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L29AhNokia-N900:~# chroot /mnt/tmp/ /bin/bash08:56
L29AhFATAL: kernel too old08:56
L29Ahthis SUCKS08:56
KotCzarnyits the main show stopper08:57
L29Ahi wonder if a new eglibc/uclibc can handle it08:57
KotCzarnyonly two ways to find out08:58
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ceenein the thread about easy debian11:33
ceenethere's a explanation on how to patch glibc11:33
ceeneto allow it to run on maemo's kernel11:33
ceeneit's just a couple line replacements11:33
ceenei assume some things that are not supported will never work, of course, but most of the apps will run without any problem11:33
ceeneonly those that try to use newest syscalls will face problems11:34
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ceenehere it is11:37
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KotCzarnynice, we can has newest glibc without upping kernel?11:39
KotCzarnywhy noone made a maemo package yet?11:40
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kerioKotCzarny: yeah i'm not entirely sure it will work11:58
kerioi mean, the minimum kernel requirement is probably there for a reason11:59
ceenei have it running under easy debian12:00
ceeneand it seems to work12:00
ceeneas i said, there may be some applications that want to run new syscalls that do not exist in our kernel12:00
KotCzarnyits because some calls have changed, some have been added12:00
ceenecalls never change12:01
ceenethey shouldn't12:01
ceeneat least at kernel level12:01
ceenethat's why sometimes there are syscalls in fashion of do_something, do_something1, do_something212:01
ceeneso it remains binary compatible12:01
KotCzarnybut overall most apps use some basic pack of calls that would work even on old kernels, right?12:01
ceenebut it can happen that some application wants to use some of the do_something2 that doesn't exist in our kernel12:01
KotCzarnyit would be sweet to have recent glibc12:02
ceenein fact, latest easy debian works with a patched glibc12:02
ceeneand i have yet not found any application that wants to use a new syscall or whatever12:02
ceeneso most of everything seems to work fine12:02
ceeneand of course12:02
ceeneno maemo application is going to try to use new syscalls12:02
ceenewhen they don't even know they exist12:02
KotCzarnybecause then we could simply use debian current repo12:02
ceenebut glibc may try to do something on his own12:02
KotCzarnyor recompile current packages12:03
ceenei mean, maybe some new syscall allows glibc to perform something like, dunno, strlen() much more faster12:03
ceeneso even if maemo apps do not explicitily use new syscalls12:03
ceeneglibc may want to do it regardless12:03
ceeneof course strlen is not going to be an issue, but some other functions may12:03
ceeneall in all, it may be worth a try12:03
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ceenealso, latest kernel on maemo is 2.6.2812:04
ceenewhile new glibc requires 2.6.3212:04
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ceenemaybe it's easy to bump maemo's kernel those 4 releases?12:05
bencohyou'd need to port the various patches12:07
ceenemaybe they're not so much, i don't know12:07
ceeneis it up there somewhere a git tree?12:07
bencohthere is Pali's tree12:08
ceeneis it the one that builds kernel-power-2.6.28-10power53?12:08
ceenehi, Pali  :)12:09
ceeneyou're always online12:09
Palikernel-power do not have regular git tree12:09
bencohkernel-power is in the repos12:09
Palijust quilt like patches on top of mainline 2.6.28 version12:09
bencoh(including sources&patches)12:09
ceenei see you got branches even for v4.012:09
Paliyes, kernel-power source code is in maemo-extras12:09
Palion github are some branches for 4.x kernels too12:10
L29Ahokay uclibc sucks as well12:10
L29Ahdo debian guys provide armv7a-hardfp stuff?12:10
ceenedoes it work?12:10
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ceeneyou already got a barnch for 2.6.32, that'd be enough to run a modern glibc12:12
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pentanolhi there, I got error on the nokia n900 when I want to send mms:12:43
pentanol-3, 'Temporary failure in name resolution'12:43
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Vajb_sounds like ur internet connection is not working13:35
L29Ahwow ppl actually use the mms stuff13:37
bencohpentanol: have you checked the fMMS TMO threads (I assume you're using fMMS) ?13:38
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Vajb_well since yappari i haven't used fmms, but occasionally some sms sent from some phone show up as sms here.13:48
bencohhow does it work when you're on a gprs apn btw ?13:49
bencoh(does it work at all, or does fMMS disconnects/reconnects you periodically ?)13:49
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Vajb_bencoh: i only use gprs and it works without problems. Tho i receive mms rarely14:30
Vajb_or rather i keep gprs active always and occasionally connect wlan on side to be able to move stuff from laptop.14:32
pentanolfmms need internet connection for mms sends?14:34
pentanolwhen n900 connected to wifi fMMS say: -2, 'Name or service not known'14:36
pentanolthere no way send mms from gsm?14:37
APic\splatAn MMS is only a SMS with a Link to a remotely stored huge Message, i think.14:39
