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DocScrutinizer05"voodoo" == heuristics00:05
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Vajbcould this beat osso-chess :)00:44
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nwolf900Hi all, I'm a fresh N900 user; anyone got any idea what could have caused Hildon's orientation change to stop working? I've installed the CSSU update last night, orientation change appeared to be working after the first reboot; but I've installed a bunch of other apps and rebooted a few more times when today I noticed that it had stopped working.. maybe a particular packaged could have caused this?05:36
nwolf900Hi all, I'm a fresh N900 user; anyone got any idea what could have caused Hildon's orientation change to stop working? I've installed the CSSU update last night, orientation change appeared to be working after the first reboot; but I've installed a bunch of other apps and rebooted a few more times when today I noticed that it had stopped working.. maybe a particular packaged could have caused this?05:36
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mtnmanhello all maemoans06:53
mtnmanor is it maemoers?06:54
mtnmanis there anybody out there?06:54
mtnmanjust not if you can hear me...06:54
mtnmannod even06:54
jon_ymaemo's DEAD!06:58
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KotCzarnyoksanaa: yes, it works07:57
KotCzarnymost likely diablo's elinks isnt compiled with ssl07:58
KotCzarnyoksana: if you want i can try compiling it for diablo too and see08:02
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Vajbnwolf900: do you have cssu-features installed? Also check from "clockmenu or powerkeymeny" that you dont have orientation lock ticked.10:15
Vajbquestion about qml-browser. Is there a way to make it zoom in if click of a link wasn't precice enough? That's how opera behaves and i got used to feature.10:23
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Vajbnvm. I think it's no longer needed. I installed new screen protector and can safely say that I should have done it few months ago.11:30
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KotCzarnyvajb, i havent used qml-browser, but did you try two finger zoom or volume key?11:33
Vajbit zooms via volume keys, but that's not what i needed11:37
Vajbi wanted something like from 100% to 200% with one tap11:38
KotCzarnyso you mean some automatic misclick detection?11:38
KotCzarnyor just zoom-on-tap in the non-link place?11:38
Vajbi guess volume key does 10% at a time11:39
Vajbif there is two links close to each other and screen can't tell which i tap it could zoom in to make them bigger and easier to tap.11:40
Vajband this is the place where someone tells me to use "pen" :)11:41
KotCzarnyof nail11:41
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Wizzupwanting to dual boot and I get this error when trying to install "U-Boot with kernel 2.6.28-omap1": "!!!U-Boot with kernel 2.6.28-omap1 breaks the 3rd party package policy"12:30
Wizzup(I want to dual boot so I can try the mainline kernel.)12:30
Wizzuptrying it using apt-get now12:32
Siceloconflits with PK?12:32
WizzupThat seems to work12:32
WizzupI don't think I have PK installed on this one12:32
WizzupThis is pretty much plain flash + cssu update12:32
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kerioWizzup: honestly, for stuff like that you probably want to use apt-get, to keep as much control over what's happening as possible12:47
WizzupI did12:48
Vajbany advice how to turn off that blue led caused by usbhostmode? Without reboot.12:53
Vajbstop-start mce turns it off temporarily, but it's lit immediately after mce restarts12:54
kerioi get all sorts of leds stuck every once in a while12:55
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SiceloVajb: reboot only :)12:57
Siceloemail Pali .. he wanted to fix it12:57
Sicelobtw, it only happens on one of my N900. the other is perfectly fine. i wish i knew why the difference12:58
WizzupVajb: I just switch the n900 to non hostmode and it turns off12:58
Siceloso Wizzup's got a good one :)12:59
SiceloVajb: you're on thumb?12:59
Sicelomy "bad" one is a thumb device, and the "good" one is not. both are CSSU, and same kernel13:00
VajbSicelo: that's what it used to do for me too, but today it failed to make hostmode connection. And now led is lit no matter what13:00
Sicelomaybe i should compare their mce.ini13:00
Vajbeven succesfull host mode on and off13:00
WizzupI think my good one is on thumb13:04
Vajbargh i thought i did it, but it's back13:06
Vajbsent dbus deactivate to PatternBoost13:06
Vajbit was off like 10 seconds13:07
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KotCzarnysomething turns it on apparently13:41
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Vajbhmm could it be?13:46
Vajbmdbus2 has no info on
Vajbsaw two instances of mce in powertop results, but killing highest priority one made just same effect than stop mce13:49
Vajbgoing for lower one now13:49
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Vajb10627 |          1 |            mce | tsc2005_start_scan (tsc2005_esd_timer_handler)13:59
