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freemangordonSteven__: the module that remains to be REed is the so called -voice module. All you need is IDA with ARM hexrays :). No simple tasks though00:52
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Steven__freemangordon: I have no idea what your second sentance says, though hexrays sounds like it would be a pretty cool superpower. I guess I am probably too much of a noob to be much help.02:08
Steven__Ah, I have deciphered your arcana. You are talking about disassembling the proprietary components. Lol.02:12
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Steven__Does kernel-power have btrfs included? The Wiki article doesn't say.05:26
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uhhimherefreemangordon: so i found a single file under /arch/arm/config07:08
uhhimherecan that be used to create a device tree for the board07:09
uhhimherefreemangordon: here's the pastebin
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Vajbi have r&d mode enaabled and also omap, ext and lifeguardresets flags set. Still my device keeps rebooting randomly.08:42
Vajbsyslog shows a lot of entries from hald-addon-bme08:48
Vajb"server_send_bme_sys_msg: unable to connect to bme socket" "unable to send connection request to bme"08:50
Vajbit repeats at every 10secs08:51
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Vajbhmm actually that isn't anything. It did that while it was charging08:56
uhhimhereuhhimhere> device tree basically maps the entire board a soc is on including the soc right?09:16
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> so why cant there be a way to generate a device tree from a running kernel?09:16
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> irrespective of whether the kernel was built using DT09:16
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Vajbbtw i also have issue with update to latest cssu thumb09:30
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Vajbosso-systemui-powerkeymenu is missing09:31
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infoboti heard usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt14:24
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freemangordonVajb: enable cssu-testing repo as well19:09
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sec I have a problem, my camera button is too sensible, and when i shake the phone or when im writing a SMS and i press the buton by mistake the camera pops up. Theres any way to disable the camera button permanently?19:30
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freemangordonsec: camera-ui "general settings"19:57
secfreemangordon: I am on CSSU stable, I am assuming this is on Testing or Thumb?19:59
freemangordonshould be the same on stock camera-ui19:59
freemangordon"show on focusbutton press"19:59
freemangordonsec: ^^^19:59
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secOh Not there in stock freemangordon :<20:00
freemangordonclick on the menu, when camera-ui is unmaximized20:00
secHold on, I'll show you a screenshot20:00
freemangordonsec: not there, that option is in a different menu20:03
freemangordonsec: do as I say:20:03
freemangordon1. open camera-ui20:04
freemangordon2. click somewhere on the preview to unmaximize it20:04
freemangordon3. click on "Camera" on the menu bar20:04
freemangordonthe option should be there20:04
secI only have Geotagging and General Settings there, and I showed you General Settings20:05
secGeotagging doesn't have anything useful either20:05
freemangordonweird, I remember I was able to disable launch by focus press in stock camera20:05
secCan I just upgrade the package to the one in Testing without causing a dependency hell?20:06
secIF the option is there20:06
freemangordonthe option is there for sure20:07
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freemangordonnot sure if you can install camera-ui from cssu-t on stable, there might be more packages needed from -testing20:08
bencohhmm are you sure it's in stock camera-ui ?20:08
freemangordonI though so20:09
freemangordonbut maybe I am using cssu's camera-ui for so long that I have forgotten how's it in stock20:09
bencohwhat is in stock is disabling camera-ui launch when phone is locked and you play with the lens slider20:09
freemangordonbut for sure there is such option in camera-ui in cssu-testing/thumb20:10
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freemangordonbencoh: and you can;t disable it opening on focus button press?!?20:10
freemangordonI can;t believe that :P20:10
bencohcouldnt find it20:11
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bencohand there is a kludge in I-dunno-which-package that takes care of camera-ui vs camera-ui220:11
bencohso I guess you really cant disable it20:11
freemangordonhonestly, I can;t believe nokians did not implement that, but if you say so20:11
bencohdunno :)20:12
secIs there a quick config or hack I could use?20:12
freemangordonnot that I am aware of20:13
