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ShadowJKLuke-Jr, no shit01:27
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Oksanabencoh: Yes, I installed GoldenDict on Fremantle from Diablo repository, back in 2012, when there was no Fremantle build yet. And, I currently installed elinks on Fremantle from Diablo repository. It required following dependencies: elinks-data (easy), libgnutls13, libopencdk10, liblzo2-2, libfsplib0.02:00
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OksanaOh, and don't forget to move elinks.desktop from /usr/share/applications/ to /usr/share/applications/hildon/ . Frankly, I still haven't got elinks to start from desktop shortcut; only from X-Term. But, it does work with SSL. Though, I would be glad if it worked nicer with Maemo-libconic0, instead of just saying "no Internet, sorry"02:02
OksanaSame problem as irssi. I am guessing it's not-that-easy-to-do.02:03
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Luke-JrShadowJK: I mean slower than usable on my Haswell CPU. Not able to get Pali's info02:30
ShadowJKI tried something similar on a P3-733 back in the day.02:30
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DocScrutinizer51cheers from cccamp1504:34
antranigvcheers ^^04:37
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zGrrmoin :)13:10
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* Sicelo installed Windows Server to further test PEAP+MSCHAPV2 issues on N90015:18
Siceloit's a rather annoying situation, and it'd be nice to get to the root of it.15:19
Sicelo*if* i can :) not saying i'll succeed, but doesn't hurt to try15:20
keriothat's some commitment15:21
KotCzarnyyay for virtual machines?15:21
Siceloi think EAPD is doing something wrong, *but* is also capable of doing it right ... thinki gconf keys. i know Pali got EAP GTC to work that way for example15:26
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Luke-JrPali: KMail is insanely slow in valgrind; I did get this: but I suspect it is triggered by Valgrind's slowness more than the original problem17:18
Sicelohe's offline17:19
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Siceloonly that registry entry makes my WiFi 'replica' allow N900 to connect without issue at all21:58
* Sicelo wonders if Admins would be willing to implement .. doubtful21:58
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VajbSicelo: asking wont cost you anything ;)22:41
Siceloyeah. i've decided i will. of course we're talking about a global organization, and this change will have to be reviewed by admins i have no hopes of ever meeting, haha.22:44
Sicelobut will see22:44
Vajbi guess they are very jealous of their own role of decision makers22:47
Siceloand iPhones work, and Android .. what's Maemo, haha22:47
Vajbwell voice of minority :p22:48
Vajbyou can draw equility card22:48
SiceloNokia is to blame though .. for sticking "too" closely to standards .. (think USB fast charging as well)22:49
Vajbwell actually finns are known to follow rules too strictly22:50
KotCzarnystandards are for something22:51
Vajbtrue that22:51
Vajbmeant for bending, eh22:52
Sicelounfortunately a user needs to achieve what he needs to. he have nfc about RFCs and such stuff :(22:56
Sicelofor myself i'm quite happy to even spend time troubleshooting such stuff, but just look on b.m.o to see how many bugs could not be closed successfully due to this very issue.22:58
SiceloMS also to blame, but Nokia could have bent the 'rules' for the benefit of users. N900 isn't even the only one affected .. most, if not all their other "Enterprise" devices, E-series Symbian, suffered from the same issue22:59
KotCzarnyyou can only achieve perfectness with infinite resources and time22:59
KotCzarnyand mind you, m$ is known for ignoring standards23:00
KotCzarny'your laptop doesnt want to boot anything else than "designed for..."? what a pity'23:00
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Vajbnot to mention... how come your laptop or desktop so often comes pre equipped with certain os23:02
Vajbit's like you could only buy car with 1.3 litre engine...23:02
KotCzarnyvajb: funny thing is, they often don't work correctly with other versions of that os23:02
Siceloin this case they definitely ignored standards ... section 5.2.3: "Since the Expanded Nak Type is valid only in Responses and has very limited functionality, it MUST NOT be used as a general purpose error indication, such as for communication of error messages, or negotiation of parameters specific to a particular EAP method."23:03
KotCzarnysicelo, nokia did the right thing then, and their devices would work with other, more standard implementations23:04
Vajbactually that reminded me of our current acer laptop. It boots fine with linux livecd, but then something "snaps" and it dies. Sounds like some relay is triggered or something.23:06
Vajbneedless to mention that with vista it works...23:06
KotCzarnyvajb, chromebooks die without loading specific kernel modules23:06
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KotCzarnyand my thinkpads just work (x40, x61)23:07
Vajbstrange to say the least23:08
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KotCzarnysicelo, can those expanded naks be blocked client side?23:12
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Siceloi am still going to try some gconf values. problem is that EAPD is closed source.23:27
Sicelotried to run strings against EAPD .. not making much progress though. Pali did find there a useable key that applies to EAP GTC. THere are a bunch of other possible keys, but i've not got very promising results out of them23:29
Sicelonot to mention that the lack of live logs on MS Server just makes matters worse, hehe23:30
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