IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2015-08-16

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bencohhello all .... is down for the time being (hardware failure)01:26
Siceloah, thanks for info :)01:28
Siceloi noticed, but in between other concerns, it eventually slipped my mind to ask if someone knew what was up01:29
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Vajbbencoh: just out of curiosity, what died?02:02
bencohI have no idea :/02:02
bencohcpu/mobbo/mem/psu, pick one02:03
Vajbok i pick faulty motherboard which caused cpu and memory failure ;)02:04
bencohit's been working for 6.5 years02:05
bencoh24/7 with no significant downtime02:06
Vajbwell honestly i would vote for psu02:06
bencohcould be02:06
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bencohwell ... that's the one I'd like to rule out actually, because I need to know whether I should replace cpu+mem+mobbo or psu02:07
Siceloluckily you're running linux there, right? if it was windows there's a complete reinstall ahead of you, otheriwse BSOD02:08
bencohis that a real question ? :D02:08
bencohhmm, I think that's the first night it's down ... since the time I bought it02:09
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Vajbheh, end of an era so to speak02:25
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KotCzarnysicelo: if new mobo is close enough to the old one, it could work11:57
KotCzarny(for windows)11:57
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wotan147anyone knows what it means to have an error with " Protocol http not supported or disabled in libcurl" on a server when doing sudo apt-get update ?13:07
KotCzarnyit's just that13:08
KotCzarnyapt tried using http while server only does some apt specific13:08
KotCzarnyscratch that13:08
KotCzarnyupdate libcurl13:08
KotCzarnymaybe you got some crippled one without knowing13:09
bencohno http support in libcurl sounds like a bad joke13:10
bencohI mean ... *curl* :)13:10
KotCzarnyNote that this error will also occur if you pass a wrongly spelled protocol part as in "htpt://" or as in the less evident case if you prefix the protocol part with a space13:11
KotCzarnycould be space before http somewhere13:11
Wizzupit is perfectly valid to disable http support in curl, just weird13:13
KotCzarnyweird doesnt describe such castration13:14
Wizzupcurl supports a lot more than just http13:14
KotCzarnydisabling https can be reasoned with 'not depending on ssl libs'13:15
KotCzarnybut http is so trivial that it just doesnt make sense13:15
WizzupOK, well, it's perfectly valid.13:15
wotan147in the sources.list.d the gulty server is  the following one :"deb stable main"13:19
wotan147<the structure seems correct to me or am I wrong ?13:19
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wotan147in muon package manager I have the latest "curl" package installed  , it is version 7.35.013:20
KotCzarnyanyway, are we still talking about maemo?13:20
wotan147oops ... fuck I picked up the wrong tab... I meant ubuntu ....13:21
wotan147sorry guys ...13:21
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spongieAny way to bypass the n900 boot loop without flashing / buying stuff or is it time to get a new phone?13:26
KotCzarnybut first charge battery13:27
KotCzarnyas it often is the reason of bootloop13:27
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spongiethe whole boot loop issue is that you cannot charge the battery since it's automatically trying to start the OS13:27
spongieit is one of the most stupid bugs ive ever seen, but here we are13:28
SiceloKotCzarny: yes, but good luck finding a mobo today that will closely match a +5yr old mobo :(13:28
freemangordonKotCzarny: iirc there *is* battery charging in rescueos13:28
freemangordonspongie: ^^^13:28
KotCzarnysicelo: well, still doable, but i agree windows licensing sucks13:28
spongiewhat am I supposed to do with rescueos?13:28
KotCzarnyboot it, then run charging script13:28
freemangordonspongie: so you just need to boot into rescueos, start charging and wix whatever is broken13:29
KotCzarnybut charge first, you might have working device without tinkering13:29
jon_ymy N900 can never boot if I leave it charging13:29
spongiei dont get how thats supposed to be done.13:29
jon_yso that means it must hold enough charge to at least boot13:29
infobotrescueos is probably
