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Wizzupmy n900 can see my sim just fine, but it just never sees any ... ehm ... bars00:05
Wizzuplike it never picks up a 2g/3g signal00:05
Wizzup(no, it is not in offline mode)00:05
Sicelosignal in the area?00:09
WizzupSicelo: was yesteday00:12
WizzupSicelo: I cycled about 20km through amsterdam - no signal at any point00:12
Wizzupas in - at the same place there was a signal yesterday00:12
Sicelotried a restart?00:17
Siceloif that happens again, as root run `pnatd` and type AT+CFUN=000:18
Sicelocourtesy of DocScrutinizer0500:18
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Sicelootherwise you may need to open up the device and clean up the contacts for the antenna00:21
WizzupSicelo: I tried a restart, didn't happen00:26
WizzupI mean00:26
Wizzupa restart did not help00:26
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Wizzupswapped sims00:32
Wizzupthe other sim works in my phone00:32
Wizzupmy current sim doesn't work in other phone00:32
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Wizzupindicates bad sim perhaps00:32
Vajbsounds like it for sure00:32
Vajbmaybe you forgot the bill?00:32
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WizzupVajb: impossible! :)00:33
WizzupAlso - would that really mean I could not get any connectivity using the SIM?00:33
WizzupIn the other phone it even showed 'no sim' icon00:33
Vajbi think it might00:33
Vajbmy mate once forgot his bill and he got no bars with sim00:34
Wizzupok, nevermind my last msg about other phone -- friend but it in in the wrong way00:34
Wizzup(lol, how)00:34
Vajbalso when one tried to call him the notice said "this phone number does not receive phone calls"00:34
Wizzup(but that was is not my problem)00:34
WizzupVajb: hmmm00:34
WizzupIt said no cellular network here00:35
Vajbusually here it says that it is out of reach00:35
Wizzupto clear things up00:36
Wizzuptwo sims: sim A and sim B, two phones (n900s): C and D00:36
WizzupA + C = no signal whatsoever00:36
WizzupB + C = fine00:36
WizzupB + D = fine00:36
Wizzuptesting A + D now00:36
WizzupI think tmobile is just having some massive problems00:37
Vajbcould be00:38
Wizzupfuck :)00:38
Wizzupwasted time00:38
Vajbat least in this area operators are having massive problems after thunder storms00:39
Vajbif you ar out of network it must be your own problem since networks don't break :p00:40
Sicelothey do :p00:51
Sicelorare of course... once in Swaziland most phones (particularly Nokias) didn't ring their alarms in the morning ... something had happened on the servers to put the network-assigned time on UTC, while Swaziland is UTC+2.00:53
Siceloof course most people didn't really understand what had happened ... took about a week to get fixed00:54
Vajbso utc was set wrong?00:54
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Vajbmy alarm once didn't ring. Was caused by crahed alarmdaemon.00:55
Vajbwas nice to wake up to my friends door bell ringing00:55
Siceloyes, network time was two hours behind .. happened overnight00:56
Siceloso we had two extra hours of sleep, haha ;)00:56
Vajbhmm that would have been very strange problem00:57
Vajblike time saving on steroids00:57
Sicelohehe, of course the sun kept its time, haha01:05
Vajbwell good thing is you had sun. Once i remember taking too long nap during winter time and woke up at 7:30 and didn't know if it was am or pm. because it was it would have been dark either way. So eventually ihad to start my pc to see if i were very late from work or not.01:08
Vajbthat was time before cell phones had 24h clocks. So i had only old clocks on walls etc01:10
stryngsipython for python2.701:21
stryngsall .deb'd up with no place to go!01:21
Vajbgo nus?01:23
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sixwheeledbeastthere have been plenty of if-fone clock issues in the past, IIRC most of Australia had an extra hour in bed due to a bug in the clock. Network server issues do happen, they happen a lot more than you think.01:25
Vajbhmm can't recall one here in finland01:27
Vajbmy problem was just alarmdaemon dying01:27
Vajbhmm, but is it smart for smartphone to switch time one hour all of a sudden...01:29
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sixwheeledbeastNot just time related either01:40
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Siceloif you enable phone to update time automatically .. then yes, can't blame the phone haha. after all, all time updates, whether via cell or NTP simply depend on trust ...01:54
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NIN101how noncharacteristic for maemo that Tor is banned even from just reading the forums and wiki.12:16
svetlanaI remember reading some such on the forum maybe.12:21
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newbieAlertHey hi, which [package contains gst-launch ?? Should I install gstreamer-tools ???12:35
newbieAlertbencoh: Thanks for suggesting dbus-monitor.12:36
newbieAlertit actually shows more than dbus signals !! Thanks :) :) :)12:36
sixwheeledbeastNIN101: the "official" status on that matter is Tor is not blocked. However it happens to be that most if not all tor exit ip's are on spam lists.12:38
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HumpelstilzchennewbieAlert: tools yes12:51
newbieAlertHumpelstilzchen: Thanks !!Optified ??12:52
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HumpelstilzchennewbieAlert: doesn't look like12:56
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infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss20:44
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infobotwell, lol is stands for Laughs Out Loud. It is grammatically incorrect to use LOL in the first person; use 'heh' or 'haha' instead. If you want to use LOL, do '/me lol' instead.21:14
* antranigv lol21:15
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ceeneas-daemon, which is needed for MfE is crashing on boot with a segmentation fault21:24
ceenewould anybody know why can that happen?21:24
KotCzarnybad config/cache?21:24
ceenethere's no config, i was trying to create one21:25
KotCzarnyany log?21:25
ceeneso it should be empty21:25
ceeneyep, but not very useful21:25
KotCzarnyyou will see what files it opens21:25
KotCzarnylibs, configs etc21:25
KotCzarnyi usually do: strace 2>&1 some-binary | grep open21:26
KotCzarnyyou can also try running it via gdb21:26
ceeneProgram terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.21:26
ceene#0  0x417e09d0 in QmfStorageManager::load(QString const&, QMailMessage*) () from /opt/maemo/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/contentmanagers/libqmfstoragemanager.so21:26
KotCzarnybroken mail db?21:27
ceenethere shouldn't be any mail db...21:27
ceenein fact, i've tried erasing .qmf directory21:27
KotCzarnymaybe you've erased some default config then21:27
KotCzarnyand it gets null21:27
KotCzarnyis there any command to init it?21:28
ceenei don't know21:28
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ceenei'm downloading libqmf-plugins source code to check the content of that function21:35
ceenethere's no source code for as-daemon it seems21:39
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ceenei've got no luck21:56
ceenei'll be trying sometime later, maybe21:56
ceenethanks, cya!21:57
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Palias-daemon is closed source21:57
KotCzarnytoo late21:57
Paliyes, I see...21:57
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