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Tekk_ is this article accurate wrt bluetooth keyboard support?17:11
Tekk_no punctuation or numbers17:11
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* Tekk_ found the tmo page on them17:23
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stryngsDoes anyone happen to know where I can grab libnl1-dev for the n900?22:17
infobotsomebody said combined was the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
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Morg0thHello, i have developped an android app and i'd like to run it on my Nokia N900. I installed apkenv but when i run it i get an error message saying "Not a native .apk". Do you know how i could fix it? I found a forum topic saying that it's because it can only be ran by dalvik but not how to fix it. Is this a setting in the manifest or something?22:49
stryngskerio: Your saying that libnl1-dev exists on pr1.3.1?22:51
kerionot everything is about you22:52
stryngsDo you happen to know where a prebuilt package for libnl1-dev for the n900 happens to reside by chance though?22:53
stryngsok.  Thanks for answering =)  If you don't, I doubt it exists22:53
stryngsSadly, it seems that way for a lot of common packages22:54
sixwheeledbeastnot been buid ' asume22:54
stryngsWell, it's why I'm developing my own distro for the n90022:54
stryngsI'm tired of the dependency hell that is maemo22:54
stryngsthe .debs won't be proper, but they will work22:54
sixwheeledbeasts/buid ' asume/built I assume/22:54
infobotsixwheeledbeast meant: not been built I assume22:54
stryngsThat's all that matters in the end anyways, the end product works like it should22:54
stryngsJust need a nifty name is all =)22:55
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* Sicelo wonders where stryngs problem is ..22:56
* sixwheeledbeast agrees22:57
stryngsI can't do apt-get install libnl1-dev22:59
stryngsThat's the problem.  Some of the most basic pentest tools do not exist on the "official" maemo repos.  This is sad because the n900 is one of the best pentest tools in the industry22:59
stryngsThe #maemo community is not concerned with hacking.  And that is OK.  I'm not hating here.  To me, the #maemo community is concerned with making cool stuff for the worst smartphone ever built.23:00
stryngsIf only the #maemo community could shift gears and realize what a beauty they behold, zOMG, there would be no stop to the n90023:01
stryngsThat's all =)23:01
stryngsI still love you guys/gals.23:01
Siceloyou aware the community is working on N900-reinvented?23:01
stryngsYes.  But it ain't about hacking.  Again, it's going to be revolving around the "smartphoneness" of it.  That of which has never, will never, and does not currently exist.  As a smartphone, the n900 was the worst idea ever.23:02
stryngsI'm blown away people actually use it as a phone for daily purposes23:02
stryngsI'd rather have an iphone 3g than to try to use my brick as a phone.  BUT, for a computer in my pocket?  zOMG, the n900 rocks and it rocks hard23:03
Sicelowhen did you get your N900?23:03
stryngsmaybe... 2012?23:03
stryngsYeah 2012, august timeframe23:03
Sicelook :)23:03
stryngsI had an iphone 3g in like 09 or something i think23:03
stryngsEither way.  I'm not mad, but again, I was sadly proven right in my thoughts =(.  Oh well, if anyone is interested in working on a new n900 project please let me know.  It's almost ready for public release.  It's very geared around pentesting, and it starts at where the PwnPhone left off23:04
Siceloyour thoughts are very very very mistaken23:06
stryngsOk.  Aircrack-ng.  What version do we have on the n900?  1.1.  What is the current version? Aircrack-ng 1.2 beta3 r241323:07
stryngsAgain, it's ok.  I'm not hating =)  Like I said though, I intend to change that =)23:07
stryngsJust need a nifty name is all =)23:07
Siceloname for the product, you mean?23:08
stryngsYes =)23:08
stryngsAnd yes I realize, if it weren't for the #maemo community; idea like the PwnPhone would have never been born.  So please don't take it as rudeness =/23:10
stryngsYou guys/gals are wonderful.  You keep the n900 alive.23:10
stryngsI just need a Hacker Friendly phone23:10
stryngsand by that I mean one for Pentesting23:10
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Tekk_stryngs: have you checked the sdk repo?23:16
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sixwheeledbeastI am sorry but the N900 is a good phone. better than ios and android IMO23:18
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stryngsTekk_: extras and extras-devel is all I know of.  Do you happen to have a link for the SDK handy?23:19
stryngsdeb fremantle/sdk free non-free23:20
Tekk_stryngs: /me points to the warning there though :P23:21
stryngsheh, so it does exist23:21
Tekk_you're not supposed to actually use it on the phone apparently23:21
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stryngsYeah, its for scratchbox23:21
stryngshence why its not on my phone23:21
stryngsBut....  Its either break debian rules and hack a deb23:21
stryngsor use it23:21
stryngsI wonder why they dont want you to use the repos on the phone23:22
stryngsAny takers n that?23:22
Tekk_probably the usual dependency hell :P23:24
stryngsYeah, a sign of the times =/23:24
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javispedroscratchbox is not a normal linux env and thus packages make ... "assumptions"23:25
javispedropresence of /scratchbox, running under fakeroot, etc.23:25
Tekk_does anyone else experience charging being picky when on low battery?23:27
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Tekk_either not charging or not detecting that it should be charging23:33
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