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Luke-Jrwhy does the power kernel not support ACLs+xattrs for ext4? :/01:19
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Luke-Jrmeh, no ext4-without-journal anyway02:43
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Luke-JrKotCzarny: fwiw, there is currently no reasonable way to do Gentoo/N900 due to all stage3s using glibc 2.20 which requires too-new kernel :<03:24
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Luke-JrI accidentally rm /dev/*04:57
Luke-Jrwill a reboot restore it?04:57
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ZetaRLuke-Jr: Should do it. See 'man udev' for more info on /dev05:49
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Alphadog2Hi. I need some help. My n900 battery drains quite fast.12:23
Alphadog2I have read about this in forums, all there is unapplicable for me - switch to 2g network, change wifi to 10 mW, not to use im accounts ...12:25
KotCzarnyrun top press shift-p12:25
KotCzarnywatch what is eating cpu12:25
KotCzarnyalso, do yo uhave any widgets on the homescreen?12:26
Alphadog2I have installed modified kernel for overclock. Using qCPUFreq, I have set 800MHz max speed, but minimum is 500.12:27
KotCzarnyset minimum to 25012:27
Alphadog2I suppose i need to reduce the minimum cpu speed, but i dont know how. 150MHz seems enough in idle.12:28
KotCzarnydepends what did you install12:29
KotCzarnybut usually you change values in /etc/pmconfig, no need for any app12:29
KotCzarnyso i suggest uninstalling it and going back to default12:30
Alphadog2Does oc to 800 increase power consumption much. Even so, I suppose it does work 10% of the time, others 90% are at lower speeds.12:30
KotCzarnyyes it does12:30
KotCzarnyover 500-600 mhz you start to pay more in amps for every mhz12:31
Luke-JrAlphadog2: could your battery just be dead? :P12:31
Alphadog2Its possibe, but I doubt. I can test it and measure capacity with standart load12:32
Alphadog2How long does your n900s last?12:32
KotCzarnygrab script and check what is your battery last max capacity12:32
KotCzarnydepends on use12:32
KotCzarnywhen idle its 1-2 weeks12:32
Alphadog2And in what condition12:32
KotCzarnywhen in use its 4-8hours12:33
bencoh4-8hours ?12:33
KotCzarnyi mean max use12:33
KotCzarnylike playing vids all the time12:33
KotCzarnyor games12:34
Alphadog2Im far away12:35
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freemangordon_Alphadog2: what is "modified kernel"?12:38
freemangordon_may I have your "uname -a" output?12:38
Alphadog2Enhanced linux kernel for power users12:39
freemangordon_Alphadog2: which version?12:40
freemangordon_Alphadog2: type "uname -a" in terminal and provide the output12:41
Alphadog2R53 #1 PREEMPT12:41
Alphadog2armv71 unknown at the end12:42
freemangordon_Alphadog2: 2.6.28-10power53?12:42
KotCzarnyssh into device for easier time12:42
freemangordon_Alphadog2: how old is the battery in the device?12:43
KotCzarnyfreemangordon_: mine is 6years old12:43
Alphadog2I boight it second hand, so i dont know. It was last week.12:44
freemangordon_KotCzarny: and what is the capacity?12:44
bencohtry buying a polarcell12:44
freemangordon_Alphadog2: then most probably your battery is dead, just buy a new one12:44
KotCzarnyfreemangordon_: last 'normal' capacity was ~120012:44
KotCzarnynow bq script shows weird values12:44
Alphadog2Pmconfig says that min is 125 max 60012:44
KotCzarnyAlphadog2: uninstall that qcpufreq app12:45
freemangordon_KotCzarny: i really doubt 6yo battery has lost only 100 mAh of its capacity ;)12:45
bencohI think 125 is too low12:45
freemangordon_Alphadog2: actually, uninstall everything related to overclocking you may have installed12:45
bencoh(too feel comfortable ... when it wakes up to display a call for instance)12:46
bencohAlphadog2: and reflash it / start fresh, if you haven't yet12:46
freemangordon_KotCzarny: no way :)12:46
KotCzarnyfreemangordon_: that's why i said bq script got weird data12:46
Alphadog2I reflashed it when i bought it12:47
Alphadog2I will check with bq script12:47
freemangordon_Alphadog2: all you need is kernel-power and12:48
KotCzarnyor mcedit and google12:48
bencohhmm funny, I dont have kernel-power-settings12:48
freemangordon_for OC that is. remove all those fancy GUI applications, most if not all of them are unmaintained and not compatible with recent kernels12:48
freemangordon_bencoh: do you OC?12:49
KotCzarnyyou just need to edit /etc/pmconfig for OC12:49
bencohno, but I can change it in pmconfig (?)12:49
KotCzarnywhich kernel-power-settings most likely does12:49
bencoh(I used to run on 250->500)12:49
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KotCzarny_frickin' consumer dsl, what did i miss?12:55
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Luke-JrKotCzarny: business DSL isn't much better13:12
KotCzarnyluke, business dsl usually comes with static ip13:12
KotCzarnywhich in turn doesnt disconnect on regular basis13:12
Luke-Jrnot here.13:12
KotCzarnyany other is businessish13:12
Luke-Jrnor do dynamic IPs disconnect regularly here..13:12
