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DocScrutinizer05>> Memory card interfaces10:17
DocScrutinizer05There are two memory card interfaces. One for internal mass memory called eMMC and one for hot swappable microSD card. Both are standard MMC/SD interfaces. Both interfaces use 48 MHz clock. MicroSD uses 4 datalines and eMMC uses 8 datalines.10:17
DocScrutinizer05Both cards are protected against sudden battery removal with a magnetic sensor that recognizes the removal of battery cover. When the battery cover is removed, the sensor sends an interrupt to OMAP and both memory cards are powered down. This also enables hot swapping for microSD card.<<10:17
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DocScrutinizer05**both memory cards are powered down**  <- I somehow doubt that's still correct10:19
DocScrutinizer05  Page 6-15 (175)10:20
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Maxdamantus“Company confidential”10:58
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trxdoes SDL2 work on fremantle or harmattan?18:28
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hxkaHad anybody tried to copy Alien Dalvik from Jolla and run it on N900?19:10
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honestlyI have here a complete syslog of starting my n900 and shutting it down again by holding the power button: . My problem is that it never gets past the flashing lights on the screen during the boot process. I can't see anything useful in there, maybe someone else can?20:08
freemangordonhonestly: do you have sim card in?20:13
freemangordonremove it and try to boot20:14
freemangordonalso, if you have uSD, remove it too20:15
*** sunny_s has quit IRC20:16
freemangordonhmm: "onenand_bbt_wait: ecc error = 0x2222, controller error 0x2400"20:17
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*** shentey has joined #maemo20:18
honestlyhere is syslog with uSD and sim removed:
*** phoohb_ is now known as phoohb20:22
freemangordonhonestly: you have bad blocks in rootfs20:22
honestlyfsck didn't find those20:22
*** shentey has quit IRC20:22
freemangordonyou can't fsck nand flash20:22
freemangordonwell, you can't fsck ubifs :)20:23
honestlydo I need to reflash or am I just screwed?20:23
freemangordonmaybe a reflash will fix that20:23
freemangordonrootfs only20:23
*** shentey has joined #maemo20:23
honestlyhow do I do that?20:23
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, maemo-flashing is
honestlyI expect that to mostly have a lot of dead links :P20:24
freemangordonin short "flasher-3.5 -f -F $FIASCO -R"20:24
honestlywhere do I get the fiasco image?20:25
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo20:25
honestlyI have a RX-51-2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin20:26
honestlyis that the file I need?20:26
freemangordonwell, that is unreleased20:27
freemangordonbut should do the job20:27
freemangordonlast "official" is "RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin"20:27
honestlyI don't need to flash the vanilla first?20:28
freemangordonflash only rootfs20:28
honestlyso the procedure is: shut down, connect usb cable while holding 'u', modprobe -r cdc_phonet, run the flasher command20:29
honestlycould anyone confirm this md5sum?20:30
honestly095259c2380e894dc1d6a2999526ec9f  RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin20:30
hxkaadd --flash-only=rootfs option to flasher though20:32
hxkaotherwise it will flash cmt as well, and it can take a lot of time20:32
hxka--flash-only=rootfs,kernel in case you had kernel-power20:34
freemangordonhxka: I am not sure this is a good idea, the logs he posted say " Nokia-N900-51-1"20:34
freemangordonwhich is PR1.1 iirc20:34
freemangordonhonestly: on which PR is your device?20:34
honestlyno idea20:34
freemangordonhxka: see ^^^20:35
honestlyso I should use a different image?20:36
honestlyor just leave out the flash-only?20:36
*** amonk has joined #maemo20:36
freemangordonhonestly: if your CMT is on older FW, it won't work with newer PR20:37
honestlyso I should just leave out the --flash-only20:37
freemangordonthe image is correct, just don;t add --flash-only=rootfs,kernel to flasher cmd line20:37
honestlyhere goes...20:38
honestlylooks like the flashing worked20:40
honestlyhere is the log:
honestlyand now, flashing lights.20:40
honestlyflashing lights forever...20:41
*** shentey has quit IRC20:43
*** shentey has joined #maemo20:43
honestlyno dice20:44
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo20:44
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honestlyso what now?20:48
*** shentey_ has joined #maemo20:50
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silviofhmm, i update my n900 and get this message: "hildon-desktop: Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:4.4.0) but 1:4.2.1-4maemo13+0m5 is installed" where can I find the 1:4.4.0 of libgcc1?20:52
*** sq-one has joined #maemo20:52
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silviofah: motto: close your eyes and prey "apt-get upgrade -f" do it ^^21:06
*** APTX has quit IRC21:09
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freemangordonhonestly: both rootfs and emmc21:21
freemangordonif that doesn't work, your HW is fubar21:22
freemangordonsilviof: what? where did you get that h-d?21:22
honestlyfreemangordon: didn't I just do that?21:23
freemangordonhonestly: no, you flashed rootfs only21:23
*** ebzzry has joined #maemo21:23
freemangordonhonestly: emmc == vanilla, RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin21:23
freemangordonhonestly: but this is a bit tricky (flashing both), read wiki on how to do it21:24
*** flo_lap is now known as florian21:27
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*** phlixi has joined #maemo21:38
honestlyfreemangordon: where do I get that bin?21:43
freemangordonhonestly: doesn't google know about it?21:43
infobotfrom memory, vanilla is just plain old up & down & up & down & up & down & up & down & ooooh!, or the finest of the flavors21:43
honestlygoogle gives me a lot of posts mentioning the file in command lines21:44
honestlybut not downloads21:44
honestlyeverything that does have a download just links to
freemangordonfor example21:48
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