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Humpelstilzchen anyone wants to port to maemo :D11:01
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Melissa_Hi guys12:08
Melissa_What is it? :p12:10
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bencohmorning all12:14
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drathirMelissa_: what is what ?13:04
Melissa_The "hi" followed by an ellipsis13:06
Melissa_It seemed... unwelcoming13:06
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drathirMelissa_: no, no, its normal at me...13:40
drathirMelissa_: sorry for take that bad... no bad or unwelcomed intentions...13:42
Melissa_Okay then :)13:42
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drathirMelissa_: thanks, and ofc welcome...13:44
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Vegeshite_MiteKotCzarny, hows the infinite monkey pie13:51
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KotCzarnyhmm, will i have to vote on every version of package to get it to extras or it's just once?15:39
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bencohKotCzarny: well, you can break it on every version, so ... ;p15:48
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: every version15:48
KotCzarnythat.. sucks a bit15:48
bencohit's on purpose15:49
KotCzarnyalso, libcurl+openssl is broken on fremantle15:50
KotCzarnybencoh: but rationale would be 'my package reached stable quality, no more need for showing it's accepted'15:52
bencohnot quite so15:52
sixwheeledbeastbut the new version "could" have a bug15:52
bencohit's "this version is stable"15:52
bencoh"you can safely use it/replace the old one"15:52
KotCzarnybut usually next version is more stable than previous15:52
bencoherm, not really15:53
bencohnot necessarily, at least15:53
sixwheeledbeastnot if you introduce new features and break something15:53
KotCzarnyis testers team still a thing?15:54
KotCzarnyotherwise it's just random people clicking15:54
KotCzarnyand not necessarily tested package15:54
sixwheeledbeastthere was an exception rule a long time ago that very minor bugfixes could be pushed up manually, but that would need repo admin to do that.15:54
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: that is part of the problem.15:55
KotCzarnythat's why i raise this issue15:55
sixwheeledbeastsome voters don't test the packages correctly. Also man power on testing is very low now.15:55
sixwheeledbeastWhen I had more time I was trying to push the package testing but it was very slow.15:56
KotCzarnyimo it's unnecessary in current state of community15:56
sixwheeledbeastthis is how promotion has gone by the way side and devel repo is wrongly enabled everywhere15:57
KotCzarnyyes, because there is almost no current software15:57
bencohI'm pretty sure most of us use apt-pining ;)15:57
KotCzarnyimo it should be up to dev to assume package is worth promoting15:58
sixwheeledbeastIt's difficult to fix without 6-8 solid testers and there time to package test15:58
bencoh(yeah, I know that's not true)15:58
KotCzarnylook at this15:59
KotCzarnyand this15:59
bencohKotCzarny: that specific example is a bad one15:59
KotCzarnypeople won't bother with updating to 'extras' and the extras-devel will become 'standard' repo16:00
bencohthere are a lot of people testing pierogi, but the developer has always been extra cautious ... a bit too much :)16:00
KotCzarny3 years without promoting?16:00
KotCzarnyhardly believable16:00
bencohsee related thread16:00
bencohit's still in -devel, not in testing ;)16:00
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: that is not correct with that package.16:01
KotCzarnystill, extras-devel lost it's primary role as a 'put before i promote'16:01
KotCzarnyand without testers it's not going to get back16:01
sixwheeledbeastI agree that example is a bad one. the maintainer has not been around and didn't which to push up until recently16:02
KotCzarnyi had to grab 1.1.x in the past from extras-devel too16:02
infobotsixwheeledbeast meant: I agree that example is a bad one. the maintainer has not been around and didn't wish to push up until recently16:02
Vegeshite_Mitederp derp derp16:03
sixwheeledbeastYou see he is using the repos correctly.16:03
bencohKotCzarny: -devel vs -testing is a developer/maintainer issue, not a tester issue16:03
bencohKotCzarny: -testing vs extras, on the other hand, is a (lack of) testers issue16:03
KotCzarnyi bet no one has testing enabled16:04
sixwheeledbeastextras version is considered "stable" and later versions are not.16:04
KotCzarny- some specific persons16:04
sixwheeledbeastIt's not worth slowing HAM down to have testing enabled. I fortunately have one device specifically for -testing.16:05
KotCzarnyswb: as i said, i wouldn't mind if the community was more alive and/or had active testers16:05
bencohsixwheeledbeast: isnt cssu-testing HAM fast enough for that ?16:05
KotCzarnybut now to get any usable software for my n900 i have to use -devel16:05
sixwheeledbeastYes, it's something to mention to CC. Maybe the threshold for promotion could be lowered.16:05
bencoh(to be honest, I cant even use regular HAM even if I wanted to, so I just stick to apt ... with -testing/-devel and pining)16:06
KotCzarnyswb: i would vote on letting developer decide when package is worth extras and when it's not16:06
