IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2015-08-17

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WizzupSicelo: I almost finished my blog post about using the n900 as audio sink/source using pulseaudio00:51
WizzupI'll put it online in a bit - mind proofreading it?00:51
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jj15I’m curious. I’ve seen an RPi being used to set up a small mobile cell tower. The N900 has built in radio, and runs on a *nix base so theoretically would it be possible to use OpenBTS etc on the device? I’ve not researched this too much and dont even know it OpenBTS would compile/work. Just asking.01:00
WizzupI wrote it somewhat in a hurry, but I think it should be correct01:04
jj15 … answered my question.01:05
bencohjj15: uh ... what ?01:05
bencohjj15: raspi+usrp I guess ?01:06
jj15bencoh: I was looking at doing that, pricey tho :(01:08
bencohusrp is quite expensive yea01:09
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zGrrmoin :)13:12
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Vajbpossibly cheap n900 for sale in uk. Ebay, current bid 16£. Description says it asks for lock code which user doesn't have. Hmm might be stolen aswell...16:02
Vajbjust phone16:02
Vajbprobably, so if anyone lost their phone there. It's free hint16:03
KotCzarnyluckily n900 doesnt pose much value to thiefs16:03
Vajbyeah. Just spotted one for sale here also. Asking price is 45€16:04
KotCzarnya tad high16:04
Vajbif it's for sale when i get back from vacation i'll offer half ;)16:05
KotCzarnyhmm, local auction site sells n900 for ~100 eur16:07
KotCzarnythey claim it's 'new' though16:08
kerioboxed cellophaned for 100€ is not bad i think16:08
KotCzarnycheapest n900 on ebay is ~100usd16:10
KotCzarnyprice went up since i've last checked few months ago, weird16:10
Wizzupcan still find them for 40eur here in netherlands16:10
KotCzarnynew or used?16:10
Wizzupusually not used that much, though16:11
KotCzarnyhehe, n93i for 200usd 'vintage, collectible'16:11
KotCzarnyn-gage for ~70usd16:12
KotCzarnyhmm, local ads site sells one for ~50eur16:13
KotCzarnymaybe i should grab it16:14
Vajbi think i buy all i can find, if price is reasonable to condition16:16
KotCzarnyi need one for hacking my own os16:16
KotCzarnybut my n900 is my main phone16:16
Vajbsame here. I have one spare, but haven't got enough time to tinger with it16:19
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stryngs09:16 < KotCzarny> but my n900 is my main phone16:42
stryngsThats insane KotCzarny16:42
stryngsI find the n900 to suck as a phone.16:42
stryngsI like it more as a pocket pc16:42
Vajbimo n900 is best phone i've used16:43
stryngsBut it sucks?16:43
stryngsIts browsing capabilities are horrid16:43
stryngsIt's slow16:43
stryngsno lte16:43
Vajbalso liked e90 but it is way dated now16:43
stryngsagain, it16:43
stryngsis just my opinion and all16:44
stryngsI much prefer a nexus5 and such16:44
Vajbwhat has phone and browsing to do togther?16:44
stryngsI DO LOOK FORWARD TO neo900 though16:44
stryngsVajb: Well, if u look at the market and what's available, other phones just kick the n900 squarely in the chops16:44
stryngsBut.... as far as a computer goes?16:44
stryngsn900 whips a pi any day16:44
stryngsI just could never see myself using the n900 ina  serious way16:45
Vajbi rarely browse web, but when i do im satisfied with what i have16:45
stryngshell, even the gps sucks16:45
Vajbguess it's about not tried anything better16:45
stryngsVajb: Heh..  You used a "modern" smartphone?16:45
stryngsVajb: Even an iphone 3g has a better browser than the n90016:45
Vajbmy gf's xcover 216:46
Vajband it sucks with it's 1gb always full memory16:46
stryngsI dunno.  Don't get me wrong; I'm not hating on the n900, I'll defend it till the day I die; but, as a smartphone, considering what is available pricewise in 2015, the n900 is just ancient and sucks.16:46
Vajbalso i find galaxy tab 2 lagging with browsers i've tried16:46
stryngsHowever, as a pocket pc?  The n900 rocks.16:46
Vajbchrome and dolphin16:47
stryngsTry a Nexus 5 Vajb16:47
stryngsBest phone I ever had.16:47
Vajbi guess it lags the main feature16:47
stryngsOh well, just wanted to pipe in my two cents.  Viva la n900!16:47
Vajbthat's the thing what tempted me to n900 at first place when i tried to find successor for e9016:48
keriothere's no good keyboardful android phone right now, is there16:49
Vajbi saw some nokias with keyboard squeezed tightly below screen16:50
Vajbbut doesn't look too usable16:50
keriomy father bought a nokia 108 a week ago16:51
kerioso fucking good16:51
kerioit doesn't even support bluetooth HFP16:51
Vajbit's starnge that most of my friend complain on screen kbd, but still they use shitty android phones. I guess thats not the best way to send correct message to manufacturers17:22
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zGrrVajb:  why would manufacturers even  care about what users think?18:15
