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sixwheeledbeastwizbit: some shortcuts you can only add once IIRC14:47
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Ashley`muh usb port19:06
Ashley`shouldnt have bought that phone19:10
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infobotextra, extra, read all about it, usb is Unusable Serial Bus.  Useless Serial Bus.  Ugly Stupid Bus19:12
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KotCzarnyanyone alive?19:15
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KotCzarnyjaki soft do pilota ?19:15
Ashley`english please :P19:16
KotCzarnyyou were changing lang first :P19:16
Ashley`that was just hello :P19:16
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Ashley`i never used my n900 as a remote19:16
KotCzarnyirreco remote db seems to be down19:16
KotCzarnyso i'm looking for a fix/replacement19:16
KotCzarnyget pierogi, it has nice db of remotes (but not the one i need atm)19:17
KotCzarnysnafu, can i add remote in pierogi?19:17
KotCzarnyit seems to use builtin ones only19:17
Snafu777No, sorry19:20
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Snafu777U can change freqs manually19:20
Snafu777if u know them19:20
KotCzarnyvia editing binary?19:20
Snafu777in the gui19:20
Snafu777its just a binaary19:22
KotCzarnytold you19:22
KotCzarnyso, back to irreco19:22
KotCzarnyis there a fix for db not found ?19:22
Snafu777open pierogi19:22
KotCzarnybtw. im using v1.0, is there any newer ?19:23
Snafu777tap top button19:23
KotCzarnyk, going to update it then19:23
KotCzarnythough apt-get update doesnt find it19:24
Snafu777its out there19:24
Snafu777either way, open that version up19:24
Snafu777Hit top button19:24
Snafu777hit preferences19:24
KotCzarnyno prefs19:24
Snafu777the debug options allow for freq changes19:24
KotCzarnythat's twhy i need to update it somehow first19:25
Snafu777never messed with it19:25
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KotCzarnyGet:1 fremantle/free pierogi 1.1.35 [758kB]19:25
Snafu777that works too19:26
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: if latest pierogi doesn't have your keyset, first try the power key search. If that fails request your device here
KotCzarnysixwheeledbeast, it looks like it worked, i like the automatic scan feature!19:29
Ashley`is someone from Wrocław here?19:32
KotCzarnyi'm from bialystok19:32
Snafu777I am from Murica!19:32
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KotCzarnyhrm, no luck though19:34
KotCzarnyonly power key worked19:34
KotCzarnyother keys are different19:34
KotCzarnyie. not working19:34
Iridoshmp. funny. the n900 dropped out of my bag 2 weeks ago and... everything is working, except the phone19:35
KotCzarnyiridos, try reseating sim card?19:36
Iridosnow I wanted to send an sms to someone who changed phone-numbers in between... and so there's 2 conversations19:36
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Iridosboth labeled with the same name and I cannot figure out for sure what the old and what the new number is19:36
KotCzarnyiridos, check the dates19:36
KotCzarnythen create contact with another name19:37
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KotCzarnyit will show properly then19:37
Iridosoh, I know what the new conversations are... but the two numbers are both in the addressbook as the same person19:37
IridosI usually just replied to sms on the 900, so there was no problem with that :P19:37
KotCzarnyiridos, delete one number, recreate it with another name19:37
KotCzarnyconversation will update19:38
KotCzarnyto show new name19:38
Iridosoooh, that's a nice idea19:38
KotCzarnyi hate that part of maemo19:38
* Snafu777 thinks the fact that people are actually using the N900 as a phone is baffling19:38
KotCzarnyie. not being able to know from which number some person is calling19:38
KotCzarnysanfu, its a very nice phone19:39
KotCzarnyalways used it as such, and other features are add-ons19:39
infobotKotCzarny meant: always used it as such, and other features as add-ons19:39
KotCzarnyinfobot: do the barrel roll19:39
Snafu777I think it's a horrible smart phone, but to each his own19:39
* infobot does the barrel roll.19:39
Snafu777I use it for a portable computer in my pocket that i ssh into19:40
KotCzarnysnafu, i disagree, it works good as a phone19:40
Snafu777Too damn bulky19:40
Iridosthe hardware is slow... but still the best smartphone around19:40
KotCzarnyput it in the backpack19:40
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* Snafu777 is boggled19:40
Snafu777infobot: act boggled19:40
Snafu777infobot: do act boggled19:40
* infobot does act boggled.19:40
IridosI got some android thingy as a replacement... now google even knows when and where I go to pee19:40