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AlphadogMy battery just died :)13:15
AlphadogSo you advice me to uninstall all overclock features, and if i want OC just to edit pmconfig13:16
KotCzarnyand first try to run on stock13:16
KotCzarnyto see if it helps13:16
KotCzarnywithout any oc13:16
AlphadogAnd check the battery status using bq script13:16
freemangordon_Alphadog: most probably your battery needs replacement13:16
infobothmm... polarcell is BL-5J Replacement13:17
KotCzarnythings to look for is vdq:1 field otherwise data could be wrong13:17
KotCzarny(though it's wrong on my device anyway)13:17
freemangordon_KotCzarny: doesn't it need calibration?13:18
bencohKotCzarny: s/vdq/ci/13:18
KotCzarnyboth 113:18
KotCzarnyci means calibration incomplete?13:18
bencohand vdq is important wen you're trying to calibrate it13:19
KotCzarnywill it become valid just by a charge/discharge cycle?13:19
bencohmore or less13:19
KotCzarnyk, we will see in a few days13:19
bencohbut you need a real  discharge cycle, which means "no bme" in the last phase13:19
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AlphadogI searched thru aliexpress, all batteries there were mentioned in comments worse than the original battery in capacity, but on product description they were all above 150013:20
KotCzarnyalphadog: polarcell13:20
*** xorly has joined #maemo13:21 has them for ~10usd/eur with shipping free13:21
AlphadogWith same size. I also saw a 2400 battery, it seemed true - it was twice larger than original, with additional back phone cover.13:22
KotCzarnyyes, mugen13:23
KotCzarnyif you has moneys go for it13:23
AlphadogBut price was about 80$ :)13:23
bencohand some space in your pocket13:23
KotCzarnypolacell brand was tested and tried by many community members13:24
KotCzarnyjust do it13:24
KotCzarnyand pastebin bq script output13:25
Luke-JrAlphadog: so when was the last time you replaced the battery?13:26
KotCzarnyhe bought it used recently (device)13:26
Luke-Jrso probably never13:26
Luke-Jrsurprised it works at all13:26
KotCzarnyluke, nokia made good batteries13:26
KotCzarnybuilt to last13:26
Luke-JrKotCzarny: not mine :P13:27
KotCzarnymine still works after 6years13:27
AlphadogIts original, has the holo sticker13:27
Luke-Jrhalf a year ago, it stopped even booting :/13:27
AlphadogI also have 6310i with original battery. I use it, lasts 5-6 days13:27
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AlphadogI actually think my battery is bad. Charging it 20 minutes, and when tried to use the phone while in charger, it turned off13:46
AlphadogSo this seems to be the problem13:46
KotCzarnythat too13:46
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* DocScrutinizer05 sighs14:34
kerioi thought mugen was pretty bad15:07
keriolike, compared to two BL-5Js15:07
KotCzarnyprice wise, yeah15:22
keriono, capacity wise15:26
KotCzarnycapacity is not all15:26
kerio2.2Ah versus almost 315:26
KotCzarnybl-5j is 1.3-1.415:26
KotCzarnymugen claims its 2.415:27
keriomy 1.5 bl-5j says hi15:27
KotCzarnynokia sells 1.3-1.4 ones15:27
keriostill 2.8 vs 2.415:27
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kerioit can be quite significant15:28
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ptrzcan anyone here run the following on a maemo machine and tell me what you get? pkg-config --cflags nss20:58
ptrzmore generally, I'm trying to figure out whether maemo still has its own NSS config20:58
KotCzarnyn8x0 or n900?20:59
bencoha maemo machine ?20:59
ptrzyeah, maemo20:59
ptrzwith NSS installed20:59
KotCzarnynot to mention you dont do pkgconfig on device20:59
ptrzyou likely already have it20:59
KotCzarnyonly in scratchbox21:00
bencohyou shouldnt have pkg-config on a maemo device, unless you installed the sdk on it21:00
ptrzokay :)21:00
KotCzarny[root@Nokia-N900:~]# pkg-config21:00
KotCzarny-sh: pkg-config: not found21:00
ptrzI have no idea about anything related to maemo21:00
bencohcan try it scratchbox though21:00
ptrzdo people still use pidgin for it?21:00
ptrzbencoh: yeah, that'd be useful21:00
bencohpidgin still works, at least21:00
ptrzbasically, wherever people would build pidgin21:00
bencohthat would be in scratchbox then :)21:00
KotCzarnymind you, maemo libs ARE old21:01
KotCzarnyso dont rely on anything exotic21:02
bencohfunny, pkg-config doesnt give me anything for nss or libnss21:02
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KotCzarnybencoh, try /etc/ files directly21:02
bencohii  libnss3                                             20100401-1.9.2-5.2+0m5         Network Security Service Libraries - runtime21:02
bencohsame on device21:03
ptrzwhat about microb-engine-nss?21:04
ptrzas the package name?21:04
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bencohptrz: oh, you're talking about mozilla-nss then21:13
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bencoh> pkg-config --cflags mozilla-nss21:14
bencoh-I/usr/include/microb-engine -I/usr/include/microb-engine/nss -I/usr/include/microb-engine/nspr21:14
bencohlibnss3-dev: /usr/lib/pkgconfig/mozilla-nss.pc21:14
ptrzoh cool21:17
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