APic\splatOr something like that.14:39
APic\splatSo MMS is not only GSM, but also GPRS to access the Internet-Site.14:40
pentanolon n900 I can send mms only with fMMS or other apps?14:41
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KotCzarnymms is almost always send via internet connection14:42
KotCzarnysome providers setup separate access names for mms traffic tho14:42
KotCzarnyand for the link, some providers make life easier for people who do not want to use their cellulars to open data14:43
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zGrr moin ;)14:45
fralsyou need access to the providers mmsc to send mms, which is usually over some kind of internet connection14:45
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pentanolzGrr moin moin14:52
APic\splatHi ho.14:53
L29Ahoh it was you hacking my sms thing14:54
KotCzarnyhacking? its wide open14:54
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DeusIXHello. I just got N900 today and since it's used, I'd like to know what state is it in.16:33
DeusIXthanks :D16:34
bencohwelcome aboard :)16:34
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bencohDeusIX: you could play with it / test the main (hw) functions (phone, vibration, screen, lockswitch, full keyboard, camera, usb), flash it, and retry16:42
bencoh(there are more, but ... you'll see)16:42
DeusIXit doesn't seem top save changes like wallpaper16:42
bencohif it's true, that's a software issue, I wouldnt mind about it16:43
bencohuntil you reflash16:43
Sicelohi. would anyone (using Activesync) know what hash algo is used for the email password in gconf16:45
DeusIXperhaps I should, but I don't want to brick it16:45
bencohDeusIX: you'll want to flash it soon or later to start fresh16:46
kerioSicelo: it's not a hash16:48
kerioDeusIX: you could flash_eraseall all your MTDs16:49
kerioand it would be but a minor setback16:49
kerioas long as you can figure out what the hw revision and the bluetooth mac address are supposed to be16:50
keriothat is, if your usb port is still working16:50
DeusIXusb works. i took a picture and i can see it on my computer, but not on the n90016:53
Sicelokerio: what is it? :-) how can i get the real password from it?16:53
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kerioDeusIX: the n900 usb port is very prone to breaking :(16:54
DeusIXabout product gives me Nokia N900 <unknown> Version <unknown>16:54
bencohunknown ?16:55
Sicelofix the usb, and flash :) quickest way out of your dilemma. i had that <unknown> thing too16:55
bencohin Settings->About Product ?16:55
DeusIXbencoh: yes16:55
Siceloknown problem16:56
Sicelodocscrutinizer could explain the cause, but a flash fixed mine16:57
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Sicelosomething related to communication between maemo & cal ... possibly can be fixed other ways, but likely not straightforward17:00
keriois it really17:01
kerioi thought it was just a missing mp-fremantle-generic-pr17:01
Sicelolet me find the convo17:02
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DeusIXon boot it says: no initfs \o/17:12
DeusIXok, so this fashing thing. how does it work and what precautions are there?17:12
infobotmaemo-flashing is, like,, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh17:12
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Vajb_hmm wait, if it says no initfs on boot isn't it in r&d mode18:28
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kerioit is18:29
Vajb_so could that be the cause of unknown version?18:29
L29Aha compiler just hanged again :[18:31
L29Ahi guess i need to get the voltage up for 900MHz mode18:31
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infobot"OK, listen up.  This is your CPU."  apt drops the CPU into a hot frying pan.  "This is your CPU on overclocking.  Any questions?"18:32
L29Ahinfobot: you have no balls!18:32
bencohinfobot: <318:32
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, <3 is love18:32
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L29Ahhmm, is it possible to combine the smartreflex thing with manual overvolting?18:37
bencohovervolting ?18:38
bencohyou dont specify voltage with smartreflex18:39
L29Ahi was said there that smartreflex won't increase voltage for >800MHz or so18:39
Vajb_i heard that it doesn't work stable over that18:40
sixwheeledbeastI thought it was not recommended to use SR for >800Mhz ?18:40
Vajb_maybe it was 850...18:40
infobot[SmartReflex] >>Again, TI and we [Nokia] couldn't fix SmartReflex - we say memory corruption in front of our own eyes with that enabled, so we had to ship that disabled.<<18:41
L29Ahokay, i'll just step down for now18:41
infobotit has been said that kp is
bencohL29Ah: just use it with ondemand at max 800 and you'll be fine :)18:41
bencoh(or 850, whatever :)18:42
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L29Ahokay it hanged again in the same place on 850; removed the aggressive garbage collecting bullshit from CFLAGS; worked; returning to 90019:07
L29Ahoh, no, didn't work (:19:07
L29Ahoh, no, it worked19:11
L29Ahi guess i need to postpone all this bullshit until i get a decent building farm19:11
bencohoh, that19:12
infobotAPic\splat meant: Ok.19:14
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DeusIXso to flash i run this "flash-it-all" on my ubuntu while N900 is connected to the usb?19:54
