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Steven__Has anyone swapped their clock battery with a capacitor on the N900?
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OksanaIt seems that several people did. However, I personally didn't.02:18
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salyavinWow didn't even know about that clock battery.  I guess every N900 clock battery is long dead, mine sure is.04:00
svetlanait is just there to boot the mobile to wake people up I think, it is not used much (esp. if you have the phone on, it probably is just not used)04:05
svetlanatry to set an alarm for 5 minutes later, switch the phone off, to test :)04:05
* b1101 makes a note to keep track of his n900's time04:11
Oksanasvetlana: When main battery is not switched-off, it's presumably used by alarm-from-shutdown. Because my N900 seems to have alarm-from-shutdown working, even though time is not necessarily correct after battery swap. I am not sure. Somehow, time often seems to be correct, even though the set-time-date-screen still gets displayed.04:15
OksanaI mean, when main battery is not empty, it might be used by alarm-from-shutdown.04:15
svetlana> When main battery is not switched-off, it's presumably used by alarm-from-shutdown04:16
svetlana> I mean, when main battery is not empty, it might be used by alarm-from-shutdown.04:16
svetlanaif main power is on, why would it use the clock battery?04:16
OksanaThe clock-battery is to preserve the clock across battery-swap? I don't know.04:19
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SAiFthamks Vajb04:57
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Steven__The clock battery is so that the phone keeps proper time when not otherwised powered. If you set it up to get time through the modem though, it will always seem to have the correct time (though it is actually just fixing it before you get a chance to see it).05:42
Steven__It is the same in deskops and laptops.05:42
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Steven__It is not a major problem, I guess, though it is often not a good idea to trust random time sources if you want actual security.05:44
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uhhimherewhere can i get stock android rom md5s?08:12
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b1101uhhimhere: ?08:15
uhhimherei now this isnt an android forum08:15
uhhimherebut i figure everybody these days has meddled with the droid08:15
uhhimhereplus my end goal is to get something like maemo running on my device08:16
uhhimherei just need to verify that my backup procedure is working08:16
b1101your backup procedure?08:17
b1101android is very different from maemo. What device? and md5 of the backup is created whenever you create a backup, and I'm assuming you're doing this through the recovery?08:18
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b1101the fact that there are still things ported to n900 puts a huge smile on my face :D17:14
b1101fuck I love this phone/computer/the most awesome piece of technology I own imo17:15
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secAptitude is broken :< Ouch!  Got SIGSEGV, dying..17:32
secSegfaults everytime17:32
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teotwakiHappy new year, all18:29
teotwakisec: have you tried coredumping and debugging it?18:29
keriocurses problem i believe18:33
kerioit doesn't sigsegv if you give it commands18:33
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secteotwaki: I was looking into it then. It worked fine when compiled without optimization flags. I can't recall what flags right now.18:54
teotwakiidc about flags, show me a stacktrace and jump from frame to frame18:54
bencohdoes anyone know if memcpy() in our libc uses neon optim ?19:02
bencohI guess has been included but I'm not sure19:04
bencohhmm looks like it's patched with siamashka's neon code, according to the libc source from maemo sdk19:08
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uhhimhereso why not have a MIPS based N900 successor19:18
Humpelstilzchenwhy do you prefer Mips?19:19
uhhimherei guess because its made en masse by the chinese19:19
uhhimhereso its cheap?19:19
uhhimhereobviously youd loose all the NEON optimizations19:20
HumpelstilzchenI don't think that "cheap" is a good option19:20
uhhimherebut with dual cores you could replicate the NEON w/ the csecond core?19:21
bencohand eat all the battery you've saved with mips ? meh :)19:21
Humpelstilzchenuhhimhere: for what power cost? And what about the h264 decoder?19:21
bencoh(h264 isnt decoded with neon in maemo - but still)19:22
uhhimhereyeah i know19:22
Humpelstilzchenbencoh: not in neon, but the omap has a dedicated video cpu19:23
uhhimhereyou mean a vpu19:23
bencohHumpelstilzchen: actually it's done by the dsp :)19:24
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Humpelstilzchenbencoh: on n900 yes, neo900s cpu has an IVA19:25
Humpelstilzchenand yes also a DSP19:26
Humpelstilzchenjust not sure how good the DSP is19:26
bencohit's a c64x+ as well19:27
bencohprolly a bit faster19:27
Humpelstilzchenalso imho MIPS lack some good documentation, but not sure on this one. Havn't really used them19:28
uhhimhereyeah i couldnt find algorithmic descriptions of opcodes19:29
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uhhimhereHumpelstilzchen: they seem to be used alot on networking hw19:36
uhhimhere64 bit stuff i think19:36
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Humpelstilzchenthere is a high chance your home router has mips..19:37
uhhimherei guess theyre useful for moving large chunks of data around19:39
Humpelstilzchenor its because they are cheap ;)19:39
bencohit's because your regular DSL home router doesnt need to do anything in cpu, it basically switches packets (done in hw by a dedicated switch) and routes a few packets (10~100mbps for most home devoces)19:42
uhhimherefor doing nothing it sure heats up19:42
Humpelstilzchenbencoh: firewall?19:43
Humpelstilzchenthe heat comes from the NSA trojan19:43
Humpelstilzchenyou laugh...19:43
bencohrecent high-end mips-based routers include "advanced" features and they have to route at higher throughput so they're getting more powerful, but ...19:44
bencohHumpelstilzchen: firewalling on cheap routers is a pain :)19:45
bencoh(even though it's getting better :)19:45
Humpelstilzchenstill everyone seems to do it19:45
bencohyou said it, because it's cheap ;)19:45
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secteotwaki: Can't right now19:47
bencohcheaper than arm, and they eventually went for bigger mips when time came (vdsl or "very-high bitrate" cable for instance)19:47
bencoh(they == ISP)19:48
uhhimhereso neo900 should be MIPS based19:53
uhhimhereif not for cost reasons alone19:54
* Humpelstilzchen wants FPGA based19:54
* bencoh too, but he doesnt want to carry a car battery around19:55
uhhimherehowbout coldfusion powered19:56
Humpelstilzchennot sure if i'd like to have the first generation of these in my pocket...19:57
bencohcant be worse than lipo, can it ,19:57
Humpelstilzchenbut so far most people seem to survive it.19:58
Humpelstilzchenjust havn't found out why given what a lipo can do19:58
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Guest37330hello everybody, does anyone have any experience with the n900 built-in web browser and TiddlyWiki files?23:26
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Guest37330also, is it even conceivable to think of ubuntu touch for usage on the n900? What do you suggest for a long term use of this beautiful mobile phone?23:32
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Guest37330maemo is great anyway and I currently wouldn't need anything else but this operative system. I'm so satisfied that I'm thinking of the future of my current device, not else.23:33
Guest37330I stepped into neo900, any insights or opinion from you experts?23:35
bencohI think you'd need to fix/merge ofono from nemomobile into ubuntuphone to make it work on n90023:36
bencohafaik ubuntu uses ofono with its rilmodem backend to work on top of an android RIL23:37
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Guest37330Thank you, it sounds a bit out of my reach but I will write it down and look into it for sure23:38
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