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kerioif you're running bme replacement, there's absolutely no reason whatsoever to ever run "stop bme"00:15
Vajbkerio: that was before i updated to the latest bme00:16
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Vajbbtw since im soon receiving bigger mugen battery how should i callibrate it?00:17
Vajbload it full or just one hour as suggested in some old thread00:17
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bencohVajb: :)00:42
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kopplehi everyone, I recently installed fAPN and fMMS. It works. I do send and receive.. maybe this is dumb to ask, but do I have to always keep my mms.provider.apn connected to have a normal MMS-receiving funcionality?05:03
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koppleif somebody knows please let me know when they can, I have got to go05:20
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zGrrmoin :)09:39
zGrrKotCzarny :)09:39
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BreakrzRDespr8whales go Bleeep BLeep bleeep09:40
BreakrzRDespr8or click click click09:40
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BreakrzRDespr8depending on where you swam from09:40
zGrrswam from the swamp09:43
BreakrzRDespr8good for you09:51
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Vajbkopple: im not sure since im not using fmms anymore, but try to change network type in settings. Or switch to yappari :)10:04
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keriohow is one supposed to sync contacts with google contacts?10:38
keriodid MfE ever work for anyone10:39
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bencohkerio: they're evil, just dont do it ;>11:10
bencoh(I dunno)11:10
KotCzarnywho's evil?11:10
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Sicelokerio: i personally did use MfE successfully. of course Google changed protocols a while ago, so no chance of using that now12:21
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koppleVajb, thank you! I have three kinds of fMMS settings: Polite, Rude and Havoc. What do they mean?.. LOL19:44
koppleanyway, isn't Yappari a whatsapp client? Does it include MMS support too?19:45
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bencohyappari is a whatsapp client, indeed19:46
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saapunki_will there be successor to neo900 with more powerful SoC(allwinner for example, it has open datasheets and sort of open drivers)?19:47
koppleat the moment I care more about receiving all the new sms that contain picture emoticons from modern smartphones, that as for as I could understand, behave like MMS19:47
freemangordonnot "like", actually the send MMSes19:48
freemangordoninstall fMMS19:48
koppleokay, indeed. I do have it and I can send to myself for as long as I keep connected to that data connection19:48
freemangordonfMMS WFM for receiving as well19:49
koppleso there's is a specific software for receiving, ok I didn't read it anywhere19:50
freemangordonwait, what?19:50
infobotwfm is, like, (Wired For Management Baseline) This is an Intel hardware specification that is designed to allow for compliance with easier management of desktop PCs in a networked environment. The specification calls for computers to be compatible with a pre-boot protocol that can be used to update the system or perform other management options. Also, the computer must be compatible with network/desktop management applications..  Works For Me19:50
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freemangordonWFM == works for me :)19:50
freemangordonno special software needed19:51
koppleI'm confused :D19:51
kopplefreemangordon: fMMS works for me too but only for as long as I keep connected to the MMS APN, which is always on19:51
kopplebut I don't think this is the usual behavior ... isn't it? I recall my previous phones only connecting to the data network when there was an incoming MMS19:52
kopplenot all the time.. that's my concern19:52
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freemangordonkopple: fMMS has a setting on how to connect to MMS APN19:53
koppleyes , what do you suggest? I have no clue :\19:53
kopplemy guess would be "Polite" mode?19:54
freemangordontry them19:54
koppleok, I'll have someone send me and sms with some pic emoticon now19:55
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koppleI tried all the three of them and none worked20:02
koppleI can self-send but I get nothing when an sms containing an emoticon is sent to my number20:02
koppleI even asked my provider to block MMS so that I would get a warning via SMS prompting to log in to the provider website to read it, but I don't get any20:03
kopplereally, what's so dramatic about this tiny emoticons?20:04
koppleso many people use them in SMS today.. it's a serious problem if your sms is lost with no further notice20:05
kopplefMMS works from myself to myself. It works..! What's wrong then?20:06
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koppleI understand it's bad luck XD23:54
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