IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2015-07-18

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KotCzarnywow, i got gtkgep working on n8x000:33
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KotCzarny..sort of00:35
DocScrutinizer51dang, under settings->phone at the bottom there's "pin query" and unchecking it asks me for pin and says I entered wrong one GRRRRR00:39
KotCzarnyit's sim pin00:39
KotCzarnynot the phone pin00:39
DocScrutinizer51of course00:40
KotCzarnyand you can disable sim pin via ussd code00:40
DocScrutinizer51meh, that's not the problem00:40
DocScrutinizer51I know my sim pin, the dang phone doesn't00:40
KotCzarnymaybe it's the phone pin then00:41
KotCzarnytry 1234500:41
ShadowJKI can't remeber if I disabled sim pin on N900 or on E7500:43
ShadowJKDid it when the first N900 started modem failure cycle anyway :)00:43
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KotCzarnydoc overload00:44
DocScrutinizer51hi ShadowJK00:44
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endsowhaazza? gtkgep on n8x0... sort of? it still Michael Bay 'splodin'?00:52
KotCzarnywell, it reads and writes to audio device00:53
KotCzarnybut sound is garbled00:53
KotCzarnyanyone knowledgable with alsa and c code and willing to take a look?00:54
KotCzarny(143 lines, including blanks)00:54
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DocScrutinizer51teotwaki: hi!03:37
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^Fizz^is there anyone that would be willing to answer some of ;y questions?06:32
^Fizz^i'm relatuvely new to this06:32
^Fizz^ok i know the community is pretty much dead, but i really find the concept of maemo interesting06:41
^Fizz^so is there no one to bother with an enthousiastic programmer?06:41
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totalizatorahaha re we? dead? yikes!06:50
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endsocrap nobody told me...wait a sec. [checks pulse]07:29
endsoThat is not the way to win new friends and influence people here man...Our death has been greatly exagerated07:30
endsowhat is this "concept" of maemo you speak of? What we live and breathe is not an abstract...07:33
endsoDo you have a NIT?07:34
endsowhat is a N.I.T. infobot?07:35
infoboti heard nit is Nokia Internet Tablet07:36
endsoah there we go07:36
endsohe/she/it doesn't care for the caps or perhaps it is the periods07:38
endsoor both07:39
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endso~is maemo dead?07:44
endsohm won't answer those kind of queries07:46
KotCzarnypeople today, asking questions in the middle of the night and expecting answers in 30s07:46
KotCzarnyit's an irc, you ask a question and wait. sometimes days, sometimes weeks07:46
endsoshouldn't you be asleep gaffer?07:46
endsowhat time is it there Kot07:47
KotCzarny6:47 (am)07:47
endsoah...just waking up then07:47
endsoy'know I was thinking ...if gtkgep is such a there another fx processor which would suffice...07:48
KotCzarnyand i need someone who dabbled with alsa on n8x007:49
KotCzarnybecause it's almost working, ie. recording and playing now07:49
KotCzarnybut i get trash on the output07:49
KotCzarnymostly because i get trash from the mic tho07:50
KotCzarnyit works fine with arecord tho07:51
KotCzarnymaybe i should just pipe-exec it into gtkgep07:51
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endsohas anyone looked at the old fx processors like freqtweak or glame or ecamegapedal or LOI (lack of interest) or creox or Jesusonic (love Jesusonic) or ELE (excellent low latency effects) ...there are alot of potential candidates..07:56
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endso10pm here ...yesterday...I think... your time Kot ...crap that's weird when I think about it...wired on Joe ...wooo!07:59
KotCzarnyyou need something that works with alsa07:59
KotCzarnybut gtkgep is not bad, and can be easily enhanced (plugins)08:00's gotta be alsa for the n8x0
KotCzarnyyeah, oss emulation is missing (even after loading the module)08:01
endsoyeah ..tell me about the pluginds on it on antiX08:01
endsobloody oss..08:01
endsopain in the oss08:01
KotCzarnybut as i said, it is close to working state, just need fixing some obscure bug that i missed apparently08:02
endsoconcerning alsa and it's necessity and fitting in the dynamic of need for devices Jesusonic would be a very good potential candidate ..08:04
endsoLinux (2.4+, 2.6 recommended x86 only): Jesusonic 0.991 linux (x86) tarball (1.1MB, Jul 15 2005)08:04
endso    Supports ALSA and OSS, only tested on Debian unstable distribution, but should work on most recent Linux 2.4 and 2.6 systems.08:04
KotCzarnycool, but it looks like ncurses app (and mind you, n800 is a bit lacking in this matter)08:05
KotCzarnythough it could be fixed to some extent by cursor pad08:05
KotCzarnyor via xvkbd08:07
KotCzarnyalso, tarbal is a binary08:07
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endsotoo busy caught in the headlights playing with it...08:15
KotCzarnyno worries08:16
endsoobscure bug you say..08:17
endso"said" rather...08:18
KotCzarnymind you, code works on pc08:18
KotCzarnyit's just something n8x0 specific08:18
endsohm...if Jesusonic is out [too bad... love it] ...what about ELE?
