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Openbotwhats wrong with bugzila acc creation ?20:05
sixwheeledbeastOpenbot: no idea, you tried techstaff <at> maemo <dot> org ?20:06
Openbotmail them ?20:06
Openbotok massageing them20:07
Openbotlets wait20:13
Openbototh what you use to take pics sixwheeledbeast20:13
sixwheeledbeaster mail, stock app.20:14
Openbotyep message = mail20:18
Openbotstock app ?? seriously20:18
Openbotdosent it starts to unzip and suck as soon as you launch it20:19
Openbotand camera ui2 is a horrible mess20:20
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Openbotsixwheeledbeast ^20:22
sixwheeledbeaststock app never caused me any trouble20:22
sixwheeledbeastcamera-ui2 I believe has bugs outstanding20:23
Openbotmee too20:23
sixwheeledbeastI don't use camera-ui220:24
Openbotstock app is okish but cam ui freezes slow and dosent look pretty20:24
Openbotfcam takes the best pictures20:25
Openbotfast and smooth20:25
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Openbotalso the image viewer included in it is superfast20:26
Openbotsixwheeledbeast is stock photos app open20:27
xesOpenbot: i'm looking at your issue20:28
sixwheeledbeastAs I say I have no issues, I believe not hence camera-ui2 but I could be mistaken.20:29
infoboti guess closed is or, or
Openbotsixwheeledbeast is there some config file for it somewhere20:30
Openboti want to disable anything useless like the animation on browsing through open photos20:32
sixwheeledbeastOpenbot: camera-ui2 or stock?20:32
sixwheeledbeastui2 will be in .config?20:33
Openbotah i am talking photos app20:33
sixwheeledbeastoh, no I don't think so. I find the photo viewer annoying so I have a long picture preview time to avoid the need to go there.20:38
xesOpenbot: i haven't found any problem. Please use another browser without compression proxy20:39
Openbotoh thats the case fireing microb them20:41
Openbotanyway its late will report later on20:42
xesOpenbot: yw20:45
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merlin1991sixwheeledbeast: afaik camera-ui2 has not bugs outstanding21:21
merlin1991at least nothing surfaced in the past year or so21:21
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sixwheeledbeasthmm, I must check the camera-ui2 thread then.21:23
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sixwheeledbeastmerlin1991: if you look over at camera-ui2 thread, camera-ui2 was crashing and fmg was asking for coredumps of the issue and it was never resolved? Also bug 9085 is outstanding on stock and ui2. I can't confirm I use Smaemo7 for daily driver.22:05
povbot_Bug Camera lens is returned too hard back to home position22:05
KotCzarnygotta love such kind of bugs22:05
KotCzarnyand design22:05
KotCzarnyspeakers breaking, camera lens breaking22:06
KotCzarnyluckily both work on my n90022:09
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KotCzarnyoh, and last time (few years back) i've tried fcam it broke my camera completely, black screen22:19
KotCzarnygotta try it again if it works for others22:19
sixwheeledbeastI just use stock camera I have no reason not to.23:01
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bencohfcamera (and the fcam underlying api) works ... apart from the memleak :)23:47

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