spongiejon_y: exactly that.13:29
spongiewhy would it be able to boot rescueos when it cannot boot the regular os?13:30
jon_ythen again, I remember the N900 charging without booting the OS13:30
KotCzarnyjon, not entirely true13:30
KotCzarnyas bme might decide to kill it prematurely13:30
freemangordonwell, both are true :)13:30
freemangordonit can charge with and without OS13:30
spongiethere's one big huge issue: someone had the idea to boot automatically when a charge is attached13:30
freemangordonspongie: so?13:30
spongiethat was the most stupid design flaw ive ever seen on any phone. (actually my old ericson had that prob too)13:30
KotCzarnyspongie, try it first13:30
KotCzarnyyou can always grumble if it doesnt work13:31
spongiefreemangordon: when it boots, it then dies before booting because its running out of battery13:31
freemangordonspongie: you can attach usb cable with the battery removed13:31
KotCzarnyrescueos boots faster than maemo13:31
spongiefreemangordon: it doesnt respond to anything when I remove the battery13:31
freemangordonyes, you should put it back while holding "U"13:31
freemangordonjust find a battery that has soe charge in it13:32
spongieright. ill just go to my warehouse full of n900 batteries13:32
KotCzarnyask someone who has bl-5j compatible device?13:32
freemangordonspongie: when you attach a charger, nolo charges the battery to a level so the OS can be booted13:32
spongiefreemangordon: except, IT DOESNT13:33
freemangordonthen your battery simply does not hold charge anymore13:33
spongieit charges enough to show the white background nokia logo and shine the white light on the led before shutting down13:33
Sicelospongie: ALL phones boot when you connect charger .. how else would the phone "see" when the battery is full? they just boot to a Run Level 1 so to speak .. you get the idea13:33
spongieSicelo: using hardware rather than software.13:34
spongieSicelo: you could measure battery charge long before digital electronics became pocket size13:34
KotCzarnynokia 5230, 5800,, c3, x1, x6, asha 200/201/302, lumia 520/53013:34
freemangordonspongie: did you try to boot rescueos?13:34
spongiefreemangordon: I'm still not sure how Im supposed to get a downloaded image on my laptop on to the phone13:34
jon_ymaybe the N900 should copy what Intel does with their management engine13:34
KotCzarnydid you read documentationt there?13:35
KotCzarnyread it whole13:35
jon_yan auxiliary low power CPU that starts before the main CPU is even powered on13:35
jon_yfor basic debug/testing/sanity13:35
freemangordonspongie: flasher-3.5 -k rescueOS_n900_kernel_1.2.zImage -n rescueOS-1.2.img -l -b"rootdelay root=/dev/ram0"13:35
spongieright. so, my original question was "without flashing or buying something"13:35
KotCzarnyit doesnt flash anything13:35
KotCzarnyit just boots13:35
freemangordonyou won't flash anything13:35
KotCzarnybut use the exact boot line13:36
jon_ynote the "-l"13:36
jon_yit loads the image, not flash13:36
freemangordonspongie: flasher can boot kernel and initrd without tpoouching any storage13:36
jon_yso it is not something permanent13:36
spongiewhy would it be able to boot rescueos when it cant do it with the normal os?13:37
KotCzarnyjust try it13:37
freemangordonspongie: just read the rescueos documentation you've been given link to twice already :)13:37
spongiefreemangordon: already read the instructions on how to boot it13:37
spongiebut if my battery cant hold a charge very well any more (which is most likely true), then it needs to recharge for an hour or so before I could get any use of the phone13:38
KotCzarnyboot rescueos, if it succeeds, start charging script immediately13:38
freemangordonspongie: no, you can run the charger script whie in rescueos, so it won;t power down because of the empty battery13:38
freemangordonwhat KotCzarny said13:38
KotCzarnyits in: /rescueOS/charge21.bash13:39
jon_ybetter type it fast :)13:39
spongiebtw, I have two older phones here, both of them manage to indicate the charge level of the battery whilst being completely off.13:39
KotCzarnyjon: tabbing helps13:39
jon_ymake it a bash alias13:39
jon_ylike "qqqq"13:39
spongieI guess the main problem is that nobody excepts anybody to own a phone for longer than 2 years these days.13:39
KotCzarnyi think ctrl-space is tab in rescueos13:40
KotCzarnyspongie: my n900 is 6 years old, still holds charge for 5-6 days13:40
