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* Tekk_ really hopes that his usb port isn't busted :/01:42
Tekk_I'm nervous about having to take a soldering iron to my phone :P01:43
infobotmethinks usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt01:45
Tekk_sixwheeledbeast: annoyingly I'm not at home atm01:48
Tekk_although it seems it's charging over usb now01:48
Tekk_but I still can't get it to charge on the ac plub, maybe that's what's broken01:48
Tekk_who decided that microusb was a good idea for charging? :/01:48
sixwheeledbeastmicrousb is a good idea.01:48
Tekk_too fragile01:49
Tekk_my last (non-n900) phone gave me trouble too after long enough01:49
sixwheeledbeastIt was designed for this purpose01:49
Tekk_the hell....01:49
sixwheeledbeasthowever, the way it was surface mounted on the N900 was a bad idea.01:49
Tekk_apparently gravity affects electrons, who knew01:50
Tekk_the phone will only charge if I'm holding the laptop above it :P01:50
sixwheeledbeastthe socket idea itself works01:50
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Tekk_hm, I think that the insides themselves are wearing down actually02:01
Tekk_the fit is pretty loose within the socket but the socket itself seems solid02:02
Tekk_so I guess I just need to replace that02:02
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sixwheeledbeastmicro usb should reduce wear to the port this is why the design is good02:11
Luke-JrTekk_: note you're more likely to PREVENT breaking it, than to fix it later02:21
Tekk_Luke-Jr: yeah02:21
Luke-Jr[22:50:17] <Tekk_> the phone will only charge if I'm holding the laptop above it :P <-- sounds like a bad wire or USB port barely holding on02:21
Tekk_yeah, the wires02:21
Tekk_I've found one that seems to be working rather happily02:22
ShadowJKCharger that came with my N900 is now dead, wires broke02:31
Tekk_ShadowJK: I find it really weird that two wires broke at nearly the same time though02:33
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Tekk_probably just a freakish coincidence02:33
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ecc3gI'm using a cheap @$$ $1 cable to charge... unfortunately it charges so much faster than my AC10 Not sure why that AC10C is so crappy.03:24
ShadowJKis dead03:35
ecc3gyeah probably... Right now I'm using an LG 700mA and a Pantech 2.0A USB chargers... make a wild guess which one charges my n900 faster...03:40
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Tekk_anyone know what's in the latest ssu update?04:03
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b1101I'd like to know as well....even though testing is running well for me04:06
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ecc3ghmm... not sure why is still not working for me.04:14
ecc3gstill using t-mobile's supl server, which is annoying because I can't use wifi to access it, have to use 3G04:14
b1101why not ?04:18
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ecc3gCall me paranoid but I'd rather M$ know where I am than google at this point...04:57
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sixwheeledbeastecc3g: I'd agree with your google statement09:19 should work fine on Smaemo709:20
ecc3gwill try again but it didn't lock as fast as when I had it set for t-mobile's lbs supl server.09:37
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zGrrmoin :)17:05
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erlehmannso it seems my n900 does not start up20:13
erlehmanni see a nokia logo but no backlight20:13
erlehmanncharger lamp is yellow20:13
erlehmannwhen plugged in20:13
erlehmannand then when i start it it stops glowing20:17
erlehmannoh it seems i need to use the original charger20:19
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zGrrerlehmann: or shortcut D+ with D-20:28
erlehmannoh so it lost all stugg when it discharged20:30
erlehmannhad to re-input date and time20:30
drathirbtw is possibility hard switch off that startup monit about region/language/date/time?20:35
drathirbecause date is taken from gsm/gps  at all...20:36
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vibe_good evening20:38
vibe_just came to check if maemo community is still alive :)20:40
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drathirlol fast check ^^20:51
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useretailwhat is the best os to install on n900?21:05
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drathiruseretail: i guess define best...21:21
Tekk_useretail: maemo probably :P21:44
Tekk_I wasn't even able to find a nitdroid or meego rom21:45
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useretaili found maemo somewhat slow22:59
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useretailhave someone tried anything other than maemo/android?23:10
Siceloyes. maemo is the best23:12
Sicelo'we' are even trying to move it to next N90023:12
infoboti heard neo900 is at, or at
SiceloArch, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc . have been tried23:13
useretaildoes fso-gsmd work?23:14
Siceloofono too23:15
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