IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2014-07-02

KatajakasaI installed debian on an external SDHC without X. Lots of RAM available :P Just systemd, cron, wpa_supplicant and sshd running00:03
Katajakasaand a small watchdog script00:04
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* Katajakasa removes battery from n81000:17
KatajakasaTime to go get sleep :P00:18
KatajakasaShadowJK: Thanks for help!00:18
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chem|stforums going down for maintenance00:36
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M4rtinKnice, just computed route from the end of the world (Finis Terra in Spain) to Wien on the N900 :)00:51
M4rtinKtook 24 seconds, but still - fully offline & the route looks sensible :)00:52
sixwheeledbeastM4rtinK: that's great news00:56
M4rtinKwell, it probably worked always like this00:57
M4rtinKjust haven't actually tested offline routing on such a big dataset :)00:57
M4rtinKthe Europe one is 6.6 GB :)00:57
M4rtinKand the only reason it even fits on the FAT32 formatted MyDocs is that it made of multiple files01:00
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sixwheeledbeastAnyone using DDNS:
M4rtinKA coworker got hit by this today :)01:25
M4rtinKI think in the corporate circles this practice is called "Building the brand image." :)01:25
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sixwheeledbeastM4rtinK: thanks for your post on TMO. A bit more information on the tracklogs issue. I have been on two walks of about 2 hours, both tracklogs stop after about 4 minutes. the tracklog window still shows it's working fine with elapsed time and average speed.01:30
M4rtinKare there any files in the folder with the .temporary_csv_1 or .temporary_csv_2 extension ?01:34
M4rtinK(modRana actually appends to two csv files during logging and only converts them to GPX once logging is stopped)01:35
M4rtinK(for performance and data protection reasons)01:35
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* sixwheeledbeast goes looking01:37
chem|sttmo back up and patched - xes tweaked the mysql config so if you find something faster than before, thank him!01:39
M4rtinKchem|st: thanks! :)01:39
M4rtinKsixwheeledbeast: looks like I'm getting it too01:40
sixwheeledbeastM4rtinK: in 'MyDocs/tracklogs/logs' I only have the .gpx files.01:40
chem|stsixwheeledbeast: w00t? basterds01:40
chem|styes I have noip ddns...01:40
M4rtinKwell, technically...01:40
M4rtinKsixwheeledbeast: looks like I was able to reproduce the issue01:41
sixwheeledbeastM4rtinK: oh, good it's not just me :)01:42
M4rtinKits actually easy to spot - just start logging and then do ls -la *temporary*01:42
M4rtinKin the logs folder01:42
M4rtinKyou will see two of those temporary files and they stop growing after about two minutes in my case01:42
M4rtinKeven though modRana reports no errors and you can see it report the periodic saving01:43
M4rtinKoh, now I see it :D01:44
M4rtinKTraceback (most recent call last):01:44
M4rtinK  File "/opt/modrana/modules/", line 85, in _doTimeout01:44
M4rtinK    if callback(*args) == False:01:44
M4rtinK  File "/opt/modrana/modules/", line 251, in _updateLogCB01:44
M4rtinK    if geo.distanceApprox(lat, lon, lat1, lon1) * 1000 >= DONT_ADD_TO_TRACE_THRESHOLD:01:44
M4rtinK  File "/opt/modrana/core/", line 163, in distanceApprox01:44
M4rtinK    return acos(sin(lat1) * sin(lat2) + cos(lat1) * cos(lat2) * cos(lon1 - lon2)) * EARTH_RADIUS01:44
M4rtinKValueError: math domain error01:44
M4rtinKoops, sorry, for flooding01:44
sixwheeledbeastI have a .modrana/cache/tracklog_cache.txt that seems to have lots of co-ord's in but that's all I can find tracklog wise.01:45
M4rtinKsixwheeledbeast: that's unrelated - thats the cache file modRana uses to cache "known" GPX files so that they load faster if you click on them again01:46
sixwheeledbeastah, ok01:47
M4rtinKbut I think I have most probably found the root cause, as seen above01:47
M4rtinKmost probably division by zero or something similar01:47
M4rtinKcaused either by faulty logic or some garbage masquerading as valid GPS coordinates01:48
