IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2015-06-03

koppleare there any good web browsers for maemo?00:00
koppleother than the built-in one00:01
koppleas you said, this seems to be a rare problem but not new either. No one I read ever fixed from the pages I found00:02
Vajb_try opera from extras repo00:03
Vajb_that's what i use when i need to browse00:04
kopplethanks, I'm trying. Just as always, the app. manager taking forever00:05
koppleone of the repos are giving me issues. Currently my active ones are freemantle ssu app, mr0, extras, extras-devel00:09
koppleis giving*00:10
slapinhi, all!00:10
slapinis there any mirrors of stuff?00:10
koppleslapin, as far as I know.. nope . You're looking for software?00:13
slapinkopple: I'd like to install maemo sdks and add some packages compatible with maemo5 which are dependency but was not installed by default00:16
slapinkopple: I also looking for GPS test UI app, which allowed me to actually use GPS, as it won't start without this app00:17
koppleothers could help more, I'm sorry00:17
slapinit is pity they sut these off  before I finished my mirror :(00:18
koppleit's long gone as far as I remember00:18
KotCzarnythere is one still working00:19
KotCzarnyalso, someone torrented it, might still be seeding00:20
KotCzarnykopple: there are few browser, fennec (old mobile firefox), tear, midori, opera00:20
infobotKotCzarny meant: kopple: there are few browsers, fennec (old mobile firefox), tear, midori, opera00:21
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koppleKotCzarny: UserAgentTool needs CSSU to work. I know this is the wrong question, but is it a demanding task to enable them but most of all.. is it risky? I can't risk my phone right now00:29
KotCzarnykopple, backup it (see backupmenu)00:30
KotCzarnythen in case of something going awry, you can simply reflash and restore backup00:30
KotCzarnyas for user agent, maybe there is other tool that works00:31
KotCzarnymaybe this one00:32
kopplegosh, I need empty space to back up onto which I don't have. Unless.. backing up the system doesn't give a very large image00:33
kopplewill look into your last suggestion, thanks00:34
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bencohkopple: (isp/403) I had this issue as well with a phone service provider01:11
kopplebencoh: thanks, how did you cope?01:12
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bencohssh or changing the user-agent01:14
kopplessh to a proxy?01:14
bencohssh -D to my serve01:15
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koppleoh ok, I don't have a server01:15
KotCzarnydo you have decent connection at home?01:16
koppleI won't say no because I want to know what you suggest :)01:16
KotCzarnyat least 1mbit uplink01:16
KotCzarnyand 1mbit or more downlink01:16
kopple20Kb/s, almost 1Mb download speed though. But anyway, this info could be useful anyway.01:17
KotCzarnythen you buy one of those little openwrt router boxes, setup sshd on them and simply open tunnel to the home01:17
bencohyou might to check if ssh actually works first01:18
KotCzarnytoo slow i think, change user agent01:18
KotCzarnyyeah, external ip is a must too01:19
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KotCzarny(at home)01:19
koppleKotCzarny: I do have external IP, thanks. BTW user-agent won't help, using Hide User Agent I still get the 40301:19
koppleI want to learn more about the sshd01:19
KotCzarnydid you hide the ua or changed it into firefox or some android one?01:20
koppleI set a non-sense one, I don't get a "hide" feature01:20
bencohI'd a real one01:21
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bencohlike the one android or iOS use01:21
koppleit's meant to be the entire user agent, isn't it? I should type "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us)  AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293  Safari/6531.22.7" for example?01:23
bencohI think there is an applet for that in maemo01:24
bencohwith predefined user-agents01:24
kopplecan I enter something like "nothing better to read?" at the end? Lol01:25
kopplebencoh, it should be useragenttool but it doesn't work unless you have CSSU updates, which I don't. Thanks01:25
bencohoh .. okay01:26
koppleI have just typed all that stuff, will try now01:27
kopplestill 403 :(01:27
kopplemaybe it's the program which isn't working?01:28
