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infobotIt's great to be back!05:02
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ant_nie spimy lecimy05:16
DocScrutinizer05ant_: eh?05:20
ant_wrong # sorry05:22
ant_but i've said05:22
ant_something like "do not sleep, dance!"05:23
ant_there is other very popular "sleeping is for faggots" ;p05:23
DocScrutinizer05k :-D05:26
DocScrutinizer05nevertheless, me suspend-to-bed05:27
ant_not here05:28
DocScrutinizer05stupid birds start singing05:28
ant_angry birds ;p05:29
DocScrutinizer05in 30min I need my sunglasses05:29
ant_i've left my raybans @ ~05:30
ant_I mean at home ;p05:30
DocScrutinizer05I'm at home, and my raybans are 30cm away05:30
ant_which model?05:30
DocScrutinizer05err, where to find out?05:30
ant_left side inside I believe ;-)05:31
ant_left side of the frame05:31
ant_y I believe05:31
ant_this ones?05:32
ant_I've had 3 pair of aviators and the actual ones are broken also :>05:32
ant_scratched the glass05:32
ant_the optician said its hard to break the glass even with the hammer05:33
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ant_and that's my 3rd pair in 2 or 3 years ;(05:33
DocScrutinizer05dang. Have a polariod since 6 years, the rayban since 305:34
DocScrutinizer05anyway, o/05:34
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DocScrutinizer05Polaroid is on my tmo avatar iirc05:35
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ant_iam not asleep05:59
ant_thought you were05:59
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zGrrmoin :)07:23
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ihme-TTilusflashed my n900, emmc first as suggested by, flashing completed ok, but the phone did not automatically boot, it was (and still is) showing the "NOKIA" screen without backlight10:16
ihme-TTilusshould i try to reboot it or not?10:16
ihme-TTilus(and by pressing power button long enough or just plain removing battery?)10:16
ihme-TTilusi intend to flash rootfs too10:17
Sicelohow long you've been on that state?10:18
ihme-TTilusfor like 5 minutes now10:18
ihme-TTiluspower button?10:18
Siceloyes, if it works10:18
ihme-TTilusdidnt work, removing battery10:20
Sicelosure. that's fine10:20
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ihme-TTilusstarted booting just normally10:22
ihme-TTilusnow it shows purple bar on top of the screen10:22
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ihme-TTilusbunch of squares on the bar10:22
ihme-TTilusjust like the "no glyph for this codepoint in this font" boxes10:23
ihme-TTilusnothing happening10:23
ihme-TTilusive flashed n900 couple of times (not this particular device tho) and never seen anything like this10:24
Sicelosee if a second reboot doesn't help10:24
Sicelowhen flashing, there were no errors? and you flashed from linux or windows?10:24
ihme-TTilusno, linux10:25
ihme-TTilusthe complete procedure
Sicelowhy you want to flash rootfs by the way .. is it broken?10:26
ihme-TTilusbought the device, just want to be sure theres no cruft left behind from the previous user10:28
ihme-TTilusnow it shut down just fine, that purple thingy came back10:29
ihme-TTiluswhen rebooting10:29
ihme-TTilushmm, the previous user was a hackyish person, could this state be caused by something like him moving parts of the system to emmc and now, me reflashing the emmc (and not rootfs yet) broke it?10:31
ihme-TTilusany danger of bricking the device by flashing rootfs how when it seems not to be booting properly?10:32
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Siceloas long as you flash in the recommeneed order10:40
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ihme-TTiluswhich is emmc first, right?10:40
Siceloyou may have to flash rootfs, then emmc then rootfd again10:40
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TTilusafter flashing rootfs it shut down itself11:31
TTilusnow it booted fine11:31
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TTilushow do i tell if i need to reflash emmc and then root again?11:32
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chem|stTTilus: if you flashed emmc you need to flash root again12:20
chem|stusually if you have something borked you flash root-emmc-root12:20
kerioit's because you don't really "flash" the emmc12:32
kerioyou just upload it to a working system in a special mode12:32
keriothus, it requires a mostly-working system12:32
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TTilusok, so if emmc-root does not give me working system with factory default mmc contents, then i need to try root-emmc-root12:52
TTilusok thanks12:52
TTiluslooks like the (nokia original) battery in the busted unit is somewhat "inflated"12:55
TTilusstories of exploding batteries make me feel uneasy12:56
kerioyou should probably buy another battery12:58
kerioeither a real one or one of the known good ones12:58
TTilusdiagnosis of the usb connector is pretty clear tho, it is physically a bit disoriented and the unit does not charge (tried with several batteries) nor does it connect to computer with usb12:58
keriothat's a borked usb port, yeah12:59
keriobörk börk börk12:59
TTilusi have two know good batteries that work with the one known good unit12:59
kerioi strongly recommend setting up uboot, to be honest12:59
keriobecause at that point there's no need for usb anymore13:00
kerioif you don't break the bootloaders13:00
keriobecause if everything else fails you can just boot rescueos from uSD and fix things from there13:00
keriobut then again13:01
kerioif your usb port is broken, you can't safely set up uboot13:01
TTilusand uboot does not really help with charging ;)13:01
TTilus(if it does, i'm all ears)13:01
keriofor that, you use an external charger for the battery13:13
kerioand swap em13:13
TTiluswhere do i get an external charger?13:13
keriothere's one made by nokia13:14
keriootherwise... idk, ebay?13:14
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