KotCzarnyi hate having anything in the pockets19:40
Snafu777I like having google know when i peepee19:40
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KotCzarnyhave you tried to peepee on it?19:41
Snafu777On the phone?19:41
KotCzarnyon the google19:41
Snafu777That's how i boost the processor speed19:41
Snafu777try on yer phone19:41
Snafu777Really kicks up the hertz19:41
KotCzarnyi like my phone19:41
Snafu777and it likes r kelly19:41
Snafu777so pee on it19:41
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Snafu777it will thank you19:41
Iridosand... well, I rarely phone, but I there's only one device I can lug around with me all the time... it can be a digital camera... but now it's a phone19:42
Snafu777I want to pee on you........19:42
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IridosKotCzarny, I actually googled after I dropped it... and seems there's some chips that just ... get loose or have some hair-pin crack in one of their connectors to the board or whatever19:47
Iridospeople actually put little springs on them to fix it19:47
Iridoswell, dunno... tried and no avail19:47
Iridosit's a pity... I've have used the N900 for another 5 years19:47
KotCzarnyiridos :/19:47
Snafu777See for me, the only thing cool about the n900 is i always have a root shell, even with a windows environment19:47
Iridosit's as free as a phone gets these days19:47
KotCzarnyi've installed custom camera drivers once19:48
KotCzarnythought i fried camera19:48
Iridosand it's obscure enough that one doesn't have to worry about malware19:48
KotCzarnyluckily it went back to life when i uninstalled them19:48
Iridoswell... as I know I dropped it, but haven't changed software in a year or so...19:48
KotCzarnysnafu, that and hw kb19:48
IridosI'm sure as hell not going to try to fix it by software-changes19:49
KotCzarnyiridos, i guess you can get used one with broken screen or something19:49
KotCzarnyeven good working used ones are quite cheap nowadays19:49
Iridoswell, already got a replacement now19:50
Iridosand yeah, it's nice that it's a lot faster and that the web-browser is actually usable without having to go for a cup of coffee in between19:50
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Iridos... pages19:51
Iridosha, yes... renaming the contact worked19:51
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KotCzarny193 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 9 not upgraded.20:05
KotCzarnyNeed to get 57.6MB of archives.20:05
KotCzarnyi'm a little bit worried20:05
KotCzarnypackage manager from gui never found new packages20:05
Snafu777upgrade or dist-upgrade20:06
Snafu777haha, yer a bit behind20:06
KotCzarnybut why gui package manager never found anything new?20:06
Snafu777make sure to grab the nsa-secure-we-help-you.deb20:06
Iridoswell, but you see what they are20:06
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spoofyKotCzarny: another maemo user? :)20:25
spoofyah not this channel... Snafu777 hi there20:25
KotCzarnyspoofy, well, im maemo user sinc n80020:25
spoofyI Saw Snafu777 and I thought I was on a diffrent channel ;)20:26
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KotCzarnyroot is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.20:47
KotCzarnyhe he20:47
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KotCzarnypierogi's source doesnt contain any makefile21:27
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KotCzarnythats why i hate qt and other 'smart' build systems21:30
KotCzarny  libqt4-dev: Depends: libgles2-sgx-img-dev but it is not installable21:30
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AggeDocScrutinizer05: any about a phone that gets to the nokia screen but don't get any longer in the booting?21:49
Aggethe one with the nonfunktionaling screen cable. got the screen working managed to boot it and den it wont boot after I to change battery.21:51
DocScrutinizer05hmm, sorry, no idea. reflash. when that doesn't fix it, it's a hw problem21:52
DocScrutinizer05full! reflash. combined and vanilla21:52
KotCzarnyk, bye bye21:53
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AggeDocScrutinizer05: thanks. was thinking that myself. wanted to confirm with you. I am happy that I got the screen to work at least21:56
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NokiabotUpdates on the project please ;-22:51
NokiabotCut cut cut ...22:52
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sixwheeledbeastwhat project?23:03
elias_aBankrupting Nokia?23:05
sixwheeledbeastimpossible now23:07
elias_aLet's say MS may also go... :P23:08
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NokiabotJust a misplacement of post stop spreading fud you all curious cats.. :P23:19
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