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b1101damn ebay sellers who don't take their own pictures.00:13
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magaoargh, I forgot what the command to reset the normal mode/flight mode on N800 was when it doesn't show up in the device mode menu00:55
magaocan anyone help me? :-)00:56
magaooh, now I found it online, sorry00:56
magaoit doesn't work :-(00:58
magaobut echo normal>/var/lib/mce/mode works01:01
magaosorry for bothering you.01:01
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zGrrmoin :)12:09
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stevenmLo, I'm guessing new apps are not allowed on the nokia/ovi store for the maemo platform - so before they disappear entirely - is there anyway of downloading all the .deb packages in that repo?12:53
stevenmi know there was a modified apt-get floating around that could download from it without using the Ovi Store app12:53
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federico3another broken n900, *sigh*13:25
erlehmannfederico3 how did you break it?13:26
federico3I think it's the microusb connector (again)13:26
federico3I'm afraid I'll have to move away from maemo at this time :(13:27
erlehmannhow can i change font on maemo?13:27
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keriofederico3: just buy another one, duh14:45
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federico3kerio: given that maemo does not seem to be... thriving and there aren't new phones to run it on...15:41
Snafu777What do you mean maemo isn't thriving? =)15:42
stevenmDocScrutinizer05, do you know of any complete mirrors of the Ovi Store for maemo apps?15:43
stevenmI've stumbled on maybe a couple using google - not sure if they're complete though15:43
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DocScrutinizer05stevenm: sorry, no idea.15:50
stevenmthis seems complete - but i don't think it has any paid apps15:50
bencohit doesnt, I didnt bother mirroring ovi stuff15:51
bencoh(it's huge and, well, non-free/proprietary stuff, which I'm not interested in)15:52
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DocScrutinizer05a pity that so many packages never got transferred into the (at lest non-free) maemo-extras repos, thus officially making them available instead of simply abandoning them15:55
DocScrutinizer05at least*15:55
stevenmi'd just like a backup of the free ones I used to install from ovi and the angry birds levels i paid for :S15:55
bencohstevenm: free as in "free food" ?15:56
stevenmas in beer15:56
stevenmsince Jan 2014 no maemo/meego/symbian app can be updated or added anyway - so its not like what I'm backing up from will change15:56
stevenmadded/updated to the nokia/ovi store i mean15:56
bencohoh well, then you only need to run apt-mirror on ovi repository15:57
stevenmand just download through it?15:57
stevenmyeah that's one way15:57
zGrrDoes any of you have Jolla or or Sailfish on Nokia?15:58
DocScrutinizer05I don't think ovi repo still working15:58
stevenmDocScrutinizer05, maemo apps are still listed on the site15:58
DocScrutinizer05stevenm: wow15:59
stevenmthe repo *looks* to still be there - although i get auth denied accessing via http15:59
bencohDocScrutinizer05: hmm I think it does since it started downloading from there before I removed it from my apt-mirror conf15:59
bencohstevenm: basic http auth15:59
stevenmit's freaky because the freeware "YouTube Uploader" app that nokia made for the n900/maemo  -  the vendor in the store now lists it as Microsoft Mobile15:59
stevenmso "Microsoft Mobile" made a "YouTube Updater" for a Google service for a GNU/Linux handheld years before they even bought Nokia lol16:00
stevenmset your phone to N900 and browse to...
