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RiDGuys... i screwed myself. Is there a small bin file i can use to -only- flash the kernel on my n900? Im in limited internet.01:26
RiDUsing the pc flasher utility, as the phone is unbootable, typical multiboot messup01:28
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NIN101yeah it's possible to flash only the kernle01:56
NIN101should be here:
NIN101good night01:56
RiDYeah but the bin file is huge for my data plan :(02:01
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infoboti guess combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
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keriowhy didn't anyone tell RiD about kernel.deb's fiasco image09:38
kerioyou guys fucking suck09:38
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Humpelstilzchentell news10:22
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jonwilWith the recent announcement by Microsoft that they are dropping support for Skype for Windows Phone 7, I wonder how long it will be before the N900 looses Skype...17:04
freemangordonjonwil: I don;t think we can do much17:08
jonwilyeah I know, I just wonder if there has been any sort of notice from MS about what might happen17:09
freemangordonTBH I am more concerned what will happen on linux desktop17:12
jonwilI haven't seen anything to suggest Microsoft would drop support for Skype on Linux desktop, they already reversed decision to abandon support for Mac OS 10.5.x and that OS has less user base than Linux17:15
jonwilIts a matter of how much work is required to support a platform vs how much the platform brings in benefits to MS17:16
freemangordonI doubt linux brings any benefit to MS17:17
ShadowJKThe question is whether they needed extra effort on serverside for skype on w717:17
freemangordonquite the contrary17:17
jonwilThe likely answer for MS is that they are retiring older Skype protocol variants and don't want to spend the engineering resources to update Skype for windows phone 7 to support the newer protocols17:18
ShadowJKConsidering the pain it is to make anything for w7, it wouldn't surprise me if they had created custom protocol for w717:19
dos1jonwil: well.. is Skype on N900 even supported anyway?17:19
jonwilIts not about whether its supported, its about whether it works17:20
jonwiland whether Microsoft makes a change somewhere that stops it working17:20
jonwilseems like they dont want to invest resources to update Skype on windows phone 7 so it will keep working17:21
dos1yes, but with Skype on N900 being practically abandonned for quite a long time, it already can happen at any moment (and I'm actually surprised that it didn't earlier given that I seem to recall some incompatibilities introduced as a response to reverse engineering efforts)17:25
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PaliI'm using skype only on n900 and today I got email (to address registred at skype account) from skype/MS "Your Skype for Linux version is being retired. Update today."17:32
Paliand they suggest me to update skype for linux to last desktop version...17:32
Palihahaha no armel binary17:32
ShadowJKiirc skype on Maemo was originally criticized a bit because it was the full desktop protocol :)17:32
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Paligoogle abandoned xmpp (no audio/video calls from n900 to hangouts), MS going to abandon skype on n90017:44
Paliso basically there will be no normal audio+video call support17:44
keriothe bitrot is real17:45
freemangordonPali: is it possible to make google hangaouts working? is it open? (the protocol)17:46
Palino closed source17:46
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Paliand all google clients are probably only wrapper around html5 code17:47
Paliso maybe it could be possible if somebody start hacking it17:47
freemangordonso, basically there is no option. what about FB?17:47
dos1audio+video over xmpp should still work though, no need to use google for that17:47
PaliI have no facebook account --> no idea17:47
freemangordonI have, but never used it for anything else but chat17:48
Paliyes, our telepathy gabble should work for audio+video via xmpp17:48
PaliI fixed some problems, package is in CSSU-devel17:48
Paliit should work against gmail web plugin17:48
Pali(at least 2 months ago worked)17:48
freemangordonhowever, I guess maemo has bigger problems ARM17:48
freemangordonlike no CSSU updates since the stone age17:48
* freemangordon wonders what has happened with merlin199117:49
freemangordonBTW. Pali: Hi and welcome back17:49
Palihi :-)17:50
freemangordonPali: hows your education going? did you take your exams?17:50
PaliI finished my bachelor thesis before deadline :-)17:51
freemangordongreat :)17:51
Paliand all I have passed all exams17:51
freemangordonbravo man17:51
freemangordonso you are back to maemo?17:51
Palinow I have some free time, next month I have last final bachelor exam17:51
freemangordonPali: BTW we should find merlin1991 somehow and decide on the future of CSSU. If such thing exists at all (the fufture)17:52
* merlin1991 turns up17:53
Paliok, where is merlin1991?17:53
freemangordonOMG, he's alive17:53
freemangordonmerlin1991: where you've been man, is everything ok with you?17:53
merlin1991Will do the stable pre release today when my pc is up again17:54
freemangordonhooray :)17:54
freemangordonmerlin1991: but honestly, I think we should appoint a meeting and decide on how shall all this continue17:55
merlin1991I'm ok, only my free time is quite nonexistant ...17:55
freemangordonyeah :(17:55
freemangordonis there any chance the situation to improve?17:55
plazmoniiwom 517:56
merlin1991I'll try to get sixwheeled.. ready todo stable after this release17:56
freemangordonat least it will be good to give sixwheeled.. some clue on how to make releases17:56
* freemangordon was slow with the typing17:57
merlin1991I plan on setting up a pre release repo just like we have with testing-testing18:00
merlin1991and then I'll give sixwheeled.. an intro how todo the metapackage and how to test it before releasing it to the wild18:01
merlin1991that should prevent most simple errors from sneaking into the actual release18:01
merlin1991but of course we managed to choose a time here on irc when he's offline18:02
merlin1991as for testing, there we'll need a meeting and see if maybe someone else wants to pick that work up18:03
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drathirbtw n900 cant videocall by gsm?18:26
drathirpidgin cant able do xmpp video/audio calls?18:26
* drathir see old team in action again?18:27
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Palidrathir: n900 does not have support for gsm video calls18:43
Palidrathir: no idea what pidgin support, but I think it has some xmpp audio support (maybe video too)18:44
drathirPali: hi thanks a lot... im mean that maybe will be good not connect with anv service like skype etc, but make direct one by xmpp?18:46
Paligoogle libjingle and xmpp jingle are p2p signaling protocols which could work also without server support... so you can use it also with account18:47
Palijust both clients need to support it18:50
drathiroh thats interesting... good if no server depend...18:53
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Paliyou need some server support for stun/ice/nat traverse18:59
Paliwhen you are behind nat/firewall18:59
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drathirPali: oh sadly true... /me to much on ipv6...19:34
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freemangordonhmm, just tried skype video call from my n900 to ubuntu 12.04 (skype v4.3) and it seems to work without problems20:21
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vuvekkkDoes exist FieldTest for N900?20:59
vuvekkkI know about netmon.21:00
vuvekkkBut I am looking for something more advanced21:00
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DocScrutinizer51I only wish my internet was good enough to react accordingly to what's going on behind the scenes - people sending mails to council like they were thr council's boss, and simply not stating what they actually are at all. @council, pleasedon't get fooled by win7mac telling you stuff about what HE thinks how maemo and council  (and HiFo) works23:54
DocScrutinizer51again: NOBODY instructs council what to do, except of maemo community as defined (called 'electorate') in council rules23:55
DocScrutinizer51and all council activity and negotiations/discussions are generally *in the public* to get reviewed by everybody. No private mails from HiFo to council about how HiFo shall take over and coucil supposed to suurender23:57
bencohstop worrying about maemo for a week or two, just enjoy - really :)23:57
DocScrutinizer51win7mac has a prwtty fsckd up idea of responsibilities assigned to entities23:58

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