Vajbwell if phones without hw kbd stop selling that might force them to rethink their products18:17
zGrrVajb:  they will sell if there will be no other phones.18:18
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Vajbi guess that's why they sell now18:21
zGrrVajb: manufacturers do not even regard your father as their customer. they only see mobile phone network as their customers and the networks decide what is good for your father and what is bad. he is only suppose to come once in a couple of years, sign the contract and get a new crappy handset together with it.18:21
Vajbsad but true18:22
keriosure, in the US18:27
keriowhere mobile networks' customers never had any choice at all18:27
zGrrit's the same everywhere.18:30
keriono one in my immediate or second-level family has a contract phone18:31
zGrrit doesn't matter. they are the market for second-hand handsets.18:32
keriono one in my immediate or second-level family has a used phone18:33
zGrrniche perhaps?18:33
keriovarious samsung galaxies, and a couple of chinese THL phones18:33
keriooh and a LG phone of some sorts18:33
zGrryou can buy a phone without a contract everywhere. i just don't know anybody doing this. except some rare cases.18:34
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zGrrI was buing new phones myself. but technically they were second-hand. sold with contract to someone else and resold without unboxing.18:35
zGrrbrand new, unused, unopened but second-hand.18:37
zGrreven jolla that sells phones directly doesn't listen to their customers. they seem to know better.18:45
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wndI don't know anyone (at least personally) who bought a phone with a contract. I suppose that depends on where you live (and who you know).18:50
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Luke-JrPali: what is the best way for me to contribute to kdepim-noakonadi? I think I have a working fix for my crash, and also backported other changes from mainline KMail19:00
Luke-JrPali: maybe slowly as more people desire a good email client, the project can grow? ;)19:01
Luke-Jr(I think a lot of people still using KMail 4.4 will be left behind when Qt4 dies off)19:01
PaliLuke-Jr: send me patch19:02
Luke-JrPali: patches are ugly - no way to do git? maybe I can fork it on GitHub?19:03
Luke-Jrright now, it'd be about 20 patches :x19:03
Paligit format-patch19:04
Palior clone project somewhere19:04
Paliand send me pull request or so19:04
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Paliyou can also use git send-email :-)19:05
Luke-Jrpull request to a KDE repo? O.o19:06
Luke-Jror do you have it on GitHub or similar?19:06
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PaliLuke-Jr: nope, but kde has reviewboard (
Palibut I mean git request-pull19:25
Palifor sending pull requests19:25
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Luke-JrPali: okay. reviewboard doesn't seem to do git pull/merge stuff, so how does this sound: fork the other kdepim-noakonadi already on GitHub, push my changes there, then git-request-pull it to you?19:31
PaliLuke-Jr: send me either patches (by git format-patch) or send me link from which I can pull your commits (e.g manually or via git request-pull)19:32
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totalizatorsixwheeledbeast: good to know that you fixed the scrobbler \:D/20:37
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SiceloWizzup: tested that network streaming .. it is surprisingly very stable on my wifi :) manually loaded the module with pactl20:45
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WizzupSicelo: :) nice21:11
WizzupIt was stable on my wifi at times21:11
Wizzupnot always21:11
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sunweaverHi! Just posed this on #neo900:22:38
sunweaver21:35 < sunweaver> I am a Debian developer and I would like to help out with  packaging for Neo900/N900. Where is the right place to get  in tocuh???22:40
keriosunweaver: #maemo-ssu22:40
keriomore likely22:40
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stryngsCan someone explain to me, why, when i built libxml2-2.9.2 from source, it created python2.5 libs, but not python2.7?23:23
KotCzarnyconfig option?23:23
KotCzarnyno 2.7-dev for python installed?23:24
stryngsi have 2.7-dev23:24
stryngsi'm just trying to figure out which ./configure -- flag i need to throw23:24
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stryngsPali: Will upgrading, Libxml2 2.6.32.dfsg-5maemo4+0m5, break my system?23:29
stryngsI tried to grab the deb, but evidently it's built into the PR1.3 package itself23:29
bencohstryngs: see debian/control I guess23:30
stryngsbencoh: I don't follow?23:31
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bencohthe debian/control file23:33
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stryngsi can't grab the file23:33
stryngsthat's just it, or i would23:34
stryngstry it23:34
stryngsSee if u can find the .deb23:34
stryngsi'd love to.23:34
stryngsIt leads me there.23:34
