to trigger edv1:1 at the end of the cycle23:11
KotCzarnydoes it matter?23:11
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Sicelothen i don't believe calibration succeeded. did it?23:34
*** protem has joined #maemo23:37
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