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hurrian<rant> Samsung WTF, your base OS install on the Note 3 uses up 1.3GB RAM idle </rant>02:30
phlixion th eother hand, it has 3gb ram, right?02:32
drathirlol android ;p02:35
hurrianinb4 free ram is wasted ram, but holy crap samsung wtf have you done, seriously.02:38
hurrianCM11 + full Google Apps (aka bloat) on SGS2 does 300MB idle...02:38
hurrianI bought the Qualcomm version so it'd be easier to run SFOS on it, when I get around to that02:39
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keriofree ram is wasted ram means that buffers and cache should use the ram08:18
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erlehmanni finally ditched my old htc dream and am now going n900 full time14:28
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erlehmannsuch a nice device!14:28
erlehmannso first things first. what would be the process to build a fully functional maemo image?14:30
erlehmannlike, compile it14:30
erlehmannalso what would be a good feedreader14:31
erlehmannhello hello14:35
erlehmannis anyone there14:35
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NIN101_erlehmann: you want to compile everything of maemo from scratch?14:38
infobothmm... maemo-flashing is
drathirerlehmann: ^14:42
infoboti heard firmware is please see ~combined ~emmc ~flasher14:43
infobothmm... combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
drathirerlehmann: ^14:43
infobothmm... emmc is magnet:?xt=urn:btih:402fb5cc8a48ecbc18a77c9cf70d869a775bcf53&dn=RX-51%5F2009SE%5F10.2010.13-2.VANILLA%5FPR%5FEMMC%5FMR0%5FARM.bin or, or
infoboti guess flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
drathirerlehmann: ^14:45
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erlehmannNIN101_ yes15:13
erlehmanni want to create an image from scratch15:13
NIN101_erlehmann: well that's not possible as many crucial parts of maemo are not open sourced15:13
Paliif you want to create FIASCO image (from kernel image, rootfs image, ...), use tool 0xFFFF15:14
infobot[0xffff], or
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erlehmanncan i replace the nonfree parts?15:14
Palierlehmann: look at above table ^^^ what can be replaced15:15
erlehmannxchat somehow does not highlight the links15:16
erlehmannPali is there a mostly free distribution?15:21
Palino idea15:21
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NIN101_erlehmann: none that makes the phone functions useable.15:24
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erlehmannNIN101_ so where can i start?15:29
erlehmannalso, i think i need a git client15:34
erlehmannhow do i get one15:34
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erlehmannthe usb connector seems to lodge in tightly15:51
erlehmanni hope i dont break it15:52
erlehmannnow filing down usb cable hooks15:54
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erlehmanni cannot call with jabber16:19
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erlehmanncan anyone help me with n900 jabber voice and video?16:36
infoboti heard voip is Voice over IP16:37
infobotsomebody said jingle was action hooks up $1 to a sleigh and rides $1 around the town16:37
infobotit has been said that jabber is at,, and or an instant messaging system, or and planet.jabber.org16:37
erlehmanndoes not connect16:39
erlehmannhas anyone in here voice and video calls working?16:41
Palierlehmann: voice call worked fine 2 months ago16:46
Paliand with cssu-devel patch it worked also with gmail web plugin16:46
Paliand it worked also with kopete16:46
erlehmanninteresting is there an echo service16:48
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erlehmannPali can i test call you over xmpp?16:52
erlehmanni cannot find a working echo server16:52
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erlehmannPali do you have a tutorial for setting up xmpp calling with n900?16:57
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dhbikerhi there21:24
dhbikeri haven't used this in a while...21:24
dhbikerwhy bleeding edge drivers aren't working with latest kernel power ?21:25
dhbikeror i'm just too stupid to get it back to work21:25
stryngshi dhbiker, yer talking hacking on an n900. -=)  Happy to help21:26
stryngsWhat hernel are u using?21:26
