IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2015-05-02

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freemangordonSicelo: hmm, ging to try12:15
freemangordonSicelo: hmm, yeah, I guess the auth token has expired. But nevertheless sharig plugin should deal with that situation12:22
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Siceloyou mean by re-validating? or you mean something needs improving with the plugin?12:38
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freemangordonSicelo: yeah12:46
freemangordonthis "{"error":{"message":"(#200) Requires extended permission: publish_actions","type":"OAuthException","code":200}}" is the error12:47
freemangordonseems they have changes something12:47
freemangordonnow the errors are just ignored, I am fixing this12:48
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freemangordonSicelo: hmm, seems something is broken on FB side13:15
freemangordoneven after requesting auth again, I still can't share13:15
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freemangordonOMG, seems that someone removed all of the "Nokia N900" application permissions13:19
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freemangordonprincefakhan: someone (Nokia? FB?) has removed all the permissions of Nokia FB application.13:21
princefakhanwhat. is it just fb.13:23
jonwilSounds like Facebook has blocked the Facebook API key used by Maemo13:23
princefakhanI think so too.13:23
jonwilNot that I care,13:23
jonwilI dont use Facebook :P13:23
jonwilThe answer might be to simply clone the Facebook bits and find another API key...13:23
jonwilunless there was something special about what the N900 FB app did13:24
freemangordonjonwil: no, I reimplemented the sharing plugin by useing the new FB API (graph API) and it was working for a while13:25
freemangordonjonwil: and it is not blocked, as I am able to get the auth token13:25
freemangordonbut application has permissins to do nothing :)13:26
jonwilWell turning off all the permissions is in practical terms the same thing as blocked :)13:26
freemangordonno, it is not the saem13:26
freemangordonI can get user information for example13:26
freemangordonbut cannot publish on her behalf13:26
freemangordonI == application13:27
freemangordonI sent a message to Nokia FB lady, lets see what she will respond13:28
freemangordonhmm, someone make that application fubar. there are no administrators ?!?13:32
princefakhanthis is happening with the fb widget, isn't it?13:33
freemangordonit is the same application, yes13:34
princefakhanthere seems to be no problem with the IM service.13:34
freemangordonit is a different thing13:37
princefakhanso it does not need any permission. how?13:39
freemangordonbecause it is using a different protocol13:49
scottca different protocol that was due to be disabled 2 days ago (!)13:50
freemangordonscottc: wasn't it supposed to be disabled on 15th of April?13:51
scottcI thought it was the 30th but I could be mistaken13:51
freemangordonxmpp afaik13:51
freemangordonoh, 30th13:51
scottc"After April 30th, 2015 apps will no longer be able to access the service or API. This includes both access to and the xmpp_login permission."13:52
freemangordonscottc: maybe it takes time13:52
scottcfor some reason I thought it was the 10th of May for a while too, no idea why13:52
scottcperhaps, yeah13:52
freemangordonI guess this is our problem with sharing application13:52
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princefakhanthere was some protocol which was to be deprecated years ago but was done this year. I guess it was FB's.13:54
freemangordonscottc: "Require Login Review for all apps that use Facebook Login and ask people for permissions..."13:55
freemangordonthat's our problem13:55
princefakhanoh. but I think the app opens the browser to login.13:56
freemangordonyes, so what?13:56
princefakhandoes it not?13:56
freemangordonextended permissions need to be reviewed and approved by FB13:56
princefakhanoh! I thought the users Login Review.13:57
freemangordonhow cute, chat API is deprecated, but there is no replacement13:59
scottc"Was this document helpful" NO14:00
freemangordonscottc: I sent an error report on 4th of april, still no reply14:01
scottctypical facebook14:01
freemangordonyou can't upload videos to FB which contain geo tags14:01
freemangordonand even put an example video on my webserver14:01
freemangordonnothing, but silense14:01
freemangordonI guess I will just close my account soon14:02
scottcI wish my friends weren't so reliant on Facebook14:02
scottcotherwise I already would have14:02
princefakhanI hope people knew the power of open source.14:02
antranigvmay the source be with you...14:03
antranigvuse the source, Luke!14:03
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princefakhanand then we wouldnt need wa, fb, line and tons of other IM and video/audio calling bullshit14:03
antranigvXMPP for ever!14:03
