IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2014-05-05

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Luke-Jrhow can I use WPA2 from CLI (so I don't interrupt GPRS)?00:44
freemangordonLuke-Jr: you want to have both wifi and gprs up?00:46
Luke-Jrfreemangordon: yes00:47
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freemangordonhmm, I am not exactly person to help you, but what about iwconfig?00:47
freemangordonjust an idea00:47
Luke-Jryeah, that's what I'm hoping for..but iwconfig is the furthest thing from easy to use00:48
Luke-Jrand I can only barely get on IRC right now; webpages are hopeless00:48
freemangordonLuke-Jr: hmm, maybe you could download qtmobilehotspot source and read through the magic id does00:49
freemangordonI suspect there are dbus calls to bting the interfaces00:49
freemangordonup that is00:49
freemangordonwtf is with my typing today ?!?00:50
freemangordonLuke-Jr: what about ?00:52
freemangordonesp #define ICD_DBUS_API_CONNECT_REQ "connect_req"00:52
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Luke-JrI wish I could open links00:55
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freemangordonsorry, can't help further, I have the same problem with iwconfig as yours :)00:57
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DocScrutinizer05hmm, seems route is the first thing to think about, eh?01:58
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DocScrutinizer05but honestly why not just use mobilehotspot?02:01
DocScrutinizer05you still can fite a matching set of route configs after starting it02:02
DocScrutinizer05prolly pointless monologues since he left, eh?02:03
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b-pwow. maemo lives XD i love it! hello all03:47
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b-phelp me pls :D im new in n900 maemo and want to install "silverlight", moonlight, mono, i dont know03:49
b-pit is possible?03:49
bef0rdI remember mono being available, but it's probably an outdated version now03:51
b-pand can you tell me the correct package name? cause apt-cache search mono replies with 218 packages :)03:52
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bef0rdI suppose
bef0rdseems to be an outdated version as I mentioned early03:55
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b-pthank you!05:00
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zGrrmoin :)11:54
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infoboti heard backupmenu is
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Lava_CroftHas the problem concerning N900 not detecting it's own headphones been solved yet?15:50
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DocScrutinizer05yes, clean the springs16:30
DocScrutinizer05tzz, 26 mnutes. Sometimes lag is longer16:32
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yangsis there anone?17:44
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silviofyes yangs we are here - but you have to wait for answers ^^18:11
freemangordonbut before that... ask a question?18:14
bennis'mplayer -vo xv:ck-method=auto -dr -ao alsa -nocache -autosync 30' is this most optimized setting for playing video with mplayer?18:20
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erlehmannhow can i have GNU unifont on n900? i made symbols
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DocScrutinizer05how would you do it on linux? ;-)20:49
DocScrutinizer05(sorry, no clue here about all that font stuff)20:49
DocScrutinizer05my take on fints ends where "shell can do UTF-8 now"20:50
DocScrutinizer05fonts even20:51
erlehmannDocScrutinizer05 copy font to $home/.fonts and run "fc-cache -fv"21:05
freemangordonerlehmann: did you try that on n900?21:06
erlehmannfreemangordon nope, i did not.21:07
erlehmanni thought maemo might have font facilities on its own.21:07
freemangordonhildon-theme-recache-all might be the right tool21:07
freemangordonthough I am not sure if it will pick up a font from ~/.fonts21:08
freemangordonrather put it in /usr/share/fonts21:08
freemangordon(or wherever the fonts are located)21:09
freemangordonhmm, wait21:09
freemangordonthere is fc-cache21:10
freemangordonNFC what it does though :)21:10
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freemangordonerlehmann: hmm?21:25
erlehmannfreemangordon NFC?21:25
infobotmethinks nfc is No Fucking Clue, or near field communications21:25
erlehmannwhat does NFC have to do with fonts21:25
erlehmanni see21:25
erlehmannno near file comm21:26
freemangordonsure :)21:26
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hxka> hildon-application-manager: apt-worker performance improvements21:58
hxkais speedyham in the -thumb repo now&21:59
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freemangordonhxka: and on a side note - libc6 is thumb-compiled :)21:59
hxkaWhy 2013?22:01
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freemangordona typo22:02
freemangordonif you mean 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo9.1+thumb022:02
freemangordon(the previous version)22:02
hxka>Timezone information as of 201322:02
freemangordonread that as (by the end of 2013) :)22:03
hxkaAh, then it's fine22:03