dhbikerpower 5221:27
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stryngsok, and what are u trying to do?21:27
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stryngspacket injection, etc..?21:28
dhbikerload bleeding edge drivers21:28
stryngsFor what purpose?21:28
dhbikeraircrack-ng and reaver21:28
stryngsRoger, so PACKET injection =)21:28
stryngsOk. one moment21:28
stryngsIm gunna hook u up dude21:29
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stryngsYou familiar with dpkg -i and dpkg -x and ar dhbiker ?21:31
stryngsok one second, having issues with my shitty godaddy server21:32
stryngsNow, yer gunna have to mod the control file21:33
stryngsso grab it, when u got it lemme know21:33
stryngsactually no yer not21:34
stryngswhy the hell i have it set to require aircrack-ng is beyond me, but thats fixable =)21:34
stryngsfeel free to dpkg -i it.   Check out the code for yourself i u like21:34
stryngsEither way, itll create two icons on yer desktop21:35
stryngsred needle turns on packet injection21:35
stryngsblue one turns it off21:35
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stryngsit has a backup to relaunch wlancond if u cycle them TOO fast, but try to avoid doing that as it is somewhat hackich21:35
stryngsLemme know ho wu like =)21:35
stryngsI would definately appreciate your feedback on it dhbiker =)21:37
dhbikerfound them in /opt/packet-injection-modules/ and they seem to work21:37
stryngsThey do work21:37
stryngsThat script just makes it easy to launch and delaunch em21:37
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infobotwell, kp is
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dhbikeralready up and running Pali thanks anyways :D21:44
Paliread first post of ^^^ there is script for loading packet injection drivers21:44
Palithey are already part of kp5221:44
dhbikeri have everything :D21:45
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stryngsThe script is broken Pali21:48
stryngsjust a heads up21:48
Paliwhich part is broken?21:49
stryngswlancond part21:49
Palior what does not working?21:49
stryngsis tries to start to fast21:49
Tekk_people still use nitdroid....?21:49
Paliand what wlancond doing?21:49
stryngsand has no backup for when the fail happens21:49
Tekk_I was pretty sure you couldn't even find a nitdroid image to flash anymore21:49
Paliah, right, this is not problem of my script21:49
Palibut ptoblem in upstart21:49
stryngsRight, but u can fix it21:49
Tekk_huh, it has ics..21:49
Paliit does not allow you stop & start process too many times21:50
Palibug in upstart21:50
stryngswget; grab it, dpkx -x it and check out and injectionOFF.sh21:50
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stryngsThere are also other small errors and whatnot21:50
Paliif you stop wlancond too many times, you need to wait 5-10 minutes21:50
Paliand you *must* stop wlancond if you are chaning drivers21:50
stryngsor just launch wlancond -d =)21:50
Paliand you *must* start wlancond via upstart21:51
stryngsI modified your script based on the errors i was seeing in the log21:51
stryngsYour script works, dont get me wrong21:51
Paliotherwise system will not work correctly21:51
keriofucking script kiddies21:51
stryngsIt just needed a couple tweaks =)21:51
Palinow looking at ./usr/bin/injectionON.sh21:52
Palithat script is incorrect21:53
stryngsHow so?21:53
* stryngs sits down21:53
Tekk_well, given that there's an "is nitdroid still being developed?" thread on the forum that's been unanswered for nearly a year, I'm guessing it's pretty dea d:P21:53
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Paliyou should not kill wlancond21:53
Paliand not with -9 :D21:54
keriojesus christ21:54
Paliupstart will handle it as system crash21:54
stryngsWhy not?  If its hanging21:54
Paliand when you got your counter at some level you will have permanent reboot21:54
Palithere is lifeguard daemon which storing that somewhere21:54
Paliand after it reach something it disallow you to start phone21:55
stryngsWhat?  Who the hell coded that21:55
Paliit show message MALF21:55
Paliproper way to stop system daemon started by upstart is to use upstart, so call $ stop <daemon>21:55
stryngsAre the people at nokia just that retarded?21:55
Paliand to start daemon use: $ start <daemon>21:56