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endsoGLAME? ...they got 'er for squeeze armel even...glancing at it's deps it seems ok....
KotCzarnyyou can try installing it08:40
KotCzarnyif no libs are missing, it might work without any changes08:41
KotCzarnyis ladspa available for n8x0 ?08:41
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endsoladspa-sdk (v. 1.1-6maemo1) for diablo extras-devel08:44
KotCzarnyumkay, it's recommended, so should work without, but ladspa has bazillion of plugins08:44
KotCzarnyie. recommended08:44
KotCzarnyweird, no one wrote sox gui for realtime effects?08:45
KotCzarnydarn it. sourceforge is still on a fritz08:50
KotCzarnythis one looks like what you want08:51
KotCzarnymaybe squeeze binary will work08:52
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endsoI dismissed jack-rack as being too way out in req.ments09:10
KotCzarnyis it?09:10
endsoYou think jack-rack is doable?09:10
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endsoI never even considered anything newer than 2008-ish...figuring it would start getting too needy in "new" dependecies that the n8x0 couldn't I just dismissed jack-rack out of hand..09:17
endsohm..they got Pyjack
endsoBrother of Kojak09:18
endsoI never considered ladspa at all...I didn't know it was available for diablo09:19
KotCzarnyas you've said, ladspa-sdk is available09:20
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endsogot some looky-looing to do.09:25
KotCzarnyit built09:29
KotCzarnyjack-rack in scratchbox09:30
endsook ...I'm installing it09:30
KotCzarnyno, it needs some source patching, but it built09:31
KotCzarnygoing to test on n80009:31
endsoFired one of mine up...09:32
KotCzarnyjackd needs mmap for alsa09:38
KotCzarnylet's see if it can be persuaded to run anyway09:39
KotCzarnyALSA lib pcm.c:2105:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_mmap_emul.so09:46
KotCzarnycastrated everywhere09:46
endsosome have attempted this path......still reading...may be something of value here09:46
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endsobloody hell..of course there is jack for fremantle...09:59
KotCzarnythere is also jackd for diablo, but the bloody driver doesnt support mmap that jackd requires09:59
KotCzarnymaybe i should check the jackd on usb audio10:01
endsothere's an idea10:02
endsopertaining to jack10:03
endsobuild failed in 2010 on fremantle10:05
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endsowtf ...jack running on 770?10:08
KotCzarnysure, why not10:08
endsoit should on the n8x0 and n900 then10:09
KotCzarnynot really, audio driver is different10:09
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endsowell...there'll be a few 770 users dancing...10:10
KotCzarnyi don't own 770, unfortunatelly10:10
endsoSadly I retired mine to the antiquities case...and just throw a battery in to keep her going too many n8x0's and n900's to take care of and a neo coming..10:11
KotCzarnyis neo done already?10:11
endsonot yet..but I'm ready for it:D10:12
endsoshould be able to do a wholllleee lot more with the neo that we can't with what we got now.10:14
KotCzarnywow, stupid me, snd_usb_audio wasnt' loaded..10:22
KotCzarnyjackd started, but device hung :)10:23
KotCzarny1/ dont try anything not for armel10:25
KotCzarny2/ diablo has alsa 1.0.1410:25
endso/usr/share/doc/libasound2-plugins/README-maemo.gz .....2nd window down or 3rd down10:26
KotCzarnyi'm missing that file10:27
KotCzarnynice and dandy, but where the heck is: include/lldsp/lldsp.h:33:31: dsp/audio_dsptask.h: No such file or directory10:31
KotCzarnybencoh: ping10:34
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endsoyawning too much...been up since 5am...and it's almost 1am here now...need to hit the snort-fort...back with coffee mug in hand in the morning...10:44
KotCzarnyyeah, nite nite10:44
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KotCzarnypali: maybe perchance you know where to get audio_dsptask.h ?10:44
Paliwhy do you need it?10:45
KotCzarnyto build:
Palior who depens on it?10:45
KotCzarnyn8x0 audio driver with mmap10:45
Palino idea10:46
Palitry to find out which symbols or defines you need from that file10:47
Paliand try to guess what it can be...10:47
KotCzarnymost likely blackmagic for the dsp programming10:47
PaliDSP headers for OSSO Multimedia framework (RX-44 hardware).10:51
KotCzarnynow i have to fix compilation errors10:52
PaliKotCzarny: here is my search result:
KotCzarnycan you look for dsp_stream_t symbol in headers?10:56
PaliI do not have indexed headers files...10:56
Palijust name of packages10:56
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KotCzarnyhmm, how can i checkout older files from svn?11:28
KotCzarnynvm, repo doesn't have anything earlier11:29