antranigvi call my gf via Jabber call on our N900s :P14:04
princefakhanyeah. xmpp. why need tons of shit for the same thing.14:04
freemangordonprincefakhan: actually there are already tons of FOSS alternatives. well, maybe not to FB, but to all of the other stuff14:04
princefakhanyeah there are. but who uses them. the one who has a linux machine like us people.14:04
freemangordonhow's linux related?14:04
princefakhanoops. android is linux too. lol.14:05
antranigvpeople just need to understand about privacy and free software14:05
freemangordonpeople just CBA14:05
infobotrumour has it, cba is Can't Be Arsed.14:05
freemangordon== don;t care14:05
antranigvI converted many people to freesw and maemo/meego14:05
princefakhanthe point is. use somethin that is cross plattform. and not just iOS, Android, WP14:06
antranigvmy point is, as I always said, use technology, don't use/be products14:06
antranigvuse email, not gmail/hangouts14:06
freemangordonok, but when she buys her next device, it comes preinstalled with a pile of closed etc stuff14:07
antranigvuse xmpp, not 100 products that use xmpp14:07
KotCzarnypeople are lazy14:07
KotCzarnyits just that14:07
antranigvshe = my gf? she'll never change her device after the N90014:07
freemangordonso she simply uses what is on the device, without giving a damn whether it is foss/closed14:07
KotCzarnyand as usual its not about quality of the product, but marketing14:07
antranigvshe's in love the FCamera :D14:07
KotCzarnyand coercing bunch of them so the rest will follow14:08
princefakhanjust as freemangordon said, people just CBA14:08
freemangordonI speak in general, my lady uses N900 as daily device ;)14:08
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antranigvthere is another problem.. the media14:09
princefakhanI hope I had a lady. so I could gift her a n900. and we would jabber/xmpp.14:09
princefakhanor neo900 when it releases.14:09
freemangordonand I turned out my ex-wife to a linux (well ubuntu) user. But that's not enough when the other people en masse use google devices14:09
antranigvthe media will never talk about how we use N900 in 2015, but will talk about windows 10 coming soon :P14:09
freemangordonprincefakhan: you'd better do other things with your lady, not jabber etc, otherwise you'll soon have no lady :P14:10
antranigvany news from the neo900?14:10
freemangordonantranigv: sisce when?14:10
antranigvlol freemangordon14:10
princefakhancuz, marketing. antranigv14:10
princefakhanthey want money.14:10
scottcI wish the neo900 had a nicer screen, then I'd honestly use it as my main phone14:10
scottcjust not resistive touch14:10
freemangordonscottc: you have n900?14:10
princefakhanhaha. freemangordon14:10
freemangordonand you don;t like the screen?!?14:10
scottcresistive touch is the only thing that i don't like about it14:11
freemangordonhmm, are you sure your device is ok?14:11
antranigvfreemangordon: Armenian and Russian IT always talks about MS stuff, and google. and etc14:11
princefakhanI dont like capacitive.14:11
princefakhanother than on those lumias14:11
scottcmy screen is very scratched and sometimes doesn't register touches14:11
scottcbut it was pre-owned and is in poor condition14:11
freemangordonscottc: oh, that makes sence then14:11
antranigvchange the screen14:11
freemangordonotherwise I am still to find a device with better touch behaviour than n90014:12
princefakhanresistive ftw.14:12
scottcgetting a new screen might cost more than this phone cost me :P it was only 40 euro!14:12
antranigvanyone tried alpine on N900?14:12
scottci didn't expect to see so much support for resistive touch, i better go hide :D14:12
freemangordonand I have access to lots of the so-called "flagship" device14:12
freemangordonscottc: see, your device is most-probably broken14:13
antranigvanyone here uses jolla?14:13
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antranigvi remember once one said "we need maemo port on Jolla phone" :P14:13
antranigvand that made my day xD14:13
scottcmeee antranigv14:14
freemangordonwhat for?14:14
Paliit would be even worse...14:14
Paligoogle is fucking email standards14:14
antranigvmy friend has jolla, he said he likes the N900 much more.14:14
freemangordonmakes sense14:14
antranigvgmail is standard?14:15
Palijust expects problems also with emails in near future14:15
antranigvyou need google account for jolla?14:15
scottcI got my Jolla in February, N900 in March or April for fun and I like both :)14:15
Paligoogle has already implemented DMARC and SPF14:15
antranigvscottc: which one you like more?14:15
Paliwe can just wait until in DNS record appear DMARC policy=reject14:16
freemangordonscottc: I've nere used jolla, but from the reviews, videos, etc, I think the UI is overengineered14:16
Paliand all mailing lists stopped working with addresses14:16
antranigvGoogle. killing the net since, lately.14:16