* sixwheeledbeast yawns01:50
sixwheeledbeasto/ gn01:50
M4rtinKso thanks for reporting the issue & helping :)01:50
M4rtinKgood night! :)01:50
sixwheeledbeastnp anytime01:50
M4rtinKwill have to investigate a bit more but hopefully should be easy to fix :)01:50
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peetahoops sorry02:02
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zGrrmoin :)11:09
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Snafu777Happy Early Independence Day America: americathemovie.com16:26
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SiceloSnafu777: ping18:22
* Snafu777 likes a good pinging18:25
Snafu777It's like flogging but cleaner18:26
Snafu777So whats up18:26
Sicelojust wanted to find out if you pursued the easy-deb & x over network thing you tried about 2 days ago..18:26
Snafu777I tried over windows, but had issues with two things: My lack of knowledge -and- I believe firewall issues18:27
Snafu777So, I want to try in linux, but haven't had the time yet18:27
Siceloi'm on linux. not working either. and definitely no firewall :(18:27
Snafu777And yer familiar with ssh -X type things?18:27
Snafu777X11 forwarding I should say rather18:28
* Snafu777 has forwarded over X once before18:28
Siceloyes. i wanted to try without ssh  however18:28
Snafu777I did it just to try it out and understand the concept18:28
Snafu777See without SSH, just go VNC18:28
Snafu777but it will be god awful on the rendering18:28
*** flynx has joined #maemo18:28
Snafu777I figure ssh x11 forwarding would be smoothr18:28
Snafu777And "more" secure18:28
Siceloi have never liked vnc :P18:28
Siceloi'll keep trying with x alone (on my LAN) .. i'm sure there's another explanation/solution18:29
Snafu777I'm guessing it's maemo18:29
Snafu777and how fragmented the damn OS is18:29
Snafu777Oooooo, Lets mount / on a 256mb NAND chip.  Let's give 30 gigs to a vfat and 2gigs to a ext318:30
Snafu777Thats inelligent18:30
bencohSicelo: magic cookies/xauth18:30
Snafu777We'll make the people suffer by having to optimize stuff18:30
bencohand some X11 conf18:30
Sicelobencoh: xhost .. added my N900 ip there18:30
bencoh(why would you wanna do that btw ??)18:31
Snafu777See, i didn't have to do any hardcore configuration with my X11 forwarding experiment18:31
Snafu777In Mint it just worked18:31
Siceloyes, the first time i asked myself the same question bencoh .. then again, proof-of-concept, i guess18:31
kerioSnafu777: hey, we gotta have audio at boot time18:47
keriootherwise people won't be able to hear the sound to the mr hands video18:47
keriobrand recognition yo18:47
Snafu777Audio at boot time?18:47
Snafu777Mr hands?18:47
Snafu777I deleted mr hands18:47
Snafu777That was from NAMBLA's website18:47
kerioone of the few reasons we can't move /usr to a separate partition is that the system needs pulseaudio to bootan18:47
Snafu777Some old man grabbing a youngsters hand18:47
Snafu777I see18:48
kerioand pulseaudio is installed in /usr18:48
* Snafu777 shuts up and listens to kerio18:48
keriono, mr hands was the dude who died after having sex with a horse18:48
kerioby extension, the nokia boot-time video with the shaking hands18:48
keriofucking our filesystem in the ass18:48
kerioi really, really, REALLY don't get why the fuck they didn't compile the emmc modules in the kernel18:49
kerioso we could mount /usr early18:49
Snafu777Here is a question kerio18:49
Snafu777With the knowledge in this channel18:49
Snafu777Could "the community" not create a 4th release of the OS?18:49
keriowe can hardly find maintainers for cssu18:49
Snafu777p4 or whatever18:50
keriolet alone something like that18:50
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kerioalso, nemo mobile is what you're looking for, i think18:50
Snafu777nemo mobile?18:50
kerioor maybe Mer18:51
kerioi never understood18:51
Snafu777I just wish it was all one partition18:52
Snafu777screw the 256mb NAND18:52
Snafu777or several partitions on the 32gb chip18:52
Snafu777just not / on one chip and the rest on the other18:52
Snafu777U think so?18:52
keriowhat was the link18:52