Tekk_stryngs: have you seen the dependencies in maemo packages? :)21:56
stryngsIts why i started my own fork so to speak21:56
stryngsBut, Pali Thank you for that insight21:56
Tekk_so why are you asking this question? :P21:56
Palibut if you call stop, start, stop, start, ... too many then upstart refuse to start daemon (need to wait about 5 minutes)21:56
stryngsright, so why not invoke with wlancond -d &21:56
stryngsworks just the same, does it not?21:56
Palisomebody should look at upstart code and remove that restriction :-)21:56
Palibecuase system daemons are handled by upstart21:57
stryngsOk, but......  if it works, why is it wrong?  U handled my killall -9 question perfectly, u gave reason21:57
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stryngsAnd I'm going to change that, because @#*$**  what the heck21:58
Palidaemons could crash (sometimes) and upstart will respawn them if it happens21:58
stryngsSo the proper way to handle this is to truly wait 5-10 mins?21:58
Paliand when you are starting daemon via upstart then upstart resolve some dependences and other services which should be started *after* that daemon upstart will automatically start them21:59
stryngsSo the proper way to handle this is to truly wait 5-10 mins?21:59
Paliyes, until somebody remove that restrictioin22:00
stryngsOk.  Very cool.  Thank you for the insight22:00
stryngsmodules_unload="wl12xx wl1251_spi wl1251 mac80211 cfg80211 rfkill_backport compat" is wrong fyi22:00
stryngscheck out my changes in injectionON/OFF22:00
stryngsto see what i mean22:00
stryngsif u launch it via ssh, youll see the errors22:01
Palikerio: can you look at that upstart code? :D22:01
stryngsThey aren't lifethreatening by anymeans, but they call for removing modules that arent there22:01
stryngsGood stuff Pali.  Thank you for the insight!22:01
Paliyes, it print warnings about modules which are not loaded -- but this is not error22:01
Palijust to unload everything to be sure22:02
stryngsWell, imho if a script asks to do something, it should be done, errors are human coding errors.22:02
stryngsEither way,  THANK you my friend =)  You answered and taught me something today that I had evidently been MESSING up badly on22:02
Palicorrect way would be probably to drop messages about non loaded modules22:02
stryngsFeel free to take that .DEB and put it in maemo =)22:03
stryngsI'm too lazy to proper package stuff, so i dont bother22:03
keriohold on, aren't you unloading it with modprobe -r?22:03
stryngsBut, the icons are pwnieexpress icons, so they would possibly have to change22:03
stryngsrmmod kerio22:04
PaliERROR: Module kerio does not exist in /proc/modules22:04
stryngsfor dependency reasons i would assume, Pali?22:04
kerioit was a loaded question22:04
kerioPali: oic22:04
Pali$ sudo modprobe -r kerio --> FATAL: Module kerio not found.22:04
kerioyeah yeah22:04
Palithis will show error message too22:04
keriothe modules are actually /not there/22:05
stryngsRight, but why would you try to rmmod a module that isnt there, and wouldnt be there except for very weird circumstances?22:05
Palibut modprobe (when used instead insmod) will ignore already loaded modules22:05
Palistryngs: to make sure that script will work in any state and I do not know which modules are loaded22:06
stryngs/dev/null 2&>122:06
stryngsthat would fix it =)22:06
PaliI think that script should work at any time, so correct way is: 1) clean up everything (remove all modules which allocate wifi...) 2) init my code22:07
Palistryngs: that will ignore also other fatal errors22:07
Palilike: cannot rmmod module, because somebody using it22:07
Palior cannot rmmod module, because something crashed22:07
Palior whatever...22:07
Paliand I think this should be printed to notify user about problems22:08
stryngsVery well.22:10
stryngsI've been effectively shutup'd =)22:10
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Palisome *kernel* source code for omap M-Shield and SMC:
Palifreemangordon, DocScrutinizer05 ^^^23:55
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SiceloPali: applies directly to our chip?23:58
Palino idea, I just found kernel code which calling smc instruction with other file names mshield23:59
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