scottcantranigv: it depends really. n900 feels much more hackable and "linux", but a bit slower than the jolla. jolla's is getting better all the time though14:16
antranigvthen, there will be 2 type of people. who move to gmail and who don't.14:16
scottcfreemangordon: I really like the UI, I find it very intuitive14:17
antranigvI think we need the same N90 with better, hardware?14:17
freemangordonwell, we can only hope EU to take countermeasures14:17
antranigvsay, camera, CPU, RAM.14:17
Palino, then there will be: people who leave gmail and who not14:17
freemangordonPali: I am not sure I understand what exactly google are doing, could you elaborate?14:18
antranigvthe only reason I have a gmail account is youtube. hope will install mediagoblin on my server soon.14:18
PaliDMARC is solution how to define policy stored in DNS for DKIM and SPF14:19
freemangordonscottc: how is jolla compared to harmattan?14:19
PaliDKIM is diginal signature of some email headers stored in email. signature is done by SMTP server with private key (which owns only sending SMTP server)14:20
PaliDMARC specify policies what to do if DKIM signature is invalid or missing14:20
scottcfreemangordon: I've never actually used harmattan, unfortunately. i wanted to pick up an N9 to try it out but haven't found one cheaply.14:20
Paliobviosly, when you are sending emails from mailinglist STMP server it does not have private keys of and therfore cannot sign those emails14:20
antranigvscottc: I was thinking about buying a N9 as well.14:21
antranigvis there FCamera for N9 ?14:21
Palialso mailinglist servers changing subject header (adding [list] prefix) and therefore if there is DKIM signature, it is invalid14:21
scottcantranigv: I'd like to try one, but I'm not sure how practical it would be...14:21
freemangordonPali: oh, so the result will be - "only use our web interface and android devices"?14:22
Paliin DNS ( record can be specified DMARC policy... e.g reject poclicy means to drop all emails from address without valid DKIM signature14:22
Paliand all systems which support DMARC must follow records in DNS14:23
Paliand signing key is only avalilable at
Paliso you need to use that smtp server for sending emails (or web interface which do that too internally)14:23
Palibut DMARC policy for gmail is not reject yet14:23
antranigvscottc: I find N9 very sexy.14:24
Palibut it is expected to change in near future14:24
scottcantranigv: me too!14:24
antranigvit would be nice to have maemo port on N9, if there is not yet.14:24
freemangordonscottc: antranigv: I have n950, and I can tell you that besides being prettier than n900, it losses by several laps in terms of usability14:25
scottcfreemangordon: just due to the OS? hmm14:25
freemangordonnot only14:25
scottcI'd like an n950 too, seems like a nice device14:25
scottcthen how so?14:25
freemangordononly seems14:25
Palibasically I as mailing list admin will disallow sending emails from such hosts (with policy=reject) to mailing list to prevent lot of bouncing (as everybody with DMARC verifycation does not accept those emails...)14:25
antranigvyay you freemangordon :( are you a nokia dev?14:26
freemangordonhmm, no. how so?14:26
Palias I said... I suggest everybody to stop using all google/gmail services, emails, etc... now!14:26
antranigvPali: any idea for youtube alternative?14:26
freemangordonbut...but.. what is the alternative?14:26
Paliown hosting14:26
antranigvfreemangordon: check
scottcown hosting is such a pain in the ass14:27
freemangordonbrign up my own e-mail server?14:27 looks good though14:27
Paliyes and without those fucking SPF, DMARC, ...14:27
antranigvyup, I did that one year ago, and now I;m happy~14:27
antranigvnow I have personal xmpp server, email, blog, etc.14:27
freemangordonhmm, I'll politely as maemo admins to register an account on for me :D14:27
antranigvit would be nice to have jabber accounts14:28
antranigvusing prosody, to sync the accounts.14:28
freemangordonanyway the only thing I use my gmail account is to post on LKML14:28
antranigvfreemangordon: you can do the same without gmail.14:29
Palipolicy is still none14:29
Palibut those who have address have policy quarantine14:29
freemangordonantranigv: yes, but my other account os on a server I have only http access to. no pop3 or smtp14:29
antranigvfreemangordon: how much do you pay for a service like that? the best as i can see is digital ocean14:30
antranigvjust 5$ a month, and you get a complete server14:30
antranigvyou can also have a owncloud lol :P14:31
freemangordonantranigv: it is free. but it is a public mail sever14:31
antranigvso similar14:32
antranigvI can read it :D14:32
antranigvhow much space for files?14:32
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freemangordon3GB or somesuch14:33
antranigvohh that's much for free14:33
freemangordonoh, 10GB14:33
freemangordon"Използвате  1 %  от  10000 MB  лимит "14:33
freemangordonthis is "you use 1% of 10000 MB limit"14:33