kerioyeah, i'm fairly sure18:52
Snafu777Granted, I know crap about this type of stuff18:52
keriothe emmc is noticeably slower than the nand18:53
Snafu777I just hate the concept of optimization with a passion18:53
keriothere's some scripts made by pali to install the system on the emmc18:53
keriogiving you pretty much all the space you want18:53
Snafu777I just did bind mounts to make space18:53
kerioyeah, it works18:53
Snafu777created /home/rootfs_bind18:53
kerioi made so much space that i could even disable the compression on nand18:54
Snafu777copied essential stuff to it, and bind mount to it18:54
keriowhich makes things go even faster18:54
keriothe thing is18:54
keriothe n900 is bottlenecked both by cpu and by IO18:54
Snafu777See I could care less about iphone type speeds18:55
Snafu777I'm fine with 600mHz that I overclock to 1.1ghz18:55
Snafu777I just want consistency with other *nix platforms18:55
kerioi should probably overclock my n900 tbh18:55
sixwheeledbeastWhy do we need a fourth release (PR1.4)? CSSU has had multiple releases?18:55
kerioit won't last much longer anyway18:55
Snafu777I run mine at 850 and it runs greate18:55
*** flynx has quit IRC18:55
Snafu777Because not all of us use CSSU sixwheeledbeast18:55
Snafu777I'm one of the ones who don't18:56
kerioSnafu777: oh, btw18:56
keriouse cssu18:56
Snafu777because it breaks to tools I use18:56
Snafu777pentest stff18:56
kerioso... you're overclocking and you don't even have cssu-thumb installed18:56
*** Ariadeno has joined #maemo18:56
Snafu777Hell, I can walk you through my steps, I keep them onine =)18:57
sixwheeledbeastWell Nokia has abandoned Maemo so the only updates will be Community ones18:57
infobotPR1.4 has always been a ban'able subject18:57
infobot:), kerio18:57
kerioso cute ^_^18:57
dos1Snafu777: how does it break the tools? isn't just fixing it better idea than being stuck without updates? :P18:58
Snafu777That's how I do it kerio18:58
Snafu777I manage my own updates?18:58
sixwheeledbeast:) CSSU is not meant to break anything, well Stable definitely isn't.18:58
Snafu777Keep my own repos =)18:58
KatajakasaMeh, install Gentoo! :P18:58
keriooh so you've upgraded openssl by yourself?18:58
KatajakasaAnd paint a couple of white stripes on your device18:58
Snafu777I haven't had a need to upgrade openssl on it18:59
kerioKatajakasa: you're a fucking noob18:59
Snafu777I pentest with the phone, i don't browse to https with it, nor run a server18:59
kerioeveryone knows that RED stripes make it go faster18:59
Snafu777I could have openssl 0.1 on it and be thrilled18:59
bencohred car, says the monkey !18:59
dos1Snafu777: duplicating efforts? why for?18:59
Snafu777What i care about are pentest tools, hping, aircrack, metasploit, etc...18:59
dos1every tool you mention should work on cssu19:00
dos1if it doesn't, it's a bug19:00
Snafu777They don't work with the scripts prior written19:00
dos1and bugs should be fixed19:00
Snafu777And I don't want to re-write the scripts19:00
dos1and published, so anyone can benefit19:00
Katajakasakerio: hah, fool! white stripes obviously reflect light away from the device so that the cpu can reach light speed easier19:01
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Snafu777While it is true that I should go with CSSU (Can't argue)19:01
Snafu777I don't because last time I did, everything that I was accustomed to, broke.19:01
Snafu777I'd also have to figure out where and at what point in the upgrade to flip the bind mounts19:01
sixwheeledbeastWell anything that "broke" should be repoted and fixed.19:02
Snafu777Having to run the optimize thingie on a deb is not fun19:02
Snafu777But nobody in CSSU cares about hacking tools19:02
dos1especially if it's cssu-stable19:02
Snafu777CSSU is more for people who actually use the phone for smartphone purposes19:02
Snafu777At least from the responses I had last time I brought it up19:02
bencohhm, no ?()19:02
Snafu777Not from what I could tell19:02
Snafu777I'd love to help out19:02
sixwheeledbeastI can't imagine anything that would break from CSSU Stable upgrade.19:02
Snafu777I use some neat stuff with my n90019:02