KotCzarnyactually, wonder if you have to restart anything01:28
KotCzarnypity you cant easily check01:28
KotCzarnyahm, you can01:28
KotCzarnyon wifi01:28
KotCzarnygo to some site and make sure its actually used01:28
koppleI did restart the browser, I'm going to check out with a website I own if I can see a different UserAgent within logs with wifi01:29
koppleor maybe there's some website that prints your user agent..?01:29
koppleyou won't believe it... :D01:30
KotCzarnythere is more than one01:30
KotCzarnykeyword positioning etc01:30
koppleI guess so, that domain is for the dumb like me XD01:30
KotCzarnyand for google01:31
kopplethat's true :)01:31
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kopplethey usually go on a pair, if it's actual English01:31
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koppleside-by-side. That's what I meant. And... the User Agent is... exactly the one I set!01:34
kopplethe iPhone 4 user agent01:34
koppleI'm going to give logs some poetry now01:35
KotCzarnymaybe there is another reason you get 40301:35
koppleand what could that be? It is given by the ISP, now we can be sure01:36
KotCzarnyout of curiosity, switch to cellular data and check what ip address you get from ping google.com01:36
koppleok, hold on01:37
bencohhmm right01:38
koppleyou think it's DNS?01:38
KotCzarnymaybe they capture traffic because of some captive portal or unpaid service01:39
bencohcould be01:39
KotCzarnyand while at it, on cellular, check if ping gets through01:39
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KotCzarnyalso, try https://google.com01:40
koppleit seems it isn't connecting anymore01:40
bencoh216.58.211.78 is google alright01:41
kopplebencoh may it be cache? I got a ping error since I wasn't root yet, then I realized I wasn't connected either01:41
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bencohcould be dnsmasq01:42
koppleI'm trying rebooting01:44
kopplenow my User Agent has some personality btw01:44
bencohpersonality ?01:45
koppleyes ! A message to the log reader01:46
kopplestill rebooting01:46
koppleKotCzarny: it seems I can't ping, or anything at all01:48
kopple is looping, loading nothing01:49
kopplewhile I can use the mail client01:50
KotCzarnyso they blocked you regardles of ua, maybe they offer internet access to selected services01:50
KotCzarnycall them maybe and check?01:51
KotCzarnyyou can try setting sshd on fake email server port at home01:51
KotCzarnybut first call them and make sure what internet service is included in your plan01:52
koppleright away, now I have a UA to show off.01:52
koppleIs sshd different from ssh? I have never used that either unfortunately. I could consider that01:52
KotCzarnysshd is the server, ssh is the client01:53
KotCzarnyto setup ssh tunnel, you run ssh server at home (or something) + some http proxy (squid or something) then run ssh client on n900 with tunneling enabled, ie. ssh -L 80: (or whatever port is squid listening to)01:54
KotCzarnybut watch out to only allow squid to respond to localhost connections, otherwise you will make big security hole01:55
koppleoh god, something evil happened with my phone now :D It keeps sending out numbers with the tone keyboad during calls01:55
DeusIXI wonder whether my 7110's charger is compatible with N90001:55
koppleKotCzarny: thanks01:55
bencohkopple: tinyproxy01:56
bencohit's a small mem footprint proxy01:56
bencohand it has socks support for upstream01:56
bencoh(ssh -D acts as a proxy server which tunnels tcp connection through the ssh session)01:57
kopplesocks support for upstream, what does it mean?01:58
kopplebencoh ssh -D is the command I'd need to launch? Also, as a dynamic IP owner should I use some sort of dynamic DNS in order to access my proxy at home via ssh?01:59
bencohtinyproxy is an http proxy, but it can use a SOCKS server to proxify the outbound connections01:59
kerioKotCzarny: the default bind address for -L is localhost01:59
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KotCzarnykerio, but still, proxy should be configured too02:03
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koppletomorrow morning I'll call them and ask02:05
chopix^hello guys02:05
chopix^i deleted a file02:05
chopix^is there a package like photorec02:05
kopplethey apparently sleep at night02:05
kopplechopix: looked at this ?