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: it has slowly been going like that for a while unfortunately. I don't agree Maemo must look after it's Extras packages. They are enabled on EVERY Maemo device in the world so MUST be tested.16:08
KotCzarnyno testing team == what testing?16:09
KotCzarnyand no current software == dead device16:09
bencohwow, finally, my TMO account got linked with my profile ...16:10
bencohI wonder what happened16:10
bencohlooks like miracle16:10
sixwheeledbeastDoesn't matter. Packages cant simply be allowed on EVERY device because the dev says.16:10
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sixwheeledbeastIt would be far to easy to package a "rm" script, push to extras and kill "stable" devices. Some Maemo users have no technical knowledge I must point out.16:11
sixwheeledbeastAs long as Maemo CSSU is active Maemo can say alive IMO.16:12
KotCzarnyswb: i agree with that, still, you could do the same with extras-devel16:12
bencohKotCzarny: extras-devel should still only be enabled by people with tech knowledge16:13
KotCzarnybut if someone wanted to plant such 'feature', it could hide in legitimate package that activates with time16:14
KotCzarnybencoh: in reality if someone wants software, -devel is usually a must16:14
sixwheeledbeastbencoh: exactly.16:16
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bencohKotCzarny: I think we all agree with the fact that the promotion system is a bit off, and repos dont always reflect available software status, but ...16:18
KotCzarnyyou have to decide what's better, and telling anyone to 'just enable -devel and install' to actually have software, is missing point of -devel16:20
KotCzarnyi think quarantine is enough for devs/people to spot if package is bad16:25
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wizbitive forgotton the pin code for my n90020:34
wizbitafter a certain amount of attempts will the n900 stop accepting any code or will the correct code still work?20:34
KotCzarnywill work20:34
KotCzarnyunless it's pin for sim card20:35
wizbitI have installed on it20:35
wizbitmaybe thats blocked it20:35
KotCzarnydepends what you did with it20:36
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wizbitim pretty sure im using the correct pin but its not unlocking :(20:58
SiceloN900 locking seems to be a random hiccup once in a while .. i get that too.20:59
wizbitis there a way around it?20:59
Sicelono idea. you're looking at hacking it i think ..21:00
Sicelosomething to do with john the ripper21:00
KotCzarnyfirst thing to check if it's sim locked or phone locked21:01
wizbiti dont have a network connect until i enter the pin21:01
KotCzarnyso you can use phone etc?21:01
wizbitno just the enter lock code screen21:01
KotCzarnytry without the simcard?21:02
Sicelohe has phone lock :)21:02
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drathirwizbit: try search about master lock code...21:02
KotCzarnycan you ssh to it?21:03
wizbiti can use the PUK code instead i think21:03
wizbitno network21:03
drathirwizbit: puk is not phone code related i guess...21:03
KotCzarnypuk is sim card related21:03
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drathirpuk unlock Your simafter 3 bad tries...21:04
KotCzarnyhave you checked obvious codes 00000 or 12345?21:04
drathir3 bad tries of pin + 10 bad tries of puk = burn the card...21:04
wizbitill put sim in another phone and test if sim is still ok21:05
KotCzarnyyou can get replacement sim card from your provider21:05
Sicelohow many times have you put in code till now?21:05
drathiralso not sure sone nokias like 6230i have a special brute force prevention after several bad tryes...21:05
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KotCzarnysim card locks after 3 tries21:06
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wizbitsim card works on other phone21:06
wizbiti dont think its been blocked21:06
KotCzarnythen it's phone lock21:06
KotCzarnytry the obvious codes 00000 and 1234521:06
wizbittried those21:06
drathirthat mean its a phone code issue like say...21:07
KotCzarnythen you have to flash it and recover pin21:07
wizbitohh no21:07
wizbitis there a way to mount the filesystem21:07
wizbitand get the lock code that way21:10
Siceloyes, you can mount FS, but iirc lock code is in CAL, where you can't mount (i could be wrong)21:10
drathirwizbit: hard w/o access if no pali magic staff installed...21:10
wizbitis it possible that my lock code has got corrupt?21:10
KotCzarnybut it all requires access to mtd21:10
KotCzarnywizbit, all i can guess is smscon set it's own lock code21:10
drathirwizbit: really low i guess like win on lottery...21:10
Sicelotry to see if the USB prompt doesn't come up even with the lock code screen showing (not sure .. my USB is bust for  a year now)21:10
KotCzarnymaybe you can unlock it via it too21:10
Sicelosmscon doesn't set a lock code. only has a code to access the smscon settings21:10
KotCzarnysicelo, we don't know what he did with smscon21:10
drathiralso if good remember is possible with praying only flash system not touchin data, but not reccomended...21:11
KotCzarnywizbit, you can try using smscon to unlock phone21:11
Siceloyes .. and? smscon doesn't set a lock code.21:11
drathirwizbit: w/o pali bootloader, and recorvery menu all hard..m.21:11
KotCzarnysicelo, but it can lock/unlock phone21:11
Sicelohmm, you should try it. i have21:12
drathir? ping21:12
Sicelopong :)21:13