Snafu777I guess I could try it again19:03
*** e2718 has joined #maemo19:03
sixwheeledbeastI disagree CSSU Stable is for everyone....19:03
Snafu777Let me ask this then, if I go CSSU stable, does packet injection come standard or do I have to jump a rainbow to make it happen?19:04
sixwheeledbeastpacket injection isn't in PR1.319:04
Snafu777But it is if you use the power kernel19:04
bencohI dont see why cssu would break it19:04
bencohas long as you keep using power kernel19:04
sixwheeledbeastwell CSSU doesn't effect the kernel19:05
Snafu777Specifically I use kernel-power_2.6.28-maemo46-wl1_armel.deb because anything newer than that seems to act FUNKY with airbase-ng19:05
Snafu777dropped clients19:05
Snafu777Multiple reassociations for NO reason19:05
sixwheeledbeastI have CSSU Stable and KP no problem. I don't use packet injection.19:05
sixwheeledbeastSnafu777: you should report those issues to Pali aka KP maintainer.19:06
sixwheeledbeastKP is an extras package after all not a CSSU system package19:06
Snafu777How about the system asking the user to type in a password when pressing an icon that launched a script requiring root19:07
dos1for cssu-thumb, you actually even *have to* use kernel-power19:08
sixwheeledbeastIf you install CSSU-thumb then KP will be upgraded to the latest, due to depending on errata workaround.19:08
sixwheeledbeast:nod: dos1 beat me :P19:08
sixwheeledbeastSnafu777: have you password protected root?19:11
Snafu777of course19:12
Snafu777installing openssh makes u change the pword19:12
Snafu777set one rather19:12
sixwheeledbeastso if you open a terminal and type root you have to enter a password?19:12
sixwheeledbeastwell CSSU shouldn't play with either.19:13
Snafu777but if i ssh into the n900, i must type password for root19:13
*** stef_204 has quit IRC19:14
Snafu777After having read about CSSU thumb it seems I'm missing out on some "real" performace.  Does it really make her performt hat much better?19:17
sixwheeledbeastYes it's a lot snappier due to less memory being used. However you can't use thumb if you want to keep KP46.19:19
Snafu777I know that19:20
Snafu777I'm curious as to see if the newest KP will drop clients19:20
*** zGrr has quit IRC19:28
sixwheeledbeastmaybe bm your setup and try. If you have issues you'll have to reflash, install kp46 and restore bm19:28
*** Sc0rpius has joined #maemo19:29
bencohsixwheeledbeast: do you have figures regarding thumb vs nonthumb ?19:29
sixwheeledbeastor maybe kp's changelogs has some notes on bugfixes19:29
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC19:30
sixwheeledbeastbencoh: no, fmg is the man to ask re thumb19:30
bencohfreemangordon: do you have figures regarding thumb vs nonthumb ? :)19:30
infobothmm... cssu-thumb is <Doc_Scrutinizer05> [thumb2 microb] indeed seems to render like mad, subjectively, or, or
bencohso ... 30% ?19:32
bencoh"With packages that are so far in CSSU-thumb repository, the code size is reduced by approximately 35MiB" well much less then19:33
sixwheeledbeastI imagine it will be reduced a little more than that now19:35
sixwheeledbeasthmm, My Location hasn't been working for a while, I wonder why. I have a A-GPS fix...mmm19:39
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freemangordonbencoh: it is a bit relative, as code size is reduced by 30-40 % for thumb vs non, but not everything is thumb-compiled. also, keep in mind that most system libs (read - most of the time in RAM) are thumb-compiled, so the end effect is bigger than one may think by just looking at those 35MiB20:33
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* ecc2g looks for another n900 to try thumb on ...20:48
Snafu777kerio: Are you there?20:50
Snafu777too bad20:50
Snafu777When do you think you will be back, eh?20:50
Snafu777Yer cssu saavy20:50
Snafu777So here is a question20:51
Snafu777Let me pull up my work for a sec so i can speak from text20:51
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC20:51
Snafu777If I wanted to be able to use that technique, could it be done with cssu?20:52
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