IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2015-07-26

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stryngsIf I am building pybluez, and it's complaining about mach/memory.h, which directory should I use for the n900?  There are a TON under kernel-power-headers and i'm not sure which one to use =(01:01
Palistryngs: kernel-* packages are for kernel01:02
stryngsOk, but my little hack is working so far Pali...01:02
stryngsBut now It wants mach =/01:02
Paliyou should not use kernel* one packages01:02
stryngsHeh, it's the only files I could find01:02
stryngsIt "seemed" like it was working01:02
stryngsI need pybluez for python2.701:02
Palisearch into linux-libc-dev01:03
stryngsPali: No such directory exists on the n90001:04
Palior package linux-kernel-headers01:05
stryngsYeah, they don't contain mach01:06
stryngsnor any of the other packages01:06
stryngsI don't even know if this will work proper01:06
stryngsand by packages I meant library files01:06
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Palino idea then what you need...01:07
Palimaybe you are trying to use too new python01:08
stryngsOk, well riddle me this01:08
stryngsfor: /usr/src/kernel-power-headers/arch/arm01:08
stryngsWhich mach subdirectory would correspond to the n900?01:08
Palikernel headers used for userspace applications are just in package linux-kernel-headers01:08
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Paliin kernel-power-headers package are files needed to compile kernel drivers01:09
Paliand python is not in kernel01:09
stryngsAgreed, 100%01:09
stryngsbut I need mach/memory.h01:09
Paliyou are looking at wrong place01:09
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stryngsand sometimes, my insane little hacks work.01:09
Paliwhy you need mach/memory.h ?01:10
stryngsfor pybluez01:10
stryngsThe maemo package for python-bluez exists Pali, but it's for Python 2.501:11
stryngsI need it for Python 2.701:11
Palimach/memory.h in linux kernel contains just some macros which tells you where physical memory starts and similar01:16
Palireally nothing which can be used in userspace01:16
Paliso you are really looking at wrong place01:16
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Sicelostryngs is back :)17:35
KotCzarnywho is stryngs?17:36
Siceloi'm not sure how to answer ... let's just say, another N900 hacker who prefers unconventional methods17:37
Sicelo17:09 < stryngs> and sometimes, my insane little hacks work.17:37
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KotCzarnyisnt that a definition of 'hacks' ?17:39
KotCzarnyotherwise they are just bugfixes17:40
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stryngsHi Sicelo =)17:56
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Sicelothe stock media player can categorize music by genre (if you've got that in tags of course..). anyone knows which genres it actually "knows"?18:19
KotCzarnyis source of it available?18:24
KotCzarnyothwerise run strings on it18:24
bencohI guess that's in mafw trackerd source (or something like thatà18:27
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Sicelohmm, looks like it properly supports the ID3v2 standard, including the ability to specify genre as a string, instead of numeric value18:28
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DocScrutinizer05awesome name19:58
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Sicelolooks like that one doesn't actually change the tag? i use mid3v2 for that on N90020:00
KotCzarnyi just ignore tags, dir/file order ftw!20:02
KotCzarnyits nice when your collection has >99% correct tags, but if you have to fix thousands of files?20:03
* Sicelo likes them :) takes time, yes20:06
KotCzarnyfor example, put all your classical music in /classical/ dir20:07
KotCzarnythen if you want to play all classical tunes, just look for it20:07
KotCzarnyand if you prefer more detailed, just look for /composer name/20:07
KotCzarnyfile paths already contain most of the needed info20:08
Siceloi mostly don't have whole albums20:08
Siceloso no paths20:09
KotCzarnybut band name is in file name?20:09
KotCzarnyand files are in what dirs?20:09
Sicelothere's all types of names here20:11
KotCzarnyso your files are named jlkjlke.mp3 etc?20:11
Sicelobesides, ID3 tags look "nice" when the player shows them ... for example, i have my N900 use FM transmitter with my car, and the artist/song info is displayed on the head unit via RDS.20:13
KotCzarnythere are batch file renamers that can use tag info as a source20:13
Siceloon a regular player, no matter how nicely formatted your file name is, it will still show as one long (possibly truncated) line20:15
Sicelobut tag ... elegant20:15
KotCzarnysure, its nice, if you watch player display while playing20:16
Sicelohence, ymmv :)20:17
KotCzarnyand i bet you know most of the tracks info by ear anyway20:17
Siceloi'm sure you do realize that creating a particular playlist is also quicker with ID3 tag than without20:19
KotCzarnytrust me, i've done it multiple times20:20
KotCzarnyif your files have proper info in paths, regular fnmatch on them works very well20:21
Sicelook KotCzarny. i do have some "proper" filenames/paths, but for my use, tagging works much better. luckily, most software allows changing tag on multiple files at once as well .. i only use mid3v2 on N900 for that random file which i occasionally download/receive from friends20:24
KotCzarnyyes, that's the point, if your collection has >99% proper tags, its very useful20:24
Siceloand fixing them is just as easy as creating folders ... tagging is not difficult at all20:26
KotCzarnyalso, that assumes you only use id3 tags, other formats can be different20:27
Sicelo99% of my music is MP3 (for compatibility purposes)20:28
KotCzarnyis where it's at20:28
Siceloi am aware of loss involved in MP3. i'm more than happy to use the lossless formats. but, we all know few devices out there can play them20:30
KotCzarnyn900 can20:30
KotCzarnylinux boxes can20:30
Sicelolol, of course20:30
KotCzarnyso it''s not few20:31
Sicelook. we're on different "pages"20:31
KotCzarnyno worries, i should've stop at ymmv20:32
Siceloif i visit a friend, it should be easy to play my music without asking him .. do you have conversion software?20:33
KotCzarnyyou have n90020:33
KotCzarnyhe has a radio20:33
Siceloor, can we rather use radio as my N900 has FM transmitter..20:33
KotCzarnyor just connect minijack into n90020:33
KotCzarnyhmm, does nokia av cable work for audio without any tinkering?20:34
Siceloand how many people have one lying around?20:34
KotCzarnyevery n900 came with it20:34
Sicelothe AV cable needs you to short the video jack20:34
Sicelothat's all the tinkering it needs20:35
KotCzarnyis it safe?20:35
Siceloof course .. regular headphone shorts that too anyway20:35
KotCzarnygood to know20:36
Siceloi guess N900 'detects' video jack by the absence of that short, and existence of some resistance on that connector (75 ohm is it?)20:38
Sicelo.. meant, video cable20:39
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PaliDocScrutinizer05: Mussorgsky... this reminds me more computer games :-) because of his "hidden" music background21:23
KotCzarnyelite II: frontier21:24
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DocScrutinizer05Elite Dangerous!21:24
DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: (75R) maybe 50R21:25
DocScrutinizer05not sure21:25
DocScrutinizer05(<KotCzarny> hmm, does nokia av cable work for audio without any tinkering?) nope, you need to short the yellow cinch21:27
DocScrutinizer05ooh Sicelo beat me to it21:27
* Sicelo shoots DocScrutinizer05 down21:33
Sicelobut the 'theory' regarding detecting AV cable ... holds water?21:34
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DocScrutinizer05yes, absolutely21:50
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