federico3good question zGrr - I wonder how's Sailfish doing16:03
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zGrrI have no idea. It might be worth to upgrade aging N9 to Sailfish.16:05
zGrrThere is no N9 CSSU is there?16:06
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chem|stzGrr: nope, wanna start it?16:56
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zGrrchem|st: not at the moment :(17:08
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Snafu777So easy-deb-chroot, I noticed it has an X server.  I'm assuming I could ssh and run X via SSH eh?20:55
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Sicelohmm, you can also do that with maemo itself21:03
Sicelounless i don't understand u well21:03
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SiceloSnafu777: actually the 'real' xserver used by easy-deb is the maemo one ;)21:14
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: I was away for a couple of days, what about ECI and KP?21:36
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Snafu777Sicelo: What I am looking to do is SSH into my n900, and then using X11 forwarding via SSH I want the LXDE desktop to appear on my laptop screen21:51
Snafu777Doable?, I'm playing with it right now, trying anyways21:51
freemangordonSnafu777: start second X server on your laptop, export DISPLAY=x.x.x.x:1, start lxde session21:53
freemangordonthat worked for me last time I tried it21:53
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Snafu777freemangordon: Cool, i will try that here momentarily =)21:54
freemangordonSnafu777: the part "export DISPLAY=x.x.x.x:1, start lxde session" should be done on n900, in chroot terminal :)21:55
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: I analyzed what N900 HW has for ECI support, wrote a oneliner spec how to (PHY layer) talk ECI, and spotted the Nitdroid source that seems to already provide a kernel module for ECI21:57
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: afaik stock omap1 kernel as well KP already have support, maybe I can't get your idea21:58
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DocScrutinizer05support for ECI?22:00
DocScrutinizer05no ECI in N90022:01
freemangordonoh, mayvbe there is no support in the userland22:01
freemangordonbut I think there is support in the kernel22:01
DocScrutinizer05no, there's no /dev node22:01
freemangordonit is in /sys/ afaik22:01
DocScrutinizer05or sys22:01
DocScrutinizer05please switch to #neo90022:02
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Snafu777freemangordon: No dice22:27
Snafu777Xlib: connection to "" refused by server22:27
Snafu777Xlib: No protocol specified22:27
Snafu777I've got xming up and running on :0.0 on my windows box22:28
Snafu777I enabled x11 forwarding in /etc/ssh/sshd_config22:28
freemangordonSnafu777: you need to start terminal on your x.x.x.x:1 X and do " xhost $IP_OF_N900"22:29
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Snafu777So the fact that the binary xhost doesn't exist on the n900 is not a factor?22:30
freemangordonyou need to do that on the sever side22:30
freemangordonto allow connections from n900 "client"22:30
Snafu777Ok let me ask a stupid question22:31
Snafu777I changed the window to :1.022:31
Snafu777Nokia-N900:~# export DISPLAY=
Snafu777Nokia-N900:~# opera22:31
freemangordonfor example "DISPLAY=:1 xterm"22:31
Snafu777Xlib: connection to "" refused by server22:31
freemangordonyes, that is why you need to "authorize" n900's IP on your laptop22:32
freemangordonby using xhost on laptop22:32
Snafu777Ok, so there we go, I'm rocking a windows 7 box and i installed xming22:32
Snafu777I definately don't have xhost installed, unless xming has that capability22:32
freemangordonthen tell xming to accept connections from everywhere22:33
Snafu777Hmm, I'm thinking symantec is to blame now....22:34
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freemangordonSnafu777: C:\Program Files\xming\X0.hosts22:34
freemangordonadd IP of N900 there22:35
Snafu777k, working on it, stupid permissions, and no sudo, stupid windows =>22:36
freemangordonSome time ago I did a similar thing, but I used cygwin, which apparently has xhost :)22:36
Snafu777yeah, i have cygwin, ssh just isnt installed22:37
freemangordonyou don;t need ssh22:37
Snafu777and i tether, so downloading ssh client would be a pain22:37
Snafu777i know22:37
freemangordonthis is plain X22:37
Snafu777im just stating that yes I too have cygwin, and i wish i had ssh on it instead of going through putty in addition to xming22:37
freemangordonalso, make sure port 600n is opened, where n is your X display number22:37
Snafu777firewall right?22:37
Snafu777haha, no control on that22:38
Snafu777here's hoping they don't care22:38
Snafu777I can play with my linux box at home tonight22:38
Snafu777this was just an experiment to see if i could do it22:38
freemangordonyou may try with reverse ssh tunnel ;)22:38
Snafu777yeah, i'm going to22:38
Snafu777im familiar with that, just never with xming on windows22:38
freemangordonjust use cygwin22:39
freemangordonedit startx.bat to to start xterm22:39
freemangordonthen do "xhost ..." and you're good to go22:39
freemangordondon't start window manager22:40
Snafu777yeah, too much trouble for windows right now.  I'll nail it with linux, make sure it works and i understand the concept, THEN i will work on porting to windows =)22:40
freemangordonmakes sense22:40
Snafu777I'm pretty sure symantec is in the way, and without a way to verify, im wasting time and breath22:40
freemangordonyeah, if you can't open port 6000, there is no point in trying22:41
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Snafu777yep, thank u for the help though22:42
Snafu777I've logged the notes for use tonight22:42
Snafu777I just figure instead of pure shell on ssh, using the lxde via debian chroot will make for a cool concept for my little pocket computer22:43
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Snafu777Finish Him!:
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DocScrutinizer05man bites dog, err...23:28
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b1101what's the best pdf reader on n900. Evince ?23:54
Siceloi use both. Evince seems slow when the pdf contains lots of pictures (seems to want to load as many into RAM or sth. like that)23:56
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