jon_yI know, but fumbling isn't the best when you are short on time13:40
KotCzarny(original battery)13:40
spongieKotCzarny: but they designed it so it's completely broken once the battery starts failing13:40
freemangordonjon_y: well, you'll train it in a couple of reboots :)13:40
KotCzarnyspongie, its hacker device, hackers know the ways13:40
spongieI could've had it for another 5 years easily.13:41
spongieKotCzarny: not its the opposite13:41
Sicelointeresting :)13:41
spongiemaking things "automagic" is the opposite13:41
KotCzarnyspongie, you can easily 'fix' it13:41
spongienothing should ever boot unless explicitly told so.13:41
KotCzarnythats why its hackers device13:41
spongieKotCzarny: no, not "easily"13:41
KotCzarnytry that on s6013:41
jon_yso how can I contribute to rescueOS?13:41
KotCzarnyspngie, EASILY13:41
jon_yadd the qqqq alias13:41
spongieKotCzarny: its the oppposite of hacker. apple users want automatic, I dont13:41
Sicelojon_y: talk to NIN10113:41
KotCzarnyjon: talk to author (nin101 i think)13:41
bencohyou can check its git repository first13:41
bencoherr, his*13:42
KotCzarnybencoh, its13:42
Sicelothere isn't13:42
freemangordonspongie: and how is the battery supposed to be charge without running a battery management software on a device with not so smart charging HW?13:42
Siceloor is there now?13:42
jon_yNIN101: hey what do you think of adding a bash alias for the battery charging script?13:42
spongiemy laptop doesnt boot just because I plug in the charger, neither should my phone13:42
jon_yNIN101: alias qqqq /rescueOS/charge21.bash13:42
spongiefreemangordon: i dunno, how did they manage to get phones to do that in 1995?13:42
spongieuse that amazeballs technology13:42
KotCzarnyi would like my laptop to boot then i connect power :/13:42
freemangordonspongie: your laptop battery is not managed by the SW on the laptop13:42
KotCzarnyluckily in thinkpads t[45]30 and higher they finally added it to the bios13:43
spongiesame with the magic led on those phones. they charge and dont boot.13:43
NIN101jon_y: there is already "chargebat"13:43
NIN101also, hi all.13:43
freemangordonspongie: why are you so sure there is no SW running on those old phones?13:43
Sicelohey NIN10113:43
freemangordonNIN101: hi!13:43
jon_yoh ok, I thought I might make it easier by mashing the q key L(13:43
KotCzarnyspongie, phones in 1995 booted os TOO, it was just much smaller13:43
Sicelofreemangordon: +!13:43
KotCzarnyand you didnt see it13:43
spongiefreemangordon: there could be, but it manages to run off whatever power the charger is supplying.13:44
freemangordonthe same for n90013:44
freemangordonit is just that your OS is broken13:44
spongiealso, except for the charger led it does nothing else unless I press the power key. might be they are in stand-by, which is still better than trying to boot the os13:44
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jon_ycan you hook a PSU up to the battery pins for the phone to boot?13:44
spongiethis is the most stupid thing ever, i cant beleive anybody would argue for this feature.13:44
Sicelo05:33 < Sicelo> spongie: ALL phones boot when you connect charger .. how else would the phone "see" when the battery is full? they just boot to a Run Level 1 so to speak .. you get the idea13:44
spongieSicelo: I replied.13:44
jon_yjust make sure it is the correct voltage of course13:44
spongieno they dont13:44
Sicelowho will control the LED?13:45
spongieSicelo: hardware.13:45
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freemangordonspongie: anyway, I don;t see the point of the arguing, it is the way it is :)13:45
spongieSicelo: it's quite easy from an electronics stand point13:45
freemangordonspongie: charging LiIon or LiPo is easy?13:45
spongieSicelo: even if it is software managing the led on the old phones, they have made sure that it works even with really really bad batteries.13:45
freemangordonthat is new to me13:46
spongiefreemangordon: measuring charge13:46
spongiewhy are you trying to sidetrack?13:46
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KotCzarnythis whole talk is useless here, try neo900 which is in development13:46
KotCzarnyyou cant change much in n90013:46
jon_ywill Neo900 use bleeding edge kernels?13:46
Sicelothey won't accept it that side too. can tell you that for sure13:47
