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totalizatorKotCzarny: it's merlin1991 imho00:19
KotCzarny  |> Xenon II (Xenon II.sc68) - David Whittaker (430154 1/2, Bomb The Bass, 001 Amiga/Paula, built00:23
KotCzarnyone of the best modules from amiga00:23
jogaheh, I played it on pc, but I love the beeper tune00:25
KotCzarnyamiga had the best soundtracks at the time00:25
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totalizatorhah, it reminds me Savage music so much
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stryngsDo any of you folks happen to know why tcpdump would not pick out IP addressess nor payload data whilst using a wifi nic in monitor mode?01:40
stryngsWhat could I have broken/built wrong?01:41
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KotCzarnybah, i missed xx:28 uploader mark02:30
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KotCzarnyhah. oscp-0.9.7-4 uploaded02:43
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KotCzarnymerlin1991: ping02:48
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KotCzarny |> DAVID WHITTAKER - Shadow of the beast [the plains - subtune 3].dw (1/4, 84208, uade2)02:55
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kongHi, when i run application "cpufreqUI" to overclock n900 or view temperature it shows always: Temperature: -40C° real / 0 raw, by fault after a crash i found out it shows correct values when message comes after boot up "kernel-power not loaded because no correct shutdown" or something like that04:16
kongi mean should that happen to them? :- )04:18
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infobotmethinks oc is an Optical Carrier, An OC1 has 672 channels or 44.736 Mbit/s04:20
infobot"OK, listen up.  This is your CPU."  apt drops the CPU into a hot frying pan.  "This is your CPU on overclocking.  Any questions?"04:20
kongthx for warning04:23
nox-be careful, be very careful...04:23
nox-or just dont bother with oc04:23
kongi only overclock for webbrowsing04:23
nox-your n900 will live longer04:24
kongnot if it break before cpu give up :- D04:24
nox-well yeah but oc degrades the cpu quickly04:25
kongi keep freq mostly < 600mhz, for webbrowsing about 800mhz. thats all, what do you think about that?04:26
nox-as i siad i wouldnt bother04:27
nox-there are sure forum threads04:28
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stryngsoverclocking is that bad for it04:43
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KotCzarnywhat are recommended gcc flags for n900?11:09
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merlin1991KotCzarny: pong11:56
KotCzarnymerlin1991: hi, who assigns maintainers to packages?11:57
KotCzarnyfor example:
merlin1991if the package is new you should get auto assigned, if not request maintainership and I have to approve11:57
KotCzarnyit didn't auto assign11:57
KotCzarnythat's why i clicked the button11:57
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KotCzarnythank you11:59
merlin1991sadly the system isn't sending mails out about this, so I check it once in a while or if somebody pings me11:59
KotCzarnyooh, nice, i have a promote link now12:00
KotCzarnybut i have to brush few things first12:00
KotCzarnyalso, for so many years no one bothered to add simple email function?12:01
merlin1991don't ask12:01
merlin1991you don't want to look unter the hood12:01
KotCzarnyi could hack it12:01
KotCzarnyif you want12:02
KotCzarnysame for importer worker (about errors etc)12:02
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KotCzarnyis there stable/tested gcc newer than 4.2 for fremantle?12:58
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KotCzarnycompiling gcc 4.9.2 is fun15:22
KotCzarnyespecially with old scratchbox15:22
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uuhimherehi guys is it possible to wget a webpage into mht or a similar one-file format?16:39
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drathiruuhimhere: use lynx...16:45
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uuhimheredrathir, man lynx | grep archive yields nothing16:49
KotCzarnyfirst link on google16:50
uuhimhereno i dont want to download and then convert16:50
KotCzarny<uuhimhere> hi guys is it possible to wget a webpage16:51
uuhimhereinto an archive out16:51
uuhimhereone step16:51
uuhimherenod save with one program16:51
drathiruuhimhere: but lynx able to save formatted document with p option...16:51
uuhimhereand then convert with another16:51
uuhimheredrathir, ok thats what i need how do i save it to single file format16:51
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KotCzarnyall programs are composed of smaller programs16:52
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drathiror use httptrack or how that program named that clone full website...16:52
