IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2015-03-26

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Vajbkopple: i had some problems too. I'll check my settings now and let u know00:15
kopplethank you :)00:15
Vajbkopple: ok ihave my providers mms server as my connection and network type is chaos00:16
Vajband i think it connects that mms automatically if someone sends my mms00:16
Vajbtho have not received them much lately since my friends have switched to what's ap. Maybe u can recommend ur friends to do the same :j00:17
Vajbbtw i have version 1.3.500:18
kopplelet me check00:19
kopple1.3.5 me too, no "chaos" mode but maybe it is "havoc" mode?00:20
Vajbthe option on far right in my menu00:21
kopplehonestly I'd expect your phone to miss those emoticons too00:21
koppleyes, "havoc" for me00:21
Vajbyes it misses them00:21
kopplecould you have somebody send you an sms with something like a cake emoticon? You should get it like an MMS if freemangordon was right and they were indeed MMS00:22
Vajband once i got mms which contained just empty square :)00:22
koppleMMSes* sorry about my Eng00:22
Vajbyes that's what happens00:22
kopplebetter than nothing, at least you can call back00:22
koppleVajb how so this doesn't happen for me? I can send .jpg from myself to myself. As far as I know things shouldn't differ much00:23
kopplewith emoticons00:23
Vajbmust be some connection setting00:24
kopplemy provider's assistant suggested that I simply tried sending to myself. If it works it's fine. I have no idea now.00:25
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Vajbwell besides trying all three netwok type setting i have no idea either00:26
koppleI should try rebooting maybe?00:27
koppleI didn't..00:27
Vajbprobably wont help, but what's there to lose...00:27
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* Vajb grins00:28
koppledidn't get anything but nobody's around to send me stuff now00:30
kopplewhen I totally resign myself to deprivation of cakes and bunnies in my texts you will be supposed to grin00:31
kopplelol.. that's not the real matter. What sucks is that texts fall into a black hole00:32
Vajbtry to convince ur friends to skip smileys when they contact u00:33
Vajbor ask them to use what's ap00:33
koppleI don't like whatsapp so I am already pissing them off with ancient SMSes.. Maemo will destroy my social life eventually, I know00:34
kopplewell.. actually it's the bunnies00:35
Vajbhmm maybe facebook chat or irc is ur answer then :p00:38
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koppleI'll stick with e-mails and html webmails from the 90s because maemo's mail client doesn't work either. OH please put an end to my sufferings. Guess what? I don't use facebook... only Jabber with a few guys that I lost contact with00:40
koppleand, of course, emoticon-less SMSes :D00:41
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kopplenot that I'm complaining. I just love all Maemo can do. It's the perfect mobile OS for me00:42
Vajbtough luck. My maemo mail is working just fine00:42
Vajbbtw have u looked in fmms wiki?00:42
Vajbthere is some troubleshooting info00:42
koppledidn't know there was one.. thanks.. I'll look into it right away00:43
koppleAPic, was that supposed to annoy me? lol00:43
koppleVajb, you mean this page ?00:44
koppleAPic, then thank you :) much love00:44
APicThank You, too.00:45
koppleVajb, the last version on is 1.3.400:45
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koppleand that wiki.. ?? is the one you meant maybe?00:46
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Vajbyes latter is the one00:47
Vajbthere is also long thread in maemo.org00:48
Vajblink is in wiki00:48
kopplethe port for my country's provider is 8080, when the one I use now is 80...00:49
kopplenot all hope is lost00:49
kopplenothing as of yet00:51
koppleone further reboot... Vajb get your grin ready00:52
* Vajb goes to mirror00:53
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koppleok, show no pity00:54
Vajbbtw did u notice that there was mention about provider having setting that u can't receive. So maybe trying to call them and ask if thats the case00:54
koppleI called them yesterday00:54
Vajbi c00:55
kopplethey said all they could do was disabling them, which they did (but I can still send and receive from myself nonetheless so I doubt those settings have effect on my phone)00:55
koppleI actually made it after they allegedly disabled them lol00:56
koppletomorrow I'll have someone try again with this port, then call them back and ask why I get no MMS-delivery notice via SMS00:56
koppleafter all that's all I really need, to be able to know someone wrote me so that I can call them back00:57
koppledisabling MMS had one only goal: getting an SMS notice. And I still don't..00:58
kopplethanks for your patience Vajb :)00:58
Vajbno problem. I hope u get it solved in near future :)00:59
kopplemay it be useful for the community I will get back to you with the solution00:59
koppleI don't take part in the forum so I could update you via IRC01:00
Vajbthat thread in seemed to be still active so maybe it is worth reporting if u get it to work01:00
Vajbim also just reading the forum01:01
Vajbnot posting anything01:01
Vajbmainly because most of the problems has already been solved and google finds them nicely :p01:02
Vajbif i just figure right search terms...01:02
Vajbbut now i will get some rest bbl01:03
kopplethanks again01:04
Vajbur welcome01:04
kopplec ya!01:04
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kopplefor the record: real MMS from any phone do arrive! It's just those smiles that don't.. Now I spot a "smil.xml" attachment at the bottom of MMS body01:25
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antranigvjust orderen a N90019:28
antranigvcz the last one (my second N900) is not working anymore, the USB problem19:29
KotCzarnyfix it?19:29
antranigvthe whole pins are broken19:29
KotCzarnygo to service center to fix it?19:30
antranigvnot fixable, kinda. but I will fix it back in Armenia19:30
antranigvin EU it's too~~~ expencive.19:31
antranigv+ no job here, I'll get back and fix it (cz I have a job back home)19:32
antranigvnow I wanna know if is it better to install CSSU or SHR.19:32
antranigvmaybe a clean CSSU, I think.19:32
timelessthey still sell n900s?19:32
KotCzarnyi'm using stock fremantle, and it's working fine19:33
KotCzarnybut you just have to install all of them and check which one suits you better19:33
antranigvnop, it's like, some company had one in , what do they call it19:33
antranigvin their stock19:33
antranigvjust one left19:33
KotCzarnythere are quite a lot on auction sites19:33
antranigvand the owner is afriend, he said he'll sell it for 50 Euros19:33
KotCzarnygoing quite cheaply ~40eur19:33
antranigvit's opened, but not used19:34
antranigvyes there are19:34
antranigvif anyone wants, there is one right now in NL, 45euro, used well, only no accessories19:34
antranigv(not even charger)19:34
antranigvanyway, I'm happy a lot19:34
antranigvWizzup: yes19:34
WizzupI got a few from there as well19:34
Wizzupspare ones19:35
antranigvexperts, what do you say about this one ? it's used$_85.JPG19:37
antranigva friend of mine wants, if it's ok, then I'll buy for him19:38
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bencohantranigv: cssu19:48
bencohhmm, looks kewl19:49
bencohit's not like we can detect a hw issue from this photo though19:50
antranigvyea, but like no scratches19:54
KotCzarnytill the first drop19:54
antranigvI wonder where I can find a screen protector19:55
antranigvwat? :D19:55
KotCzarnybuy one for bigger screen, then just cut to the size19:55
antranigvohh, good idea19:55
antranigvhow much are those ?19:55
KotCzarnydepends, but cheap enough19:56
antranigv5$ ?19:56
KotCzarnyyou can even choose between shiny or matte one19:56
antranigvmatte, hmm19:56
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bencoh18:55 < KotCzarny> buy one for bigger screen, then just cut to the size20:11
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scottci just got mine for 40 eur shipped from a Polish site20:39
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