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DocScrutinizer05what I suggested: check your plugs00:54
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DocScrutinizer05somebody with an idea about dpkg, apt-get, and HAM. Could you please have a look at and tell me why it throws error?02:35
DocScrutinizer05nevermind! could somebody PLEASE NUKE SHITTYBOX?!02:35
DocScrutinizer05~ $ ls -l /usr/sbin/docpurge02:36
DocScrutinizer05lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            9 Jan 30 06:40 /usr/sbin/docpurge -> /bin/true02:36
DocScrutinizer05~ $ ls -l /bin/true02:36
DocScrutinizer05lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            7 Sep 11  2012 /bin/true -> busybox02:36
DocScrutinizer05~ $ /usr/sbin/docpurge02:36
DocScrutinizer05docpurge: applet not found02:36
DocScrutinizer05~ $02:36
infoboti heard $ is a dollar sign02:36
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DocScrutinizer05honestly, busybox is the worst broken piece of crap I seen since I quit with windows02:41
xesapplet not found == hello there! i'm busybox and i'm makng a fool out of you... ;)02:41
DocScrutinizer05xes: exactly02:43
MaxdamantusWonder if it'd be better not to make all of them symlinks.02:43
DocScrutinizer05I CBA to even check POSIX if a symlink should work like the target it links to. I'm sure that's an inevitable BUG in crappybox02:44
MaxdamantusIt should work like that.02:44
MaxdamantusThe problem is that busybox switches on argv[0]02:44
DocScrutinizer05yes, I know02:44
Maxdamantusif you run the program as `/usr/sbin/docpurge`, argv[0] is going to be /usr/sbin/docpurge02:45
DocScrutinizer05that's why I say "inevitable"02:45
Maxdamantusit's only inevitable because it's using symlinks.02:46
Maxdamantusit could instead use scripts of the form:02:46
Maxdamantusexec busybox true "$@"02:47
Maxdamantusexcept for sh, which will use #!/bin/busybox sh02:47
xesto describe busybox, you could read the git changelog:  ...Considering that it should manage system tasks, it's pure fear.02:56
DocScrutinizer05Maxdamantus: axtually thanks for the script blueprint, I've been considering sth like this to "fix" this can of bullshit to work with my other fix for docpurge03:23
DocScrutinizer05but actually it seems I'm prolly better off (and smarter) by just deleting /usr/sbin/docpurge all together03:24
DocScrutinizer05or replace it with a 0-liner 0-byte file with +x03:25
DocScrutinizer05worst case witj a 1-liner: #!/bin/sh03:27
DocScrutinizer05libbb/obscure.c  ??? WTF?03:28
DocScrutinizer05fix a thinko - HAHA03:32
DocScrutinizer05xes: incredible!03:33
DocScrutinizer05shuf: improve help textshuf: trim help text --- cooool03:34
xesDocScrutinizer05: would you assign important tasks to an embedded device running busybox? ;)03:37
DocScrutinizer05s/fear/horror and loathing/03:37
DocScrutinizer05xes: I definitely shouldn't03:37
MaxdamantusHm. Can the menu thing that pops up as you plug in USB be disabled easily?03:39
DocScrutinizer05I think yes, it can03:47
DocScrutinizer05in HARM there's something to select "always just charge", or "always PC-Suite" in settings. I think sth similar exists for fremantle03:48
DocScrutinizer05maybe as package in extras(-*)03:48
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DocScrutinizer05xes: alas busybox seems to be on all routers I use04:02
DocScrutinizer05I'm just happy that it usually doesn't do much after booting up the router gear04:03
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xesfor sure it gives a minimalist environment... but any script could give unpredictable surprises since anyone uses as reference the standard gnu commands syntax and NOT the busybox limited functions04:08
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MaxdamantusHm. Is the image verification in the maemo talk search broken?04:13
MaxdamantusAh, nvm.04:14
Maxdamantusmight've been because I had the IP address as the host.04:14
* Maxdamantus wonders why those addresses turn up in Google.04:14
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xesMaxdamantus: search works also pointing at the IP address04:24
Maxdamantusxes: the captcha does?04:31
MaxdamantusDunno if the captcha appears when logged in.04:31
MaxdamantusHm. What is actually different in maemo's x11 input system?04:35
Maxdamantusie, why doesn't xev work?04:36
Maxdamantusor, probably related, mupdf.04:36
MaxdamantusHmm ..