freemangordonno, really, what I am trying to say is that most probably there *is* SW running on thosle old phones, that controls the charging process and LEDs13:47
jon_yand have a fully flashable nand13:47
spongieThe n900 is one of the shittiest products I ever bought (preordered), but it still beats the living snot out of the current competition.13:47
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spongiewhich is why im reluctant to pick up a FREE android phone from my provider13:47
kerioyeah, the n900 is fucking awful13:47
Sicelofreemangordon: you're correct13:47
jon_ygib me your n900, I need moar13:47
KotCzarnyhe he13:47
kerioit was crap at day one, it's crap now13:47
KotCzarnyi would also use another n90013:47
kerioand yet it was the best available at day one13:47
freemangordonspongie: the same is on n900, just that your device has that SW broken13:47
kerioand it's still the best available13:47
KotCzarnyfor science, and stuff13:48
Sicelobtwy, to add more to this issue .. i have an N-Gage .. doesn't charge a brand new battery because OS is broken13:48
spongieKotCzarny: i've already looked, it's not easy finding n900 in the perfect condition mine is in13:48
Sicelo2003 pohone13:48
jon_yI need it so I can build a shrine of N900s13:48
spongieexcept for a few broken pixels in the top right corner it still looks shiny and new13:48
jon_yI don't know what I'll do if mine breaks down13:48
KotCzarnymine has just few scratches from all the falls13:48
jon_yno android device even comes close to the N90013:48
freemangordonjon_y: buy another one :)13:48
Sicelojon_y: commit suiciede. i will13:48
spongieSicelo: all phones are broken today. the only time phones where ever really good was when they were only phones13:48
NIN101I got a BQ aquaris with ubuntu touch. Yes, n900 sucks, the rest sucks more though.13:49
spongiejon_y: no, but my choices now are 1) elaborate fucking process to maybe, possibly mend a phone that might well crap out like this again or 2) just go mainstream13:49
freemangordonNIN101: the only thing that really sucks about n900 is the amount of RAM13:49
KotCzarnyspongie, just fix it, its quite easy13:49
jon_yI'd rather get a dumbphone13:50
NIN101freemangordon: hmm, yeah, more or less.13:50
jon_ythe only problem I have with a dumbphone is that it pretty much relies on the SIM card13:50
jon_yfor all the SMS/phone number contacts13:50
spongieKotCzarny: even if I could find the cable in the pile of a thousand cables I've never used (never connected my n900 to a PC) I'm not up for it13:50
freemangordonNIN101: the main obstacle (for example) to have a recent gecko is that it puts the device on its knees RAM-wise13:50
jon_yand the cards have pretty limited space13:51
spongieit's going to take more time than it's worth13:51
Sicelospongie: normal microusb cable?13:51
KotCzarnyspongie, wanna sell it cheaply?13:51
KotCzarnyor donate to community? (me)13:51
spongieSicelo: I don't have any except the one that came with the phone. Nothing in my world uses micro.13:51
freemangordonKotCzarny: oh, you're the community? :P13:51
jon_ydonate it to the shrine of N900s (me) :)13:51
KotCzarnyfreemangordon: i has karma! :P13:51
spongieKotCzarny: how cheaply?13:52
freemangordonKotCzarny: oh, come on, you just found the exact one to talk about karma with ;)13:52
KotCzarnyspongie, dont know the shipping costs, but 20-30$ ?13:52
spongieI'm lazy and not in need of any money.13:52
freemangordonspongie: donate it then13:52
jon_ydonate it for free!13:52
spongieI'm still lazy.13:52
KotCzarnyfreemangordon: hehe, i wrote a program!13:52
spongieI actually gave away my N913:53
freemangordonKotCzarny: you're my hero !13:53
jon_ywhile true; do ; done13:53
KotCzarnyyay for maemo heros!13:53
jon_ya program :)13:53
spongieI "upgraded" to the N9 for about 4 hours before shaking my head and going back to n90013:53
KotCzarnyn9 sucks13:53
KotCzarnytoo qt13:53
spongieall phones suck, some just suck more13:53
KotCzarnymaybe someone can port fremantle to n913:53
jon_yN9 suck because no keyboard13:53
freemangordonspongie: think twice before throwing that device away. I have 2 n950 devices sitting in a drawer13:54
KotCzarnythen it would rock13:54
NIN101anyway, at first ubuntu touch looked promising, I mean it is quite hackable (but still quite some pain). however, if it just won't receive phone calls anymore until restart, or audio player dying when switching song and then stopping working even after restart of the audio player app, I don't have that much hope for it.13:54