freemangordonalso, there is file sharing service14:34
antranigvit's nice, I was going to show you another service, with IMAP, but it's only 100MB :D14:35
RzRhi are there any kernel committers around ?14:36
freemangordonRzR: which kernel? :)14:36
freemangordon~wiki freex14:36
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{refimprove|date=December 2007}} {{Infobox comic book title |title=Freex |image= |imagesize= |caption= |schedule= |format= |publisher=Malibu Comics |date= |issues= |main_char_team=AJAnythingBoomboyCaymanPlugPressureSweetface |writers= |artists= |pencillers= |inkers= |letterers= |colorists= |creative_team_month= |creative_team_year= |creators=Gerard Jones & Ben Herrera |TPB= |ISBN= ...14:36
freemangordonhmm, a comic book?14:37
RzRI have a patch to send to maintainers but pre review is welcome14:38
freemangordonnone I am aware of, not sure if nishant has push rights14:38
PaliRzR: its ok, go ahead14:40
freemangordonRzR: you can add my "Reviewed by:" if it helps14:41
RzRIt's based on master branch it's the good way to do this ?14:41
RzRSure I can14:41
freemangordonRzR: but I am not the maintainer of that file, so it doesn;t make much of a sesne14:41
freemangordonRzR: just git-send-mail that patch to lkml14:41
Paliuse git format-patch to generate patch file14:42
Palithen use ./scripts/ <patch_file> to get list of maintainers14:42
freemangordonPali: oh, what was that script called, for patch checking?14:42
Paliand then use git send-email <patch_file> --to='email1' --to='email2' ... for senfing patch file14:42
Palifreemangordon: ./scripts/check_patch.pl14:42
freemangordonRzR: use ^^^ before sending14:43
freemangordonas I am not sure github correctly shows whitespaces14:43
RzRcan't I just use git send-email ?14:52
RzRI know what to do now14:52
PaliRzR: git send-email can be configured to use smtp server instead local sendmail (if you need it)14:53
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RzRthx i got it working fine15:00
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Lord_Farkensteinhello bots17:49
* Lord_Farkenstein sits back cracks open a beer and reaches for some popcorn17:49
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* Lord_Farkenstein wakes up to find samurai chicken's playing 18:12
* Lord_Farkenstein hears the sound of a giant chicken marching to the slaughter...18:15
* Lord_Farkenstein appreciates surround sound18:15
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princefakhan_just testing.21:14
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princefakhan_I recieve a "cannot send to this channel" on another channel21:15
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merlin1991princefakhan: could be that the channel is +m and you don't have voice21:16
princefakhanno it is not.21:17
princefakhanit is only happening with my secondary nick.21:17
princefakhanguess that's because u have to register urself there.21:18
princefakhanI can have contact with this nick.21:18
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princefakhanI have been having frequent connects/disconnects too today.21:19
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honestly /721:25
princefakhanyes honestly honestly21:26
princefakhanmerlin1991, u work on cssu-thumb?21:32
merlin1991princefakhan: freemangordon does21:45
merlin1991I just provide hosting21:45
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princefakhanhmmm. right.21:49
itsupportMy favorite dish is potatoe. anyone else?21:49
princefakhanI wanted to know what are the cssu dev are doing these days.21:49
princefakhanmaybe something exciting.21:50
itsupportoh hm what21:50
KotCzarnyyou should ask for permission before bringing talking bot21:50
itsupportI'm sorry21:51
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DerHatHi, is Nitrdroid realy using 1150Mhz as default cpu frequency like described in NITDroid_FAQ?22:54
DerHatlast time i overclocked maemo to 1150 i got a freeze after less then 1 sec22:54
princefakhanit must be if its in the official faqs22:55
ShadowJKafaik, freemangordon's "dsp" profile works to 950, but you need other profiles to go beyond that23:03
freemangordonit is 80523:04
ShadowJKAh right23:04
freemangordon805 CPU 600 DSP23:04
freemangordonanything beyond that is too much for my taste23:04
DerHatStability Issues?23:05
DerHatNITDroid uses 500 1150 default CPU clock settings which....23:05
DerHatcopyied from faq23:05
freemangordonyes, stability and EM considerations23:05
ShadowJKI keep mine at 600 most of the time, occasionally at 90523:07
DerHatwell, after i installed nitdroid i cannot boot maemo anymore, pressing 0 or 1 in boot menu results a boot-menu-loop ):23:07
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princefakhanany news about n1523:10
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princefakhan404: abbreviation not found23:44
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