Vajbthat shows up in powertop but that pid doesn't excist when i try to kill it13:59
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Vajbafter reboot there is just one instance of mce14:07
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Palihi, if you need to test patched, please drop me email14:28
PaliSicelo Vajb 614:28
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VajbPali: to do that i need your email address14:36
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zGrrmoin :)15:12
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nwolf90010x, Vajb15:45
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DocScrutinizer05Pali: I got sth for you to chew on  ;-)  Maybe you can understand the structure (way faster than I would) and tell me how it basically works (upward interface, downward interface (which I suppose is HSI or SDI)) - we would like to have that thing for USB attached Qualcomm chipset. Is it feasible?16:12
Pali"This enables diagchar for maemo usb gadget"16:13
Paliwhat is that??16:13
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DocScrutinizer05I just found
DocScrutinizer05Pali: am I right that this driver could link a /dev/diag_char (or whatever the name) to a USB?16:20
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PaliDocScrutinizer05: I do not know now16:21
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DocScrutinizer05Pali: we got a Qualcomm chipset in PHS8, there's that needs Qualcomm DIAG_CHAR kernel driver to work, and there's  and
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kerioinfobot just warned me that IRCing as root is a bad idea17:06
infobotthat's too long, kerio17:06
keriosod off17:06
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DocScrutinizer05hmm, maybe there's an onjoin for kerio configured in infobot?17:47
keriono, my hostmask matched *!root@*17:47
DocScrutinizer05infobot doesn't do that sort of automatic messages afaik17:48
kerioon the other hand17:48
kerioIT DID17:48
DocScrutinizer05yes, maybe because I once asked it to do ;-)17:48
DocScrutinizer05years ago17:48
DocScrutinizer05however such onjoin always is for particular users, so I had exactly you in mind when asking infobot to do this (*if* I even did)17:49
DocScrutinizer05I'll sort it out, sorry for the inconvenience17:49
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DocScrutinizer05at least I'll try to find out what's going on and stop it17:50
rootiehrm, no ident on this server17:50
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Vajbup with new usbmode.sh19:36
VajbPali: it says "error: setting usb mode is not supported"19:38
Vajbwhen i click usb mode in menu19:38
Vajbi replaced file and rebooted19:38
Paliand is script working?19:38
Vajbhow to confirm?19:39
Palirun it?19:39
Vajbit works if i run it in terminal, but not from menu19:41
Vajbtrying host mode now19:41
Vajbsame problem persist. Blue led is lit and ca't be turned of19:45
Vajbhost mode works tho19:45
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DocScrutinizer05hmm, Pali forgot that Vajb is a end user who needs precise instructions e.g. regarding sudo gainroot (aka simply `root`) etc22:25
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VajbDocScrutinizer05: we debugged till Pali asked me to compile hald-addon-bme and we decided to wait for Sicelo's output :D22:39
Vajberr DocScrutinizer05 compile hald-addon-bme with debug symbols22:40
Vajbbut im just wondering am i the only end user in this channel? Or others are wiser and shut up :D22:44
KotCzarnytruth is end users dont know about irc22:44
KotCzarnyso anyone on irc is considered above 'end user'22:45
Vajboooh! So im finally that exception that makes the rule :)22:46
KotCzarnyonce you discovered irc, you are not end user anymore22:46
Vajbhmm does it count if i discovered irc ten years before i bought maemo device?22:47
Vajbhmm actually 12 years22:47
KotCzarnydoesnt matter when, if you know irc, you arent classical luser anymore22:47
Vajbso that makes me more like ameba which doesn't develope22:48
KotCzarnyyou apparently never met/supported luser22:49
Vajbi think i did, but under different circumstations.22:51
Vajband i suppose any lusers cut&paste abilities are brilliant :)22:53
KotCzarnyyou would be surprised22:53
Vajbwell obviously they need how and where also22:54
KotCzarnyasking them to paste sudo rm -rf / in the terminal sometimes works22:55
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Vajbhmm this sounds very much like deltree and so on under windows22:56
Vajbwhat is -rf exactly?22:56
KotCzarnyin original it was seven letters of doom for noobs22:57
KotCzarny -r is recursive, -f is force (ie. dont ask)22:57
Vajbso basically remove evything ask nothing22:57
KotCzarnythats why one should never paste unknown commands22:58
KotCzarnyread about shell bomb too22:58
Vajbcool. Now we just need an app for it :)22:58
Vajbwell that's just common sense22:59
KotCzarnyas i said, you would be surprised23:05
Vajbheh. Vajb in wonderland23:07
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