spongieI love the n900 form factor, if they could just shove good hardware and software in there.13:54
KotCzarnyspongie, n90013:54
spongiefreemangordon: I keep em all, that's why I have phones from late 90's still.13:54
KotCzarnyi mean neo90013:54
spongieKotCzarny: isnt that vapor ware?13:54
freemangordonNIN101: seems canonical doesn't put much effort in ubuntu touch13:54
KotCzarnyi think the gave 1G to it13:54
KotCzarnyfinalizing already13:54
NIN101freemangordon: yeah, not sure what they are doing.13:54
freemangordonspongie: you know what n950 is, correct?13:55
jon_yKotCzarny: will it be in time for christmas? :)13:55
spongiefreemangordon: vaugely13:55
freemangordonn9 with HW keyboard13:55
spongiebasically, my phone is for taking/making calls and occationally check email13:55
jon_yit is the N9 in 950 form13:55
jon_y*n900 form13:55
spongie(although I did my fair share of X11 over wifi)13:55
KotCzarnyyeah, neo900 has 1G of ram13:55
spongiejon_y: right, but the N9 OS was horrible.13:55
jon_yonly? :(13:55
spongiewho the fudge makes twitter and facebook part of the core packages?13:56
KotCzarnyThe device is currently in development. Pre-order now!13:56
freemangordonjon_y: omap3 does not support more then 1GB13:56
spongiepeople who think thay can beat apple at their own game, thats who. but that will fail.13:56
jon_yoh well ;(13:56
freemangordonjon_y: read the FAQ on :)13:56
spongiewhats this gta04 they are comparing with?13:57
freemangordonspongie: where?13:57
jon_ywill there be an omap5 version in the future? :)13:57
KotCzarnyon specs page13:57
Siceloan openmoko phone/board13:57
spongieI dunno... Debian ey.13:57
spongieSo, I have to use the little pointer stick to run xfce?13:57
freemangordonjon_y: you'd better ask on #neo900, but I guess it largely depends on the outcome of the neo900 exercise13:57
freemangordonspongie: it is not like that13:58
freemangordonspongie: think about your laptop13:58
KotCzarnyanyway, gotta run13:58
freemangordonit comes with freedos, for example. then you put whatever OS you would like on it13:58
jon_yis LTE the 4G thing I keep hearing about?13:59
spongiefreemangordon: mine came with nothing13:59
spongiefreemangordon: ofcourse, I get that13:59
jon_ymine comes with the UEFI shell :)13:59
jon_yit doesn't even display right unfortunately13:59
spongieI buy clevo to specifically avoid getting windows oem14:00
jon_yfor instance, it won't scroll down if the text reaches the bottom14:00
spongieneo900 looks fun, but i need a working phone tomorrow, so it's probably going to be one of those lg's14:00
spongiefreemangordon: but here's the thing. there is NO good phone OS14:01
jon_ywill the Neo900 bring in UEFI?14:01
spongiefreemangordon: the number of bugs I have (had) to deal with daily on my n900 is nothing i want again, so im not going to use maemo.14:01
jon_ythe only good part about UEFI is the capability to load a new kernel off an external storage is a built in feature14:02
* freemangordon is going afk for a while14:02
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jon_y480,00 € for the neo90014:03
jon_ythis kills my bank account :(14:03
spongieYeah, it's a bit excessive for that hardware14:04
spongiebut i guess its expensive because of the small numbers14:04
Sicelojon_y: current price? no ways. even new i bought mine for less than that14:05
spongieit says so on their page for preorder14:05
Siceloah, sorry, you means Neo14:05
* Sicelo missed that part14:05
jon_yyeah, it is just a down payment14:05
*** wotan147 has joined #maemo14:06
spongieBut still. 480 is a lot for the hardware, just like it was for the n900. (old hw before it hit the market)14:06
NIN101480 € is only partial payment.14:07
jon_y>Why won't you use that new shiny 16-core CPU with 32 GB RAM?14:09
*** flo_lap has quit IRC14:09
spongie"We believe that choosing a capacitive one would be considered a regression by current Maemo and Openmoko power users.14:09
spongieAbsolutely. Hey, neo900 looks fabulous, I can even buy the bare board and put in my in my old case14:10
jon_y>the cost of the motherboard should be somewhere around 990 EUR. The complete device will cost about 150 EUR more14:10
jon_yHow much will it cost14:11