drathir! ping21:14
Sicelowizbit: try to see if the USB prompt doesn't come up even with the lock code screen showing .. does that work?21:14
drathirthere You are...21:14
drathir~lock code21:14
wizbitjust connected usb cable, but nothing came uop21:14
wizbiti do have backup menu installed21:14
drathir~phone code21:14
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wizbitscsi 14:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Nokia    N900              031 PQ: 0 ANSI: 221:18
wizbiti got mass storage mode working using backup menu21:18
KotCzarnyusb doesn';t export mtd21:18
Sicelothe idea was to start usb networking ;)21:19
Siceloi'm not sure if RescueOS has mtdtools .. it might21:20
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drathirok w/o access to phone even reflash i guess what told me...m21:22
drathirwizbit: lol have You backup menu?21:23
drathirmake a full backup on the memory card not compressed...21:23
drathirthat for the start for security reasons...21:24
wizbiti already have a backup on my server21:24
Siceloi wonder if this idea would work ... in one of the early startup scripts (which run sometime before the lock screen), put in a script that waits a minute or so, then runs the command to remove the displayed lock screen ... maybe that would at least get you to Maemo's terminal. you can access these scripts from USB networking in BM, iirc. the command you need is in
wizbitace thanks :D21:24
wizbitholy cows i just remember the code21:27
wizbitunless there was a timer on it21:27
wizbitfrom smscon21:27
* wizbit writes code to a file21:28
wizbitthanks for your help, that was scary as hell21:29
* wizbit checks smscon settings21:29
* Sicelo shoots wizbit 21:29
KotCzarnywhy scare, in the worst you can reflash21:29
wizbitthat is a big headache what would take hours for me21:29
KotCzarnyand unless you have jerks around, no point in setting the code21:30
Sicelojust that N900 once in a while activates it on reboot :(21:30
KotCzarnydoes it?21:30
KotCzarnynever had such event21:31
KotCzarnyfor 6 years straight21:31
Sicelosoftware hiccup maybe, but i'm not the only one who's had this. see tmo21:31
drathirwizbit: after pm me...21:33
drathirwizbit: im always better tryin to be secure that why backup.m..21:33
drathirwizbit: but stay on good mind...21:34
drathirwizbit: and ++ for backup menu with them able to recorver...21:35
wizbitace :D21:35
wizbitrule no.1 always write your pin code down in a secure place21:36
wizbitthen you know for sure if its software problem21:36
KotCzarnyor just set it to 0000021:36
drathirwizbit: no no, always left You backdoor...21:36
drathirin that case backup menu...21:36
wizbitrule no.2 if your having problems with lock code, dont restart phone, because you cant get your network back21:37
KotCzarnyset your code to 0000021:37
wizbiti guess that might be quite secure, whoever would think of that21:38
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KotCzarnyfor security dont leave phone between jerks21:39
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drathirwizbit: enable ssh access to phone and auto connect to home wifi...21:46
drathirbut with backup menu is easy way...21:46
sixwheeledbeastI don't any have issues with lockcode but it is always good to change it and keep it safe.21:46
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sixwheeledbeastif your playing with SMSCON this can trigger the lockcode so best to set a lockcode first.21:47
KotCzarnyto 0000021:48
sixwheeledbeastnot necessarily, that defeats the object of SMSCON really.21:50
KotCzarnyofftopic, anyone knows nice light audio eq library ?21:51
KotCzarnymy google skills fail on this topic21:51
Siceloimo, lock code should not be used at all with smscon. your hope is that the thief connects to some internet somewhere ... from which you may be able to remote into the device, take pic with front cam, etc. .. so if you enable lock code with smscon, you're basically indicationg you never want to see that N900 ever again21:52
Sicelo(not that you stand good chance to recover the N900 with smscon anyway, haha .. but you have chances)21:53
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sixwheeledbeastSicelo: it depends on how you plan to recover your device.22:13
sixwheeledbeastI have a modified lock code screen with contact details and address. Also it depends if you want to keep the contents of the device secure too.22:14
KotCzarnysensitive data on mobile? bad idea22:14
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: well phone numbers/addresses/calender information. You have no choice about sensitive data if you want to use your device.22:16
KotCzarnyi do not consider my phonebook sensitive22:16
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KotCzarnyon the other hand, storing cc card number or passwords IS sensitive22:22
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sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: that is plain stupid to do in plain text.22:23
KotCzarnyever did online banking via webbrowser?22:23
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bencohKotCzarny: works, here :)22:42
bencoherr, nevermind22:43
KotCzarnybtw. is there a package with updated certificates?22:44
KotCzarnyit's a bundle extracted from mozilla22:46
KotCzarnyand this one is the last one with 1024bits certs22:48
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