KotCzarnyif i write a script that downloads then merges what would be the difference?16:52
KotCzarnyyou can also use fuse's htmlfs then just tar.gz 'dir'16:53
uuhimhere3 step process vs one?16:53
drathirsecond is You propably nnot able to read mht at phone, but not sure...16:53
KotCzarnygcc 4.9.2 is still compiling16:54
KotCzarnybut at least it's compiling16:54
uuhimhereahh forget it16:55
uuhimhereeven if i saved it wouldnt be able to open i just realized16:55
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uuhimherelol i need an extension for that in mozilla16:55
uuhimhereand i f'ed up my ff playing with libs16:55
uuhimhereso now i cant install any extensions nor have any access to the menu system or even right click menus16:56
KotCzarnyfirefox --safe-mode16:56
uuhimhereno worky16:56
uuhimherenot even reinstalling16:56
KotCzarnynew profile?16:57
uuhimherenah nothing16:57
KotCzarnyyou mean you borked system libs?16:57
uuhimherei think16:57
uuhimhereanyways its been a year now and ive adapted for the most paryt16:57
drathiruuhimhere: like i say lynx and p... ;/16:58
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drathirff now only accept signed aand verified addons...16:59
uuhimheredrathir, yeah but i cant open it16:59
uuhimheredrathir, would libreoffice open up mht?17:00
drathirIn newer version even not able to install i guess...17:00
KotCzarnyopening html with openoffice is..17:00
KotCzarny[no words]17:00
drathiruuhimhere: no idea... never lookin inside mht file if that is archive...17:01
drathirmaybe try unzip with 7z...17:01
KotCzarnyi wonder why no one bothered to add zziplib to firefox or some other browser17:01
KotCzarny(it's a dropin replacement for fopen and friends)17:02
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openbotHow to auto disconnect internet after a predefined time ?18:28
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openbotGot free data till 6am18:32
openbotdont want to be up lol18:32
openbotDidnt find any thing on repos18:33
KotCzarnyread this18:33
KotCzarnyand probably this  in particular18:33
openbotgive me something that i do within time !o!18:35
KotCzarnysave this page, then read later18:35
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openbotWhile you are here help me install oscp18:38
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KotCzarnyopenbot: apt-get install oscp18:40
openbotOscp gets downloaded but not its dependency via fam18:40 the error18:40
openbotNot an option as all repos disabled18:41
openbotUsing fam18:41
KotCzarnyfam uses system repos18:41 the apt-get install oscp18:42
openbotLet me chk18:42
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openbot home/user # apt-get install oscp18:44
openbotReading package lists... Done18:44
openbotBuilding dependency tree18:44
openbotReading state information... Done18:44
openbotE: Couldn't find package oscp18:44
openbot/home/user #18:44
KotCzarnyadd non-free to extras devel18:45
openbotErr pastbin18:45
KotCzarny(and remember to disable extras-devel afterwards)18:46
KotCzarnygoing to promote package to extras as soon as i make it stable enough18:46
KotCzarnywhich should take few more days18:46
openbotRepos are ok just disabled due to low data so using fam there oscp gets downloaded but the next one fails18:47
KotCzarnywhich one?18:47
openbotThis is testing n900 dont worry18:47
openbotThat dependency18:48
KotCzarnywhich one18:48
openbotLet me check18:48
KotCzarnyit's libao018:50
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openbotI guess let me enable repos and do it proper way later19:07
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openbotFor now i need auto disc at 6am19:08
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openbotToo flaky conn to do any thing19:31
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openbot sSomething to turn of or disc at predefined time ready made19:32
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openbotPhone control looks hard for now to implement reliably19:35
openbotOr else my main acc bal gona get doomef19:35
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openbotI put multiple alarms insted19:51
openbotseems human intervention is necessary or best for now19:51
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Sicelo17:31 < openbot> Too flaky conn to do any thing20:05
Sicelothat's what they tend to do, hehe .. for freebies20:06
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KotCzarnyhow to disable usb otg on n8x0?21:12
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KotCzarnyecho peripheral > /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode21:18
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