MaxdamantusCool, applied the same thing to mupdf and that works now.04:49
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DocScrutinizer05Maxdamantus: please update the repos!05:30
MaxdamantusHm. mupdf is in the repos?05:31
MaxdamantusDoesn't seem to be.05:31
MaxdamantusMight be worth adding, dunno.05:31
bef0rdI think I saw it there05:31
bef0rdoh no05:32
MaxdamantusIt's in the debian repo.05:32
bef0rdit's something based on mupdf05:32
Maxdamantusthat UI looks crazy.05:33
DocScrutinizer05prolly not, I don't even know what it is05:35
DocScrutinizer05however xev is in x11-utils05:35
DocScrutinizer057.4+2-1maemo3 005:35
MaxdamantusIt's basically a PDF viewer without any buttons.05:35
Maxdamantusand importantly, it doesn't try to load the entire PDF at once, which is what I suspect the default one does.05:36
DocScrutinizer05which xev you used?05:37
MaxdamantusProbably the xev on Gentoo x86_6405:38
DocScrutinizer05Filename: pool/maemo5.0/free/x/x11-utils/x11-utils_7.4+2-1maemo3_armel.deb05:41
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DocScrutinizer05hmm, enable-catalogs definitely needs a tiny bit more love05:44
Maxdamantusii  x11-utils                                           7.4+2-1maemo3                      X11 utilities05:44
MaxdamantusThis one doesn't seem to work either.05:44
Maxdamantus"work" as in respond to key events.05:44
Maxdamantusit shows pointer events fine.05:44
DocScrutinizer05so could you fix it?05:44
MaxdamantusSame behaviour as mupdf without those extra hints.05:44
MaxdamantusMaybe if I can figure out how to properly build and submit packages.05:45
MaxdamantusProbably also worth adding mupdf if I do.05:45
infobot[scratchbox] a cross-compiling system that uses binfmt_misc, rpc calls, and an nfs mount to make a cross-build appear to be 100% native, and is found at, hosted by maemo now. Also at
DocScrutinizer05a shame nokia didn't fix that stuff in tools repo05:48
DocScrutinizer05actually there are 2:  Filename: pool/fremantle/free/x/x11-utils/x11-utils_7.4+2-1maemo3_armel.deb     and    Filename: pool/maemo5.0/free/x/x11-utils/x11-utils_7.4+2-1maemo3_armel.deb. Prolly extras-devel and tools repo05:53
DocScrutinizer05it's so DAMN useful that apt doesn't show the repo URL05:54
* Maxdamantus wonders how is expected to work.06:13
Maxdamantus        lhs=$106:13
Maxdamantus                $__dpkg --compare-versions lhs eq rhs06:13
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* Maxdamantus suspects that's meant to be `$lhs eq $rhs`, but can't see how noone would've noticed.06:14
MaxdamantusI think it's even meant to be comparing scratchbox versions, not dpkg versions.06:17
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DocScrutinizer05or ask freemangordon, he claims to have installed it successfully, 2 minths ago06:21
DocScrutinizer05months even06:21
MaxdamantusI think I installed it successfully too, but it wouldn't work again when I tried it.06:21
MaxdamantusI remember modifying the installation scripts though when things messed up.06:21
DocScrutinizer05yep, me too06:21
DocScrutinizer05~3 or 4 years ago06:22
DocScrutinizer05my job been "easier" since I isntalled it to a RPM system06:22
Maxdamantuseta 2h 1m06:23
MaxdamantusHm. There's a torrent for it somewhere, isn't there?06:23
DocScrutinizer05I think the suse howto still is available in some dusty archive06:23
MaxdamantusMeh, I'll just wait.06:23
DocScrutinizer05how's a torrent faster? the uplink at merlin#s box for sure won't get maxed out by your downlink06:24
DocScrutinizer05I think I copied those 1.2GB in <10 min06:25
DocScrutinizer05to my box06:25
MaxdamantusI don't think those are the only two variables.06:25
Maxdamantusbut it's only downloading at 200 KiB/s06:25
DocScrutinizer05maybe the box is just busy with backups06:26
MaxdamantusI know I can get 1.7 MiB/s in optimal conditions (at night, decent distribution of sources)06:26
Maxdamantusbut usually at least 1 MiB/s at this time with decently seeded torrents.06:27
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DocScrutinizer05maybe US based torrents06:37
DocScrutinizer05merlin is on juniper2.rz10, I'm on juniper2.rz1206:38
DocScrutinizer05routing until that is same for me06:38
DocScrutinizer05prolly Russia already started cyberwar and DDoS against USA ;-P06:39
MaxdamantusIt's obviously an artificial throttle somewhere.06:40
Maxdamantussince each connection is 200 KiB/s each06:40
Maxdamantuss/ each$//06:40
DocScrutinizer05yeah, smells like QoS06:40
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* Maxdamantus wonders if this VM image has a password for `maemo`09:49
MaxdamantusOh, the password is "maemo"09:50
* Maxdamantus tried that before but didn't think about the VM using a different keyboard layout.09:50
* Maxdamantus wonders what bootloader it's using.09:53
Maxdamantusgrub, apparently.09:55
MaxdamantusHas one of these stupid generated grub.cfgs09:56
MaxdamantusMk, boots properly with my two-line entry.10:01
Maxdamantusrather than printing out something about missing a mode for half a second before rebooting.10:01
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* Maxdamantus wonders how to switch targets in sb11:59
Maxdamantusah, sb-conf se FREMANTLE_ARMEL12:01
* Maxdamantus was trying st12:01
Maxdamantusso .. sbox-config -st = sb-conf se ?12:02
* Maxdamantus has little of an idea of what's going on anywhere.12:02
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DocScrutinizer05moin dos114:45
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sixwheeledbeastbloody pidgin, excess flood my backside....15:14
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srimalikDocScrutinizer05: ping20:01
srimalikDocScrutinizer05: I reopened the device once again and doubled checked and put some more force on each of the joints of ribbon cable.20:02
srimalikafter the that the touch screen was OK20:02
srimalikI also checked the logs and seems that you finally found the command to launch the calibration program, Thanks for the efforts20:03
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