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DocScrutinizer05ashley: are you the wikimedia wizard? would you have some spare time to /join #camp-wiki and help out those guys with plugins on ?15:30
DocScrutinizer05(use SSL!)15:30
DocScrutinizer05[Info] Looking for server (port 9999)...   [SSL Connection Warning] The SSL certificate for the server (port 9999) failed the authenticity check.15:32
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DerHathi, doc15:46
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L29Ahthe VDQ flag got dropped for no apparent reason :/16:16
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ashleyDocScrutinizer05: aye, I'm the local (somewhat busy, but also lazy) MediaWiki guru (MediaWiki being the software and Wikimedia being the instance that hosts Wikipedia and related projects); I'll see what I can do17:09
DocScrutinizer05great! :-)17:09
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AlphadogHi. I have a question. I installed latest maemo testing on my n900. It seems that the original nokia repositories are no longer available, only the additional comunity repos work. It seems that the community repos don't contai  everything. Is there an alternative.18:01
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, maemo-repos is
AlphadogI also had problems with facebook related stuff. I red i  a forum I must apt-get purge the packages, but I can no longer find and install them.18:02
KotCzarnyfacebook changed a bit since 200918:03
AlphadogI suppose it changed even a lot, but had no info about the plugin18:04
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AlphadogThanks KotCzarny18:05
AlphadogSo is there a way to integrate in similar way facebook with my n900, like it was before.18:07
KotCzarnyi'm not the best person to answer because i've never used fb18:07
AlphadogI actually think I must stop using it :-)18:08
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Alphadogso even if i restore the plugin, it seems it wont work, and i cannot use it.18:11
endsoggggooooddd morningggg Topeka!!!18:11
endsolove Topeka....the name anyway18:12
AlphadogI have the phone since yesterday. Can you recommend me default apps to use for video, audio, etc...18:12
endsorolls off the tongue with the morning coffee in hand..18:12
KotCzarnyalphadog: do you prefer media libraries or directory based player?18:13
AlphadogI use debian on my pc for the last 5 yrs, so I am aware about mplayer xine amarok audacious ....18:14
KotCzarnyfor video, install open media player18:14
KotCzarnyit's a drop in system's replacement18:14
endsosocial media changes so fast it is difficult for most devices to keep up..18:14
KotCzarnyendso: irc stays the same18:15
endsottytter instead of twitter is pretty rock solid18:15
KotCzarny20 years, still works18:15
endsoweeelllll irc is irc18:15
endsoit's pretty rock solid18:16
KotCzarnyendso, as for the whole n8x0 audio thing, i've managed to compile alsa which has mmap emulation18:16
KotCzarnystill, jackd barfs that it cannot change some parameters18:17
endsoprob with modern social media apps like fb and it's ilk is they must pander to the most jaded...which means they gotta switch things up very very often18:17
endsowhazza? mmap emulation on the n8x0? ...ah jack still is jack'd..18:18
KotCzarnypity the guy who wrote alternative n8x0 audio driver is missing18:19
endsowhy "have" jackd-sdk if it can't be put to use? ...I mean what was written using it? I never knew jackd-sdk even existed before yesterday...18:20
KotCzarnymaybe someone just compiled it and left18:21
KotCzarnywithout checking18:21
KotCzarnyor maybe it can be used as a virtual sound card18:21
endsoI'm gonna look at it some...18:21
KotCzarnyit's a pity that all those workarounds can and will increase latency18:24
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KotCzarnywhoa, nice thunderstorm is coming18:25
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DocScrutinizer05((<KotCzarny> ~maemo-repos))18:31
infobotrepos is probably deb ./;; deb ./18:31
KotCzarnydoc, you are missing extras18:32
KotCzarnyalso, you are missing comments18:34
DocScrutinizer05I'm missing nothing18:34
KotCzarnyfor new users you do18:34
DocScrutinizer05those are replacements for the Nokia repos18:34
KotCzarnyie. it's almost unusable to someone that doesnt know anything about nokia, repos, extras etc18:35
DocScrutinizer05well, somebody who doesn't know about repos is pretty much lost anyway18:35
KotCzarnypeople who come for help shouldn't be left lost18:35
DocScrutinizer05but I see muarf's repos are in wiki list of repos, though cvommented out18:36
KotCzarnyyes, but to uncomment is to read the comment and remove #18:36
DocScrutinizer05actually somebody[TM] should build a maemo-extras package to fix the repo list18:37