bencohthat's the stock package23:34
stryngsbut i cant find the actual deb for libxml223:35
bencohI dont think tracks cssu23:35
bencoh(I'm pretty sure it doesnt)23:35
stryngsReinstallation of libxml2 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.23:35
bencohit can be downloaded from mirrors23:36
bencohor from cssu23:36
bencohyou know you could just apt-get source with a proper env ?23:37
bencoh(and I won't tell you it would be much cleaner and easier if you did all that from sb ;)23:38
stryngsuri =
stryngsdist = fremantle23:39
stryngscomponents = free non-free23:39
bencohyou need a "src" line in sources.list for apt-get source to work23:39
infobotbencoh meant: you need a "deb-src" line in sources.list for apt-get source to work23:40
stryngsWell, i guess this answers the question of whether or not upgrading libxml would be bad for my health23:40
bencohinfobot: <323:40
infobot<3 is probably love23:40
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stryngsdeb fremantle free non-free23:41
stryngsbencoh: ^?23:41
stryngsholy cow23:43
stryngsThat's a lot of updatees23:44
bencohI dunno what you're doing, but maemo as a whole doesnt play nice with apt deps, and apt-get upgrade is often .... unpredictable23:45
stryngsI'm trying to get cssu .debs23:45
stryngsSo i added that to my sources.list file23:45
stryngsdid apt-get update23:45
stryngsand apt-get upgrade showed a TON of stuff i've never seen before23:45
stryngsI want to hit Y, but at the same time, am not sure, if it's smart23:46
stryngsI don't have a "cssu" environment23:46
stryngsapt-get upgrade has always been safe for me23:46
stryngsbut i've never added the cssu repo23:46
stryngstill now23:46
KotCzarnyyou guys can add info about src repos to ~maemo-repos23:48
bencohKotCzarny: no I wouldn't23:49
bencohbecause that's supposed to go in a dev env (sb for instance)23:49
KotCzarnysome might want do dev on device23:49
stryngsI dev on my device23:50
bencohthose should be able to find it by themselve ;)23:50
KotCzarnywith proper commenting it would be valuable23:50
KotCzarnybencoh, not everyone is apt wizard ;)23:50
* KotCzarny is a slacker23:50
stryngsI'm gunna take the plunge23:51
stryngsI hope i dont breka my nokia23:51
KotCzarnyreflashing is quick and easy23:52
stryngs114 packages..23:52
stryngsnot for me KotCzarny23:52
KotCzarnybut mind you, rootsf is scarce23:52
stryngsTakes about 1.5 hrs23:52
stryngsNot for me23:52
stryngsrootfs is around 9gb =)23:52
stryngsI build my nokia in a very special way, using bind mounts and such23:52
KotCzarnymove it to sd card?23:52
KotCzarnythen backup and restore card on pc?23:53
stryngssd card broke23:53
stryngsThat's how my fs is laid out23:53
KotCzarnymind you, ondevice flash can break23:53
stryngsCan someone confirm if this is proper repo for cssu? deb fremantle free non-free23:54
keriothat's cssu-stable, yes23:55
stryngsDo you have about 5 minutes I could pick your brain?23:55
stryngsnext time perhaps then23:55
stryngsbut putting that in my repo, and doing apt-get upgrade.  sane?23:55
stryngskerio: ^23:56
KotCzarnyyou never do upgrade on n90023:56
KotCzarnyunless you want to break thing23:56
kerioKotCzarny: wat23:56
stryngsKotCzarny: u mean dist-upgrade23:56
stryngsupgrade is safe23:56
stryngsdist-upgrade == bad23:56
KotCzarnyeven upgrade can break things23:56
stryngsNever has for me23:56
keriostryngs: upgrade but reboot immediately23:56
KotCzarnyat least that was cssu guys stance23:56
kerioKotCzarny: yes, it can cause states of weirdness and it's unsupported23:56
stryngskerio: Why the immediate reboot?23:56
kerioon the other hand, stryngs knows what a bindmount is23:57
kerioso i assume he can read the apt man page to solve possible problems23:57
stryngsI can figure stuff out, this is just very new territory to me23:57
keriostryngs: because you will update quite a number of system things23:57
stryngsi've never mucked with cssu23:57
stryngsbut, it has newer libxml, openssl, etc..23:57
stryngsThings I would love to incorporate23:57
stryngsI'm also curious, how my bindmounts would affect them23:58
stryngsat which point in bootup does the mounting occur23:58
keriowell, you're supposed to tell me23:58
KotCzarnythere was a page for that23:58
stryngsThey say, the one way to tell, is to just........23:58
stryngsDO it23:58
stryngsapt-get upgrade -y23:58
kerioyesterday you said tomorrow23:58
keriostryngs: when was your last backup?23:59
stryngsi keep a stable backup at all times23:59
kerioyeah but like23:59
kerioa full backup23:59
stryngshmm, need the gpg key for cssu23:59
stryngsI keep a stable offline backup at all times kerio23:59
KotCzarnyweird how is higher than talk.maemo.org23:59
keriostryngs: yes that would be one of the things that cssu-enabler does23:59
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kerioany reason not to follow the official instructions for installing cssu?23:59
stryngsI'd like to find the script that cssu uses to make phones cssu23:59

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