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sixwheeledbeastfud, on #maemo. I doubt that.00:06
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sixwheeledbeastlol, ambition
bencohaww :)00:12
bencoh(does that remind you of nokia story as well ? :>)00:12
Sicelowhich of the IR remote control applications do you consider best? qt-irreco, pieroggi, etc?00:13
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DocScrutinizer05I'm still happy with original irreco00:21
DocScrutinizer05it has full customizability00:22
DocScrutinizer05get multiple pages of buttons of arbitrary size, label, layout, and macro on each one00:22
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DocScrutinizer05sure, maybe the libs for predefined devices are not as good by now, compared to dunno pierogi? but then, I defined my own thing anyway00:25
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bencohyou can define your own keycodes on irreco ?00:28
DocScrutinizer05nut N900 IR is quite sub-par to start with, no fun in using it the standard way. So I once did a little fancy and defined a slightly differnet port for lirc network socket: not the localhost one but same port on a second N900 which I placed directly in front of my TV. WLAN via AP from first N900 to second workd in whole flat (obviously) and the distance from IR LED to TV's IR receiver always been constant <50cm ;-D00:28
DocScrutinizer05Worked charmingly fine00:28
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: basically you define the keycodes in lirc, and you can assign any (sequence of) keycodes to any key in irreco00:29
DocScrutinizer05irreco sends the basic keycode to lirc via network socket00:30
DocScrutinizer05irreco had minor problems with sudo and startzing up lirc via initscript iirc, but that was easily solvable00:31
bencohwinlirc ? :]00:40
bencohbut yeah I get the idea00:40
DocScrutinizer05sorry, main page links to this and says it's the only available, though win00:43
DocScrutinizer05lircd is a daemon listening to a network socket and sending IR pulses according to the definition for the keycode it received via network00:44
keriopierogi ftw00:45
DocScrutinizer05usually you'll find *some* irreco remote that loads a proper config to lircd. Mind you, there's only a pretty limited number of different codes like RC5, RC6 etc existing for IR controls00:46
DocScrutinizer05then you simply try all available keycodes and see what your TV will do for them, then label the button accordingly and place it where you want it to sit in layout00:48
bencohhmm ... kindof00:48
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bencohdepending on your device/remote you can find exotic keycodes (see some obscure STB with specific IR)00:49
DocScrutinizer05well, each code like RC5 has a addr field to distinguish TV from VDR atc. So you will have to find the right one out of max 6400:50
DocScrutinizer05once you got the addr bits right (aka you know the addr of your TV), you are almost done since the keycodes have a loosely predefined meaning. Usually Vol+ actually will do volume-up00:51
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DocScrutinizer05all TV and other appliances of one brand usually use same RC-chipset, so for one LG TV you are mostly fine in irreco with any arbitrary LG remote config file to start with, then just reassign/relable and rearrange the keys00:53
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sixwheeledbeastThis is were IMO pierogi works well, it does the setup work for you.01:03
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blebI've found that HD x264 videos can't be played by maemo's Media Player, and when mplayer plays them the video goes a lot slower than the audio. What's a good command line solution for converting different files into a format that Media Player can play and doesn't lag?07:53
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bef0rd_or this one maybe
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blebI tried Arista from that page and the output designed specifically for N900 ended up having the same problems as the source file (not recognized by MP, mplayer lags). Any suggestions of what I should try next?08:17
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zGrrmoin :)11:03
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silviofDocScrutinizer05: Have we a neo900 channel in irc?11:34
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freemangordon_silviof: #neo900 ?11:36
silviof:-) to simple for me today11:36
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