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sixwheeledbeastIf "Device on" is checked you get a faint white flash from the notification light every ~2 sec00:23
sixwheeledbeastWhile locked but on00:23
sixwheeledbeastIf you don't get yellow slow pulsing while on charger something is wrong/broken.00:23
sixwheeledbeastYou can't disable that from settings00:24
sixwheeledbeastWhile the device is OFF or act-dead that is00:24
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Luke-Jrsigh, Maemo is going bonkers for hours now since I tried to use Recaller01:36
Luke-Jrwhich has been the case since I did the CSSU thing01:36
Luke-Jrunfortunately, I have unsaved data I need :/01:37
Luke-Jrany ideas on recovering?01:37
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Oksanabonkers, how?04:14
OksanaLuke-Jr: I am using Orechiette-or-something, currently. I do not have many phone calls, though04:15
Luke-Jrlooks like it died04:20
Luke-Jrso now the question is if I can recover the unsaved recording04:20
OksanaIf it wasn't saved, pretty much no, I think?04:40
OksanaThere is TestDisk , but it is to recover deleted files, I think...04:40
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princefakhanguys! I just booted my phone and what I recieve is Yappari asking for registration.07:05
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princefakhannevermind. I registered and it works fines.08:24
princefakhanbut I do wonder why it was asking for registraion.08:24
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zGrrmoin :)12:12
sixwheeledbeastI have always considered Recaller to be a PITA12:20
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bencohorecchiette is cool12:24
* sixwheeledbeast nods in agreement 12:28
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Luke-JrOksana: well, it must have hit flash somehow.. too big for the no-RAM in the N90013:49
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Luke-Jrfun, .recorder/untitled.wav exists14:23
Luke-Jrorecchiette isn't in apt?14:27
bencoh (one 'r' only)14:29
bencohlooks like it's in extras-devel14:29
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KotCzarnybencoh: extras-devel, THE place for software16:36
bencohyou know what ? I was pretty sure you'd say something at some point ;p16:37
bencohfor the record, orecchiette was developed by the guy that developed pierogi ... and we had this discussion over pierogi ;)16:38
KotCzarnyyeah, but it was about pierogi, not orecchiette16:38
KotCzarnywhatever that is16:38
KotCzarnyahm, some toy16:40
KotCzarnypity it doesnt have pitch changing option16:40
bencohit has different purposes16:40
bencoh(it's just a "universal" recorder)16:41
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Luke-JrCSSU also broke my ability to disable the auto-rotate thing :/16:51
supergabanhow to upgrade ssl cert in easy debian..?16:54
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merlin1991Luke-Jr: nope it didn't20:29
merlin1991wich autorotate where do you want to disable, because both are possible to disable20:29
Luke-Jrmerlin1991: no? well, it certainly starting rotating again when I installed CSSU..20:29
Luke-Jrall autorotate. I only want landscape.20:29
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merlin1991gconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/ui_can_rotate -t bool false20:31
merlin1991gconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/desktop_orientation_lock -t bool true20:31
merlin1991gconftool-2 -s /system/systemui/tklock/auto_rotation -t bool false20:31
Luke-Jris that in the GUI somewhere? :p20:34
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merlin1991but it's on the cssu wiki ;)20:34
Luke-JrI was sure I turned it all off in the GUI pre-CSSU :x20:34
merlin1991some of it is new functionality that isn't linked to any gui accessible settings ...20:35
Luke-Jrany way to get Recaller to work with CSSU? :p20:36
Luke-Jr(I tried Orecchiette, but the auto-record didn't seem to do anything)20:37
merlin1991no idea how it breaks20:37
wndrecaller works for me (tm)20:37
sixwheeledbeastmerlin1991: there's an applet?20:37
Luke-Jrmerlin1991: the system becomes unusably slow and eventually just dies entirely20:37
merlin1991sixwheeledbeast: yeah but that depends on testing / stable20:37
sixwheeledbeastmerlin1991: I believed Testing was forced and Stable was optional from the repo.20:38
Luke-Jr(eventually being many hours, while I was trying to recover without a reboot)20:38
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Luke-Jr(and getting nowhere :P)20:38
* Luke-Jr ponders trying it with top running20:39
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Luke-Jrlooks like pulseaudio at 99% CPU use20:40
Luke-Jrunusably slow also meaning that the phone call is not understandable20:42
merlin1991sure if pulse or anything is constantly eating your precious cpu you'll run into troubles20:42
Luke-Jrpulseaudio also at 17.5% memory use now, 100+ MB swapping20:43
merlin1991I wonder if this could have been prevented from even happening using cgroups20:43
Luke-Jrkilling pulseaudio over SSH seems to have recovered20:43
merlin1991but regardless it's something I'll look into20:43
merlin1991afaik we have only a few patches ontop of default pulse20:43
Luke-Jrfwiw, I am using your Thumb version20:44
merlin1991thumb is freemangordons baby20:44
merlin1991it just happens to have the repo on my server :D20:44
Luke-Jrthe 17.5% memory use by pulse is not normal, I assume?20:45
merlin1991it's happy with 1.6 here when using mafw20:45
merlin1991went to about 2 while placing a call20:47
Luke-Jrno simple way to try "downgrading" to non-thumb, is there?20:47
Luke-Jrjust to test20:47
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merlin1991there seems to be a memleak of some sorts in pulse20:49
merlin1991after 3 callse the pulse mem useage is up to 2.4%20:49
merlin1991and it goes up after each call I place20:49
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merlin1991anybody else in here who actually places calls wanna share his /her pulseaudio mem stats?20:50
bencoh"actually places calls" :]20:51
merlin1991bencoh: I'd say last year I maybe did 2 phonecalls a week20:52
bencohsorry, cant help with that one :)20:52
bencohmerlin1991: same here20:52
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merlin1991btw Luke-Jr anything else you noticed?21:01
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Luke-Jrre PA? or in general?21:03
Luke-JrI think everyone knows MicroB is unusable? :P21:03
Luke-Jr(as well as Fennec)21:03
merlin1991re stuff that broke after cssu21:03
Luke-Jrnothing immediately coming to mind21:04
bencohdid PA break after cssu or cssu thumb upgrade ?21:05
Luke-JrI went straight from Nokia to CSSU-Thumb21:07
Luke-JrThumb was the "killer feature" of CSSU for me :p21:07
bencohhuhu, moving to cssu for mem use reduction and ending up with memleaks ... :]21:09
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scottcbencoh: better, improved memory leaks! it's a feature, not a bug21:33
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bencohyay :)22:22
stryngsI thought memory leaks were a good thing.  Frees up space, ya know? =)22:23
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totalizatornot the othe way round? :322:29
ecc3gleaks are usually not good, unless you're taking one?22:36
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