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lopxgot n900 is this the right place :P? hello everyone00:41
bencohhello, yup :)00:41
lopxswell, going to lurn around then00:41
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stryngshi lopx01:31
stryngsSo, you are new to the n900 world?01:38
stryngsWhat is your intent with the n900 lopx ?01:44
stryngsI ask because if you want to hack with it, I recommend a differrent path than cssu =)01:44
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MonkeyofDoomis there any way to prevent maemo from switching to speakers when headphones get unplugged?02:11
Humpelst1lzchenMonkeyofDoom: there is an app which does pause immediately02:12
MonkeyofDoomI have a slightly flaky headphone jack and I'd prefer if it just ignored jack-sense entirely02:14
MonkeyofDoomwhat's the app called?02:15
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lopxhi yeah and I use wifi lol02:31
lopxsorry I afkd02:31
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stryngsNo worries lopx02:35
stryngsSo whats your intentions with the n900??02:36
lopxtoy around02:36
lopxI'm having hard time flashing it though02:37
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lopxwindows nor linux is recognizing the usb02:37
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stryngsThat sucks02:45
lopxyeah having problems with my chronos watch too rofl02:46
lopxhence afk :p02:46
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KotCzarnyhuh, different switches, different compile failures08:16
VajbMonkeyofDoom: open media player can pause also when head phones get unplugged. So no need for extra program if u use that.08:17
KotCzarnyor just use and extender and some glue08:18
Vajbwell someone like swiss knife and someone toolboxes :)08:20
KotCzarnymost problems have more than one resolve08:20
KotCzarnyunless it's m$ windows08:21
KotCzarnythen it's just works or not08:21
Vajbyes thats why i like linux08:21
Vajband mosly if something fails linux tells me why. Ms just gives bunch of numbers08:22
KotCzarnynot entirely true, but yes, linux console and logs are easier to access08:22
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KotCzarnysometimes i treat compiling stuff as a game09:07
KotCzarnyadventure game09:07
KotCzarnytrying every possible weird combination till something works09:07
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sixwheeledbeastMonkeyofDoom: OMP can be set to pause on headset removal.10:00
sixwheeledbeastoh Vajb already said that, sorry.10:01
* sixwheeledbeast yawns10:01
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VajbKotCzarny: exactly my point :)11:02
KotCzarnyi like the 'was that information helpful?' part11:02
Vajbit's like they act like they care and change nothing11:03
Vajbdunno if outlook could be ran through dosprompt and see if it gave any error11:04
KotCzarnyeventlog, most likely11:04
sixwheeledbeastmeh, windoze.11:04
KotCzarnybut information there is still consfusing11:04
KotCzarnyusually some binary bytes11:04
KotCzarnysixwheeledbeast: meh, still trying to compile gcc 4.9.211:05
KotCzarnybut looks like this time it could be successful11:05
KotCzarnycompiling for 2h now11:05
KotCzarnyearlier it was bailing out in ~1h11:05
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KotCzarny142 minutes, configure: error: unsupported system, cannot find sizeof (omp_lock_t)11:22
bencohKotCzarny: on device ?11:23
KotCzarnycompiling gcc on device would be..11:24
bencohyeah ... but I think some here tried :p11:24
bencohare you building a crossgcc or "native" gcc ?11:24
KotCzarnyin armel target11:25
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bencohuh, using it will be slow :)11:25
KotCzarnyso i can later tar.gz and move to device11:25
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kolphm, my n900 seems to be silentyl dropping incoming sms sometimes from some people. has anyone seen this?12:09
kolpit's not the garbled event database thing12:10
KotCzarnydid you install some call blocker?12:10
KotCzarnymaybe your cell provider sucks?12:10
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kolpthat is a possibility as well, but I doubt it12:10
KotCzarnydoes it drop random or just from specific device?12:11
kolpthe remote devices are at least apple and samsung, I think12:12
kolpand it's just from 3 people (as far as I know...)12:12
kolpand some txts get through12:13
KotCzarnysms have message validity time12:14
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KotCzarnybut i guess you aren't disconnecting for 1-7 days12:15
kolpcorrect :)12:15
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Siceloflash sms perhaps?12:27
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KotCzarnyhmm, is sound output from n800 limited in any way?12:31
KotCzarnyi have to turn the volume up on my stereo12:31
kolpSicelo: no, normal sms12:36
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keriosomething something impedence12:37
KotCzarnykerio: hum?12:37
Sicelooutput impendance of N800 not matched to input impendance of your stereo ... that how i understand him :)12:40
KotCzarnybut most other devices with headphone socket qork just fine12:41
Sicelounrelated question: in c, when you #include a header file, how do you know all the possible functions includes, and their syntax?12:46
KotCzarnyyou dont12:47
KotCzarnyit's only to help compiler to check the syntax12:47
KotCzarnyand prepare params etc12:47
kerioSicelo: by reading the documentation12:47
KotCzarnylinker glues all the objects with compiled functions12:47
Sicelowhat documentation kerio :) that's what i want12:48
kerioi dunno, what do you want to use?12:48
KotCzarnywhat headers then12:48
KotCzarnytry man sprintf etc12:48
Siceloah, thanks KotCzarny. looks ike that's what i needed :)12:49