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DeusIXshould the N900 be on mass-media-mode or off or what?19:56
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh20:02
DeusIXVajb_: what's r&d mode?20:04
APic\splatA Mode for the People who cannot install „rootsh” or something.20:06
sixwheeledbeasthmm there is a wiki20:14
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sixwheeledbeastneeds double escaping on URL20:16
APic\splatEscaping > *20:19
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DeusIXwell flash-it-all started downloading something20:32
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DeusIXyay. It still works.20:47
DeusIXand is no longer unknown, but maemo 520:47
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Vajb_btw does anyone use that blacklisting thing for phone calls?21:10
Vajb_salesman have been bugging me that much this week that i started to think of blocking all calls which aren't in my phonebook21:10
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KotCzarnyi do21:21
KotCzarnyapparently it works, though its quirky21:21
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ecc3gcallerx is kind of clunky...21:32
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sixwheeledbeastcallerx WFM21:57
sixwheeledbeastVajb_: ^^21:57
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infobotwfm is, like, (Wired For Management Baseline) This is an Intel hardware specification that is designed to allow for compliance with easier management of desktop PCs in a networked environment. The specification calls for computers to be compatible with a pre-boot protocol that can be used to update the system or perform other management options. Also, the computer must be compatible with network/desktop management applications..  Works For Me22:12
sixwheeledbeastthe latter :)22:12
Vajb_no performance issues?22:14
APic\splatThere is no Thing without Performance-Issues.22:15
Vajb_ok. Let me rephrase myself. Will i notice slow down of device or longer delay for caller pefore my phone rings?22:17
Vajb_well i don't notice latter but my gf might22:18
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sixwheeledbeastIt's well, I suppose, clunky or quirky I suppose you could say. But works none the less.22:25
sixwheeledbeastMaybe slight delay in ringing, on occasion a one ring/missed call note before being blocked.22:27
*** N-Mi has quit IRC22:27
sixwheeledbeastbut much better than the alternative pycallblocker IMO.22:27
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Vajb_k. Think i will give it a try22:27
sixwheeledbeastVajb_: np, BTW it's maintainer hasn't been about for a while but feel free to report issues in it's thread on TMO.22:29
sixwheeledbeastoh and also feel free to vote on the package as it's in extras-testing IIRC22:32
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Vajb_hmm i guess one needs account for voting22:35
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sixwheeledbeast oh and I just checked its in extras \o/22:36
APic\splatWhoah, nice!22:38
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kopplehi, is anybody getting 403 forbidden errors ? Even google itself gives "The service you requested is restricted and not available to your browser"23:39
kopplen900, maemo23:40
koppleI can't surf to any website23:40
KotCzarnyare you using some proxy?23:40
kopplenot as far as I'm aware23:41
KotCzarnymaybe your cellular provider restricts23:41
koppleI should give them a call, does this happen to others?23:41
koppleI recall there being some community-developped updates for maemo, I have never updated it that way. Could this give the browser some boost?23:43
KotCzarnyyou have definitely something fishy going on23:43
KotCzarnytry wifi23:44
koppleright away23:44
kopplewifi works, you're definitely right23:45
koppleISP is to blame23:45
KotCzarnyfor starters try faking user agent23:45
koppleeasily done?23:45
KotCzarnydisclaimer: i havent tried it23:46
kopple50MB, I may be low on memory. Is this simply a test or something to keep?23:48
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koppleif I'm not mistaken this should change the browser user agent so that automatic filtering from ISP side may be circumvented. Am I right?23:49
koppleIn this case, I may be going to keep it ;)23:49
KotCzarnykopple, you might want to look for any other tool23:49
KotCzarnyor maybe a way to change it manually23:49
KotCzarnymaybe about:config works or in config23:50
koppleoh damn, my installation is broken. I can't confirm to any Y/n request in terminal. Gotta look for it in the app. manager23:51
kopplein case I failed will the ISP be banning me for serious reasons?23:51
KotCzarnythat's up to your isp service agreement23:52
kopplewell, this browser may be ancient but isn't this my business?23:52
KotCzarnydepends what they sold you23:53
koppleplain internet access, no VPN or secure connection whatsoever23:53
KotCzarnyif there is nothing in the paperwork, they shouldn't mangle your connectivity23:54
KotCzarnymaybe they treat unknown user agents as bots, who knows23:54
KotCzarnytry googling the problem, because most likely you wont be the only one (but its bound to your isp, not n900 specifically)23:55

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