chopix^i have a n902:06
chopix^non a n90002:06
chopix^and im desperate^^02:07
chopix^ill try that btw02:07
kopplenobody is perfect02:07
chopix^how can i access the pkg02:07
kopplethere should be a .deb in that page02:08
kopplemm no, it's just a library .deb02:08
chopix^its a librarty02:08
koppleI don't know exactly, maybe others can02:08
chopix^found it02:09
chopix^lets see if it instals!02:10
kopplebut, maybe you're way more tech-savvy than I am, make sure to not write onto that same filesystem your file was in02:10
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chopix^some errors but it installs^^02:12
kopplegood luck02:13
chopix^doesnt work02:14
chopix^unable to detect disk02:14
chopix^i guess stupid epic aegisfs02:14
koppleif only it had been on your SD..02:15
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kopplechopix, how is it going?02:25
chopix^im creating a screen02:26
chopix^also its not clear which partition i have to scan02:26
koppleI'm just curious, unlikely to be of much help02:26
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chopix^since its a .db02:31
chopix^i selected just that in the options02:31
chopix^its running02:31
koppleagain good luck02:32
chopix^this bshit nokia suite bkp02:33
koppleis it what caused your file's deletion?02:33
chopix^but it surely would have helped if it backuped the whole fucking /home/user^^02:34
chopix^k so first partition found 002:34
koppleagreed :D02:35
chopix^2nd partition02:36
chopix^seems no problem with aegis though02:37
chopix^since im running it from inside so photorec see things decrypted02:37
koppleI don't know what aegis is02:37
chopix^bshit inside n9 :D02:37
chopix^any whorth successor of the n900 around ??!?!?02:38
koppleindeed, none02:38
kopplewell, actually neo900 is02:38
chopix^is it out?02:39
kopplemm.. was is going to be? It's a project as far as I know, you can purchase it on demand02:40
kopplechopix here it's late at night, I should be leaving shortly02:40
chopix^gn8 kopple and thanks :D02:41
OksanaIs it safe to delete /var/lib/apt/lists/*.* files? Because I get annoying "Encountered a section with no Package: header" error all the time.02:41
kopplewelcome ;)02:41
chopix^ah ma sei ita tra l'altro :D02:41
koppleoh sì02:41
kopplecosì sono davvero l'ultimo ita con un n900 :(02:42
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OksanaWhy SDK-tools file is located in maemo5.0 repository?.. /Confused/
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OksanaOkay-Tokay, enabling Extras-Devel... Beware the dragons!04:24
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sixwheeledbeastOksana: looks like someone has put a later version in extras?09:48
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vakkov_Hi there! a quick question - were all of these backed up -
vakkov_xes: where are the gitorious repos that you have backed up13:53
vakkov_ough, preenv is missing13:54
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chopix^guys anyone has this18:56
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bencohhmm ?19:01
chopix^the link is long dead :(19:01
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KotCzarnychopix: grab scratchbox and compile it yourself?19:56
chopix^whats scratchbox19:58
chopix^i dont have a n900^^19:58
infobotmethinks scratchbox is a cross-compiling system that uses binfmt_misc, rpc calls, and an nfs mount to make a cross-build appear to be 100% native, and is found at, hosted by maemo now. Also at
infobotfrom memory, sdk is or "wget"19:58
KotCzarnyin short, you can compile software on your pc, then copy packages/files to n90019:59
KotCzarnythere was even virtualbox image19:59
chopix^i should give it a try19:59
KotCzarnyyou can also try debian-armel binaries (from lenny or older)20:00
chopix^yeah that was my first try20:00
chopix^couldnt find package20:00
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chopix^doesnt work20:01
KotCzarnywhat is the error?20:02
chopix^need older version20:02
chopix^librariers dont meet version requirement20:02
bencohhm ?20:03
bencohare you just trying to run it ? on which os ?20:03
chopix^i have a n920:03
chopix^so i guess harmattan20:03
bencohoh, okay20:03
bencohI see20:03
KotCzarnythought n90020:03
KotCzarnystill, n9 is newer than n90020:03
chopix^n900 packages usually run on n9 :)20:04
chopix^extundelete: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found20:06
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KotCzarnywhich package exactly are you using?20:09
bencohif the one from wheezy doesnt work, try squeeze20:10
KotCzarnytry asking with the scratchbox to compile it20:10
bencohor lenny20:10
KotCzarnyit's a small package20:10
bencohor try compiling it, yeah20:10
KotCzarnyand i have to run20:10
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chopix^trying to see if i find something on launchpad20:16
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