IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2015-01-04

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bencohhmm ... can you guys install something from ?01:40
bencohI cannot apt-get install --reinstall gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad for instance01:40
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Steven__Is there a nice way to get files out of the N900 firmware images? I can extract a bunch of images from the combined binary, but when I use fdisk on them they are not recognized as being formatted.02:41
Humpelstilzchenwhat does parted say?02:41
Steven__Let me see.02:42
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Steven__Hmm, not sure if I am doing this right.02:44
Humpelstilzchenparted image_file02:45
Humpelstilzchenunit b02:45
Steven__It doesn't seem to like not being given a block device.02:46
Humpelstilzchenwhat have you downloaded?02:46
kerioyou need a mtd emulator02:47
Steven__Ah, here we go.02:47
Steven__Just says unrecognized disk label. Similar to fdisk.02:47
Steven__kerio: Okay, so they arent just images?02:47
keriothey are02:48
keriowell, it is02:48
keriobut i don't know of any other way to mount it02:48
Steven__There is this one file "rootfs.jffs2", are they all jffs2 files?02:49
Steven__The others don't have extensions and they are not recognized by magic number.02:49
kerioit's not jffs202:49
kerioit's ubi+ubifs02:49
Steven__So no nice "mount -o loop -t ubifs foobin /mnt"? =(02:52
keriomore like modprobe something && nandwrite && ubi_ctl && mountg02:52
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Steven__kerio: Thanks! with the keyword you gave me I was able to find
Steven__Phew! A rather complex procedure for just mounting an image. I got it working though.03:02
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* Maxdamantus[p] wonders if it's possible to disable the Multi_key UI to get the usual Multi_key behaviour in Maemo applications.05:08
Maxdamantus[p]fn + sym = Multi_key05:08
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newbieAlerthey hi, are there apis for to make a client in python ??08:41
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uhhimhereSteven__: which OS did you go with in the end09:44
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uhhimherewhat do you think>?09:45
Steven__uhhimhere: I think I am going to see if I can just install Maemo 5 on the SD-card with a custom configuration.09:49
uhhimherewhat are you looking for09:51
uhhimherein a OS09:51
uhhimherejust playing aroung09:51
uhhimhereor for everyday use09:51
Steven__Everyday use but I want to be able to do some more advanced/experimental things. And I want an encrypted filesystem.09:52
Steven__My idea is to dual-boot Maemo & Maemo so I can still use my phone even if I break something and don't have time to fiddle with it.09:53
uhhimherewhatbout mer09:53
uhhimherelike a dev image09:54
Steven__From what I have heard, I wouldn't be able to make calls on Mer. And I cant use Wayland yet, either.09:54
Steven__Something about the audio bridge between the modem and cpu not being supported yet.09:55
uhhimherewell maybe thats something you could dev on mer ;)09:55
Steven__Me doing reverse engineering? Maybe after spending a huge amount of time trying to figure out wtf I am doing.09:56
Steven__I don't think I can be of much help there.09:56
uhhimherewell can you be of much help with my ambitious undertaking ^^09:57
uhhimhereo any help09:57
uhhimherejust hate seeing this open SoC fall into obscurity09:57
uhhimherei mean heck even the N900 doesnt have an open GPU and look at how big the community is09:57
Steven__I know. =/09:58
uhhimherehell maybe could even run maemo on the GT-758009:58
uhhimherewith full open 3d accel09:58
uhhimherepipe dreams09:58
uhhimherewhich is sad cause its all there, physically09:58
Steven__Well, if it makes you feel any better: I asked for the N900 this Christmas. I am a brand-new N900 user.09:58
uhhimherelol i bought one last year09:59
Steven__So, that tells you that at least I am interested enough to buy an old phone.09:59
Steven__Well, also I am excited about the Neo900.09:59
Steven__I probably have ended up bothering the devs too much...10:00
Steven__This is what I really want in a phone: a FLOSS system that I control/CLI/Bash/etc, and then after that some security stuff like LUKS/GPG/Tor/OTR/ZRTP/etc, because I like shiny hats made of foil, lol.10:04
uhhimherewho doesnt10:09
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Steven__uhhimhere: Apple? The NSA?10:14
uhhimhereim pretty sure of all people they are probably the most heavily invested in Tin-Foil(R) technology10:15
Steven__Lol. But they are selfish TF hatters.10:16
uhhimherethats the whole point of a tf no?10:16
Steven__Ironically, I have never seen foil that was actually made from tin.10:16
Steven__People used to accuse me of being paranoid, because I tried to have good crypto before recent events. And then news happened.10:17
uhhimhereno one in mer seems to be interested in helping me out10:18
Steven__I'm sorry, I just don't know anything about that platform.10:19
Steven__IRC sometimes takes awhile though, because some people are doing other things.10:20
Steven__Speaking of doing other things. I should be sleeping, seeing as how it is past 3 am here...10:20
Steven__Goodnight all.10:23
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SAiF1helo all.19:49
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SAiF1OFFTOPIC : ideas for creating a score board? like for a karate champioship, need two members score and a countdown timer(which can be paused). any one got any ideas? should i go powerpoint or something else?  dedicated apps??19:51
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secCSSU running into problems it seems
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VajbSAiF1: hmm for countdown and two members i thought of chess timer. Dunno how it copes with scores tho20:37
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secTrying to install debianutils creates a clusterfuck of dependencies. It wants to remove half the system packages just to install that one package.22:22
secAnd it keeps popping up in dist-upgrade. I know dist-upgrade is a bad idea, but I am just trying to figure out why this is required and why it wants to break everything22:22
secFor science ofc22:23
bencohon device ?22:23
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