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wizbit_if one uses swap on a sd card on n900 / maemo, does one still keep the swap active on the internal storage, or does one set it to a lower prioritu or does one disable it?22:10
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freemangordonwizbit: it is safe (and sane IMO) to disable internal swap if using swap on uSD22:10
wizbitace :D22:11
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wizbitfreemangordon: im going to follow this guide:
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wizbit'It's propably best to dedicate the whole microSD card for swap, if possible.'22:16
ShadowJKMarginally true with very shit cards22:16
ShadowJKNot really relevant if you only use it for media storage22:16
wizbitthis sounds interesting too
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wizbiti will set up 2x swaps on the uSD22:23
* RST38h moos slightly22:23
wizbit'This moves the swap space to the device so the back cover can be removed.'22:24
RST38hDoc: hw:0 is this:
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hxka> 2x swaps on the uSD22:28
wizbityou can use a app like Flopswap to defrag the swaps22:32
wizbitbut that requires 2x swaps22:32
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hxkaI don't really believe that between swap allocation and writing to flash the bottleneck is allocation22:36
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hxkaPlus, you'll waste a lot of time and flash cycles reswapping22:38
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hxkaOh, I finally got it, the problem is not in allocation but in ftl22:44
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hxkaIf only it was possible to move all that garbage from one swap to another slowly, without slowing n900 to a halt22:54
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freemangordonhxka: did you change your queue prameters?22:54
freemangordonwell, not your queue, but io queue :)22:55
hxkaI tried it long time ago, when ereswap got introduced. Probably not.22:57
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freemangordonhxka: you'd better do it, look at what swappolube recommends23:05
freemangordonI can pastebin my own settings if you wish23:06
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wizbitits a pity BootMenu doesnt have a defrag swap option23:14
hxkabm doesn't use swap at all23:15
wizbiti know, but it could be used to defrag a swap partition23:15
wizbitit can fsck partitions23:15
hxka> A workaround to this is to disable and enable swap again - linuxswap filesystem content doesn't live through restarts, and once re-enabled, is written sequentially again.23:16
wizbitohh interesting23:16
wizbitwhat about a reboot?23:16
wizbitcould put in a script what disables and enables swap in startup23:17
wizbitor maybe that happens anyway23:17
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wizbitor add it as a cron job23:19
wizbitso it only happens 3am23:19
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* hxka remembers seeing kernel patch which disables uSD disconnection on backcover removal23:24
* hxka wonders why it is not in the current kernel yet23:24
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DocScrutinizer05wizbit: defargmentizing swap after boot is nonsensical and useless23:29
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DocScrutinizer05a boot clears swap anyway23:30
DocScrutinizer05hxka: right, would make for a nice candidate for KP23:31
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wizbitDocScrutinizer05: so long as a reboot my phone every now and again i dont need any other tool?23:37
hxkaA better approach for reswapping would be: when swap1 is used up, swapon swap2; set swap 2 to higher priority than swap1; only swapoff swap1 when it's no longer used or when swap2 got used up as well; repeat for swap223:37
wizbithxka: why not just reboot the phone23:37
hxkarather that swapoff swap1 immediately after swapon swap223:38
hxkawizbit: it's all about uptime23:38
DocScrutinizer05wizbit: you for sure can reboot phone when it slows down. that's what users did for 3 years or so23:38
DocScrutinizer05and it always works23:38
DocScrutinizer05hxka: ack23:39
wizbiton average how long does it take for a swap to get defragmented?23:39
DocScrutinizer05defragmented? some minutes23:39
wizbitto the point its not usable?23:39
DocScrutinizer05worst case23:39
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wizbitcan the n900 hot swap a battery?23:40
DocScrutinizer05not really23:40
wizbitnot even if power is plugged in from mini usb23:40
hxkathere's a trick with wall charger23:41
DocScrutinizer05I came up with a hack to allow it, but of course only with external charger23:41
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DocScrutinizer05afk for dinner23:51
xesfreemangordon: do you know if there is a way to get mail uri from modest with a dbus-send command?23:52
freemangordondon't know23:52
xesdbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call /com/nokia/modest
xes^ this lists the unread msg ...but no way to read these (afaik)23:54
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