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rd1381 /msg NickServ identify sosmar00:14
bef0rdtry again00:15
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DocScrutinizer05and that's why you do identify only in (aka server) window ;-)01:14
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DocScrutinizer05tzzz, not even changed his goddamn password!01:21
DocScrutinizer05I did for him now01:22
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tjsolo Shoot your question/problem (like I can't install CSSU it says conflict in these packages: x, y, z)06:09
tjsoloplease  I can't install CSSU it says conflict in these packages: x, y, z)06:09
robbiethe1stWell, those packages conflict06:12
robbiethe1styou can have CSSU or those packages06:12
tjsolomy major problem is that i cant install yneappari on my pho06:14
tjsoloit brings up a error message about conflict after i installed cssu06:15
robbiethe1stevidently, it's not compatible06:15
tjsolook so how do i go about it please06:16
robbiethe1stI don't know06:17
robbiethe1stEither don't have CSSU. or don't have yneappari06:17
robbiethe1stOr ask on the cssu or yneappari forum threads?06:17
tjsolook do u know how to unistall it06:17
robbiethe1stProbably have to wipe the system back to stock and start over06:18
tjsolook thanks back to stock how can i do dat06:18
robbiethe1stcheck forums or google for it06:19
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arvutwould it be unsafe to have the n900 plugged in with usb to regain energy that is lost during a 24/7 wlan connection for ssh access?08:44
arvutin terms of physical harm to the device, not security related08:44
arvutI'm considering using my n900 as a constant irssi connection08:45
arvutproblem is, there is no port of screen for maemo =/08:45
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arvutanyone know where to find gnu-screen for maemo? I googled it and came up with that it used to exist at some domain called but that server is down it seems08:52
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inzarvut, the SDK packages have it08:58
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inzarvut, you'll need the libncursesw5 also09:03
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arvutinz: ah, are those in extra-devel then?09:14
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arvutits been awhile since I installed things on this device, I mostly work in gentoo nowadays and debian-based systems are becomming more and more forgotten09:15
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arvutI also need a compiler, I guess thats included in the sdk tho09:17
arvutbtw, how do you manage reps from the cli on the n900? If you have a link to a quick tutorial then that'll be great. I fancy working from ssh so I can use my mechanical keyboard rather than the slide-kb on the n90009:18
arvutoh, and I'm getting some errors about GPG keys that have expired, is that a problem? this is when running "apt-get update"09:20
arvutI'll post the error in a sec09:20
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inzarvut, no, not in extras, the SDK repos09:30
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inzarvut, the h-a-m puts repos to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list, but I don't know if it reads them from there, or will your changes "disappear" if you change settings in the gui09:32
inzarvut, apt-get treats gpg errors as warnings by default, so you can ignore those09:32
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* vi__1 wut?12:21
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vi_what happens if 2 phones with the same imei appear on a gsm network at once?12:25
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jon_yvi_: instant get surrounded by SWAT?12:30
jon_yterrorists could make phone calls!12:30
jon_yyou can be jailed for failing to report it, making you an accomplice12:31
jon_yor some equally vague scary words12:31
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vi_It sounds to me like you do not know!12:34
vi_I have a chinese phone that you can change the imei on.12:34
HakkiI seem to remember a news article from way back.. some grey market imported phones had cloned imeis on them, when someone had reported their phone stolen and imei was blacklisted, multiple phones around Finland stopped working12:39
Hakki(not that possibility of collisions have stopped manufacturers before, there was one A-Link ADSL modem that every unit had mac address of 00:00:00:00:00:00, that caused a bit of trouble :)12:42
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arvutis 'iw' just able to connect to wep protected APs?12:47
arvut5-13 ascii pw...12:48
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arvutbloody network threw me out12:58
arvutmust be low signal I guess12:58
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mysquabрусскоязычные есть?14:51
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SAiF_can I PM somebody, I just want to ask something abt SSH.16:14
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SAiF_ignore abv commetn16:18
andre__you can also ask in public16:23
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SAiF_how to ssh to maemo from a browser based ssh service, ?16:38
SAiF_has anyone tried it ?16:38
SAiF_okay, what will be the default username and hostname for maemo16:48
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anYcusername is "user" afair16:53
anYcstart a terminal and type "hostname"16:54
anYcI set one myself, don'16:54
anYct remember the default16:55
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vi_u wot saif?17:08
SAiF_I am stuck17:09
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SAiF_how do i know the ip address of this internet tablet17:13
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SAiF_got it17:14
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skrzypWhy N900 reboots when extracting Easy Debian image?19:11
vi_skrzyp: Because the device becomes so bigged down the watchdog timer runs out.19:12
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skrzypvi_: so, how can I extract this image?19:15
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marmistrzfreemangordon: ping20:35
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fw190any hint what to do with a screen locked and not responding on a opensuse while file transfer?21:00
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ShadowJKkill file transfer21:08
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ShadowJKbefore file transfer: echo 10 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness; echo 2048 > /sys/block/mmcblk0/queue/nr_requests21:10
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fw190thanks! will try it the next time. Now I can either wait a bit or do a hard kill with evil power button21:17
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keriojust keep nr_requests high21:27
keriohell, make it higher than 204821:27
kerioIO is good21:28
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qwazix_is there a way to reset desktop widgets?22:37
qwazix_probably h-d thinks I have a shortcut to conversations and it doesn't give the option to add it22:38
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merlin1991qwazix_: I guess gconf22:43
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qwazix_merlin1991, thanks, I'll check22:44
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merlin1991stuff is under /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/applets/*22:46
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merlin1991--> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset  /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/applets/converstaionshortcutappletname22:48
qwazix_hmm...  gconftool-2 -a  /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/applets doesn't print anything22:50
qwazix_tried with -g too22:51
qwazix_ gconftool-2 --recursive-unset  /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/applets/TaskShortcut:rtcom-messaging-ui.desktop22:54
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