KotCzarnyalso google works too12:49
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Vajbkolp: i've noticed that sometimes normal sms got treated as mms by n900. I guess that is because of some smileys.12:54
sixwheeledbeastkolp: That maybe a symptom of corrupt db file.12:54
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KotCzarnyhow one corrupts sms db?12:55
sixwheeledbeastI have also had the odd issue above12:55
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sixwheeledbeastto clarify I have had Vajb's issue above, normally nessages from iOS IIRC.13:00
bencohKotCzarny: prototypes arent here "just to help" ;)13:01
KotCzarnybencoh: i know, just simplified13:01
sixwheeledbeastI believe it's sqlite if want to try to open it and rescue parts of it.13:02
bencohjust a "lil" bit ;)13:02
KotCzarnya bit ;)13:02
kolpVajb: I haven't had this yet13:02
kolpsixwheeledbeast: possibly. though it's weird that it's limited to these 3 people's sms. I've now inserted a new sim (same number) but will replace the events db next if the new sim doesn't change anything13:04
KotCzarnykolp, might be that it's just display problem13:05
KotCzarnyand sim won't help as sms' are stored in phone db13:06
kolpwhat do you mean, display problem? the messages are not in the events db and I receive no notification through the phone anyway. so it's either the provider, the sim or the modem (or the related software)13:07
KotCzarnyopen it with some sqlite explorer13:08
sixwheeledbeastwell you can rule it out by backing up db to some else MyDocs or uSD, then rm and touch the db file. Get the 3 people to send messages. If not the issue restore db, reboot.13:08
KotCzarnycheck for oddities13:08
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KotCzarnychecking for the value of EOF... configure: error: computing EOF failed13:45
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KotCzarnywhy the heck it tries to use system binutils13:47
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bencohbecause 1. you didnt tell it where to find binutils 2. you're not building a cross but a native compiler ? (just guessing)13:53
KotCzarnyi did13:53
KotCzarnyexplicitely and by PATH13:53
KotCzarnybut my guess it's scratchbox uses some cheating when one calls tools13:54
bencohhm, that too13:54
Sicelo+1 .. i know that problem does exist for perl-dependent applications in SB13:56
KotCzarnynot respecting PATH sucks13:56
KotCzarnyand they do it on glibc level, because running in bash4 doesn't change anything13:57
bencohLD_PRELOAD ?13:58
KotCzarnyecho $LD_PRELOAD13:58
KotCzarny /scratchbox/tools/lib/
KotCzarnynice tip13:59
KotCzarnygotta try without13:59
bencohI think hell's gonna break loose :)13:59
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KotCzarnywe will see13:59
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bencohI'd rather build a cross-canadian13:59
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KotCzarnyi want native gcc on n90014:00
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bencoha cross-canadian build would build on x86 (sb) a cross gcc running on arm for arm targets14:00
bencohand ... actually you dont need sb for that :)14:01
KotCzarnywhy nobody compiled gcc-4.9.2 for fremantle then?14:01
bencohI think that's your best option14:01
KotCzarnyactually unsetting LD_PRELOAD looks like it's going on14:02
KotCzarnyor just goes slower14:02
bencohslower I think14:02
KotCzarnyand didnt reach the error point yet14:02
bencohit probably uses arm binaries instead of sb "native" tools14:02
KotCzarnyand that's good imo14:03
bencoh(which means running in qemu)14:03
KotCzarnyexactly what i wanted it to do14:03
bencohwhat do you need 4.9.2 for ?14:04
KotCzarnynah, same error, i might restart whole compilation sinca start14:04
KotCzarnybencoh: arm optimizations14:04
bencohare those significantly better than in 4.7 ?14:05
KotCzarnyis 4.7 stable?14:05
bencohthere is a 4.7 toolchain around, used for thumb14:05
KotCzarnyalso, where to grab it14:05
KotCzarnynah, no thumb here14:05
KotCzarnystock fremantle14:06
bencohshould work without thumb as well14:06
bencohbut you'd still need stdc++ from 4.7.214:06
KotCzarnyno worries, it's small enough14:06
bencoh(same goes for 4.9 anyway ... C++ ""ABI"", STL, bleh)14:07
bencohoh, that's a cross, not a native compiler for on-device compilation14:07
KotCzarnyk, time to change strategy14:20
KotCzarnyno bootstrap now14:20
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KotCzarnychecking for gets declaration... configure: error: Could not determine word size.15:57
KotCzarnymaybe i shall try 4.8 or 4.7 first16:01
bencohbuilding on x86_64 ?16:03
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KotCzarnygood ol' 32bit16:03
KotCzarnypity i don't have few more n900's16:03
KotCzarnyi would've just compile on device with -j816:04
bencohwhat for ? distcc ? :D16:04
KotCzarnyand distcc16:04
bencohI'd just crossbuild ... :p16:04
KotCzarnyremember 'i want newer gcc on device' argument?16:04
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bencohyeah, and my cross-canadian idea should still work ;)16:06
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Sicelohi lopx18:48
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Siceloi have this application which keeps a log on linux. i want to be able to 'react' to a particular event as soon as it happens. what would you suggest here :)20:57
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KotCzarnyglue on the bottom of my laptop smears itself from the whole day of compiling21:02
KotCzarny(from the wifi mac label)21:02
Siceloguess this is the 'poor man's way'21:04
KotCzarnydid i miss something?21:09
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KotCzarnygcc 4.7.4 compiled21:18
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