KotCzarnyyeah, 6 years and no repos wiki page18:37
KotCzarnynow you want someone to prepare a package?18:37
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DocScrutinizer05I don't want anything18:38
KotCzarnyit was rhetorical18:38
DocScrutinizer05no time for rhetorics18:38
KotCzarnyyeah, mind looking at my alsa code? 140 lines, but glitching and i cant see why18:39
DocScrutinizer05sorry, no time for that either18:39
KotCzarnydo you know anyone that i can ask?18:39
KotCzarnyand has time18:39
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AlphadogMuarf repos seems ok18:44
AlphadogI have what i needed18:45
KotCzarnythey are a copy of nokia ones18:45
KotCzarnybut it's a private mirror18:45
KotCzarnythere were others, but went down18:45
L29Ah18:37:30]<KotCzarny> yeah, 6 years and no repos wiki page18:45
KotCzarnyl29ah: check the edits history18:45
L29Ahfix it18:45
KotCzarnyi did18:46
KotCzarnyotherwise repo list wouldnt be there18:46
KotCzarnyinstructions there have nokia.com19:06
KotCzarnyis it safe to enable deb ?19:07
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KotCzarnyfrickin' consumer dsl19:12
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endsohmm...hey Kot: according to this... the n95 headset/microphone works grand on the n800 such as this:
endsoIf this is the case why the necessity to route things through a usb audio card?22:19
KotCzarnymic is not an issue when your card can record with 8khz max22:20
endsoah..yeah forgot about that horrid horrid 8khz max22:21
KotCzarnyworks fine for voice and probably many instruments22:21
endsoduh :D Been reading too long ...looking down too many alleys...brain is curdling...22:22
KotCzarnyi'm hacking at alsa recording on n8x0, i think i need to set proper params to get usable output22:23
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KotCzarnyhrm, almost works ok23:00
endsowith that usb audio card?23:03
KotCzarnynope, n8x0 only23:03
endsoare you outing anything via headphone port? you'll get horrible proximity crap otherwise..onboard mic and speakers are just too close..23:05
KotCzarnyfor testing it's ok23:05'd be terrible...not to mention you may set one or the other or both on must have it turned waaaaaayyyyy down low23:06
KotCzarnyno worries, it's only for testing23:07
KotCzarnyif you want i can make a tarball, my head starts hurting when i think of alsa on n8x023:08
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endsosure thing...I'll play with a tarball of it...test it some does the usb audio card work with it? I'll grab one if it does ...or is a headphone / microphone jack adequate enough?... either way I am going shopping :D23:15
*** louisdk has quit IRC23:15
KotCzarnyjack is adequate, if i get things right it should work similar as on n90023:15
endsoright. Well this is grand ..gtkgep on the n8x0 and n90023:16
endsopity ladspa seems to be a brain tumour waiting to happen for whoever looks at it.. :D23:17
*** Vajb has quit IRC23:18
KotCzarnynah, ladspa is just a plugin system23:18
KotCzarnyyou can build your app around it23:18
KotCzarny  unpack to /opt/23:19
KotCzarnyyou can make /opt a symlink to place where you can exec things (ext2/3, not vfat though)23:19
KotCzarnymind you, sound is still broken (ringing and cracks), also sometimes device hangs during running/stopping23:23
KotCzarnynice thing about gtkgep is that you can add/remove/configure plugins on the fly23:24
endsoah ...wouldn't ... be an easier effects processor since the need for older qt and ecasound armel (which is plentiful in old and new versions) be a better possibility23:24
KotCzarnysure, as long it uses alsa, and sets recording right23:25
endsosound is broken in n8x0 gtkgep?23:25
KotCzarnya bit, but try it, almost works23:25
endsoI'll do just that...I am going to wait til I have a proper mic / headphone jack so I get decent separation and isolation 'tween the two...then I know any probs I get won't be proximity related...23:28
*** LauRoman|Alt has quit IRC23:35
KotCzarnynah, the problem right now is getting recording side params right, n8x0 driver is very picky23:35
*** dhbiker_ has quit IRC23:36
*** florian has joined #maemo23:41
endsorecording parameters where? Are you speaking of  in gtkgep itself or in device...23:44
endsoI'd like to know where I should tinker ..23:44
KotCzarnyin gtkgep, but hardcoded for now23:44
endsohm...on the topic mentioned ...sox ..doesn't have a gui ...would that be an easier option considering we already have sox?23:57
KotCzarnycheck if you can get it to record/process/play in the same time, using cmd line23:58
KotCzarnyexamples should be on the net23:59
*** vakkov has quit IRC23:59

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