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stryngsbecause of my bindmounts and such00:00
keriothose instructions start with "take a full backup with backupmenu"00:00
stryngsI have a modified pwnieexpress pwnphone00:00
keriomight as well try00:00
keriooh right you're the script kid00:00
KotCzarnystryngs, it upgrades one package00:00
KotCzarnythen all other things depend on that one metapackage00:00
stryngskerio: I'm that guy =)00:00
keriofigure out when the bindmounts are done00:00
kerioi don't think cssu-stable changes /sbin/preinit, for instance00:01
stryngskerio it's not so much the bindmounts I'm worried about; as making sure the phone is stable and such.00:01
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stryngsThanks for the hint =)00:03
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stryngsWelp... We shall see what happens00:20
stryngsI never bothered to take apart the community enabler deb before.  Seems sane...00:21
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sixwheeledbeasthmm it would appear my CPU fan has died. :(01:51
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KotCzarnyswb: write alarm scripts for sensors?10:10
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zGrrmoin :)15:33
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ZetaRJust found this: Someone figured out how to do sonar on the N900!
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sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: I have a sensors applet on the panel. It triggers a notification if over 61C hence why I have took the lid off my case.18:19
sixwheeledbeastseized, it will hardly move18:20
sixwheeledbeastfortunately at idle CPU will sit ~23C18:21
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sixwheeledbeasteven with no CPU fan18:22
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Sicelohi. you normally junk your N900 (or other device) batteries when they have what capacity? :)22:29
kerioi bought a pallet of nokia BL-5Js and i use them once before disposing of them22:31
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chem|stSicelo: not by capacity but first time I am annoyed that it did not hold the charge and I am sure I recalibrated it properly (that is the most important thing with the controller)23:10
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