spongiewhat is that down payment crap they have on the store page?14:11
jon_ypay half for the full unit14:11
freemangordonspongie: (bugs in maemo) - would you give an example?14:12
freemangordonassuming you have cssu installed14:12
*** Maxdamantus has joined #maemo14:13
spongiefreemangordon: well, i rebooted the phone after a long flight, the screen wouldnt render until I rebooted. granted that only happened once or twice in all the time i had it14:15
spongiemore annoying is the email client.14:16
freemangordonspongie: do you have cssu installed?14:16
spongieI used sylpheed, but it wasnt really optimized for the small screen14:16
spongieI just find it odd that the default email client in a shipped product doesnt do proper email.14:16
spongie(amongst other things it ignored nested, but still legal, mime parts)14:17
spongiethe web browser is the slowest thing Ive ever used. it would take about 2.5 minutes just to start it14:17
spongieonce in the web browser, going to a web page could take another 2 minutes.14:17
freemangordonspongie: something is terribly wrong with your device14:18
spongiefreemangordon: well, it is abolutely vanilla with only the official updates installed14:18
freemangordonthe only think microb struggles with is desktop FB14:18
freemangordonspongie: ooh14:18
infobothmm... cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)14:18
spongiefreemangordon: however, remote X11 worked fine.14:18
freemangordonspongie: install cssu14:18
spongietoo late for that now14:18
spongiethere's also that half second delay between when you switch from horizontal to vertical view14:19
*** shentey has joined #maemo14:19
DocScrutinizer51swap hell14:19
freemangordonspongie: yeah, this is a dealbreaker (half a second)14:19
spongiealso, when I remove the phone from my ear, it takes about 500-750ms to show the screen14:20
freemangordonspongie: tweak your transitions.ini14:20
spongiefreemangordon: yeah. its annoying as hell14:20
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: hi!14:20
DocScrutinizer51I wish my i5 was that responsive14:21
spongieDocScrutinizer51: I would rather not have a phone than having to use an iphone14:21
spongieim seriously considering going back to the old button phones.14:21
DocScrutinizer51i5 3.2GHz 4core intel14:22
spongiehow much is it?14:22
freemangordonspongie: every time I use my GF's asha 200, I wonder why the hell it is so slow14:22
DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: hi!14:22
*** louisdk has quit IRC14:22
spongiefreemangordon: the new vanilla android LG's are pretty swift.14:22
freemangordonsure, but it is android still :)14:23
spongieI have never used an iphone, so I have no idea, but ppl claim they are smooth and response. at least more so than android, but i have no idea.14:23
spongiefreemangordon: I'm not keen on dishing out 1k for a phone with 4 year old hardware.14:23
freemangordonme neither, but yes, what I know is that iphone is very smooth14:23
DocScrutinizer51developing snappy apps for embedded is an art14:23
spongiefreemangordon: even though its not saying much, android > ios.14:24
freemangordonspongie: really, what is the problem with the dated HW?14:24
spongiefreemangordon: the price14:24
freemangordonspongie: for that prce you get a complete device, not just a dated SoC14:25
spongiefreemangordon: and what hw will 1k buy me from apple or sony or lg, etc?14:25
spongieI don't mind paying 20-30% more to get an open device, but when it's 3x more expensive Im out14:25
freemangordonspongie: comparing apples to oranges?14:26
spongiefreemangordon: no. phone hw vs phone hw14:26
spongiefreemangordon: comparing money and money14:26
freemangordonspongie: freedom is not cheap14:27
spongiefreemangordon: appearnatly not.14:27
spongiealso, i think it's closer to 10x more expensive, which is really too much.14:27
freemangordonspongie: nice talk, but I have to leave. still, try to resurrect your n900 with booting rescueos on it :)14:28
spongiefreemangordon: maybe some time in the future, but tomorrow im grabbing a free something something...14:28
spongiemoving to the dark side.14:29
spongiewhat is the difference between micro usb A and B?14:32
*** shentey has quit IRC14:38
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*** nwolf900 has joined #maemo15:26