freemangordonsec: well, you can try to install camera-ui from cssu-testing. or upgrade to cssu-testing (or thumb), it is 100% stable for everyday use20:13
secCan I upgrade on top of stable?20:14
secI've just been using this for a while and never bothered20:14
bencoh/apps/camera/settings/extra-settings/disable-show-on-lenscover-open is in camera-ui220:15
bencohaccording to cl-launcher it's not in stock20:15
secI also read somewhere that Stable is about to be refreshed with testing packages (tmo I think) so I could wait20:15
freemangordonsec: yes, you can upgrade from stable to testing20:15
secAlright! Thanks!20:16
freemangordonsec: I am not sure camera-ui will enter stable20:16
freemangordonthere is some politics involved here ;)20:16
bencohpolitics ? what about ?20:16
freemangordonfreedom of choice, but don't ask me more :)20:16
bencohfreemangordon: have you played with mafw ?20:17
freemangordona bit, some time ago20:17
freemangordonwill have to do it soonish too20:17
bencohI'd like it to pass some .m3u8 directly to gstreamer instead of processing it with its playlist parser20:18
bencoh(because hls uses .m3u8 files)20:18
bencoh(apple twisted ideas ...)20:18
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freemangordonyou'd better ask gidzzz@TMO ( the OMP maintainer)20:19
bencohwell from I've read of OMP source, it just uses mafw, and I couldnt get OMP to pass the .m3u8 (or rather the url) to gstreamer either, but he might know something20:21
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Steven__Does Maemo 5/N900 store things on the SIM card?20:35
Steven__Like contacts or SMS.20:36
WizzupIt is possible, afaik.20:37
WizzupYou can choose20:37
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Steven__I am looking into dm-crypt/luks and I want to make sure that all the data is in once place (i.e. /home ).20:41
Steven__So I want to prevent it from storing data on the SIM if it does it by default.20:42
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kerioiirc it doesn't store stuff on the sim20:51
kerioyou can access the contacts on the sim20:51
keriobut that's it20:51
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Steven__kerio: That is good news. I know a lot of phones do store stuff there, but I suppose that those are mostly not smartphones.20:58
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VajbSteven__: actually i found it a problem that there is no polssibility on n900 to make back up of contacts in sim...21:53
Vajbfreemangordon: thx. Tho i fixed that issue already :)21:53
Steven__Vajb: I meant good news that it didn't do it by default. It would be nice to be able to do it manually, or turn it on in a setting.21:54
Steven__Do you mean you cant move Maemo contacts onto the SIM? Or the other way around?21:55
Vajbyeah i would prefer that too, but thats not gonna happen21:55
Vajbn900 can't write in sim21:56
Steven__Why is that?21:56
Vajbit just reads21:56
bencohthe other way around works (maemo imports contacts from the SIM)21:56
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Steven__You mean none of the packages do it in the default install, right?21:56
Steven__The SIM's contact format is probably simpler than the N900's. I suspect that Nokia just didn't add a GUI to move stuff into the SIM because the user would have to deal with getting rid of fields in their address book.21:58
Vajbbtw maybe someone knows why my device keeps on rebooting even tho i have rd mode enabled + wd flags too21:58
bencohSteven__: that's what I think as well21:59
bencohSteven__: there is a way to talk to the modem using AT commands iirc, you could then try to access the contact storage (if the proper AT commands are implemented)22:00
bencoh(yeah, that's far-fetched)22:00
Steven__bencoh: I think Nokia used their own modem protocol rather than AT commands. At least, the kernel driver was written from reverse engineered info and not from AT commands.22:04
bencohyeah, isi22:04
Steven__Isn't the SIM separate from the modem, though?22:05
bencohwell you could read the isi driver but I'm not sure you'd find the info22:05
bencohhmm, that would be surprising22:05
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Palithere is nokia program pnatd which emulates AT modem terminal and communicate with n900 modem22:07
Palinot all AT commands are implemented, but some useful subset are22:07
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Palie.g. USSD codes are working22:07
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Paliand before PR1.3 this was only way how to use USSD codes on n90022:08
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bencohyeah I was talking about pnatd22:08
Steven__bencoh: nevermind, the schematic shows that the SIM slot is conncted to Gazoo, which is the modem companion chip.22:08
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* RzR Have you voted for Maemo Council ? if not it's now or never22:31
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