nwolf900I'm pretty *nix oriented, but new to maemo, using n900; couldn't find any dropbox client except DropN900, which is out of support... are there any alternatives, or maybe some other relatively popular cloud app I don't know about?15:33
WizzupI don't rely on any cloud app for my storage15:33
WizzupYou can use sshfs with your favourite server15:34
nwolf90010x man :)15:35
nwolf90010x = thanks :)15:37
WizzupI mean, it's not a dropbox replacement15:37
WizzupJust a way to remote access files.15:37
nwolf900I use centralized storage too, but I need to have files offline, mirroring each other, so the cloud app is my simplest choice15:40
*** hubutm20 has quit IRC15:40
Wizzuprsync? ;)15:40
drawkulaa local copy may help...15:42
* Wizzup really looking forward to try and run a mainline kernel + gentoo on one of his spare n900s15:43
nwolf900windows boxes are strangers to rsync and its alternatives are not too liteweight, otherwise - yeah, close enough :)15:43
WizzupEspecially if I can get USB hostmode to work on them :)15:44
*** nwolf900 has quit IRC15:46
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*** arcean has quit IRC16:16
ceenewell, so I think I've found a bug in libas-storage-016:28
ceenebut it's closed source16:28
ceenebut it's calling QmfStorageManager::load(const QString &identifier, QMailMessage *message) with a NULL identifier, which is something that should never happen16:29
ceeneit may be looking for some path or file I may or may have not deleted from my n90016:30
ceenebut it causes a segfault on as-daemon and thus MfE can't be used16:30
bencohis that the root cause of your issues with yappari these days ?16:30
ceenesorry, nop16:31
ceenebut I pretty sure that there are several bugs hidden on the OS16:31
ceenethat are causing them16:31
ceenethis is only one of those, but it's unrelated to yappari16:31
bencohmail for exchange ... hmm16:31
ceenethe thing with yappari seems to be something related to the IO functions16:31
ceeneor the network16:31
ceenei received several coredumps from yappari16:32
ceeneand the stranges tthing16:32
ceenewas that the coredump itself was corrupted16:32
ceeneso in the end they were mostly useless, but it indicates something beyond the code of yappari16:32
*** jrayhawk has joined #maemo16:36
*** docCamp has joined #maemo16:36
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, rescueos is
*** AndrewX192 has quit IRC16:51
SiceloWizzup: you use DropN900?16:54
WizzupNo, I don't use clown storage16:55
Siceloceene: if reflashing is an option, you mway want to just try that too ... i use EAS without problem on my 2 N900.16:56
Siceloonly doesn't work for my work account, due to N900 being non-provisioning17:04
ceenei've introduced a workaround on qmfstoragemanager.cpp to check for a null reference and that avoids the segfault17:12
ceeneand i'm trying now to sync email17:13
ceenemine is not a work account, it's a server of mine with z-push interfacing against gmail17:13
ceeneit still won't work but there are things happening on the server, so it may be now a z-push problem17:14
Sicelopossible. i use Even Gmail EAS worked ok back in the days ...17:16
ceenei've just managed to sync with another imap account i have17:19
ceenei believe there's some kind of timeout on as-daemon17:19
ceeneand since i have thousands of emails on gmail17:19
ceeneit seems to get tired of waiting17:19
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo17:20
Sicelogmail shouldn't be using ActiveSync ... or you've got it setup with Mail for Exchange? stopped working that way for many of us a long time ago17:24
ceenez-push is a php app that acts as an activesync server on one side but interfaces with a imap server on the other side17:25
ceeneso in theory it lets you use any imap account as MfE account17:25
Siceloi get you. :)17:25
ceenei've just verified it works with my university imap account17:25
ceenein which i have something like 1 email or so17:26
ceeneso no timeout :)17:26
ceeneon gmail it seems to get stucked searching for labels/folders and thousands of emails17:26
ceenewith a gmail account that has like ~60 emails it seems to get stuck with a strange message17:46
ceeneMobile loop detected! Messages sent to the mobile will be restricted to 1 items in order to identify the conflict17:46
ceenethe meaning of that, i don't know17:46
ceenemaybe it finds strange that the same email is found in two folders/labels17:47
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